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Student-Athlete Handbook

Dear Red Wolves, Welcome to Indiana University East and Red Wolf Nation for the 2013-2014 academic year! Once again I am excited to see so many new and returning student-athletes back on campus. You are now a member of Red Wolves Athletics, one of the most rapidly growing competitive collegiate athletic departments in the United States. Participating in intercollegiate athletics is a special privilege here at IU East. Please be aware that as a student-athlete you represent IU East and Red Wolves Athletics on campus and in the community at all times, and we know you will do so with integrity, honor, respect, sportsmanship, commitment, and class. We hold high expectations for you in academic success, athletic success, and personal conduct. As a campus we will support you in your growth as a student-athlete as long as you stay committed to “THE RED WOLF WAY.” The Red Wolf Way is an ethos, a code for success you are required to adopt and live by. This code will insist you develop habits and exhibit traits of leadership, accountability, discipline, teamwork and honesty that enhance your character and create winners. We want our athletes and teams to win conference and National championships but also be prepared to win in their future endeavors once they leave IU East. Our main priority is to see you graduate with an IU degree while striving to be the best in the NAIA. The Red Wolf Way provides you a map to aid in your role as student first and athlete second. We would not set the bar high if we didn’t believe in you. Faculty and staff at IU East are here to help you every step of the way. This Handbook provides useful information which will assist you with your academics, your character development, and your progress as a student-athlete. Read it, study it, adopt The Red Wolf Way and dare to be great! Nothing else is acceptable. We are very proud that you have chosen our “pack,” and we know you will represent us well. Best wishes to you and good luck in this new school year. I look forward to seeing you all in competition throughout the year! Sincerely,

Mark Hester Athletic Director

Springwood Hall * Suite 101 * 2325 Chester Boulevard * Richmond, IN 47374-1289 * (765) 973-8316 *

IU East Contact Information for Student Athletes Athletic Department Mark Hester Athletic Director p: 765-973-8457

Kyle Wright Assistant Athletic Director/Sports Information Director p: 765 -973-8567 c: 317-258-6903

Tyler Rigby Graf Center/Assistant Basketball/Assistant CC & Track p: 765-973-8458 c: 260-251-1054

Jessica Rice Athletic Secretary p: 765 -973-8316

Academic Support Brett Crowley Director of Student Support Services p: 765-973-8257

Kristan Kanorr Student Coach & Counselor/Exploratory Advisor p: 765 -973-8218

Coaching Staff Erksine Ratchford Head Coach- M en’s/Women’s Tennis p: 765-914-9889

Von Ebeling Head Coach – Golf/Assistant Women’s Basketball p: 765 -973-8459 c: 937-564-3425

Adam S tevenson Head Volleyball Coach p: 765-973-8476

Abigail Niekamp Assistant Volleyball Coach 765-973-8476

David S anders Assistant Basketball/Assistant CC & Track p: 317-397-4498

Courtney Hamilton Assistant Volleyball Coach 765-973-8476

Mark Hester Head Coach- M en’s Basketball p: 765-973-8316

Brett Crowley Head Coach - Cross Country & Track and Field p: 765 -973-8257 c: 765-969-3389

Tiffani S elhorst Head Coach- Women’s Basketball p: 765-973-8316

Jesse Tittle Athletic Training p: 765 -983-3000 c: 563-357-1489

Other Important Numbers Deanna Cooper Center for Health Promotion & Counseling 765-973-8216

Graf Center Front Desk 765 -973-8566

Springwood Hall * Suite 101 * 2325 Chester Boulevard * Richmond, IN 47374-1289 * (765) 973-8316 *

Indiana University East Athletic Department Mission Statement Red Wolves Athletics serves to provide a quality collegiate athletic experience to student-athletes who are committed to learning skills to enhance their academic experience, servant leadership, and equip them with the skills necessary to excel in future careers. Through competition at the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) level, student-athletes will be able to set goals for themselves and as a team both at the conference as well as the national levels. Striving to reach these goals will enable our student-athletes to develop an unmatched work-ethic and achieve recognition for their efforts.

The Red Wolf Way The Red Wolf Way is a code, an ethos to guide you to make those good choices that will assist you in becoming the best student-athlete possible. You are expected to adopt, know, and adhere to this code of conduct that covers academic and behavioral guidelines to help shape your character on and off the field. They are shared throughout this handbook.

NAIA Champions of Character Through Champions of Character, the NAIA seeks to create an environment in which every NAIA student-athlete, coach, official and spectator is committed to the true spirit of competition through five tenets: respect, integrity, responsibility, servant leadership and sportsmanship.

About this Handbook The Indiana University East Student-Athlete Handbook has been prepared for IU East student-athletes and their parents to become better acquainted with procedures and general regulations that have been established by the University, the Kentucky Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (KIAC), and the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA). Many rules apply to you, the student-athlete. The IU East Athletic Department will be happy to assist you with any questions. Never hesitate to ask questions about what policies might govern a particular action- it may impact your eligibility. Students also need to be aware of a University publication- the Code of Student Rights, Responsibilities and Conduct- that explains the rules of appropriate student behavior at Indiana University East. Head coaches may have higher standard for student-athletes than are expected of other IU East students. Make sure you are aware of these expectations and your rights and responsibilities as an IU East student. Keep this handbook to use as a reference for important information while you are a student-athlete. This handbook only contains general guidelines. Student-athletes will be held responsible for following all athletic department policies, whether provided by individual teams, specific athletics department offices, or the department as a whole.

Springwood Hall * Suite 101 * 2325 Chester Boulevard * Richmond, IN 47374-1289 * (765) 973-8316 *

ACADEMIC POLICIES Academic Support We are here to support you athletically, but more importantly academically. After all, you are a student first and an athlete second. We have compiled a few different ways in which we monitor your success as a student here at IU East and to share with you some campus resources you may find helpful to improving your academic progress. We have also included the policy for study tables and academic progress meetings. As a student-athlete it is mandatory that you attend both of these. We want nothing more than to prepare you for your future and help you obtain your IU degree in a timely manner. IU East Coordinators of the Academic Success Plan (ASP) use several tools to monitor student-athlete progress toward earning their degree: FLAGS- FLAGS is the IU electronic software to track student attendance and progress. IU East students are able to view FLAGS progress reports as well their coaches and advisors via OneStart. IU faculty is required to report student attendance and academic progress at least twice a semester, during week 3 of classes and at mid-term. All FLAGS reports are provided to Brett Crowley and Kristan Kanorr to help track your semester progress. Student-athletes are required to review the reports and use the feedback to improve their grades. Academic Progress Meetings- Student-athletes are required to meet bi-weekly with the ASP coordinators for 15-20 minutes. Freshmen and Sophomores are required to meet with Kristan Kanorr. Juniors and Seniors meet with Brett Crowley. Student-athletes should come to these meetings prepared to discuss their past and future assignments, grades received, and time management techniques to help manage their class and athletic schedules. Grade progress will be reviewed via OnCourse. Student-athletes are expected to schedule these meetings with their corresponding ASP coordinator. You are responsible for attending each meeting. Any absence from these academic progress meetings without prior communication will result in an email to the coach, and the appropriate discipline will be enforced. You are required to make up a missed meeting. Athletic Hold- Located in OneStart, on the Student Center page for each IU student, there is a list of records holds. (See image on right; “Holds� are listed on the right side of the screen). Records holds prompt a student to complete certain tasks before they may register for classes. Every Red Wolf has an athletic hold on their record. This is done to ensure student-athletes stay enrolled in a minimum 12 credit hours. Athletic holds are reset multiple times during each semester to facilitate class registration. Red Wolves student-athletes are required to check in with their coaches and the ASP coordinators before dropping any classes.

Springwood Hall * Suite 101 * 2325 Chester Boulevard * Richmond, IN 47374-1289 * (765) 973-8316 *

Red Wolf Way

Academics Advice As a part of the Red Wolf Way, we expect our student-athletes to be successful. Making sure to adhere to the following expectations will help keep you on track to keeping your grades up in order to complete your IU degree in a timely manner. * Never drop below 12 credit hours- If you feel you need to drop a class, consult Kristan or Brett and your coaches before doing so. * See your advisor and register for classes promptly- As a student-athlete, you will be scheduling around practices and maybe even a job. It is important that you register as early as possible to help get the classes you need at the most convenient times. * Make sure your financial aid is prepared in a timely fashion and direct deposit is arranged- Be sure to purchase textbooks at least 3-5 days prior to the start of the semester. Make sure they are delivered before classes start. * If you are struggling with coursework, let us know- We want to help you be the best you can be, and we can’t help you if we don’t know what is going on. Don’t be embarrassed. We are here to connect you to resources that are available to you as a student at IU East. * Do not wait until the last minute to study and/or prepare for exams and papers-Winners prepare well in advance of the big contest. You should prepare for your exams at least a week in advance of the test date. Cramming for exams will not help you. * Attend Study Tables, Academic Progress Meetings, Tutoring sessions, and any other academic meetings promptly and regularly. * Hold each other accountable to the Red Wolf Way- When you and your teammates do well academically, pat each other on the back and say good job.

Springwood Hall * Suite 101 * 2325 Chester Boulevard * Richmond, IN 47374-1289 * (765) 973-8316 *

NAIA Academic Eligibility Rules Freshman Eligibility Rule: 1. An entering freshman student must be a graduate of an accredited high school or be accepted as a regular student in good standing as defined by the enrolling institution. 2. An entering freshman student must meet two of the three entry-level requirements: a.) A minimum score of 18 on the Enhanced ACT or 860 on the SAT (Critical Reading and Math sections only) Note: The test score must be achieved at a single test sitting administered by a certified tester on a National, International, or official state assessment testing date to apply to this requirement. A test taken under any conditions other than those listed is considered by both testing agencies to be a residual test and cannot be used for certification purposes. The ACT/SAT must be taken prior to the beginning of the term in which the student initially participates. b.) An overall high school grade point average of 2.0 or higher on a 4.0 scale c.) Graduate in the top 50% of his or her high school graduating class **Students not meeting at least two of the three standards shall be denied athletics participation at a member institution for the first full year of attendance (2 semesters) that such a student is identified with any institution(s). 3. Student must be enrolled in a minimum of 12 institutional credit hours at the time of participation. 4. Student must maintain institutional identification during any term of participation. 5. Student must have passed a minimum of 9 institutional credit hours prior to identification for the second term of attendance. Only those institutional credit hours earned after identification (at any institution) may be applied toward meeting the 9 institutional credit hour rule for a second-term freshman. 6. After completion of the second semester term of attendance and from then on, a student must have accumulated a minimum of 24 institutional credit hours in the two immediately previous terms of attendance. **No more than 12 institutional credit hours earned during summers and/or during non-terms may be applied to meet the 24 institutional credit-hour requirement. Such credit must be earned after one or both of the two immediately previous terms of attendance. 7. Student must be making normal progress toward a recognized baccalaureate degree and maintain a 2.0 GPA. Springwood Hall * Suite 101 * 2325 Chester Boulevard * Richmond, IN 47374-1289 * (765) 973-8316 *

8. Upon reaching junior academic standing, a student must maintain a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of at least 2.0 on a 4.0 scale. 9. To participate the second season in a sport, all students must have accumulated at least 24 semester institutional credit hours. To participate the third season in a sport, all students must have accumulated at least 48 semester institutional credit hours. To participate the fourth season in a sport, all students must have accumulated at least 72 semester institutional credit hours, at least 48 semester hours of which must be in general education and/or in the student’s major field of study.

**Please note: If at any point an athlete becomes ineligible, there is a strong possibility he or she will not receive athletic scholarship money.

Class Attendance Attending class is not a choice. It is a requirement. If you want to participate in extracurricular activities you will have to go to class and perform well in the classroom. Missing class for a contest is excused ONLY when the proper procedures are followed. Introduce yourself to professors- During the first week of school you MUST provide your instructor a schedule (provided by your coach) of the dates during designated times when you have contests. This will give your professors designated times when you will not be in class. A professor may suggest that you do not take this class due to amount of class time you would miss. Make sure you and your instructor are on the same page. Contact professors at least 48 hours prior to leaving for any away events- Coaches are not allowed to speak to faculty regarding you or your grades. Therefore, it is on your shoulders to make arrangements for any class time you may miss. You are encouraged to send an email for documentation purposes as well as verbally communicate with your instructor. Do not miss class for practice- This is unacceptable and grounds for disciplinary action. You are responsible for making sure your class times do not conflict with your practice schedule. If you must take a class that does conflict with practice time, then you need to hold that conversation with your coach prior to registering.

Springwood Hall * Suite 101 * 2325 Chester Boulevard * Richmond, IN 47374-1289 * (765) 973-8316 *

Red Wolf Way

Classroom Expectations As part of ‘The Red Wolf Way’ you are expected to do the following regarding classroom behavior: Be on time for class. Sit in the first 3 rows of every class. Keep track of all deadlines and due dates by using a planner. Take quality notes in each class. Do not sleep in class. Turn off your cell phone and other devices while in class. NO TEXTING! No headphones! Online classroom attendance is equally required- When taking online classes, you must log in and complete online learning as instructed by the teacher of the course.

Study Tables The term “Study Table” refers to a set number of hours that student-athletes must complete each week. The number of hours is a joint decision between the athletic department, coaches, and athletic advisors. Coaches and athletic advisors address study table violations. It is up to you to determine how long you stay on study tables based off your academic performance. Freshmen: All incoming freshmen for the fall semester are required to attend study tables four (4) hours per week. If these hours are not met each week, they will be added on to the following week’s hours. If hours continue to go unmet, you can find yourself in danger of not being allowed to compete or travel until hours are made up. For the spring semesterIf GPA is 2.75 and above, student is exempt from study tables. If GPA is 2.74 and below, student is required to complete four (4) hours per week. Returning Students: Study table hours are required for those who do not make the cumulative GPA requirements. This will be assessed at the end of every semester. If GPA is 2.75 and above, student is exempt from study tables. If GPA is 2.74 and below, student is required to complete four (4) hours per week. Transfer Students: During your first semester here at IU East, you will be required to put in four (4) hours per week of study tables. After first semester, the returning student GPA requirements will apply.

Springwood Hall * Suite 101 * 2325 Chester Boulevard * Richmond, IN 47374-1289 * (765) 973-8316 *

**Please note: Athletes are required to attend study tables if requirements are not met. If you don’t complete the required hours per week, they will be added on to the following weeks. If those hours are not completed, then you face not being able to compete or travel until hours are made up. Any student-athlete who has excessive absences from classes or academic progress meetings will also be required to complete additional hours at study tables. For each missed class or meeting, student-athletes will be required to put in one additional hour of study table time. Excessive absences from classes or academic progress meetings can result in additional disciplinary action.

Methods for Completing Study Table Hours: 1. Supervised Quiet Study Sessions- Springwood Hall 101J Hours: 8:00am-5:00pm, Monday thru Friday * Sign-In: There is a log book in the front of the room. You are to write your first and last name with the time in and time out. * Only study materials should be present. Turn off cell phones and put away. No music, headphones, or disrupting paraphernalia is allowed in quiet study. Use of disrupting paraphernalia (especially phones/texting) will result in the loss of that hour. * Please turn hats backwards or take off while studying. All book bags, etc. should be off tables. * Anyone skipping class to attend study tables will lose those hours and coaches will be notified. * Do not sleep in study tables. * Each individual appearance in the study hall room must be at least 30 minutes before it will be counted toward your weekly total

ALL students must complete at least ½ of their weekly hours by using Method 1. 2. Supplemental Instruction Signature Card * Supplemental Instruction leaders will have the signature card on hand to fill out for you. They must sign them. These cards are to be turned in by you, each Friday of each week to Brett Crowley or Kristan Kanorr to receive credit for that particular week’s session.

The SI Signature Card is due each Friday between 8:00am- 4:00pm to Brett Crowley or Kristan Kanorr. If not turned in on time for that week, student will not receive credit.

Springwood Hall * Suite 101 * 2325 Chester Boulevard * Richmond, IN 47374-1289 * (765) 973-8316 *

On-Campus Resources Math & Science Center- All students enrolled in biology, chemistry, math or physics class at IU East are encouraged to use the Math & Science Center in Whitewater Hall, Room 280. All services are free to students. They are open Monday thru Thursday 10:00am-8:00pm and Fridays 11:00am-5:00pm. Writing Center- All IU East students enrolled in writing classes or classes that require writing are encouraged to use the Writing Center located in Whitewater Hall, Room 206. All services are free to students. They are open Monday thru Friday, 9:00am-7:00pm. Students may also submit their papers for review by emailing the Writing Center at Communication Center- Open to all IU East students for free. They offer informational handouts, speech outline consultations, audio recordings, confidence-building tools, digital video recording, practice space, make-up speech appointments, and online speech consultations. They are located in Tom Raper Hall, Room 215. Hours are Monday and Wednesday, 12:30pm-4:15 pm, Tuesdays from 1pm-6pm, and Thursdays from 12:30pm-6pm. You may also submit speech outlines by emailing them at Student Support Services- Assists students in adjusting to and succeeding in college by providing comprehensive academic assistance. Students do have to apply and must meet one of the following eligibility requirements: 1.) First-Generation College Student- neither parent has a four-year college degree. 2.) Low Income Student- student meets program’s low-income guidelines. 3.) Student with Disability- student has documented disability. If interested, stop in Hayes Hall 064 to pick up an application or visit their website at Academic Support Programs- Open to all IU East students who wish to improve their academic performance. Programs available include Extreme Summer Jumpstart, Supplemental Instruction, and Exam Jam. SI leaders are available for some of your classes and studies have shown that students who attend SI sessions average one full letter grade above those who do not. This office is located in Whitewater Hall, Room 110. Visit their website at University College- Provides support to first year students through one-on-one counseling, advising, career planning, workshops, and other events. Students who are new to campus this semester should make an appointment with their student coach and counselor. You will meet to discuss your educational goals and ways for our staff to assist you in achieving those goals. Located in Whitewater Hall, Room 116. Career Planning & Placement- Helps students through every stage of career development- from deciding on a major to landing a job. They help with resume building and internship placement. Also, they offer assistance to IU alumni who are making career changes or searching for meaningful employment. Located in Whitewater Hall, Room 116 or check out the Web site at

Springwood Hall * Suite 101 * 2325 Chester Boulevard * Richmond, IN 47374-1289 * (765) 973-8316 *

ATHLETIC POLICIES Participation in Team Activities The IU East Letter of Intent runs from May 15th until May 14th of the following year. By signing the Letter of Intent you have committed to participating in intercollegiate athletics for Indiana University East; therefore, attendance at all practices, contests, study halls, and any Athletic Department events are required. Not attending a required event due to working a job or any other personal matter must be cleared by your coach and put on file with the Athletic Department. In-Season: The athletic season is 24 weeks long (August 1st –May 14th). Any participation required by your coach or the Athletic Department is mandatory. Failure to participate could result in dismissal from the team. Summer: The NAIA allows for unlimited participation (including contests) by all returning players between May 15th and July 30th. Summer seasons are at the direction of the coach. If your sport has a summer season, you are required to attend all team activities. Exceptions can be made, but must be cleared by the coach and the Athletic Department.

Champions of Character ALL STUDENT-ATHLETES and COACHES WILL BE REQUIRED TO PARTICIPATE IN AT LEAST TWO C of C EVENTS PER SCHOOL YEAR! Events will be made available and assistance given for transportation through the IU East Athletic Department. Your coach will schedule at least two Champions of Character opportunities. If your coach schedules a Champions of Character event, you are required to attend unless you have a class or a legitimate conflict. For more information on C of C contact Kyle Wright. Student-Athletes who do not participate in C of C will not be eligible for post season awards and may be dismissed from the team.

Team Travel ALL Teams will follow the same rules for travel. Hotel/Regular season: based on the number of athletes traveling, no less than 3 to a room. Use 4 in a room whenever possible and always make sure the hotel has free breakfast. This will make your budget go farther. Please call around for best pricing. Post season: 2 athletes to a room is acceptable, but not required and rooming with a coach is also recommended versus getting an extra room. Food: Fast but nutritious food is acceptable for everyday travel. Exceptions can be made (celebratory) as the budget allows. Each budget is based on $7.00 per person for 2 meals on each trip (pre & post game). Coaches, speak with manager to request free meals for driver and at least 1 coach. The same budget for food during the regular season will be in effect during post season. Springwood Hall * Suite 101 * 2325 Chester Boulevard * Richmond, IN 47374-1289 * (765) 973-8316 *

Athletic Training and Insurance Red Wolves Athletic Training and medical assistance is provided by Reid Hospital Orthopedic and Sports Medicine. Jesse Tittle of Reid Hospital Orthopedic and Sports Medicine will maintain office hours in Springwood 101B on the IU East campus. Jesse’s Office Hours at IU East are: Monday-Friday: 11am to 1pm (hours subject to change) Contact Jesse at 563-357-1489 (text message preferred) if you have an athletic training need outside of regular IU East office hours Insurance cards must be on file with the Athletics Department prior to beginning any mandatory workouts. The student-athlete’s family insurance will be the primary provider with IU East picking up the remainder. Only injuries that occur while under the supervision of an IU East employee during a workout for your sport will be covered.

Springwood Hall * Suite 101 * 2325 Chester Boulevard * Richmond, IN 47374-1289 * (765) 973-8316 *

Red Wolf Way

Code of Conduct Participation in intercollegiate athletics here at Indiana University East is a privilege, not a right. It is important that you keep your reputation in check at all times because you not only represent yourself, but your team and IU East as well. This code will develop your character and shape you into a successful adult. Embrace these guidelines and your Red Wolf Experience will be positive and enlightening. Be respectful of others time- Set and keep appointments and be 15 minutes early. If you are running late, contact that person and let them know. NEVER be late to practice. Show respect to authority figures- People of authority includes your coaches, academic success advisors, professors, and so on. Good manners, politeness, and courtesy make you memorable for all the right reasons. Refrain from profanity- Inappropriate language is rude, disrespectful, unintelligent, and unprofessional. Being an athlete is like a full-time job and you wouldn’t talk to your boss that way, so leave it off the court. You are better than that. Gentleman do not wear hats indoors- Good personal hygiene, manners, neatness, and appearance counts. Even when wearing your hoodies and sweats to class, make sure you look your best. When traveling away from IU East, wear appropriate team attire that has been ironed and washed. Demonstrate good grooming habits (Men: wearing a beard, keep it trimmed). Good First Impressions matter and they happen within the first 2 seconds of meeting someone. Be friendly and cordial to all you meet- Being a student-athlete you will be well known in the community and amongst your peers on campus. Little children may look up to you, and it’s important that you set a good example. Be conscious of your media presence- When speaking with members of the media keep your comments brief and never complain in front of a reporter. Don’t do anything that would embarrass yourself, your team, your school, or your family. If you are not sure what is best to do, ask your coaches or advisors beforehand. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or voice your concerns- If you have questions or complaints, direct them to your coaches or advisors. We want to hear from you. No drama- Settle differences with teammates in a mature manner- Not addressing the issue or talking about the situation with other teammates only makes the situation worse. If needed, ask your coach or advisor to set in as a mediator to help workout the problem.

Springwood Hall * Suite 101 * 2325 Chester Boulevard * Richmond, IN 47374-1289 * (765) 973-8316 *

Have proper social media etiquette- Avoid posting photos or inappropriate status messages or wall posts that might portray you, another student, an IU East team, the IU East athletic department, or IU East negatively. Also, watch posting any personal contact information such as address, phone number, or other information. Remember the internet has zero privacy. Coaches and athletic department administrators can and may monitor these Web sites. Have good sportsmanship- Celebrate your success, but wait to do it off the court, field, etc. Do not rub it in your opponent’s face. Should we lose, lose with equal grace and dignity. You are a student-athlete, but you are still a student- Just because you are a Red Wolf student-athlete, don’t expect any special treatment from professors or your peers. Remain humble and you will earn much respect. Do not lie, cheat, or steal- We expect you to uphold your integrity. Don’t accept others that do these things. If you are aware of such issues then please inform your coach, advisor, or the athletic department right away. These behaviors will not be tolerated and will put your athletic standing in jeopardy. Have fun!- Remember to enjoy this experience. Not everyone gets to compete at the intercollegiate level, so make the most of it.

“Ability may get you to the top, but it takes character to stay there.” -John Wooden

“Leaders aren’t born, they are made. And they are made just like anything else, through hard work.” -Vince Lombardi

“Discipline yourself, so others won’t have to.” -John Wooden Springwood Hall * Suite 101 * 2325 Chester Boulevard * Richmond, IN 47374-1289 * (765) 973-8316 *

IU East Athletics Policy on Drugs and Alcohol There is no buffer from your arrest and it being in the paper. If you are arrested, we will know about it, and so will the whole community. If you are under the age of 21, drinking is illegal and you are subject to disciplinary actions from your coaches and/or the athletics department. This could mean loss of scholarship and/or being dismissed from the program. If you are over the age of 21 you are subject to the acceptable rules of society. If your drinking is public knowledge (i.e. we find out any way, including Facebook, Twitter, or MySpace posts), you will be subject to appropriate disciplinary actions from your coaches and/or the athletics department. This action could result in the loss of your scholarship and/or being dismissed from the program. Illegal drugs are illegal! If you are caught, you will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action, up to and including immediate dismissal from the IU East athletic program. In reference to alcohol and being under age…under 21 is illegal. Your privilege of participating in collegiate athletics depends on your behavior and that my privilege could be revoked if you engage in serious misconduct warranting substantial disciplinary penalty by the appropriate institutional representative, committee or agency. “Serious misconduct” means conduct sufficient gravity that if comparable conduct occurred in other departments of the institution, similar substantial disciplinary penalty could properly be imposed. “Serious misconduct” includes manifest disobedience through violation of institutional regulations or established athletic department policies and rules applicable to all student-athletes. Upon suspicion, you could be asked to submit a drug test. Refusal to submit the requested test means automatic dismissal from your team. Any felony arrest also would mean automatic dismissal from your team. If you feel you may have a problem with drugs or alcohol, please speak with your coach or the AD and help will be given. No punishment will result in your coming forward to seek help and will be completely confidential.

Springwood Hall * Suite 101 * 2325 Chester Boulevard * Richmond, IN 47374-1289 * (765) 973-8316 *

Indiana University East Student-Athlete Handbook  
Indiana University East Student-Athlete Handbook  

The Indiana University East Student-Athlete Handbook (updated Summer 2013).