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PAUL WRIGHT, PH. D Internet Services

Professional Background Dr. Paul Wright is an Environmental Geochemist with experience in wastewater and soil and groundwater assessments. Speciality areas include the determination of process impacts on the environment and effluent compliance to regulatory standards. Soil and groundwater assessments have focused on the detection of petroleum based pollutants in both matrices and the estimation of the spatial extent of contamination. Other works have included marine geochemical studies, principally coastal water and sediment quality assessments.

1997 – 1999

Technical Capabilities & Training

Dr. Wright is also involved in active geochemical research as the Project Researcher and Sample Preparation Manager at the International Centre for Environmental and Nuclear Sciences (ICENS). Research has been focused in the areas of environmental geochemistry and health, specifically distributions of heavy metals in the soils, food and people and the assessment of potential toxic effects on the population.

Sub-surface drilling and soil sampling

Volatile Organic Carbon monitoring

Trained and certified ISO 9000 Internal Auditor

Trained and certified as Powerway DM9000 Systems Administrator by Powerway© Document Control Systems in 1998

Computer proficiency in hardware configuration and maintenance; Network administration (Microsoft Windows 2000/NT environment)

Desktop publishing, productivity and groupware applications, web publishing, graphic design and image manipulation

Calibration and use of Hydrolab and Horiba© water quality multi-probes in field and laboratory environments; networking and continuous logging of data

Education Ph. D

Chemistry (Environmental) Department of Chemistry, University of the West Indies 1994-1997 & 1999-2002

B. Sc. Pure and Applied Chemistry Department of Chemistry, University of the West Indies 1990-1994

2002 – 2008

Director of Geosciences, WrightKunsult International Ltd. Associate Consultant Environmental Scientist Smith Warner International Ltd., Jamaica



Sampling of Projects 

Preparation of Environmental Monitoring Plan for the Development of a Dolphin Park in Cayman (2008)

Water quality assessment for seagrass relocation project for Palmyra Development, Rose Hall, Montego Bay, Jamaica (2006)

Water quality assessment for the LNG Plant Proposed Site of LNG Plant, Port Esquivel Jamaica (2006)

Preparation of UST Closure Plans for Shell Jamaica Fuel Stations (2004 – 2005)

Decommissioning and removal of underground storage tanks at Shell Jamaica Fuel Stations (2005)

Positions Held 2009

Quality Assurance Chemist ALCAN Jamaica (now WINDALCO)

2006 – Present

Research Fellow, ICENS, UWI, Mona

2004 – 2006

Project Researcher ICENS, UWI, Mona

2003 – 2004

Research Assistant ICENS, UWI, Mona

2002 – 2003

Research Intern/Sample Prep Manager ICENS, UWI, Mona

Kingston Harbour Project: Literature Review. Contribution to Joint Task 1 submission for the Kingston Harbour Rehabilitation (2004).

Phase 2 - Soil and groundwater assessment for the Shell Rockfort Installation.

1999 – 2001

Director of Design


Harbour View/Rockfort Sewage System status Report. Prepared for Florida Aquastore Water and Wastewater Technologies (2004).

Phase 1 – Soil and groundwater assessment of the Shell Port Bustamante and Rockfort Facilities (2003).

Monthly and Annual Reports for the Shell Wastewater Monitoring Programme (2002 – 2004).

UDC Negril Dark Sand Investigation, Conducted at Grand Lido, Negril.

organizations, private industries, and individuals. Our assessments allow clients to evaluate potential environmental risks related to subsurface and surface conditions, neighbouring properties, or site structures and the existing site materials. Services include:     

Specific Capabilities 1. Water Quality Monitoring We plan, design and implement monitoring programmes that allow facilities to measure compliance against national regulations, realise cost savings through operational changes, and identify practices that have high environmental liability. Typical environmental compliance services include:            

Facility environmental compliance auditing Hazardous waste inventory and compliance preparation Wastewater discharge permit application and monitoring plan preparation Storage tank evaluations Spill prevention control and countermeasure plan preparation Storm water Pollution Prevention Plan preparation Sensitive coastline monitoring to measure compliance with NEPA ambient water quality standards. Measurement of the effects of refuse disposal, sewage outfall and other pollutant sources on rivers and coastlines Mitigation recommendation Client-specific monitoring programmes to meet local regulatory or international accreditation bodies. Monitoring and guidance for Blue-Flag certification Environmental Monitoring/management plans

2. Phase 1/2/3 and RBCA Soil and Groundwater Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) We provide environmental site assessments (ESA) for local municipalities, agencies and

Soil and Groundwater Surveys Phase 1/2/3 Assessments RBCA Tier 1/2/3 Assessments based on the ASTM requirements for Risk Based Corrective Action (RBCA). Sub-surface VOC monitoring and mapping Forensic Geochemistry for identifying petroleum-related and other potentially hazardous environmental contaminants and for determining their sources and time of release

3. Gas Closures     



Determination of petroleum hydrocarbons in the air, soils and groundwater Desk studies of station status, history, current land use, geology and hydrogeology. Shallow and deep soil and groundwater sampling Comprehensive analytical capabilities and data interpretation Closure plan preparation, guidance and submission

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