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t last – the definitive guide to off-road running and the rapidly growing sport of trail ultramarathons.

Trail running ultramarathons are not all about winning, personal-best times or switching off and getting “into the zone”. They are about knowing yourself – both physically and mentally – exploring your limits, and having respect for nature, the environment and your fellow runners. This informative and entertaining documentary is for anyone who is looking for a new challenge or simply wants to run the path less trodden. It’s also for all the friends and families who want to support and understand them! Follow three runners of different levels and training backgrounds as they prepare for then compete in their first 100km trail race, the TNF 100 Blue Mountains. The filmmakers, Ana Penteado and Dom Cadden, are both keen trail ultrarunners themselves. Through his writing and training, Dom has a many years of helping others train for different sports and achieve through better nutrition and wellbeing.

IT’S NOT THAT HARD!!! How to run a 100km trail ultramarathon is presented in three parts: Part 1: Ultramarathons and the challenge Do you run 100km? Do you do it all at once? Why do you do this? Are you crazy? These and many more common questions are answered by a variety of ultrarunners, from the sport’s top athletes to the enthusiasts. We also meet the three runners being trained for their first 100km race – the TNF100 at the Blue Mountains in Australia, a stunning but brutal course. Part 2: Training and preparation In this part, several more advanced runners share their knowledge and experiences to explain the many aspects of this challenge. These include: Training – it’s not all about the kilometres Technique – vital for efficiency and injury prevention Mental preparation – making the “impossible” possible Nutrition – eat and drink your way to your best Equipment – what’s essential, what are your options

Part 3: The race Coverage of the 2012 TNF100 Blue Mountains shows how our three runners went in their first 100km race and catches up with all the other runners who shared their thoughts and experiences with us along the way. With a team of cameramen – several of them ultrarunners – moving their way across all legs of the course for more than 20 hours through the day and night, we provide extensive footage of all the action, fun and emotions that take place over the course of a major trail ultramarathon. EXTRAS Life lessons from ultrarunning A variety of runners talk about what they’ve learned from from pushing their limits to reach a goal and how it has helped them with their running, their wellbeing and their approach to life in general. More reasons Three top ultrarunners explain their motivations for running for charities. Viewers will learn from the advice and experience from great athletes and authorities such as: Pat Farmer – ultrarunning legend and multiple recordholder. In 2011-2012, he spent more than 10 months running from the North Pole to South Pole. Jane Trumper – the first woman to run across Australia’s Simpson Desert. Andrew Bowen - an elite trail ultrarunner who in 2011 ran 644km across Australia’s Nullarbor Plain. In winter 2013, Andy and Jane Trumper will run 700km across the Kimberley in Western Australia. Meredith Quinlan – holds the record for the GNW 100 Miles race in Australia and she has also represented Australia in international ultrarunning championships. Dave Byrnes – an adventurer and sub-2:20 marathon runner, Dave organises the GNW 100s, Australia’s toughest ultramarathons Dr. Jonathan King – runner, cyclist and sports doctor.

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IT’S NOT THAT HARD!!! How to run a 100km trail ultramarathon An INTH film Produced by Writeninja Creative & Writing Services © 2013 Directed by Ana Penteado & Dominic Cadden

2 DVDS - MP4 format suitable for Mac and PC

IT'S NOT THAT HARD!!! How to run a 100km trail ultramarathon  

Press release for a three-part documentary explaining the rapidly-growing sport of trail-running ultra-marathons and how to approach such a...

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