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Wright Robinson College

Achievement for All Welcome We are a College that demands and achieves the highest standards in all areas leading to a disciplined, safe, caring and inspiring environment where students achieve their maximum potential. We place great emphasis on the excellent relationships that exist between students and between staff and students. Wright Robinson College believes that students should leave equipped with the best set of exam results they are capable of and the skills and attitude needed to ensure they thrive in a rapidly changing world. This prospectus is designed to give you a flavour of what makes Wright Robinson College such a special place to learn, but the best way to find out is to come and see for yourself. Please contact the College if you need any extra information or would like to come and have a look around. I hope to meet you soon and look forward to working together with you and your children. Mr. N. Beischer B.Ed (Hons) MA Headteacher


Wright Robinson College

Wright Robinson College is a non-selective, co-educational 11 to 16 year old school, situated in East Manchester. Our purpose built premises opened in 2007 and include specialist teaching rooms for ICT, Art, Technology and Music. There is also a state of the art Learning Resource Centre, as well as enviable sports facilities which house a 25m swimming pool, a double sports Hall, dance studio and fitness suite. Our modern classrooms are well designed and every room has a projector and many have visualisers. Outside there are floodlit courts as well as two 3G pitches and one (SIS pro soccer 60) 3G Carpet. These excellent facilities enable us to offer a huge range of subjects, as well as an extensive programme of extra-curricular activities.

Wright Robinson College

We provide a balanced and personalised curriculum for every student. This was recognised by Ofsted in our inspection in 2014. Students achieve consistently well in a wide range of subjects such as Science, the Humanities, Modern Languages, Art and Physical Education.

Ethos & Mission Statement Our students will always strive to achieve their personal best academically, physically and socially. They will also have the highest respect and pride for themselves, their College and their community. The spirit of friendship and being kind to others will become synonymous with the name Wright Robinson College.

The school oers a wide range of subjects. It provides a good range of options and work-related courses in addition to GCSE.



The Curriculum We are proud of our curriculum, which is broad, balanced and ensures that every student has the opportunity to reach his or her full potential. At Wright Robinson College we develop the potential and talents of all our students. The College provides a breadth of academic subjects to all students in Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4. The curriculum fits within the College’s faculty structure which has an embedded framework of dedicated support staff: Academic Mentors, Pastoral Team, Attendance Officers, Learning Support Assistants and a Special Educational Needs Coordinator. For a closer look at what Wright Robinson College please take a look at our online video prospectus at:

Transition Moving from primary to secondary school can be a daunting prospect for children - and for their parents! Excellent links with our partner primary schools and an enhanced pastoral care programme in Year 7 ensure this transition is smooth and stress-free. Many of your children will already know many of us. Our specialist staff and our students visit local primary schools to run workshops and master classes, and there are opportunities to visit us for taster sessions, lessons and extra curricular activities.

The Curriculum The College has a personalised curriculum that is organised in such a away that all students are given the opportunity to achieve the best possible outcomes.

YEAR 7 & 8: English Maths Science PE Geography History RE Citizenship Art

Drama Food Technology ICT Music Technology Textiles Spanish

YEAR 9, 10 & 11: English Maths Science PE RE Citizenship

The curriculum is dynamic and is evaluated annually to ensure we always offer a broad and balanced diet. Below are the subjects on offer at each key stage.

PATHWAYS: Geography History Art Drama ICT Music Technology

Textiles French Spanish Business Catering Dance Additional Science

Graphics Health Media Photography



Excellence is Our Aim Gifted & Talented At Wright Robinson we recognise the diversity of the needs of the individual and the importance of providing a personalised curriculum. As teachers, we recognise that many of our students are “more able”, “gifted” and or “talented” learners, and we endeavour to foster and extend their abilities to the maximum potential. We recognise that our more able, gifted and talented students need access to broad, balanced and challenging curriculum opportunities to enable them to reach their true potential. With this in mind we personalise the curriculum for them by offering activities that extend and enrich their learning and promote high attainment and good progress. We have designed and developed a curriculum that provides a high level of challenge for our most able students in the classroom on a daily basis. We also provide for our more able students through a wide variety of enrichment activities. We have strong links with Manchester University and more able students from all year groups are offered the opportunity to experience University life first hand. This year students have worked with the Science Faculty at the University – attending lectures and participating in experiments for National Science and Engineering Week. Students have also spent time participating in events designed to promote skills in Humanities and Modern foreign languages. Opportunities in and out of the classroom are all designed to challenge and support each student to achieve the highest standards of which he or she is capable of.

Excellence is Our Aim Homework

The Purpose of Homework:

Wright Robinson College recognises that homework is crucial and is directly linked to the academic development of students. As a result we have a strong homework policy that is followed from Year 7 to Year 11. The core purpose of this is to ensure that students are reminded of the importance of homework and also to keep you fully informed. This system also allows us to identify students who need more support and guidance.

• To encourage students to develop the skills needed for independent learning. • To consolidate, reinforce and extend the skills, knowledge and understanding developed in class. • To enable students to develop essential time management and organisational skills.

We report to parents/carers regarding homework on our interim reports. Incomplete or missed homework is recorded and students attend compulsory lunchtime detentions in order to catch up and get back on track. We expect students to record all homework set in their planners and ask parents/ carers to check and sign them weekly.

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Wright Robinson Rewards Rewards Positive attitudes to learning and meeting the shared Team Wright Robinson expectations is at the core of our College ethos, as such, it is at the core of our rewards and celebrations. Rewarding students, and therefore positively reinforcing desired attitudes, features heavily in every member of staff’s actions. The general practice of classroom management and the Pastoral and Support Team involves many rewards given to students individually or collectively on a regular basis; these include: •

Recognising success with acknowledgement shown through verbal, written and tangible praise and rewards by all staff both in and out of lessons. Classroom and corridor displays showing students’ work – celebrating achievement of all student groups.

Certificates of recognition

Texts and phone calls home

Annual whole school celebration of achievement events

Reward trips for positive attitude to learning and attendance

Postcards home

House system

House System

Presentation Evening Awards Ceremony

When your child begins Year 7 they will become a member of one of the College’s Houses. House Points are awarded to students for academic achievement, effort in class, positive contributions to all aspects of college life and community involvement. These points are collected on a weekly basis. There are inter-house competitions eg Spelling Bee and Mathletics to take part in. The weekly House point totals are then displayed on the College Television system and the winning House at the end of each term receives a House prize. In addition to the House team prize, individuals gaining high numbers of house points are rewarded with certiďŹ cates and prizes in assemblies.

The College annually hosts a Presentation Evening Awards Ceremony where students receive awards for achievement in a subject a form prize for contributing to College life and an attendance award for achieving 100% attendance. The PE Faculty also host a Presentation Evening Awards Ceremony where students receive awards for their sporting achievements throughout the academic year.

Students’ behaviour in lessons and around the school is exemplary and they feel very safe. Ofsted 2014



An Outstanding College Pastoral Support / Safe Guarding The behaviour of students at Wright Robinson and the College’s provision for students’ safety were graded as ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted in September 2014. Students feel safe in College and parents overwhelmingly support this view.

The leadership and management of pastoral care is highly effective and there is real attention to detail.

Exemplary Relationships The College prides itself on the positive relationships that exist between all adults and young people who work and study at Wright Robinson College. Ofsted stated ‘Students demonstrate a positive and calm demeanour. Relationships between students and between students and adults are exemplary.’

Every student takes pride in their personal appearance by wearing their uniform correctly without having to be reminded.

The school’s work to foster exceptional levels of behaviour and a harmonious and respectful atmosphere demonstrates the school’s outstanding success in developing students’ personal well-being and in their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. Ofsted 2014


The College Day 8.00am - 8.25am

College opens for breakfast clubs and refectory


Students entry into College

8.30am - 8.55am

Assembly / Tutorial time and start of College day

8.55am - 9.55am

Period 1

9.55am - 10.55am

Period 2

10.55am - 11.15am

Break (20 minutes)

11.15am - 12.15pm

Period 3

12.15pm - 1.15pm

Period 4

1.15pm - 2.15pm

Lunch (60 minutes)

2.15pm - 3.15pm

Period 5


College day ends

Excellence is ou r ai m



College Uniform

Girls •

Black College Blazer complete

Plain white shirt, that has a collar

Plain white shirt, that has a collar suitable for wearing a tie.

suitable for wearing a tie. •

Black College Blazer complete with College badge.

with College badge.

Black skirt or full length tailored

Black tailored trousers.

trousers. (No skinny (tight)

Tie - each year group has their own personalised tie.

jeans/ tracksuit/jogging

bottoms, culottes or

Plain black or plain white socks

ski-pants, leggings or tight

Plain black shoes, no trainers..

fitting trousers.) Tie - each year group has their

Religious dress: Plain black

own personalised tie. • Plain black or plain white socks or black tights. • Plain black shoes, no trainers. • Religious dress: Plain black head scarf/ turban.



Optional: • Black ‘v’ neck jumper with College badge. • No jewellery or piercings. • A wristwatch may be worn.

turban. Optional: •

Black ‘v’ neck jumper with College badge.

No jewellery or piercings.

A wristwatch may be worn.

All uniform must have a first initial and full surname label inside.

College PE Kit

Girls •

Polo shirt with logo

Boys -

Red (Indoor) •

Crew neck sweat top with logo

Sports shirt with collar and logo - Red (Indoor)

- Red (Outdoor)

Rugby jersey - Reversible Red & Black (Outdoor)

Shorts with logo - Black

Shorts with logo - Black

Swimming costume - Black

Training shoes - (Not canvas pumps,

Training shoes (Not canvas pumps,

Converse etc.)

Converse etc.)

Socks - Red

Socks - Black

Shin Guards



Hair bobble

Black trunks



College tracksuit with logo - Black

School tracksuit with logo - Black

Swimming hat

Swimming hat - Red or Black

Shin guards

Gum shield - Black

Gum shield

Football boots (moulded studs)

Football boots (moulded studs)

Plain black ankle length leggings (for Dance)

The college policy is that all students must have both indoor and outdoor PE kit. All PE kit must have a first initial and full surname label inside.



Support and Guidance At Wright Robinson College, all students are valued as individuals and as members of their form group, a House, a year group and of the College. In Year 7, much of the care and support our young learners need is provided by the Form Tutor. One of our greatest strengths is our partnership with parents and carers, who are encouraged to take an active role in their child’s education. Regular communication both formal and informal - means students feel secure and supported. By working together we ensure Wright Robinson College is a happy, fulfilling and successful experience for all our students.

Assessment Progress is underpinned by a rigorous programme of monitoring and mentoring. Realistic yet challenging targets are set for all students in all subjects at all stages of their College life. These are supported by a calendar of formal assessment opportunities when subject staff assess and record academic achievement, effort and attitudes to learning. All assessment information is shared with parents and students. Parents also have the opportunity to discuss their child’s progress at parents’ evening.

Monitoring & Intervention Regular monitoring and mentoring ensure early identification of concerns, and intervention strategies are put in place and these are discussed with parents.


Pastoral Support Our pastoral system and associated school polices are designed to provide every pupil with a happy, safe and secure environment. The College structure is based on year groups 7 - 11. Each year group consists of a Director of Pastoral and Academic Progress (Head of Year), an Assistant Director of Pastoral and Academic Progress, a Learning Mentor, an Academic Mentor and an Attendance Officer. The Year Team are the first point of contact for parents and students. They are responsible for the pastoral care of all students within the year group. The Pastoral Team at the College work closely with numerous established external agencies. These relationships enable staff to signpost students and parents/carers to appropriate specialist provision. The College recognises that additional support can prove invaluable for the young people and their families within our community.

Academic Mentors Each year group has an Academic Mentor who is responsible for tracking the progress of students in English and Maths. They also run the homework system across their year group and lead a variety of after school and lunchtime activities such as Debate Mate, Spelling Bee and University Lion Heart challenges. They also provide homework help and run intensive academic support programmes.

Support and Guidance Attendance Matters The link between attendance and attainment is firmly established. Those students who attend College more frequently achieve greater qualifications and are more able to access higher education, employment or training. One of the most important changes Wright Robinson has made to our Attendance Policy is the introduction of an Attendance Improvement Model – known in College as the ‘Banding Report’. Your child’s attendance is monitored every four weeks. On the basis of their attendance they are placed into a coloured band. Students in different bands receive different interventions designed to improve their attendance and therefore enable them to achieve the best possible educational outcomes.

Students’ behaviour in lessons and around the school is exemplary and they feel very safe. Attendance levels are high. They receive exceptional care, guidance and support. Ofsted 2014



Support and Guidance Additional Educational Needs Students who have additional learning needs and who are on the Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) register are part of the mainstream provision, however they also have access to the Reintegration and Inclusion Rooms. Progress is monitored and tracked closely through their 5 years at College, and from this, appropriate interventions are put into place to support their learning, and to develop independent learning and life skills. Students with additional learning needs are regularly tested to ensure their need is understood, and to allow appropriate learning and exam support to be put into place. To aid transition to Wright Robinson the Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCo) or Assistant SENCo attend most primary feeder schools during Year 6. In addition to this, visits to Wright Robinson College can be arranged to ease transition fears for learners on the SEND register.

Students are confident, respectful and exceptionally well mannered. ‘Please’, ‘thank you’ and ‘you’re welcome’ are part and parcel of the daily routine. Students are exceptionally at ease with adults. They are keen to show off their school to visitors. Ofsted 2014


Careers Information The school ensures that students receive careers advice and guidance throughout KS3 and KS4. In KS3 all Year 8 students receive a Pathways interview with a member of the Senior Leadership Team to advise, support and ensure they are studying for success in KS4 and further education. During KS4, college and apprenticeship events are run after school where students can speak to potential colleges and apprenticeship employers to gain information into post 16 pathways. In addition to this in Year 10, all students are encouraged to complete a work experience placement. The Year Team and Work Experience Coordinator support Year 10 students to ensure they are seeking appropriate placements, and that they are prepared for their placement. In Year 11 all students receive at least one careers interview to support them in post 16 choices, and to offer help and advice on completing application forms and attending interviews.

Facilities and Resources

PC, Mac Suites and the Learning Resource Centre Apple and PC computers are available to students in lesson time, break and lunch. The Learning Resource Centre holds up to 80 PCs, Art and D&T classrooms hold 43 iMacs and Media students gain access to Mac Book Pros. There are 7 ICT suites and wireless laptops across the College.

Library The College library offers a variety of books for staff and students. The library is divided into three sections: reference, non-fiction and fiction. The fiction section is further divided into quick read paperbacks and challenging hardbacks. There are also 15 computers which students can use for homework or coursework at lunchtimes and after school until 4pm every day.

PE & Sports Facilities The College has extensive PE and Sports facilities, which are used extensively in both curricular and extra curricular activities. • Three full size sports halls • Two floodlit 3rd Generation rubber crumb pitches • One floodlit (SIS pro soccer 60) 3G Carpet • Two dance studios • Fully equipped fitness suite • Six lane 25m swimming pool • Eight floodlit netball/tennis courts • Eight lane 100m sprint track • Extensive playing fields



Important Information Form Time

College Uniform

The College day begins at 8.30am. All students register with their Form Tutor in the morning. Students will have the same form group and form tutor from Year 7 through to Year 11. Form time is used for literacy, numeracy and critical thinking activities.

All Students in Year 7 to 11 are required to wear full uniform. We have zero tolerance policy towards incorrect uniform. The only item of jewellery allowed is a wrist watch. Please see WRC full uniform list on pages 11 and 12. The College Uniform has been designed to be inexpensive and is available from these suppliers:


M.C.S. Stores


Each year group has two assemblies per week, one with the Headteacher and one with their Head of Year.

32 Market Street

90 Market Street



Break and Lunch Time


Manchester M43 6D

Wright Robinson operates a cashless catering system. Each student has their own personal account. Students can put money onto their account at anytime. Students can also bring in their own packed lunch, we encourage healthy meals, and no fizzy drinks.

Student Voice At Wright Robinson we encourage leadership in all aspects of college life. The Student Council is strong, helping to promote the ethos of the College and plays a key role in improving the College environment. Students are encouraged to become young leaders who then work with the primary schools, developing leadership with primary children. They also work with younger students here in College organising games at lunchtime and listening to them read. Young leaders go on to apply to become prefects. The prefects help in all aspects of College life and are strong role models.

The headteacher commands the deep respect of staff and students alike. He is ably supported by a strong team of senior leaders who have a sharp focus on improving the school. Leadership has been especially successful in creating an exceptionally harmonious school culture underpinned by students’ outstanding behaviour and attitudes to learning. Ofsted 2014



Extra Curricular Activities Extra Curricular We believe that learning should not stop at the end of the College day. A full list of College clubs can be found on the next page. We offer a diverse range of extra-curricular opportunities to all our students. • Debate Mate

• Charity events: Race for Life

• Lion Heart Challenge

• School Sports Week

• Spelling Bee

• Theatre trips

• College Production

• Department Clubs

• Homework Clubs

• Sports Clubs

College Production Every year students have the opportunity to take part in the annual College production. We look at the different talents and characters of our students and select a show, which will give as many students as possible, an opportunity to show off their skills as big lead characters or small chorus roles. Students who take part in the College production show commitment, organisation and dedication during rehearsals and learning their lines at home.

Overseas Visits The History Faculty visited the First World War Battlefields and cemeteries at Ypres in Belgium whilst the PE Faculty have taken students on a skiing trip to Bormio in Italy and a football trip to Spain. In recent years the Modern Foreign Languages Faculty have visited France and Spain.

Trips & Visits


Educational visits are a wide part of the curriculum of the College, these include visits to theatres, museums and the local community.

Students appreciate the wide range of enrichment activities provided in, for example, sports and the arts. They wear their ‘Team Wright Robinson’ badges as well as those received as rewards with intense pride. Ofsted 2014

Extra Curricular Activities Kingswood Year 7 Visit All year 7 students are invited to attend an overnight residential trip with the rest of their year group. The purpose of this visit is to bring together the students, as a form and as a year group. As part of this, the students will be involved in team building skills, problem solving challenges and physical activities. It is expected that every student in Year 7 will take part in this exciting opportunity.

Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Wright Robinson College offers numerous extra curricular activities. Year 10 and 11 students have the opportunity to take part in The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. DofE tests students physical, mental and social ability. Throughout the Bronze, Silver and Gold stages, students are expected to show a level of commitment and responsibility that will ensure that they will complete the award. It is through this that we see the students grow in self confidence, maturity, and willingness to take responsibility. The Duke of Edinburgh Award is about achieving the skills, confidence and a positive attitude that employers, colleges and universities are looking for.

The College encourages students to take part in DofE. Students become fitter and healthier, they make new friends and share memories that will last a lifetime.



College Clubs Before, Lunchtime & After College Clubs Breakfast Club

Music & Drama

Girls Basketball

Arts and Crafts Club

African Drumming Club


Book Club (blogs and reviews)

College Production Rehearsals


Chess Club

Drama Club

Netball - All Years

Debate Mate

Drama Performance Group


Design & Technology Club

Drama GCSE Skills Group

Boys Rugby - All Years

English as an Additional Language Club

Guitar Club

Girls Rugby - All Years

Film, Debate & Review Club

Keyboard Club

Running Club

Homework Catchup - LRC

Swing Band Club


Inclusion Homework Support Club

Vocal Group

Street Dance

IT Club IT Club - Year 8 Girls Maths Booster Club Maths-letics Modern Foreign Languages Club Science Club SEN Inclusion ICT Club SEN Inclusion Maths Club SEN Craft Club SEN Film Club Student Newsletter Social Group Club Spelling Bee Young Entrepreneurs

Sports & Dance Athletics Cricket Badminton BMX Boccia Boys Fitness Girls Fitness Boys Basketball - All Years Break-dancing Cheer-leading Dance Group - Boys & Girls Dodge-ball Duke of Edinburgh Silver & Bronze Fitness - All Years Boys Football - All Years


Girls Football - All Years

Swimming Table Tennis Tennis Track Cycling Trampolining Volleyball Water Polo Weightlifting Beginners Weightlifting

Bus Information Wright Robinson operates a number of College bus services covering various routes: Ancoats







718 / 714







All students aged 11-16 must obtain an ‘igo’ pass to prove they are entitled to a concessionary fare on all public and school services. For more information and prices please go to:

Haughton Green/ Denton/ DaneBank 705 Wright Robinson staff travel on the College buses on the following routes: 708, 714, 718 and 768. For more information please visit our website:

They treat the school building and the outside area with exceptional levels of care and respect. Students mix and interact well in lessons and at break times in an exceptionally harmonious atmosphere of respect for others. Ofsted 2014 22

Wright Robinson College

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Wright Robinson College Prospectus  
Wright Robinson College Prospectus