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Why allow your thoughts to direct you? Direct your thoughts as the traffic cop directs the traffic. By observing and giving no meaning to any thought, one directs the traffic of the mind. **

When you give no meaning to an object you will see through the eyes of a child. **

When mind is silent, you will know and experience God, shining fourth in all its splendor. No encouragement is needed, no wanting to do good or bad arises, no beauty or ugliness exist. Nothing is needed because "ALL IS" present and perfect, in complete emptiness. In emptiness is where God dwells.

The human mind moves on feelings, the silent mind moves on nothing. **

Life is like a dance and you are the dancer dancing with life. Enjoy the dance never become uptight thinking about the dance. Only with practice will you perfect this dance. The practice is stillness of the mind, the dancer is your True Self which needs no practice, it is perfect as IS. The dance is being lost in God in deep quietude. **

You are IT! Don't let mind sell you any lie. Live IT, Be IT, See IT, and Know IT now! **

When you no longer allow mind to be the controller of your life and become the silent watcher of your thoughts, you will then taste the sweet eternal nectar of Oneness in Being. This sweet nectar quenches all thirst and heals every wound. Come all who thirst and seeks refuge, for this nectar is found within the depths of your Soul. This nectar is what all holy teachers pointed to. **

Meditation is the act of quieting the mind. In the quieting of the mind, Dhamma becomes clearer. When Dhamma is clear, one sees all things clearly, as true being true and false being false. That is Wisdom. When one sees clearly, one sees its True Nature (Buddha Nature, Shiva, Christ Consciousness, Being etc.). Discrimination, perception, sensation, or death has no sting anymore, because all is gone; there is nothing to grasp all is empty. **

You can give in to the lies of your mind and experience unhappiness, or you can stay anchored in Truth and remain happy. It is all a mental game, stay focus and play the game with a smile, rooted deep in truth. **

Only your mind can prevent you from seeing the Truth of the essence of the Real You. Abide in THAT which is not grasping any thought, in Absolute Nothingness. **

Do anything, but do not become obsessive with it. Moderation is always key. If an activity clouds ones mind and you lose touch with Reality, then one must reevaluate its decision making in choosing the activity one is carrying out. Have passion, but let not passion have you. **

Never be derailed by thoughts or feelings. Just watch as these things dance around the fire of your mind. Smile and say, "Wow, what a performance, it almost appears as if it was real. **

The mind is addicted to images, always craving to eat visual foods to satisfy that which is never satisfied. Let not images represent the reality of what you are perceiving. Look without looking, see through the eyes of the Eternal. The eyes of the Eternal gives no interpretation to anything when seeing, the mind does. The mind distorts the beauty of what IS. As the winds blow freely, and effortlessly, so does seeing through the eyes of That which holds no definitions, just Reality of what IS. **

The ego is a manifestation from the true Self, because all things come from this one Source. But as one evolves one realizes that the ego is not his or her True State of Consciousness, but a social mask, the False "I." How can one know this? By Self-inquiry, by knowing what is and what is not. *******

There is no such thing of good or bad when you abide in the Self, so their is no demonizing. The pointing out of what is not true is what leads one to evolve, to awaken from the deep sleep of the egoic mind. Through Mind one awakens Mind. ** ___________________________________________________________________________ The Art of Doing Nothing

In meditation one masters the art of "doing nothing." It is in the "doing nothing" the mind is quiet effortlessly. Sit quietly and still as a rock absorbed in total ISness. When you sit, you are just sitting nothing more and nothing less. **

The art of doing nothing, wanting nothing, pursuing nothing is the way to liberation. Then one will realize, there is no way, no liberation needed, no enlightenment to obtain. All is All, All is Now. **

With effort you enter the effortless world of Self, which will unfold many new worlds around you. The things you need are drawn to you, by an effortless magnetic pull. This is caused by the divine effortless effort of Self, when you completely abide in the selfless Sacred Heart. **

There is nothing to obtain or achieve. We first start off with effort to realize the awakened mind. Once we realize our True Nature, effort is dropped like old news. Learn to just be. **

Your mind can be busy, but you are not your mind, so eventually the traffic of thoughts will die out. You and only YOU can give it power to spin or not to spin in thoughtless mind chatter. The art of doing nothing, is no effort in trying to end your mind chatter. The more you try to quiet the mind it becomes nosier. Just by Being the silent watcher, observing the thoughts rise and fall, the tail chase will eventually stop. **

Too many wants, too many words, too many thoughts clouds the true face of Reality. The art of doing nothing, is the perfect art, that holds the key to Reality. Your mind cannot and will not ever understand it. So the mind says "go and do all these religious rituals and you will find it" and yet nothing is found. Do nothing, surrender and look within in quietude. It is the most simplest thing you can ever do, yet the hardest, when mind is President. **

One becomes intimate with God when one quiets the mind. This is called surrendering. **

There should be no motive for you to do good, and to help others. When you completely surrender to ALL THAT IS, you will see no motive, no doing good and no helping others. In total surrender, these things are done effortlessly, without you noticing it. It is like breathing, you don't think of it, you just do it. **

In the case of "complete surrender," you are surrendering all motives, all wants, all thoughts of receiving and doing. There is no wanting to surrender, it is just done. It would be the same as sleeping, when you sleep, are you thinking you want to sleep? No. You just close your eyes, and then slowly it happens, you are sleeping effortlessly. That is the same as surrender. When you sit and meditate and watch your thoughts as the Silent Witness, you know that you are not your thoughts or your motives when they arise. But if you have the thought of "I need to surrender" you will be like a dog chasing its own tail, and tire yourself out. But when you just BE STILL AND SILENT and just WATCH, you will dive into the complete ocean of bliss. **

Surrendering the false self is the same as Christ dying on the cross and then resurrecting. It is ONLY when you completely die on the cross (surrender) will you resurrect into new life, which is the Real You, God Within. In that Divine State of Christ Consciousness, you will notice everything you do is natural and effortlessly, you will be doing good even without thinking you want to do good. People around you will be blessed by your presence, by your speech, by your actions, without you noticing, it is just done through you. There will be no "WOW I just helped someone." It would be natural as walking, talking, breathing. Because the Divine Real You essence is good, love, peace, joy, happiness. When you awaken to that Natural State, you will Know ThySelf, you will know the Kingdom of God, you will know God, you will say "Let not my Will be Done, but Yours God." You will truly understand what Jesus said, "Me and the Father are ONE." **

Never exchange your LIGHT for negative dark behaviors. Remain conscious and beware of the unconscious ways that only delight in the appetite of the bodymind. The way of LIGHT is of pure compassion and total surrender to ALL THAT IS, which is your True Nature.

Wrdz of Dhamma  

A collection of sayings from the heart of Self.

Wrdz of Dhamma  

A collection of sayings from the heart of Self.