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Cefebratino 100 'Years Of Love &- Service I

June 2010 2010


Issue 6 Wright Congregational, United Church of Christ 4821 Franklin Rd. Boise, Idaho 83705 (208) 343-0292 E-Mail: Web: Published Monthly, Mailed pre-paid at Boise, Idaho Permit No. 127


Ministers: All of Us Pastor: Rev. Michael S. Black

Secretary: Robin Canning

The Wright-Ups. .-~--.---~~--.-

WELCOME TO JUNE! A MONTH OF SUNDA YS (PLUS ONE) AT WRIGHT CHURCH UNDAY MAY30-MEMORIALSUNDAY Remembering Our Friends In Christ ho Passed Awa Since Last Memorial Da :45 AM - Worship And Celebration Service erne: "To Honor, Celebrate, Remember, And Love" SUNDAY,JUNE


10:00 AM SUMMER WORSHIP TIME BEGINS 10:00 AM - Worship And Communion Service Sermon Theme: "What Is The Kingdom Of God Like?"

Choir Director: Ron Apperson

Organist: Ginny Trapp

SlJ~"'DAY, JlJl'I'E 13 10:00 AM - Worship And Celebration Service Sermon Theme: "Wisdom For Life From The Proverbs"

Child Care Attendant: Justice Flaherty

Board Chairman: Will Patterson



Jo Elliott-Blakeslee

Youth Leader: Kate Hall

Custodian: Robin Canning

Pilgrim Cove Board Members: A1 Busche

SummerJune, July & August

Worship at 10 a.m. Fellowship 11:30 Fall, Winter, Spring Schedule: 9:30 Adult Sunday Sch. 10:45 Worship & Children's Sunday Sch. Fellowship- Noon Communion Served the Ist Sunday of each month -No Sunday Schools

SUNDAY, JUNE 20 Father's Day 10:00 AM - Worship And Celebration



We invite all who were married at Wright Church

to be with us for a special service of celebration and renewal. Sermon Theme:

"In This Is Love Perfected"

********* Special Children's Moment Every Sunday During Worship K-6 Classes For Children Following The Special Moment Youth Group After Church Child Care For The Little Ones Refreshments & Conversation Hour After Church

SUMMER WORSHIP HOURS BEGIN, SUNDAY, JUNE 6 WORSHIP-IO:OO A.M. FELLOWSHIP 11:00 A.M. PILGRIM COVE CAMP UPDATE "As God through the continued fellowship of Christ Jesus blesses your life in 2010, may you find your way to a summer camping program at Pilgrim Cove May 28, 29, 30,31-Work


(Memorial Day Weekend)




•• i. '-"

Sign up for Altar Flower sponsor and Coffee Hosts


!._,,-,,_ .._,,_ .._,,_ .._ .._,,-,'


Our pantry is presently VERY low on everything. Please Help. "-"-"-"-"-"-"-"-"-"1 Don't forget to bring a nonperishable food item . for our pantry


i. .. _ .. _ .. _ .. _ .. _ .. _ .. _ .. _ .. _ .. 1

June 17-20- Music Camp July 11-17- Pilgrims/Sojourners July 17-22- Exodus July 29-Aug.l- Rainbow Camp Aug. 8-11-Women's Camp (Note new date) Sept. 3-6- Family Camp Scholarships are available, talk to Pastor Mike for details. Questions about work camps speak to Al Busche

********** Northwest Regional Women's Retreat IX November 5-7, 2010 Kah-Nee- Ta Resort, Warm Spring, Oregon For more info about registration and workshops please visit the website at Come to tile Oasis "Our Affirmation of Spirit Inspiration and Soul"

MEN'S BREAKFAST SATURDAY, JUNE 5, 2010 8:30A.M. All men of Wright Church and their guests are invited to a wonderful breakfast and fellowship time on the above Saturday. Steve Robbins or Dale Shoemaker, co-chairs

I'm ~c>m, ~C>(5C>C>C> sony


That you were unable to attend the Family Fun and Game Night on Saturday, May 22, we missed you. We had a good mix of kids and teen to adults.

"A Minute to Win It" is not for the faint of heart, but everyone participated. Some of US did better than others and of course the younger crowd thought it was going to be easy-not so much! We had lots of laughs and a great time. Due to the business on the June calendar (come to the LUAU, June 19) we will not have a family fun night in June. However, July is a new month and a new host is needed. Call the church so you can be the next "Host" of the fabulous Wright Church "Family Fun Night"

CENTENNIAL SIGNIFICA Here's the answer to last month's question: Mayor of Boise in 19597


What member of Wright Church was elected

THE ANSWER: Bob Day. Bob served one term as Boise's mayor and remained active in civic life until his death in 1999. Bob and his wife Charlotte first joined Wright Church in 1957. We remember Bob's faithful life with great fondness and continue to cherish Charlotte as one of our active members. THIS MONTH'S QUESTION: What member of Wright Church was elected to six terms as Idaho State Treasurer, serving longer by far than any other person in Idaho history?

Original acoustic folk musicfrom the heart and soul

Jack writes and sings folk, blues, jazz, pop and country on a variety of topics - life, being in love, falling out of love, family, friendship, and wry glances at modern culture. His music reflects the melting-pot culture of his native Mississippi Gulf Coast and New Orleans upbringing, as well as his current Idaho environs. He has performed at large venues (New Orleans World's Fair) and small (local coffeehouses), with familiar names (Carole King) and others (lots). He is on the no-audition-required list for Sunday Writers' Night at Nashville's Bluebird Cafe, and has played a host of other venues all over the U.S.

SUNDAY, JUNE 20 - 10:00 a.m. PERFORMING IN WORSHIP AT WRIGHT CH.URCH! Come and hear the inspiring music of longtime . UCC musician and songwriter

JACK BROWN From 1996-2007 Jack was the Choir Director at First Congregational Church in Boise. He continues his career as Director of Choirs at Meridian High School, and is now touring around the country, bringing his special blend of blues, jazz, pop, and sacred music to both general audiences and UCC congregations.

Notes From The Board Trust God, sing his praise! Be grateful for we may not understand God's ways, but we know God has a plan. Kim Salwasser opened our Board meeting reminding us to have a gratefui spirit and know God will guide and protect us. Knowing that God has a plan, we conducted the business of the Church. Thank you for those who attended the annual Conference meeting. From all reports the Conference was a great success. Our 100 years of Wright celebration is in full swing, with many activities planned. Do you know someone who once attended Wright, was married in Wright, attended Sunday school, if so please invite them to return to Wright to help celebrate 100 years. Do you have tickets for the Luau? The date is set, June 19. The Luau promises to be a lot of fun. Do you have an item for the silent auction? Do you know someone you can invite? This is a wonderful opportunity to introduce new and old friends to Wright. The Sunday school year is coming to a close. Thanks to all who gave time and energy to make this a successful year. Our church offers many activities and we trust there is something for you. Summer camp at Pilgrim Cove, singles group, family fun night, men's fellowship, women's fellowship •..••. We love our Church! Thank you Pastor Mike, for your love and guidance. Respectfully Submitted, Will Patterson, Board Chair

~I What a wonderful and joyous success our Choir Reunion Sunday was on May 23! More than 30 singers, past and present, gathered and beautifully preformed the inspiring piece, «Spirit of Joy". Thanks to Choir Director Ron Apperson, Organist Ginny Trapp, Pianist Anne Burkholder, and all of you who participated in making such a Joyful Noise To The Lord on Pentecost Sunday.

From the Treasurer March Balance April Income April Expense April Balance

$5004.60 7962.91 -13560.66 -$593.15

Income for April was down and expenses were up due to the quarterly insurance payment and the Conference Per Capita Dues. Janice Aagaard, Treasurer

Wright Congregational United Church of Christ


proudly presents their


~u~~n ~~.~~ tte"'~~;v."t'\litlt '\l\l.i'J~1t~\/C.\l.f\f1S




Sat. II"une 19, 2010 : 4821 Franklin Road, Baise 6-9:00 pm

l\~\S ~\f\C~\tS

G\f\ C£,R 1\\' r:~~ 20 ll\l!"u t"U

'\It\l.SIl:~uc.\\ ~O\l.t



Authentic Luau provided by Lupe &: John Tauati. The 3 T's Dance Group promises fabulous entertainment for all ages

..'~=-~ , , -T





. Bidding Begins at 6:00pm Dinner Begins at 6: 30pm Entertainment 7: OOpm-8: OOpm Fined Bids Announcement 8:30pm Bids Close 8:45pm Winners Announced 9:00pm

TICKETS: ~ $20 per family, $10 per couple, $7 For singles ~ ~ ~1 Call 343-0292 to donate an item fo~the silent auctl~~_~~·;;;;'1 and to purchase ¥our tickets. .'







»: ~

- -·';Jjf~·-


NEWS FROM AND FOR THE CONGREGATION --What a busy and fun month is coming up for all of us at Wright Church, as we continue celebrating our tOoth Anniversary! We hope you all will be with us for these important times and events! --BE SURE TO REMEMBER: 10:00 AM SUMMER WORSHIP HOUR BEGINS ON SUNDAY,JUNE 6. --Our 3rd Annual Luau and Silent Auction is just three weeks away-Saturday, June 19-A great night of Polynesian Food and Dancing! Be sure to get your tickets, and take a packet to sell to your family and friends. Also, be thinking about what you can donate for our Silent Auction-it's a great fund-raiser for our General Fund and a whole lot of fun! For details, speak to Tom Eubanks or Debbie Robbins or Robin. --Also, please help us get-the word around about our Special Worship Service on Sunday, June 27-when we will recognize and honor all those who were married at our church in the past. There will be a time set aside for renewal of vows for all who are married, both those whose weddings were in our building, and who were married elsewhere. --And, we're also really looking forward to Sunday, July 11, when we will host and honor all the living former ministers of our congregation. At this writing, we are so pleased to announce that Rev. Stacy Richards (1966-72),Rev. Jim Nolan (1973-84), and Revs. Ted and Susan Huffman (1985-95)will be with us that day! We also received a beautiful letter from Elizabeth Meyer, wife of Wim Meyer who served our congregation 1961-65. She appreciated Wim's being remembered, but reported that he is now 95 and in a nursing home. Don't miss this special day!! --Joy Chapman is now in rehab at Life Care Of Valley View at their complex on Allumbaugh Street. Joy suffered a heart attack and now is recuperating. We send her our love and keep her in our prayers. --Glad to see Frank Capshaw back in church already after a hospital stay for an internal bleeding problem. --Our love and prayers for Tom Eubanks who will undergo open heart surgery on June 3, to repair an aortic valve. We pray for his swift and complete recovery! --Special love to Charlotte Day, whose brother Bob passed away recently, and whose sister Delores is hospitalized in serious condition as we write this. =Ten of us from Wright Church attended last week's Central Pacific Conference Annual Assembly, which was held this year in Boise at First Congregational UCc. It was an inspiring time---worship, workshops, and renewed fellowship with UCC'ers from all over Oregon and South Idaho. We were inspired by Rev. Ron Farr from Watertown, NY, who led general sessions and workshops on Congregational Revitalization. You'll be hearing more about this SOOIll. Attending from Wright were John Thomas, Carl Van Slyke, (Continued)

June 2010 Monday













8:30 Men's Fellowship breakfast

1-BookClub 2:30NAMI


7:00 Alanon-Alateen


~ Summer hours begin 10:00路Worship, Communion 11:00: Fellowship Luau Committee Diaconate Meeting Youth Group

10a.m. BUGS King's Daughters 2:30NAMI Parking LotUse by Red Rock Church

6:00 Huntington's Group Meeting

5:30 BUGS board 7:00 Alanon-Alateen










I BUGS Begins I

10:00 Worship, 11:00: Fellowship 100th Ariniversary cainm. Youth Group









7:00 Board of Directors Meeting



, 'J!

7:00 Alanon-Alateen

I Father's






I BUGS I 10:00 Worship with Jack Brown 11:00: Fellowship, Youth Group

Wedding Sunday



1-3:00 BUGS



Choir Party



I 28



10:00 Worship 11:00: Special coffee hour Youth Group




7:00 Alanon-Alateen

127 I





2:30 NAMI 7:00 Alanon-Alateen



6:00 Community Bench Supper




Singles BBQ on the church lawn

A story from your Global Ministries



"For as we share abundantly in Christ's sufferings, 50 through Christ we share abundantly in comfort too." II



Climate Challenges I]here are a few "commodities" and "luxuries" our family had in Chicago which we no longer have, relatively speaking, here in EI Quiche, Guatemala. For example, having access to potable water is not only a national problem, but for our area has been a years-long problem. The water truck drives down our street as early as 6 am every day of the week honking the horn and selling water. We buy our water this way. It is then stored in cisterns where the already murky water gets even murkier. Some days Iwish Icould submerge myself in Lake Michigan to bathe - and to be honest, Ihave never been interested in Lake Michigan, but now I miss it!


Having access to potable water is not only a social problem but also an environmental one. There have been mild droughts each of recent years, but in the past year throughout most of Guatemala and much of Central America, there was no rainfall whatsoever. Now the government has officially announced a severe drought. The drought destroyed most of next year's subsistence maize (corn) crops, and the cost of maize has increased astronomically. Not only is there a lack of food for the upcoming year, but this has created a serious economic hardship for most families. While historically, many rural residents have been internally displaced, or uprooted from their communities due to colonialism, the 36 year old armed conflict and the recent mining business, now many are being displaced due to grave environmental changes. Yet there is something impressive about an organization like Guatemalan Cultural Action (ACG) which has a staff so committed and dedicated to improving the lives of each person in the community, even while living with their own economic hardships. Pray with me, giving thanks to God for the Guatemalan Cultural Action (ACG). May God bless you and your family in everything you do to support me and my family and the ACG. Ihumbly ask for your continued prayers.

Gloria Vicente serves through Global Ministries with Guatemalan Culture Action (ACG) as a youth and communication worker.

You make the difference ... The prayers and help you provide through your local congregations make possible the work and witness of GLOBAL MINISTRIES, which is supported by Disciples Mission Fund of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and Our Church's Wider Mission (OCWM) of the United Church of Christ.


(NEWS Continued) Janice Aagaard, Ken and Ethel Farnsworth, Jack and Joan Wenske, Dwain and Linda Baxter, and Mike Black. ALSO, Peter Busche, Justice Flaherty, Jeffrey Flaherty, Samantha Flaherty, and Youth Leader Kate Hall attended a Conference Youth Gathering at Pilgrim Cove. They all report that it was a great time! --Speaking of Pilgrim Cove, thanks to several who have responded to the Camp's request for help during their Work Weekends: We hear that the Busche family, the Robbins family, and the Salwasser family will be helping get the camp ready for Summer by doing all kinds of cleaning and maintenance projects. ALSO: Note again in this issue the dates of all the upcoming camps-it's still not too late to register. And, we'll help every family financially to make sure every child and youth can attend. --Thank you to the Men's Fellowship for preparing and serving such a great Mother's Day Breakfast on May 9. It was just terrific! About 80 were served. --Look soon for some beautiful tOoth Anniversary Commemorative Items that will be available for purchase: Striking T-Shirts, coffee mugs, pens, and absolutely beautiful china plates with a picture of the church. --This Sunday, May 30, we will continue a ten-year tradition by especially remembering and honoring in worship all our members and friends who have passed away since last Memorial Day. It will be a time of thanking God for life itself and for the love and legacy of these special brothers and sisters in Christ: This year we will honor Vickie Buechler, Al Butler, Dorothy Rule, Louise Snodgrass, Marion Voorhees, Shirley Hess, and Marilyn Nelson. --And, a very special thank you to Dwain and Linda Baxter for giving the church a wonderful Iutl" Anniversary Present: They had all the carpets in the church cleaned last week! LQQ~ great! --As you will see advertized elsewhere in this issue, on Sunday Morning, June 20, we will have a wonderful and special worship experience when Jack Brown brings his message in music! He is consummate guitarist and singer and songwriter who shares his message of open and welcoming faith all over the country. He will be releasing a new CD just the week before, and they will be available for purchase. As you will remember, for over 10 years Jack was Music Director at First Congregational UCC, and continues his "day job" as Director of Choral Music for the Meridian School District. --Congratulations to our Youth Leader Kate Hall. We hear she was named to the Dean's List for academic excellence for the Spring Semester at BSU~ --And, with the choir now on vacation, we would love to have at least occasional special music during Summer worship services. If you would like to sing or play an instrument, or do an inspirational reading one Sunday, please give Mike a call. Thanks!

MY EXPERIENCE WITH WRIGHT CHURCH By Irlean Phillips The kind of church we are privileged to attend is truly made up of the wonderful people who have been part of this church for 100 years. I have attended from 1999 to the present. When I started, I had a young granddaughter to care for, and the church poured out all its resources to help. Now that granddaughter has grown up, and got married here, of course. Over the years I have met many people who have awed and inspired me with their devotion. I was a choir member, and the choir members are a family in themselves. I taught Sunday School, which taught me more than the children. I fondly remember Joy Chapman telling stories to the children. The church is made up of many parts-all so important. I look forward to the gentlemen who open the door when I arrive, and who don't mind my cold hands. These greeters-particularly Ray Sievers and George Miller-are more important than they think. I especially want to thank our secretary, Robin Canning. She does so many things and constantly has projects in the works-she's always there. She is one I know we too often take for granted. I need not express the work our minister does (besides the LONG SERMONS!). We think things just happen every Sunday. This is the time to count our blessingsthat we are free to choose how and where we worship. I think we are fortunate to call Wright Church, "OUR CHURCH"!

A fun-filled family friendly no alcohol, no smoking benefit event for

"'" g

South Idaho Christian Youth Camps

Featuring: SFM-SteveFultonMusic Shon Sanders Desirae Bronson

Red Rock Christian Church

" '''>.,:'''

~,\,:1 ..'",' ~., ': .. ',",


Gate price: $5,00 suggested donalion

on the Lew and Eileen Davis Field See websile for parking infonnation

June 12, 2010 3 p.m.-9


Kids 6 and under free additional donations gladly aceepled

Enjoy an afternoon of Fun complete with Great Music, Souvenirs and Nostalgia! Bring a picnic, blanket and chairs, Help send kids to camp and have your own mountain top experience! CHECKOUT THE SPARKIN BOOTH! god roc ksfestiva I.rrccdoc. org


gifts haue beengiven in roving memory of :M.arion %orfiees 6y: Barbara Meier, Willard & Bethene Dykes, Carol Rivers


Gl ~




wiw w.ew. ~


~~, ~04A,




$ww, 27,

&e w.efcom.e .to. ~




201 0 ~ ~

£aM 100


~. in,

(J, ~



9Lw. ®rL&.e ffifa.ct ~. @~~d~ .-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-._._._._._._._._._._._._._._.-.-._._._.-.-., Boise Urban Garden School begins classes : Tuesday, June 15 at 9:30 a.m.




, , ,

They will meet, Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays in the garden for ground working, in our kitchen for culinary skillsllunch and in our social hall for book work and group discussions and activities. The farm stand will be opening soon. Volunteers are always welcome to lend a hand in any area. Weeds love volunteers :)

nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn n n



All past and present choir members are invited! Saturday, June 26-3:00 p.m. This will be a potluck

garden party at the home of Ann Durand,


n b

Come visit, eat, laugh, and walk Ann's path.



Celia Court is on the South side of Hill Rd, just west of Highway 55, right across from Hill Road Park. We are in Chaumont Subdivision.


RSVP to Ann at 891-1515

.. n "lJiJ

••r;:I'JJ'J,JJJ7I'JnJ:J:nnlJJ;J.,7"""a ••?lJi;J;J ••"~bl:f.1'JIJJ;i'JJ:J:IJIJJ":J:J"I'JIlP.J'J1'Jnnl'J


Z ~

n n n n

--.IlZ b


Stewardship Message

from Carl Van Slyke

Teaching Stewardship "When your children ask you in times to come ... " Deuteronomy 6:20 In our congregation, we invite our children to lead worship for us on Children's Sunday as summer begins each year. As the children plan that service, it is interesting to watch what they have learned about worship from worshipping in adult-planned services during the year. Hearing their comments as they plan their service makes us look again at what they are receiving and what we think we are transmitting to them in worship; what we think we're giving is not always what they are getting! Undoubtedly, the same is true about what our children understand about giving and its relationship to the faith of the adults around them. Because the liturgical trappings of our offering time are attention getting (a procession, a special song or two, brass plates with velvet lining!), clearly we are communicating that this is an important part of worship. As congregations, we also need to help parents and other caregivers understand how to communicate to their children how all their decisions around money in their lives have a faith context. An acquaintance of mine, now in her thirties, told me that her mother told her as a child to give a dollar a week to the church, and that is still what she is doing now, despite having a much larger income! Teaching stewardship needs to be an integral and natural part of all our Christian formation programs in our churches, keeping in mind the "times to come." Rochelle A. Stackhouse is the Senior Ministe~ oj 1j!llil;.Church oj the Redtemer, United Church of Christ, New Haven Connecticut .:'

God is still speaking,





Book Club & Library News

Worship attendance on:

Book Club will meet at 1:00p.m. on Thursday, June 3, in the church library. "My Stroke of Insight" by Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor will be discussed. There is a change in the schedule for July and August: Instead of poetry, we will discuss "The Lost Quilter", by Jennifer Chiaverini, on Thursday, July 1. The August 5 meeting will take place at the home of Ethel Farnsworth (call 336-4883 for directions.) Please bring a poetry selection to that meeting. The time will be announced in next months Wright Ups.

May 2- 95 May 9-106 May 16-90 May 23-121 May 30Ushers for ,June:

Wes Andrews, Will Patterson, Ray Sievers, Jim Morrow Communion-June


Prepare/Serve Amy Linkert, Jo Elliott-Blakeslee Will & Julie Patterson

Board of Directors meeting, Wednesday, June 16 at 7 pm in the social hall

Liturgists: Caregivers:

NEWS FROM THE WOMEN: Altar Care &Altar Flower Care Taker:

Women's Fellowship will not meet in June, July or August ATTENTION: NEW DATE for King's Daughters. They will meet Wednesday, June 2 for the annual hot dog & banana split luncheon. 1:00 p.m at the home of Maxine Briggs. Cost $5.00 -



£ VJlV Committee

Wire meet Sund"ay,June



CDiaconate 9J1.eeting -.-'-'-'-'-'-'-'---'-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-----'-'-'-'-'-----',


"American We won't be barbeque-potluck


June 26 is and vacations begin ..... _.... Robin will be "away" on a relaxing vacation, :) beginning Friday, May 28 through Monday, June 7. Mike will be in charge so be patient and kind .

camping out" but we will have a with a rip roaring game of croquet

BBQ's will be provided. You bring your own meat to cook and a potluck to share. Don't forget your chairs, blankets, drinks and table service, or what ever you might take


"camping"! Contact Carol Rivers (323-6043) !••.•. ~

available the Sunday before the dinner. Please help.


Backyard Camp Out".

Office f

JUDie 24=2010. Sign Up sheet for you help will be


on the church lawn beginning at 6:00 p.m.


. Thursday,

The cost per month for foods to serve our monthly supper is approximately $100.00. Any and all donations are greatly appreciated. Please note Bench Supper on your check .

Sunday, June 6fo{rowing worsfiip, place q'iJ3)l1


~ 0::s:JY


13, fo{fowing worship in the choir room.





'Wi[{meet Sunday, June 6Jofkrwing worship in the choir room

1 DOtIi flnniversary



"'0 j I


or the church

RC\/P 'l.JV



Kim Salwasser and family ill - Boise",


A Non-Profit Organization U.S. Postage PAID Boise, Idaho Permit No. 127

Wright Community Congregational Church United Church of Christ 4821 Franklin Road Boise, ID 83705 (208) 343-0292

I Return

Service Requested


••• I Father's



Happy Birthdays June 2010 5-Kenny Pond 6-Virginia Scholl Willard Dykes lO-Bob Pond 14-Debbie Robbins I5-Nancy Hyder I8-Agnes Thayer Cathy Andrews Jerry Card 19-5andi Gillmore 22-Anna Tominaga 26-Charly Mecham 27-Letha Gribble 28-Carol Mansfield Lisa Cheney-Jorgensen Bob Horn 30-Clay Shockley Alex Jorgensen


"'~ 11!i!" . _






2-Joan & Jack Wenske 3-Ida & Hugh Lovin l2-Meredith & Chuck Pond IS-Mary Ellen & Dale Parsons I8-Ethel & Ken Farnsworth 22-Sally & Dan VanderVeen 28-Jama & Frank Capshaw 30-Betty & Dale Ramsey



Thanks to everyone who agrees to help out on Sunday Mornings, as of this writing these folks are covering these areas:

June 6: Greeters:

Howard & Nettie Adkins Flowers: Coffee Hour: Ron & Syl Apperson

June 13: Greeters: Ken & Ethel Farnsworth Flowers: Mary Ellen & Dale Parsons (58th Anniversary) Coffee Hour: Dave & Marilyn Carmen

June 20: Father's Day Dave & Marilyn Carmen Flowers: Coffee Hour: Wes & Cathy Andrews Greeters:

Happy Anniversary June 2010


June 27: Dick & Maxine Palmer Flowers: Coffee Hour: Wedding Committee Greeters:

Wright-Ups June 2010  
Wright-Ups June 2010  

June Newsletter