2022 Wright Outdoor Solutions Corporate Social Responsibility Report

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TABLE OF CONTENTS LETTER FROM EXECUTIVE 03 COMPANY OVERVIEW 04 ABOUT THIS REPORT 06 05 History 05 Mission, Vision, Values 07 Overview of Company Initiatives SAFETY 08 09 Worker Safety 09 Dart Rate 10 Safety Trainings 11 TCIA Award 12 Cyber Security 13 Safety Goals COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT 28 29 Volunteer Efforts & Contributions 30 Reputation 31 Community Engagement Goals EMPLOYEE WELL-BEING 14 15 Employee Distribution 15 Diversity & Inclusion 16 Ethical Standards 16 Education & Development 17 Health & Wellness 18 Longevity 19 Employee Well-being Goals CLOSING 32 33 Appendix ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY 20 21 Sustainable Services 24 Energy 25 Waste 27 Environmental Sustainability Goals


Wright Outdoor Solutions (WOS) provides professional services for the care and enhancement of residential and commercial properties across Iowa, Nebraska and Missouri, including landscaping and maintenance, plant design and maintenance, lawn care, holiday lights and décor, snow and ice management, and mulch. Through our subsidiary brand, Verdure Elements, we provide interior plantscaping, seasonal color rotation, and interior holiday décor services.

From tree care to interior plantscaping, our mission is to create beautiful environments – inside and out. We understand the responsibility we have as a company and as individuals to strive to protect and improve all ecosystems, and to make positive environmental, social and economic impacts in the communities we serve. A sustainable business is good business, not only for our employees but also for our clients, the public and our planet.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) report is our way of showcasing how we’re delivering the highest level of professional, safe and environmentally conscious services and solutions to our industry and the communities we work and live in. As a 100% employee-owned company,

our employees are at the forefront of every decision we make and it’s our employees who are behind the success of our business. For our customers and partners, we are empowered to provide exceptional service and innovative solutions. At all levels of the company, customers work with an employee owner – individuals who are invested in the success of the company and the quality of service we deliver.

This report will highlight the progress we’ve made and will continue to make regarding:

- Safety

- Employee Well-being

- Environmental Sustainability

- Community Engagement

I invite you to read our second annual report to learn all that Wright Outdoor Solutions continues to do to be a leader in providing sustainable environmental solutions that align with our core values of safety, family, integrity, excellence, and stewardship.

3 Safety Employee Well-being Environmental Sustainability Community Engagement


The following pages highlight how we incorporate environmental sustainability into our project services and business operations using innovative processes, initiatives and technology.


Wright Outdoor Solutions (WOS) // Founded in 1928

Formed from the merger of two of the Des Moines metro’s oldest and most prominent land care companies, Heard Gardens and Wright Tree Care, Wright Outdoor Solutions has been caring for outdoor spaces since 1928. Heard Gardens, an award-winning landscaping company, had been designing and managing landscapes in the community since 1928, and Wright Tree Care, a respected residential tree care company, had been around since 1933. With the merger of the two companies in 2007, Central Iowa had one company to turn to for all of their landscaping and tree care needs.

Over time, Wright Outdoor Solutions expanded its service offerings to include lawn care, residential and commercial maintenance, holiday lights, land clearing, and mulch production.

In 2013, Wright Outdoor Solutions purchased a local Des Moines company called The Growing Concern to operate as a division. With this purchase, Wright Outdoor Solutions was able to take their services indoors as well, offering interior plantscaping, exterior maintenance, and interior holiday décor.

In 2019, Wright Outdoor Solutions expanded into the Omaha market through the acquisition of Omaha based company Verdure Elements, offering interior plantscaping, seasonal color and holiday design services.



To create beautiful environments.


- To be the industry leader throughout the Central Midwest region, investing in our expertise, modernization and capital.

- To provide the highest quality service and products to our customers.

- To provide attractive value appreciation to our employee owners.

- To provide team members a home that enables them to achieve their personal and professional goals.

Core Values

Verdure Elements // Founded in 1981

In 1981, a company called Branching Out was founded, providing interior commercial plantscaping services throughout the Omaha and Lincoln metro. The company continued to expand its service offerings, adding exterior seasonal color rotation and interior holiday décor services to its arsenal to better serve homeowners and business owners’ growing needs. In 2019, Branching Out was acquired by Wright Outdoor Solutions and reintroduced as Verdure Elements in the fall of 2019, and later expanded into the Cedar Rapids, Des Moines and Kansas City markets.





5 Safety Employee Well-being Environmental Sustainability Community Engagement
SAFETY It is everyone’s responsibility –we each own it. INTEGRITY We abide by the highest ethical standards. FAMILY Our foundation is based on teamwork and inclusion.
exceed client expectations through resourcefulness and innovation.
are dedicated to environmental sustainability.


Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Overview

Wright Outdoor Solutions (WOS) core KPIs will be used to track the progress in key target areas and to gauge progress in the coming years. These will help shape goals to drive continuous improvement.



Safety is our number one value. Our employees are trained on a consistent basis to ensure best safe practices are in place and mitigate any potential risks or hazards. Internal protocols are routinely reviewed and updated by our risk and safety departments to ensure the latest trainings and protocols are followed to ensure our employees can get home safely each and every night. Our employees follow the Brother’s and Sister’s Keeper motto, striving to achieve zero OSHA recordable incidents.

Employee Well-being

Our employees create a rich work environment. Our family culture is what makes WOS unique and attractive to the next generation of the workforce. This includes a safe, enjoyable, diverse environment that offers opportunity for professional growth within. As competition for talent grows, WOS is committed to offering an attractive workplace to retain and foster talent. WOS is proud to be employee-owned. Continued training, education and development, and our employees’ well-being are top of mind.

Environmental Sustainability

As a company in the environmental services industry, we strive to protect and preserve all ecosystems. We continue to reduce our footprints and promote carbon positive practices at our office and in the communities we serve.

Community Engagement

WOS supports activities that benefit our employees and add value to the communities where we live and work. Through monetary and in-kind donations such as labor or education, we’re able to support various causes and organizations that align with our values. We take pride in building and developing relationships with our employees, clients and communities.

2022 Highlights



Living Walls, 3 Moss Portraits and 1 Moss Wall


Net Promoter Score (NPS)



Social Media Posts

7 Safety Employee Well-being Environmental Sustainability Community Engagement


Safety is our number one value. Our employees are trained on a consistent basis to ensure best safety practices are in place and mitigate any potential risks or hazards. Internal protocols are routinely reviewed and updated by our risk and safety departments to ensure the latest trainings and protocols are followed to ensure our employees can get home safely each and every night. Our employees follow the Brother’s and Sister’s Keeper motto, striving to achieve zero OSHA recordable incidents.



Wright Outdoor Solutions (WOS) is a member of the Wright Service Corp. (WSC) family of companies. All WSC companies track and report incidents. Accidents are tracked by company with goals established for reduction. These incidents and near misses are used in training materials to identify preventative actions to continue to enforce.

Our 2022 OSHA Incident Rate was 2.50 across our company. Incidents are often broken down into the following categories:

- Property Damage

- Auto Liability

- General Liability

- First Aid

- Lost Time

- Restricted Duty


- Medical

- Outage

Days Away, Restricted or Transferred Rate (DART) represents OSHA injuries or illness that results in days away from work, restricted duty, or transfer of duties. This is because only the more severe OSHA recordable injuries and illnesses are included in the DART rate which was 0.00 for 2022.


2022 Annual Rates: Annual Incident Rate

Claims per Employee 0.17 0.00

Days Away, Restricted or Transferred

9 Safety Employee Well-being Environmental Sustainability Community Engagement


As new employees join the team, there is an extensive safety training program during the onboarding process. Every week there is a half hour session on various topics to refresh the team to keep safety top of mind.

We aim to offer training and certifications that help better all our employees in their field:

- 3OT sets the groundwork for how to safely measure and apply chemicals, outlines what appropriate PPE (personal protective equipment) is needed for a project, how to clean up post application, and so much more. Chemical applicators must hold an up-to-date 3OT certification before commercially applying any chemical.

11 employees are 30T certified

- 100% of our plant health care team

- 68% of our operations team

- 38% of our sales team

- 33% of our arbor forepersons plus an additional groundsperson

- International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) is a certification for arborists and tree care professionals. They work to educate people on the benefits of trees (economic, environmental and societal) and how to properly administer care for the best longevity of these plants. Their focus is on continual research to keep improving practices, public awareness and promoting safety within the arbor field.

10 employees are ISA certified

- 100% of our arbor sales team

- arbor operations manager

- 100% of our arbor forepersons

- Accredited Snow Contractors Association (ASCA) outlines industry standards and educates snow removal professionals on the Approved National Standards Institute (ANSI) for snow removal. These standards set the groundwork for safety procedures to reduce the risk to ourselves and others, how to correctly document on job sites and provide training on how best to streamline our snow operation.

2 employees are ASCA trained

- 1 snow supervisor

- 1 snow lead

- Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute (ICPI) and National Concrete Masonry Association (NCMA) provide tools and education to landscapers. They outline the best practices for bidding and installing walls (NCMA) and patios (ICPI). Employees that complete these trainings have a better understanding of how to properly install a hardscape base, best practices for laying pavers and wall block, how to address drainage in a new install and much more.

2 employees are ICPI fully certified

- landscape operations manager

- design team leader

4 employees are ICPI course certified

- 100% of our design team leads

- 50% of our landscape crew leads

- 25% of our landscape crew members

2 employees are NCMA fully certified

- landscape operations manager

- design team leader

1 employee is a Certified Backflow Tester

- landscape operations manager

3 employees are NCMA course certified

- 75% of our landscape crew leads

- OSHA provides outreach and training programs about common safety and health hazards on the job. The courses offer basic and more advanced training.

1 employee is OSHA

10 certified

1 employee is OSHA 30 certified


Tailgate Hours


Weekly training sessions are held on various topics to refresh the team to keep safety top of mind across the landscape, seasonal service, and arbor care teams. A total of 1,040 hours of continued training were completed across 78 employees in 2022.

First Aid/CPR/AED

In 2022, 8 employees became First Aid, CPR and AED certified from various departments including Arbor, Mechanics, Seasonal Services and Office Staff.

10 Safety Employee Well-being Environmental Sustainability Community Engagement


WOS was accredited by the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA) once again in 2022 and has held this accreditation status since 2006. The TCIA accreditation evaluates ethical business practices, compliance with industry standards for safety and performance, and providing quality service.


Total Hours of Continued Safety Training

1,040 New First Aid, CPR and AED Certified Employees

8 Award Accreditation

11 Safety
Well-being Environmental Sustainability


WSC’s Information Technology (IT) Department is dedicated to cyber security and business continuity. In 2019, an Information Security team was created to improve our security posture and execute yearly strategic security roadmaps, updated annually; by doing so, this maintains and strengthens our company’s ability to protect company and client data. The team conducts an annual comprehensive security assessment in tandem with monthly vulnerability scans and remediates identified issues. Our SIEM platform, AlienVault, monitored 24/7/365 by ProCircular, is utilized to help improve our detection and prevention of attacks on our company’s equipment year-round.

A security awareness program was launched in May of 2020. Employees undergo training to spot ‘phishing’ scams and other malicious emails or attacks. These fraudulent requests are sophisticated and can use known company contacts to lure others into sending funds to illegitimate recipients or compromise confidential data and information. On a monthly basis, employees are tested internally and if the employee fails, they are required to go through additional training and, in some cases, meet with human resources (HR) and IT for performance improvement. As scams are ever-changing, training and tips are provided to arm our employees with the knowledge to be a digital Brother’s and Sister’s Keeper and ensure we protect our family of companies and their employees.


- Weekly Trivia During Cyber Security Awareness Month in October

- Deployed the KnowBe4 Learner App to All Company Mobile Devices

- Made Improvements to Our Security Posture with Our vCISO Project and Extended Through 2025

In 2023, WSC will continue to implement tools and training for increased company preparedness and due diligence against increasing cyber security risk.

Cyber Security by the Numbers


Total Hours Executed on All Monthly Trainings


Completion Across All Trainings


Hours of Required Annual Cyber Security Training

12 Safety Employee Well-being Environmental Sustainability Community Engagement

Safety Employee Well-being Environmental Sustainability Community Engagement


Incident Rate: Reduce incidences and near misses to reduce annual incident rate.

Cyber Security Training: In 2022, ensure company participation and improvement in security awareness training.

Safety: Continue to offer specialized safety training programs to employees

Safety: Provide company-wide wildfire and equipment fire education and training.

Security: Ensure company participation and improvement by 5% or 200 hours of additional security awareness training.

2022 Accomplished Goals


Our employees create a rich work environment. Our family culture is what makes WOS unique and attractive to the next generation of the workforce. This includes a safe, enjoyable, diverse environment that offers opportunities for professional growth within the company. As competition for talent grows, WOS is committed to offering an attractive workplace to retain and foster talent.


Employee distribution numbers are based on fiscal year 2022, meaning October 1, 2021, through September 30, 2022. As of September 30, 2022, WOS had 78 employees.

These numbers do not include contingent employees who are recognized as employees contracted by outside vendors.

Wright Outdoor Solutions takes pride in its employees and their diverse backgrounds. 2022 was a year of improvement in WOS employee management through upgrades to workplace processes and improved digital infrastructure. As a member of the WSC family of companies, WOS is supported by a shared services team at the corporate office that includes human resources, legal and marketing and general oversight by accounting, finance, fleet and payroll. Together with our team, we work in partnership to provide exceptional service to our clients.

WOS had 78 employees from 5 different home states in FY2022, including permanent full time and seasonal employees.

15 Safety Employee Well-being Environmental Sustainability Community Engagement
65% Male 56% Male 35% Female 44% Female FY2022 WOS demographics does not include contract/contingent employees. 87% Full-time 13% Part-time/ Seasonal WOS WOS 11% 15% 18% 2% 13% 5% 80% 28% 13% 10% 5% GENERATIONAL DISTRIBUTION ETHNICITY 20 & under 31-40 51-60 21-30 41-50 61-64 65 & over Black or African American Hispanic/Latino Two or More Races White Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander WOS New Hires WOS New Hires 17% 37% 17% 2% 30% 65% 19% 5% 5% 3%


WOS’s employee handbook outlines several employment policies, procedures and practices. This contains equal opportunity employment policies, a code of conduct policy, business ethics statement, a harassment policy and a protection against retaliation policy. Management and human resources staff have an open-door policy as well to report incidents and provide suggestions to improve the workplace.


Investing in our employees’ professional and personal development ensures that our employees can continually refresh and grow their knowledge. Every year WOS allots a budget to cover the training expenses and applies for grants to support continual opportunities.

3OT Certification


- Accredited Snow Contractors Association (ASCA) Certification

- AmericanHort Cultivate Conference

- Commercial Driver’s License (CDL)

- Holiday Bright Lights (HBL) Conference

- Interlocking Concrete Paver Institute (ICPI)

- Iowa State University Shade Tree Short Course

- International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) Certifications

- National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP) Conference

- Nation Concrete Masonry Association (NCMA)

- Rainbow Plant Health Care (PHC) Summit

- Tropical Plant International Expo (TPIE) Conference

Learning Management System

Wright Service Corp. University (WSCU)

leadership, customer service, productivity, tools, tips and more. The Training and Development Department have increased course offerings significantly in the Learning Management System (LMS). More than 8,000 LinkedIn Learning courses are available to employees. In addition, new employees will be assigned training on WSCU to review topics such as:

-Harassment and discrimination

-Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP)

-True Colors

-Customer service

-Timesheet tracking

True Colors

-Retirement savings, and enrolling in a 401(k) or Roth

-Accessing the company clothing and apparel store

development options based on needs and desires. Additional leadership and professional development training programs and mentorship opportunities are available for employees.

LEAD Program

The LEAD Program is the preeminent leadership development program offered by WSC. The program currently takes place over the course of 18 months and consists of:

- Facilitated, in-person sessions at WSC headquarters in West Des Moines, IA

- Job shadow opportunity

The True Colors® Personal Awareness & Success training guides participants through concepts of self-awareness and effective communication. This fun, interactive workshop helps individuals better understand themselves and others. It creates a common language, providing a foundation for genuine relationship building and honest dialogue. Four employees are certified True Colors facilitators. In 2022, 117 employees across our family of companies received a total of 271 hours of True Colors training.

- Participation in mentor program

- Capstone project and presentation


is a learning platform that documents and tracks online training. WSCU creates the opportunity to reach every employee in the company who has a company email for training and continued learning. Topics include management,

Individual Development

The Training and Development Department provides WOS with individual

Participants are nominated by leaders within the WSC family of companies. Nominators advocate for their nominee by illustrating that person’s leadership capabilities through real life examples. Nominations are carefully reviewed and selected by committee. Whether selected or not, getting nominated indicates that your leader believes in your leadership abilities. Since the program’s inception, 61 employees have graduated from the program. The current cohort is comprised of 28 employees.

16 Safety Employee Well-being Environmental Sustainability Community Engagement

The latest class began their journey in 2022, graduating in 2023. This group of participants completed a total of 980 training hours in 2022. One WOS team member participated in LEAD in FY2022.

Executive Leadership Development Program

WSC provides the Executive Leadership Development Program (ELDP) to higher-level managers or recently appointed executives within our family of companies via nomination by an executive. Participants are ambassadors for our family of companies, demonstrate leadership in their daily interactions, and are deeply committed to personal growth and development. During this three-year program, participants complete a detailed 360 assessment, then receive results and interpretation from a leadership coach with support from their appointed executive sponsor. They use the opportunities from their 360 to create an individual development plan that includes coursework from a variety of providers, mentoring, coaching and job shadowing.

In 2022, there were eight ELDP graduates, one from WOS. These individuals represented five companies within our family of companies. Participants culminated the program by providing a detailed capstone presentation to

the Wright Board of Directors and Executive Team, demonstrating the impact of their applied development on the organization in the areas of process improvements, efficiency gains, advanced effectiveness, human resource enhancements, and revenue saved or earned.



Indoor/Outdoor Working Hours

WOS has many opportunities for employees to have a mix of both indoor and outdoor working hours, appealing to those seeking a non-conventional work environment. According to a study in science journal Nature, individuals that spend at least 120 minutes a week in nature is associated with good health and wellbeing (Nature, 2019).

Interior Plant 80/20 Lawn Care

indoor outdoor

WOS, as a WSC company, provides both full-time and part-time positions with a benefits package that far exceeds the industry standard. Employees receive comprehensive benefits such as health insurance, wellness incentive programs, life insurance, disability, vacation and sick time, bereavement, identity theft protection, traditional pre-tax and Roth 401(k) retirement plan options, and employees are part of profit sharing through an ESOP.

In 2022, WSC and its U.S. subsidiaries saw a 29.54% increase from 2021 in the number of those enrolled in health insurance. Plan types changed slightly with employee only plans increasing by 2%, now at 57%, and 43% being family plans.

Health Insurance

WOS, as a WSC company, offers medical with prescription coverage, dental, and vision insurance to all eligible non-union employees. Plans are offered either as individual or family. Family plans are not limited to number of dependents. WSC pays a portion of these insurance fees to provide competitive premium rates for employee’s insurance packages.

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a professional and confidential, short-term counseling service available to the employee and their immediate

17 Safety Employee Well-being Environmental Sustainability Community Engagement Sales 50/50 PHC
Admin Arbor Enhancement Holiday Décor 50/50


family. This benefit is a company paid benefit and is offered to the employee at no cost. Immediate telephone access to a counselor is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Resources include up to three sessions for inperson appointments per separate issue per year, legal services, financial consultation and eldercare resources.

A virtual healthcare service, Doctor on Demand, is provided to employees at no cost. Using a smartphone, tablet or computer, employees can receive care from board-certified physicians who can treat most common medical conditions and prescribe medication.

In 2022, WOS health plan enrollment was split 64% single and 36% family.

Total Rewards Survey

The WSC Benefits Team conducted a total rewards survey in May 2022. All full-time, non-union employees across all U.S. companies were encouraged to participate. Email communications were sent to 2,400 unique email addresses. 600 people participated in the survey and submitted responses.


The benefit change or new idea with the most appeal was “additional paid time off benefits” (i.e., vacation, holidays, floating holidays)

The top 5 most important total rewards were:

-Paid Time Off

-Health Insurance

-401(k) Retirement Wellness Program

WSC and WOS employees have access to and are in enrolled into a wellness program,

implemented by Mercy, a Des Moines hospital, called Navigate Wellness. Through this portal employees are eligible to earn reward points for completing different activities and challenges throughout the year. The activities and challenges are either individual or group challenges, which also include wellness event participation, watching or attending educational wellness lunch and learn sessions on topics like nutrition and eating well, reducing stress, importance of sleep, exercise, financial well-being, community involvement, and more. Free annual biometric health screenings are available at the corporate office through Mercy in late February. At the start of fall flu shots are available onsite, and open to employees and their families.


We have many employees who have been with WOS for 10+ years.

organizational culture and supports company success. The ESOP is also designed to assist our employees with their retirement and provide them with a financial stake in the company. For our customers and partners, we are empowered to provide exceptional service and innovative solutions. At all levels of the company, you’ll be working with an employee owner – individuals who are invested in the success of the company and the quality of service we deliver.

The ESOP enables employees to directly affect profitability and value and see the results. Employees have pride in the company and a vested interest in making sure the value of their account grows. The ESOP has also allowed the company to protect jobs and support the communities we work in.

Only non-union employees who are at least 18 years of age, who have worked for the company for one year totaling at least 1,000 hours are eligible to enter the plan. Employees are automatically enrolled in the ESOP after meeting the qualifications on April 1 or October 1, following their 1-year anniversary date with the company.

Employee Ownership Committee

WOS has been a proud employee-owned company since 2002. With shared ownership with WSC’s ESOP, WOS helps promote a positive, unique

With new employees constantly joining the company, many new to an ESOP company, and others entering the plan, the Employee Ownership Committee provides ESOP educational training. They encourage divisions to host annual training conducted by committee members. WSC and committee members continue to support the ESOP community through donations to the Employee Ownership Foundation and with the development of a Central Iowa networking group. Committee members continue to participate in the Iowa/Nebraska Chapter of The ESOP Association events and conferences, and national conferences. WSC remains on the list as one of the largest employee-owned companies in the U.S., according to the National Center for Employee Ownership (NCEO) coming in at 26.

18 Safety Employee Well-being Environmental Sustainability Community Engagement
FY2022 years of service of those eligible for the ESOP. Based on the active employee count as of 9/30/2022.
OF SERVICE 5 years or less 61% 6-10 years 18% 11-15 years 11% 16-20 years 5% 21-25 years 4% 26-30 years 2% -Base Pay -ESOP ESOP

October was Employee Ownership Month, and the Employee Ownership Committee celebrated all month long. New in 2022, digital and printed bingo cards were distributed to engage and educate employees on all things employee ownership. The committee hosted a Golden Ticket Broadcast where more than 200 employee owners joined to learn more about the ESOP and Deferred Share Unit (DSU) plan. A DSU plan was established for Wright Canada Holdings, Ltd. (WCH) and its subsidiaries to provide similar benefits to our Canadian employees.



2022 Accomplished Goals

Employee Well-being: Conduct a survey for total reward offerings and preferences to employees.

Those contributing 1-3% receive 100% company match, those contributing 4-5% receive an additional 50% match with the max match potential hit at 5%. 60% of those contributing are receiving the full match potential. Numbers can change daily.

Employee Well-being: Conduct a survey on availability and effectiveness of support service offerings.

Diversity & Inclusion: Increase reporting capabilities on workforce demographics in 2022 with Workday.

Diversity & Inclusion: Analyze employee gender and race/ethnicity information to establish benchmarks and goals for diversity growth.


WOS, as a WSC company, offers a comprehensive 401(k) retirement savings plan with the same eligibility requirements and entry dates as the ESOP.

WSC has a Safe Harbor Match Program to the 401(k) offering, matching 100% of the first 3%, plus an additional 50% of the next 2% employees would contribute to their retirement savings. The matching funds are placed in the ESOP account. Meaning, employees should contribute at least 5% annually to receive the full company match. These company-matched contributions are 100% vested.

The Automatic Enrollment Program is an automatic 3% pre-tax 401(k) enrollment process for all eligible employees which increases contributions from salary pay by 1% each year until 10% is reached with an opt-out available. This was enacted to ensure employees were taking steps for their financial security in the future.

Diversity & Inclusion: Evaluate options to improve communication to all team members without email communication capacity.

Employee Well-being: Promote indoor/outdoor working hours and both personal and professional training and growth opportunities available through employment at WOS.

Employee Well-being: Continue to provide our employees with more benefits education through regular newsletters, plan enrollment resources and new hire summaries.

19 Safety Employee Well-being Environmental Sustainability Community Engagement
Comparison of the number of active and eligible participants and the percent vested. Upon six years, a participant will become 100% vested. ESOP STATS 20% vested 12% 40% vested 12% 80% vested 8% 100% vested 29% 60% vested 2%
11%+ 4% 1-3% 17% 4-5% 52% 6-10% 27%


As a company in the environmental services industry, we strive to protect and preserve all ecosystems. We continue to reduce our footprints and promote carbon positive practices at our office and in the communities we serve.

The following pages highlight how we incorporate environmental sustainability into our project services and business operations using innovative processes, initiatives and technology.

Safety Employee Well-being Environmental Sustainability Community Engagement


Arborcare/Vegetation Management

Healthy trees promote healthy ecosystems. Trees offer essential benefits to our planet including air purification, oxygen production, erosion control, natural cleaning of surface and ground water, temperature control in urban areas, and more. Trees are home to numerous insects and animals that improve biodiversity in our ecosystems. By providing proper care and maintenance to trees; disease, damage, and removal can be prevented.

Our team of ISA Certified arborists is proud to play a part in protecting and caring for trees in our community through the following services:

- Cabling – As a supplemental support, hardware connecting parts of the tree to one another is installed in the upper third of the canopy. The connected limbs are stronger together and help support the tree against environmental stressors.

- Bracing – Often done in conjunction with cabling, bracing is an additional support measure used to reinforce trees with a weak union near the central leader, or trunk. Metal rods are strategically drilled into the tree near the weak union to relieve tension and build strength and stability.

- Pruning – Selective removal of branches to promote proper growth and remove diseased and pest infested branches.

- Tree Sprays/Trunk Injections – Used to treat a variety of tree diseases and nutrient deficiencies.

Sustainable Design and Maintenance of Commercial Properties

Wright Outdoor Solutions (WOS) provides both residential and commercial properties with full-service landscaping and maintenance services. Our job is to add value to a landscape and continue protecting and maintaining the investment. Commercial properties are unique in that the business has customers, guests and employees visiting the property, and a polished appearance can mean a lot. Every landscape requires a customized approach, and we help tailor our service to best meet these needs.

Additionally, many businesses have the desire and goal to incorporate sustainable choices into their property, and that includes their landscape. WOS has trained and experienced professional crew members to design, install and maintain these sustainable elements. Our parent company, Wright Service Corp. (WSC) underwent a building remodel of their international corporate headquarters in fiscal year 2021, and WOS was charged with providing several design, installation and maintenance services. In fiscal year 2022, we continue to maintain and support these sustainable elements to ensure their beauty and viability.


Plants are a vital component to corporate buildings, and making decisions to benefit the employees who occupy the office is always top of mind when the WOS design team proposes plants. Plants can help assist with immunity, boost workplace performance and reduce stress. WOS installed many plant varieties that are known for purifying the air such as: palms, spider plants, dracaena, philodendron, sanseveria, ficus, and aglaonema. Additionally, plant portraits and living walls were installed, and a moss wall divider was added to a common area for privacy and noise control.

21 Safety Employee Well-being Environmental Sustainability Community Engagement



WOS made a focus on using native plants throughout the property for a sustainable approach to landscape design and maintenance. Native plants are attractive for many reasons. They require much less watering, fertilizer, and pesticides, they can prevent water run-off and improve air quality, help decrease pollution because they eliminate the need for mowers and other equipment, and more. Many prairie type plantings were used to complement the overall design concept of the property. Perennial grasses were used to soften heavily hardscaped areas and hard angles. Plant selections were also made to be tolerant of various adverse elements including salt, full sun, reflective heat, shade, limited soil profile and snow build-up.

body and the environment. Nature is a natural antidepressant, provides vitamin D exposure, can improve self-esteem and mood, and has been linked to greater feelings of revitalization and positive engagement. By not using a traditional brick and mortar gym means you’re not adding to additional energy usage.

WOS provided native trees and plants that fit into the natural theme of the design and that provided a natural food source and cover for migratory songbirds. Deer resistant trees and plants were selected. As pests and diseases emerge in the future, it was important that we choose a wide variety of plants.

Tall brush was left next to the water for both wind protection and wildlife sustainability. Conifers were included for winter habitat and protection as well as wind screens. Trees that bear fruit and seeds were planted to help feed wildlife. Perennials high in nectar and seed production were included to sustain wildlife.


Pollinator populations are experiencing critical population declines. Monarch butterfly populations have declined by 80% over the past 20 years, honeybee hive losses top 40% annually, and as of 2017, the rusty-patched bumble bee is an endangered species. Projects like the one at the WSC corporate office are helping to curb that decline.


A nature walking trail in a 3 acre area west of the building was added that includes meandering concrete walking trails, seating areas, tree and shrub groupings, bee pollinator (low native prairie) areas, butterfly pollinator (tall native prairie) areas and accent landscape lighting. A temporary cover crop of oats was planted to provide erosion control until it was time to plant the pollinator areas. There are many benefits to exercising in nature for both the

WOS and WSC took advantage of a partnership to help honeybees and monarch butterflies through the Bee and Butterfly Habitat Fund (BBHF), who assisted in the design, development and implementation of the pollinator areas through their program called Seed a Legacy. BBHF is an organization whose mission is to increase and improve pollinator habitat by working with landowners, conservationists, scientist and beekepers to design and develop precision seed mixtures to build a healthy and sustainable pollinator habitat.

The seeds were broadcasted by hand with a honeybee clover mix and the other half to a monarch mix – a diverse mix with 63 wildflower species – to minimize erosion while seeds establish themselves. By planting two separate mixtures, WSC provided abundant lush and dense forage with the clover mix, which can also be used as a prescribed fire break. The monarch mix contains slower-growing wildflowers that will provide nectar resources for monarchs and other pollinators and a place for monarchs to lay eggs.

22 Safety Employee Well-being Environmental Sustainability Community Engagement


Low maintenance and efficient landscaping are ways that many property owners are being sustainable and stewards of the land. WSC’s headquarters used water efficient landscaping in a few ways.

Most of the plant material installed tolerates dry periods with little to no supplemental watering once established, along with being animal resistant. Areas that could possibly be flooded were planted with plants that tolerate wet roots from time to time. The higher elevations of the property are usually dry due to wind and sun – those areas were planted with plant material that tolerates those conditions. Hardwood mulch was used within planting beds and around trees to conserve water and reduce weeds. Watering bags were used during tree establishment to minimize any evaporation and ensure water goes down to the root system. Lastly, sod/grass was held to a minimum.


WSC prides itself on putting employees first, and a community garden was a primary focus of the exterior of the building remodel. The community garden is located within the walking trail area, measuring 98 feet in length by 44 feet in width for a total area of approximately 4,300 square feet. The garden area consists of a tool shed, 17 raised planting beds throughout, compacted crushed granite pathways, automatic drip irrigation system, and is enclosed by fencing salvaged from previous community garden. We worked to provide a beautiful and inviting garden entrance by adding long-blooming plants. The re-use of plant materials salvaged from the previous garden was made a priority, including grapevines, espaliered apple trees, shrubs and grasses. We installed plantings around the perimeter that are both deer resistant and great pollinators to ensure veggies get plenty of “bee time”. Low maintenance was the goal, so native and drought resistant plants were prioritized above all else. Compacted gravel was used between raised beds to eliminate the need for herbicides for weed management.

Biophilic Design Through Landscaping & Interior Plantscaping

The practice of incorporating plants into built environments, both indoor and outdoor, is known as biophilic design. Our team of landscape & interior plantscape

designers not only place focus on beauty when selecting plants for home and property owners, but also sustainability and biodiversity.

When selecting plants for outdoor environments, native plant species and pollinator friendly species are at the forefront of consideration. Through use of native plants, home and property owners can reduce the use of resources such as water and energy as well as chemical fertilizers and pesticides which can damage our natural ecosystem. Pollinators are essential to our ecosystem as they fertilize plants, causing them to produce seeds, fruit and new life.

Our interior plantscaping team brings plants indoors. WOS offers personalized interior plant design through moss and living wall installations, interior plantscaping, seasonal fresh floral displays, interior holiday plant arrangements and more.

23 Safety Employee Well-being Environmental Sustainability Community Engagement

Plants Provided to the Local Area

Over 18,646 annual plants provided to local area

Spring & Summer Annuals – 8,037

Such as: pansies, petunias, impatiens, coleus, lobelia, verbena, geranium, salvia, vinca vine

Fall Annuals – 2,304

Such as: mums, kale, cabbage, purple fountain grass, ornamental peppers

House/Tropicals – 7,505

Such as: pothos, dracaena, bromeliad, sansevieria, ficus, jasmine, hibiscus

Winter Poinsettias – 800

Responsible Resource Use


The project used water responsibly in their care for plants, newly planted trees, and establishing the lawn. The care of the landscape planning accounted for the existing site conditions instead of amending the site for long term sustainably.


WOS is currently evaluating operation areas that consume higher amounts of energy to establish practical tracking procedures. Monitoring current operations will allow for the identification of areas of focus to reduce energy consumption and generate efficiencies.

Building Energy Usage

The two WOS facilities, including in West Des Moines and Grimes, reduced their total billed kWh by 20,411, from 212,268 in 2021 to 191,857 in 2022.

At the Grimes facility, 4,075 therms were used.


Over 8,588 of trees, shrubs and perennials

Perennials – 6,538

Shrubs – 1,485

Trees – 565

WOS has become 100% electronic with timecards, reducing the need for paper processing. The work-order system used for everyday project management is also 100% electronic. An effort is made for the majority of proposals and invoices to be electronic with an established 75% in 2022.

Gas to Electric Efforts

Recently two product spray machines were upgraded from a gas-powered engine pump to electric. This not only reduces emissions from the burning of fuel but improved worker safety and was more economical.


Chainsaws are starting to be replaced with battery powered from traditional gas-powered chainsaws. Other small handheld equipment such as trimming chainsaw, weed eaters, hedge shears, leaf blowers, long handled hedge shears, and more are being considered for a battery powered transition.

24 Safety Employee
Environmental Sustainability Community Engagement
3140 WOS therms/year All Facilities 2021 0 500 1000 1500 2000 2500 3000 3500 4000 4500 2022 4075 212,268 WOS kWh/year All Facilities 2021 180,000 185,000 190,000 195,000 200,000 205,000 210,000 215,000 2022 191,857

ENERGY continued


WSC has had the opportunity to be front and center to several exciting things with Geotab. With the support and guidance of our Geotab reseller, Gridline, WSC was the first company in the world to see and experience, pilot and deploy a Geotab/Lytx integration that allows the Lytx user interface to be visible interactive within Geotab.

Geotab is a fleet efficiency tool utilized to improve fuel efficiency, productivity, and safety that began to be implemented across the WSC family of companies in 2020. WOS had 81 vehicles equipped with the Geotab technology in 2022.

Geotab is a fleet efficiency tool utilized to improve fuel efficiency, productivity, and safety that began to be implemented across the WSC family of companies in 2019. WOS had 81 vehicles equipped with the Geotab technology in 2022.

Fuel Usage

Geotab together with WEX allows for the tracking of fuel efficiency. Some fuel is provided via bulk fueling which is not included in annual reporting at this

time. Bulk fuel, when available, is an efficient way to prepare the fleet without spending excess labor time and resources to travel to the nearest fueling station.

Of the 81 vehicles with the Geotab tracking technology, the fleet traveled 1,104,273 miles in 2022. Unproductive idle time is currently being tracked along with miles per gallon efficiency. These numbers include light vehicles, bucket trucks, chip trucks, and support units.



Wood Waste



WOS gives trees a second life through the production of mulch. We use a horizontal grinder and coloring machine to make quality landscape ready mulch products thus reusing and repurposing this organic waste material. This sustainable option to woodwaste keeps organic matter out of our landfills and offers many environmental benefits which may include: erosion control, absorption and filtration of stormwater, nutrient pollution reduction, carbon emission reduction, carbon sequestration and replenishment back to the soil, improved soil health, habitat restoration, and more.

Cubic yards of wood chips diverted from a landfill

which is the same as OR


Chipper trucks

4,084 793 400 which is the same as

Tons of CO 2e avoided

Cars off the road for a year

Homes average yearly energy use

25 Safety Employee Well-being Environmental Sustainability Community Engagement

WASTE continued

Innovative Ideas

WOS takes an innovative approach to solutions. In addition to ongoing solutions to provide a second life to organic materials such as wood waste to divert this waste stream from a landfill through landscape mulch, quality timber for woodworking, and logs to be used for firewood, evaluations on the feasibility of hosting goats onsite or subcontracting with a local goat farmer to consume vegetative waste materials. Considerations to biochar as a solution to wood waste is an ongoing conversation on the cost effectiveness with new technology. Biochar is generated through pyrolysis, which is the heating of organic material in the absence of oxygen. This closed-loop system creates a stable form of carbon captured in the Biochar product. Biochar can then be utilized as a soil amendment to improve the soil’s structure which in turn increases its ability to retain nutrients and improves the water holding capacity leading to healthier soil.

26 Safety Employee Well-being Environmental Sustainability Community Engagement


Energy: Implement pilot testing program for battery transition on other equipment such as hedge trimmers with Husqvarna.

Landscaping & Plant Design: Utilize permeable pavers as an option for landscape projects in 2022.

Fuel Use: Evaluate Geotab and Gridline reporting to improve efficiency through reduction of unproductive idle time.

Resource Use: Begin a GHG inventory (following the GHG Protocol and Corporate Standard), 2022 will serve as the base year.

Safety Employee Well-being Environmental Sustainability Community Engagement
2022 Accomplished Goals


Wright Outdoor Solutions (WOS) supports activities that benefit our employees and add value to the communities where we live and work. Through monetary and in-kind donations such as labor or education, we’re able to support various causes and organizations that align with our values. We take pride in building and developing relationships with our employees, clients and communities.


WOS recognizes the important role that charitable and non-profit organizations play in our local communities. In the past six years, WOS has devoted volunteer time, financial contributions, and inkind resources to several organizations. WOS encourages employees to lend their voluntary support by offering eight hours of paid volunteer time per calendar year, per employee. Highlight

$30,000 MORE THAN

financial contributions was provided to 21 organizations for the 2022 fiscal year between WOS and WSC including in-kind contributions


For the twelfth year in a row, WOS sponsored the Blank Children’s Hospital Festival of Trees & Lights. The event, held at the Iowa Events Center, is the largest fundraiser for hospital’s programming and is a central Iowa tradition to kick off the holiday season. As a sponsor, WOS decorated a holiday vignette to be on display at the event, complete with a tree, fireplace display, and wreath. In addition, WOS offered a holiday lighting gift certificate to the silent auction and employees volunteered their time delivering decorated trees to recipients.

Donation Amount: $1,262.50

Curated vignette with a custom designed tree, garland and wreath as well as credit toward event trees.

Volunteer Efforts: 1 volunteer donated 5 hours to help deliver trees to recipients post event.

Donations Only

We also partner with some additional organizations in our community by making more than $3,800 in financial contributions in support of their fundraising efforts, including the following.

- ABI Foundation Auction

- CAPREIT National Managers Conference

- Community Foundation of Greater Des Moines

- Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce Business on the Green Golf Outing

- Trivium Life Services

- Young Women’s Resource Center Gala Orchid Centerpieces

WSC Funded

As a member of the Wright Service Corp. family of companies, we also work in partnership with our corporate office to support organizations in the markets we serve. In FY2022 the amount totaled $26,750, including to the following organizations.

- Mr. Blank Day Supporting Smiles Sponsorship

- Can Play Courage on the Court Hoop Sponsor

- ChildServe FORE! The Kids Par Sponsor

- American Cancer Society Coaches vs. Cancer Gala

- American Cancer Society Coaches vs. Cancer Golf

- Momentum Supply Sponsor

- Des Moines University Glanton

- Gigi’s Playhouse Silver Sponsor

- Toys for Tots

- Iowa Resource for International Service (IRIS)

- Kinship Brewing Fighting Through Kinship

- Meals from the Heartland Bronze Sponsor

- Trees Forever Celebration Holiday Certificate

Variety Two Days of Compassion

29 Safety Employee Well-being Environmental Sustainability Community Engagement


Employee Ownership

The National Center for Employee Ownership updates an Employee Ownership 100 list each year – recognizing the nation’s largest companies that are at least 50% owned by an ESOP or other broad-based employee ownership plan. WSC is the 26th largest employee-owned company in the United States.

Social Media

WOS recognizes that social networking platforms can be powerful digital communication tools for sharing ideas and exchanging information. We are committed to using social media to promote its brand and maintain communications with current and prospective employees, customers, business partners, vendors and suppliers, and the general public. WOS is focused on ensuring that its use of social network platforms serve its need to maintain its brand identity, integrity, and reputation while minimizing risks to the company, its customers, and employees.

Employees who post to social media should be mindful that their online activities do not violate our social media policy.


Policies such as Supplier Code of Conduct and Supplier Diversity Policy that our suppliers or service providers are required to follow were finalized. We seek out those that share our vision and follow a similar mission to reach our goals. We strive to work with local providers in our community. We understand that those we choose to work with will uphold our reputation in the community and with our current and future clients.

Company Memberships & Certifications

Many WOS employees are active members of industry and professional organizations. We encourage our employees to get involved in the industries and communities we serve.

- American Horticulture Association

- Better Business Bureau – IA and NE

- Building Owners & Managers Association (BOMA) – Iowa and Nebraska

- Community Chambers

• City of West Des Moines

• City of Grimes

• City of Omaha

• City of Cedar Rapids

- Iowa Nursery & Landscape Association (INLA)

- Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute (ICPI)

- National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP)

- Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA)

- International Society of Arboriculture (ISA)

Dennis Wilson

2020- present, serving on the Advisory Board for Mr. Blank Day with Blank Children’s Hospital


- Build It

- Cultivate

- Iowa Turf Grass Institute (ITI)/ISU Field & Demo Day

- Landscape Software

- NALP Landscape

- Pro Landscape, Irrigation & Turf Conference

Online Compliments

WOS utilizes a third-party online review platform to gain insights into customer satisfaction. The net promoter score (NPS) is a calculation based on a customer’s likeliness to recommend your company’s services to a friend or colleague.

7.6 8.6

I’ve been using wright outdoor solutions for many years and have never been disappointed. I guess that’s why I keep using you. Just seems natural.”

They did a great job removing our tree, cleaning up, then returning later for stump removal, which they also left in good shape! Pricing was reasonable, and all contacts were professional.”

30 Safety Employee Well-being Environmental Sustainability Community Engagement

I absolutely love my account manager, Dennis Wilson, which whom I’ve worked for many, many years, and the staff that take such great care of my yard. Everyone is courteous, knowledgeable, and helpful.”

Ryan has helped us for many years and we have always been satisfied. He is punctual and knowledgeable. We trust him with our needs.”


Contribution: Increase opportunities for employees to partake in volunteer events as a company and encourage volunteer opportunities outside of work hours.

We have had our ash trees treated 5 times and have received excellent service each time. Highly recommend them.”

Everyone was helpful, professional, and courteous.”

Youth Interaction: Create program to track career fairs attended.

Crew was very respectful of us and our property. Very professional.”

Reputation: Increase NPS in 2022.

From proposal to great guys that did the work. So friendly and did great work with our bushes.”

Very easy to work with and professional very very happy.”

We have been a long time customer and have always had great service. When people ask for suggestions on who to use, we always say Wright.”

Vendors: Implement Vendor Code of Conduct and Supplier Diversity Policy.

Vendors: In 2023, WOS will track and report diverse spend on vendors and partners for our headquarters to better understand community impact areas and opportunities for investment.

Safety Employee Well-being Environmental Sustainability Community Engagement
2022 Accomplished Goals


Wright Outdoor Solutions and our employees strive to live out our values and will continue to improve our sustainable practices to ensure a safe and bright future for our employee-owners. We’re committed to a better world for all, by investing in the communities we serve through innovation, integrity and teamwork. We want to ensure that the decisions we make today make a positive impact on our employees, clients, community and the environment.


An evaluation utilizing the EcoPractices® platform, a proprietary tool created and owned by Sustainable Environmental Consultants, a Wright Service Corp. (WSC) subsidiary, in partnership with WSC. This report is intended to showcase the sustainability journey of WOS, dedicated to recognizing their responsibility toward their mission, vision and values for their employee owners, partners, clients, and the public.

This Corporate Social Responsibility Report will be further expanded upon in the coming years to comply with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards.

Safety Employee Well-being Environmental Sustainability Community Engagement
34 Safety Employee Well-being Environmental Sustainability Community Engagement WrightOutdoorSolutions.com © 2023 Wright Outdoor Solutions 8000 Raccoon River Drive, West Des Moines, Iowa 50266 // 515.987.0800

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