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The Foundation Puts Health on the Good Foot with Hip Hop The Carrie Meek Foundation, in partnership with AMERIGROUP Community Cares, AstraZeneca and The Children’s Trust, presented the 2009 Hip Hop 4 Health™ Fair and Final Dance Competition on May 2nd at Jungle Island. This fourth annual event, which drew over 2,000 attendees, featured dance teams from 18 Miami-Dade County Public Middle Schools who competed for a variety of prizes including mountain bikes, interactive gaming systems and Miami HEAT Dancers Summer Camp sessions. The competition was hosted by Lorenzo “Ice Tea” Thomas of WEDR-FM/99 Jamz and was judged by a panel of celebrity guests which included K. Foxx of 99-Jamz, model/actress Kalyn James and HEAT Dancers choreographer Janine Thompson. Hip Hop 4 Health™ is a health-based initiative for the Foundation that featured valuable health information and resources from over 30 communitybased organizations that incorporates a dance competition and health fair – all in a fun and exciting environment full of activities for the entire family. Using a genre of music and dance that is widely popular with youth, Hip Hop 4 Health™ encourages physical activity, cardiovascular health and positive healthy behaviors.



Vol. I

Issue: 1

A quarterly publication of The Carrie Meek Foundation

Carrie P. Meek

The Carrie Meek Foundation Gives Over $5 Million In Scholarships

Greetings From The Chair


Denise Mincey-Mills



My journey with this illustrious organization started as a founding board member in 2002 and continued later as a consultant in 2008 and has now transitioned into the Interim Chief Executive Officer. It has been seven months since I took the helm of this robust foundation While new to this role with The Foundation, I am a long-time member of the Foundation family and advocate of the driving mission. As 2009 prepares to fade away from us and the dawning of 2010 arrives, I am excited about the possibilities that await The Foundation. We are certainly about to embark on new beginnings. In 2010 I am looking forward to aggressively moving swiftly on our economic development project for the Opa-Locka Airport. I am excited about engaging the community with our programs Men To Men, Hip Hop 4 Health and the Annual Back-2– School Summer Splash. There will be challenges that face us and hurdles to cross, however it is my firm belief that with the hard work of each and every Foundation family member we can move into our new beginnings with grace and success!

Denise Mincey-Mills

The sun will soon set upon yet another year. The process of reflection will begin and thoughts of achieved goals and missed opportunities will flood our minds. When I reflect upon the Carrie Meek Foundation, I am particularly proud of the accomplishments we have made this year. The organization is soaring to heights that meet my high expectations. We have weathered transition with grace and tackled hurdles with fortitude. We are certainly on the track to greatness. As we journey into 2010, I challenge the South Florida community to reaffirm their commitment to the Foundation. The Foundation needs your time, treasures and talents. If we are to continue to move progressively forward, it can only be done with hard work from our staff, continued dedicated service from our board member and support from our community. Thank you to the staff who worked so tirelessly this year and to our board members for their endless commitment to the Foundation. Last and most importantly, thank you to the community for your generous support of the Foundation. I wish you and your family a joyful holiday and a prosperous New Year.

Carrie P. Meek

Through the Corporate Tax Credit Program, more than 1,200 students are participating in the Foundation’s scholarship initiative for the 2009/10 school year So far this academic year the Foundation has given away over $5 million dollars to low income families in zip codes 33169, 33167, 33056, 33055, 33054, 33150, 33147 and 33142. The scholarship recipients include 648 male students and 635 female students. Of those, 660 are Black, 16 are White, 447 are Hispanic, 60 are multiracial, 1 is Asian and 99 chose not to be ethnically specified. The Carrie Meek Foundation scholarship recipients are enrolled in 114 private schools. umber of Scholarship Students, By Grade Grade K- 202 Grade 1- 207

Grade 7- 83 Grade 8- 69

Grade 2- 123

Grade 9- 53

Grade 3- 123 Grade 4- 119

Grade 10- 35 Grade 11- 27

Grade 5- 108

Grade 12- 28

Grade 6- 106

Total Students : 1283

The CMF ews Created and published by The Carrie Meek Foundation

The Foundation Helps Bring More than 1,100 Affordable Housing Units To The City

Hon. Carrie P. Meek, Chair Interim Chief Executive Officer Denise Mincey-Mills

Men To Men is a community development program designed to create opportunities for well meaning men to contribute their leadership to ending violence against women and girls. This men’s leadership movement crosses cultural, language, age and economic boundaries and focuses on the positive voices of men in our community.

ewspaper Staff Editor Nakia Bowling Staff Randall Darling Bill Anfield Maria Wimberly Websiste Contact Tel: 305-953-0525 Fax: 305-474-0190

Board of Directors Hon. Carrie P. Meek, Chair Cynthia Stafford, Vice-Chair

Aletha Player FP&L Charles Wellons Retired City of MiamiPolice Off. Craig Barkley Veteran Affairs Assoc. Cynthia Stafford, Esq. Legal Aid of Miami David Wilson DLW Enterprises Dr. Craig Wilson Starworks Inc. George Yap LEASA Industries Guylene Berry Radio Personality Dean Harry Hoffman Miami-Dade Community College

Hugh Westbrook Retired Business Owner Jerry Rushin WEDR 99 JAMZ Lucia Davis-Raiford Miami-Dade County Margarita Ollet Health Choice .etwork Marie Etienne Miami-Dade Community College Mike Abrams Akerman Senterfitt Attorneys at Law Rev. Daryl Bakter Family Foundation, Inc. Rhonda Wimberly Turner Construction Vincent Brown, Esq. CEO Grace Funeral Home Yolanda Cash-Jackson, Esq. Becker & Poliakoff

The Foundation Calls for Men To Help End Violence Against Women and Girls

Since 2007, The Carrie Meek Foundation joined with several developers to provide to the community affordable housing through the “Soul Lives in the City campaign”. The first housing development, Lafayette Plaza, opened in December 2008. The second housing development, Amber Gardens, opened in June 2009 and the YMCA Village Allapattah dedication took place December 11, 2009. The Foundation has played an intricate part in bringing more than 1,100 affordable housing units to the City of Miami. Housing developments Carver Village and Georgia Ayers Apartments are expected to open in the Spring and Summer of 2010. The Foundation is involved in the development 10 housing projects in total.

Efforts to end violence against women and girls must include men. Last year, the Foundation developed and implemented the cutting edge program “Men To Men”. Men To Men is a series of educational forums to encourage dialogue among well meaning men to discover their role in the elimination of violence against women and girls. The first forum was successfully implemented in October of 2008 in the African American community to a packed audience of more than 500 men. A second successful forum “Hombre A Hombre”, in the Hispanic community took place in May 2009 with more than 250 men in attendance. Due to the growing emphasis on the need to include men in the solution to ending violence against women, beginning in 2010 The Carrie Meek Foundation will develop a council of men to lead this mission. The “Men To Men Leadership Council” will provide input and direction, to ensure that the broader community of men in Dade County is involved in this effort. Too often the voice of men have been limited to the abuser; neglecting to give voice to those men who are not violent and do not condone violence. The eradication of violence by men against women and girls is a top priority of the Foundation. It is our belief that violence against women and girls will end when right thinking men take action to end it.

Board Member Spotlight: Rhonda Wimberly

First Annual Summer Splash Attracts Over 500 Families On August 8, 2009, The Carrie Meek Foundation held its first Annual “Back-2-School Summer Splash” event at the Opa-Locka Airport from 2pm to 6pm. More than 500 families participated in the event where the Foundation distributed 500 book bags filled with school supplies. The Foundation partnered with The Portrait of Empowerment, a non profit organization managed by Opa-Locka Commissioner Dottie Johnson. The event was co-sponsored by Airside, Step Up For Students, The Children’s Trust, Landshark Stadium and MiamiDade County. The event received multi-media press coverage by The Miami Herald, Hot 105 with Rodney Baltimore, WEDR with Cheryl Milzell’s Community Voices and by channel NBC 6. The children and their families enjoyed thrill rides, good food and fun entertainment.

Rhonda Wimberly

If ever there is an event happening that the Foundation is putting on, you can be sure of one thing—board member, Rhonda Wimberly will be on the scene. Dependable, hard working and extremely participatory are just a few adjectives that come to mind when thinking of Ms. Wimberly. Ms. Wimberly was a standout board member this year. She was the year most successful fundraiser. She lent her talents and helped out at the Foundation annual “Hip Hop 4 Health” event. She participated in two “Soul Lives in the City” affordable housing grand opening events and represented the Foundation at many community events. Board member Wimberly has not only lent her time and talents, but has made sure the Foundation saw some treasures come its way. Ms. Wimberly was an intricate part of the Foundation first annual “Back-2-School Summer Splash” event being a huge success. She ensured that her employer gave a sizable donation. Ms. Wimberly’s valuable contributions to the Foundation has played a huge part in the success of all of the programming at the Foundation.

The Foundation moves closer to developing Opa-Locka airport The Foundation has made great strides towards the development process of the 2 parcels of the 125 acreage of land at the OpaLocka Airport where they hold a long-term lease. This year the Foundation released a RFP for potential developers for the site and convened developer presentations from finalists. The board of directors is now in the process of selecting a developer. The first phase of development is expected to begin in 2010.

Upcoming Board Meetings 2010 Third Thursday of Every Month January 21 July-August (Summer Break) February 18 September 16 March 18 October 21 April 15 November 18 May 20 December (Winter Break) June 17 All board meetings will be held at 6 p.m. at the Carrie P Meek Entrepreneurial Education Center

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What Next Global



So after all is said and done— Who is What Next Global? Who is What Next Global? What is What Next Global?— There has been quite a buzz since the agency with the name that poses a question hit the scene. What Next Global, Inc. is not your ordinary nonprofit organization. The agency prides itself on there unique approach to handling serious issues with nonconventional methods. What Next is developed

Take 5 Challenge

as a youth outreach organization for domestic and international missions. This multifaceted organization focuses on the development of youth in three main areas: economic self-sufficiency, personal character building and community engagement. The program currently operates is Zambia and Miami, FL. Visit them on the web at

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What Next Global’s leader heads abroad to Africa

For believing in my vision!

Founder LaTasha Bratton journeys to Africa to implement the organization’s programs

Its been a little over 2 ½ years since What Next Global’s founder LaTasha Bratton returned from Chipata, Zambia where she had been doing missionary work. She thought that after an almost fatal bus accident abroad,; a year long battle with the IRS over her organization’s tax exempt status,; resigning from her longtime government job and struggling to make ends meet, that she would never return to Zambia—but finally she is on her way back to the Motherland.

On August 11 LaTasha with government officials,, will once again embark on stakeholders and the coma two day journey to Zammunity at large to generate bia, only this time she will support for the organizabe going with the purpose tion. LaTasha has built up of laying the Every step of the journey quite a rapport foundation to with the people is truly the journey. implement of Zambia and is —Latasha Bratton her organizalooking forward tion’s proto the date when grams. she leaves. LaTasha will “I made a be in the country for three promise to the people there months. She will be conin Zambia. I told them that ducting a community asI would be back to make a sessment to determine difference,” said LaTasha. what programs will work “I’m finally returning to best in the country. fulfill my promise.” She will also be meeting

To all of the What Next Supporters all I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you.. Once again you have stepped up to the plate to help me achieve my life’s mission. None of this would be possible without you. I love you all! Gratefully Yours, LaTasha Bratton WNG Founder

WHAT NEXT GLOBAL TO UNVEIL CUTTING EDGE WEBSITE It’s hot, hip and very much youth. What Next Global’s website combines cutting edge with a creative youthful appeal that has resulted in a web presence that’s sure to get noticed. The website features a funky flash intro set to the backdrop of an upbeat music track and a message that captures the essence of the What Next Global mission. The website will make its grand entrance onto the world wide web on 08/08/08. The website was designed by Sheryl Sandler and Gary Homadius. Be sure to check out the website at: Newsletter by Mocha Spirit Communications a NLB Production 305.726.3673

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