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• is one of the best online wristbands shop which is named for delivering wristbands on-time. • This is possible because in Wristband Connection, we will hold 1 million wristbands in stock which other manufacturers feels hard to copy. • Our wristbands shop is not only expertise in manufacturing wristbands. We intend to imprint our quality inside. • Recently launched broadbands of 1 inch wide is one of the well-liked product by our customers. • This wide wristband will helps to display your message in more attractive way.

• Debossed means depressed into the surface. • Broadband wristbands with Debossed messages will look better and stand unique. are multiplicities of wristbands like • There silicone wristbands, lazer-made wristbands,color-core, color-filled, silicone made rubber bracelets and many more. • Debossing is a technique used to stamp metaphors onto papers, leathers, or vinyl. • In case of Debossing an image such as logo or a description, heat is constrained into the surface of the paper with a die creating slumps. • Debossed broadband is the best selling type in the market.

• Embossed Broad-Band Wristbands are our a new edition to our custom silicone wide wristband builders and are an affordable, high-quality band with RAISED TEXT AND IMAGES. • Can you say 3D?? If you need prototypes for your corporate meeting, fundraising committee or event, you can save time and order just 100 here. • No matter the size of your order, a proof may be requested to insure that your order is made as specified. • You can order Embossed broadbands online or call from 9am-6pm for help with your order for more custom applications. • As usual, if we do not produce your wristbands on time, they will be free!100% Guarantee

• Some of the exciting features of pop-out broadbands, from the term “pop out” itself it is easy to figure out that the message on the wristband will be popped out which is an intending factor. • Which means the text on it will be raised or also called popped out. • Popped out wristbands which are broad are more elegant, matchless and the words are raised instead of engraved manuscript, images or logos. • Glow in the dark is another interesting factor can be done with the pop-out broadband as it is considered apt.

Color-core Broadband Features • The most exciting feature about the color-core broadband is that it has the following interesting features like • It glows in the dark • Scented which means it contains a sweet essence smell which is another exciting feature and • Multi-colored: Color-core broadband is apt for outdoor parties to spread color smile and joys. Enormous amount of color can be used according to the customers wish, preference and also logo can be concaved in Debossed manner which is another exciting feature of the color core broadband.

Color-filled Broadband Benefits • There are several benefits using this particular wristband type and it includes the following: – Since it is color-filled it can provoke a great sense of team spirit and fun. – It is an economical alternative to costly attires and other merchandises. – There are varieties of designing options like segmented bands, glittered band, glow in the dark band and easy ones as well which is considered interesting by the customers.

• We hope that by viewing our presentation by this time, you would have come to know the usage and importance of wearing broadbands. • Wristband Connection is one of the leading wristbands shop in Texas which is expertise in manufacturing wristbands to satisfy our customers needs. • Anyone can customize broadbands with their wish message, color and artwork. • Our wristbands are purely made of Silicone and so its non-allergic and long-lasting.

1 inch Wide Customized Broadbands  

Broadbands of 1 inch wide is currently a well-liked product among all age groups. These broadbands are made of silicone rubber and so it as...