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What to expect at Wisehub 2017

Character Teachers’ inspire from US Habitudes summit


SA Water purification solution from decades of research

Film Learning for Living curriculum from film and media


ds Impact transcen generations and nationalities

• Students from 6 Primary schools showcase their own projects

• Wisehub Researchers report on exchanges with Swedish educators, scientists and entrepreneurs • US pediatrician explains revolutionary technological developments within health monitoring and -intervention for Wisehub schools and research • Wisehub Principals speak on personal and professional development • Deaf Education highlights progress within professional leadership development within schools for the deaf • Swedish/Icelandic filmmakers provides clues to curriculum support for Wisehub and South African schools & Universities • Self-mastery highlighted as serious factor for leaders as lifelong learners • Changing mindsets initiative provides insightful lessons for managing change • Vilostrada shows a life changing journey to the Moroccan desert. • AquatekSA demonstrates benefits of longitudinal research for innovative water purification solutions. • Wisehub Teachers showcase character education solution from their USA learning experience.

Leap Deaf Education leaps to collaborative hub

Health Innovative solutions in technology on Health monitoring


Students speak about projects for learning


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What to Expect at Wisehub 2017  

Wisehub 2017 addresses crucial knowledge- and skills gaps within Professional Character and Competence Development, Deaf Education, Mathemat...