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Time To Write a Paragraph

What Am I Going to Write About!

Where Do I Start “ My head is spinning with ideas! Help!”

All Aboard the Writing Brain-Train 

Let’s Get Rollin’

Getting Some Steam


Ideas in Minutes !!

List Whatever Comes To Mind 

5 Minutes!  Go! 

That’s How Santa Gets it All Straight 

Don’t Hold Back

Now You Have a List to Choose From 

That’s a Relief

FREESTYLE This is more like writing in a journal about possible topics

ASK YOURSELF What’s important to me? • What do I like or care about? •What do I like to share with others? •

Do you care about social/political issues?

Do you have some hobbies or sports that you participate in?

Now You’ve Got Some Steam Going

You’ve Arrived 


Start wiritng  
Start wiritng  

Getting Started