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42nd Annual National Invitational White River Canoe Race July 23-26, 2008 Come and join us in one of the most unique, challenging, and fun scouting events in the country. The National White River Canoe Race will take you down some of the most scenic country in America. The race is an adventure of over a hundred miles from the heart of the Ozark Mountains near Bull Shoals Lake to the foothills of Batesville, Arkansas. The event is more than just a race though. There are many special activities for everyone. See inside for details and race rules or visit our website at Contact Information: Host Crew 320 - Independence County, Arkansas George Latus P.O. Box 91 Sulphur Rock, AR 72579 (870) 799-3690 Email Me at

Race Director Crew 300 - Russellville, Arkansas Stephen Lynn PO Box 99 London, AR 72847 (479) 264-1112 Email Me at

Tentative Schedule Wednesday, July 23, 2008, Bull Shoals State Park, Main Pavilion 2:00 to 5:00 pm Registration and Boat Inspection 6:00 pm Spaghetti Dinner 7:30 pm Race Meeting (Team Captains and Adults/Advisors) Thursday, July 24, 2008, Bull Shoals State Park, Below Bull Shoals Dam 7:45 am Canoes at Water 8:00 am Race Begins 1st Leg, Bull Shoals Dam to Cotter, 17 miles, Crews may change paddlers 2nd Leg, Cotter to Buffalo City, Arkansas, 13.3 miles, Crews may change paddlers 3rd Leg, Buffalo City to North Fork, Arkansas,12.3 miles, End of first day, Camp at Quarry Park, Lake Norfork Dam 6:00 pm Dinner at Pavilion near Dam 7:00 pm Race Meeting Friday, July 25, 2008, Norfork, Arkansas 7:45 am Canoes at Water 8:00 am Race Begins 4th Leg, North Fork, Arkansas to Calico Rock, Arkansas, 18 miles, Crews may change paddlers 5th Leg, Calico Rock to Sylamore, Arkansas, 17 miles, End of second day, Camp at Sylamore Creek Campground 6:00 pm Cookout 7:00 am Talent Show (Scouts display their talents, plan ahead!) Saturday, July 26, 2007, Sylamore, Arkansas 8:30am Canoes at Water 8:45 am Race Begins Leg 6, Allison/Sylamore to Dam No. 3, 21 miles, Clock Out Leg 7, Dam No. 3 to Dam No. 2, 12 Miles, Clock Out Leg 8, Dam No. 2 to Batesville, 8.8 miles End of Race 3:00 pm Dinner and Awards provide by Batesville Kiwanis and Rotary (Camping is optional at Speedway RV Park)

Note: Changes to the schedule may be required due to inclement weather and water conditions.

Race Rules Eligibility Participants must be at least 14 years of age at race time and registered members of Venturing Crews, Boy Scout Troops, Varsity Teams, or Explorer Posts. Teams Each team shall consist of four to six participants. Two participants shall handle the canoe during each leg. Each team shall have a team captain who will be the team’s representative to the race meetings for communications, rule interpretations, or disciplinary actions. Participants should be in good physical shape and should be conditioned for strenuous exercise and long endurance. Participants should condition and strengthen their hands to help prevent blisters. Gloves should be considered if new to paddling. BSA Class II physical forms are required at registration. Each team (each canoe) should have a support crew. This crew is a necessity to the success of your team. The support crew has the responsibility to set up camp, cook, clean and to transport and load/unload canoes and equipment. To qualify for the race, an adult leader must accompany, by vehicle, each team during the race. This leader is responsible for transporting the team members to the paddler changeout locations during the race. This is a very important aspect of this relay type race. If crew members are not at the designated changeout locations when the canoe team arrives, the team must either continue on with the race or wait for the crew members to arrive. This will cause added time which may affect your placing in the race. Co-ed units must have male and female leaders in accordance with BSA policies. Two-deep leadership must be observed. No coaching of crews by advisors or adults from boats is permitted. Safety personnel and event judges observing the race may disqualify a team for improper conduct. A unit may enter as many racing teams as desired, but they must have an advisor or adult for each team. All entries must be registered. Gear All canoes are subject to United States Canoe Association specifications except as noted in the Racing Divisions. More information can be found at the canoe used at the start of the race must be used during the entire race, unless it is damaged during the race. If it is damaged, the Team Captain must check with a race official for qualification of a replacement canoe. Each canoe will be assigned a number upon registration and inspection. The number will be placed on the bow of the canoe below the gunwale. Hand bailers are allowed, but bilge pumps are not allowed. Automatic bailers are allowed in Cruising Classes only. Any type of single blade paddle including bent shaft and

curved blades will be allowed in all classes. No participant may use more than one paddle at any one time during the race. Each team should have an extra paddle in the canoe during the race. Each team member must wear a shirt, pants, shoes, and a Coast Guard approved life vest at all times while on the water. Shirts must have sleeves to prevent chaffing from the life vest. Shoes must have uppers. No sandals or flip-flops are allowed while on the water. Life vests must be worn as they were intended with all snaps, straps, and zippers secured. Teams will be required to have one liter of water in the boat and one whistle per racer. Infractions Race observers including advisors, adults, parents, and other racers may report rule infractions to the race officials. Decisions and rulings will be made by the race officials and will be administered in accordance with the rules of the contest and common standards of sportsmanship. Time penalties may be assessed for infractions. Fees Registration is $30 per racer and advisor if registered by mail or online before July 1, 2008. This fee includes the race entry fee, four evening meals, camping, and a T-shirt. Registration is $35 per racer and advisor at Bull Shoals Park on Wednesday. Parents, adults, race observers and guests may pay the entry fee and receive the four evening meals, but the camping is free for all. Note that camping for the scouts is in areas of the parks that may or may not have electrical hookups. If you require electrical hookups, you must make your own reservations at the campgrounds. Water, restrooms, and showers are available at all the parks. Racing Divisions A. Girl’s Aluminum-The design shall be equal to a Grumman or Alumacraft design and not of a cruising design (i.e. Beaver Canoe). Canoes: Aluminum only; shall not exceed 17 ft 2 inches in length; no hull or keel modifications. Novice may be declared in this class. See below. B. Co-ed Aluminum-Canoes: Same as Girl’s aluminum except that one girl must be in the canoe at all times. Novice may be declared in this class. See below. C. Boy’s Aluminum-Canoes: Same as Girl’s and Co-ed aluminum. Novice may be declared in this class. See below. D. Girl’s Cruising-Canoes: USCA Specifications; Sawyer, Jensen, Diller, etc. Beaver Canoes may be used in this class. No “Pro” boats are allowed. E. Co-ed Cruising-Canoes: Same as Girl’s Cruising except that one girl must be in the canoe at all times. F. Open Cruising-Canoes: Same as Girl’s Cruising except that both male and female team members may race together in any combination. This is the most competitive class in the race.

G. Old Timer’s Cruising-Canoes: USCA Specifications; Sawyer, Jensen, Diller, etc. Beaver Canoes may be used in this class. “Pro” boats are allowed. This class is open to anyone associated with the race including ex-scouts, advisors, family members, etc. This class will race the first two days only. Advance Teams Teams have participated in the White River Canoe Race receiving award (3 rd place or higher) in any division in the past two years can enter as Advance teams in the Girl’s Aluminum, Boy’s Aluminum and Co-ed Aluminum divisions. “Teams” means that all members of the team have placed (3 rd or higher) in their previous division in the last two years. This is the most completive class of the race. Open Cruising teams are automatically placed in this class. Teams must declare their Advance status at registration. Novice Teams Teams participating for the first time in the White River Canoe Race or teams which have not placed (3rd place or higher) in any division in the past two years can enter as Novice teams in the Girl’s Aluminum, Boy’s Aluminum and Co-ed Aluminum divisions. “Teams” means that no member of the team has placed in any division in the last two years. Novice teams are encouraged to do their best as they will be racing with teams in one of the three above divisions. Teams must declare their Novice status at registration. Beginning Teams Teams may enter the Beginning Class of Girl’s Aluminum, Boy’s Aluminum, and Co-ed Aluminum provided no member of the team has ever raced competitively in any canoe race. Beginning teams will race only the first, second, fourth, sixth, and eighth leg of the race. This division may be suitable for younger team members. Teams must declare their Beginning status at registration. Awards The National Championship Rotating Trophy will be awarded to the team with the shortest accumulative elapsed time for the race. Each member of teams placing 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in all divisions including Novice and Beginning will receive an award. The Sportsmanship Rotating Trophy will be awarded to the team voted best by all participants in the race. Special Activities The National White River Canoe Race is more than just a race. There are many special activities for everyone. Many of the adults and advisors at the race participated in the race themselves during its 40 year history. It is a truly unique event. Participants are encouraged to enter the talent show on Friday night.

Talents in the past have included singing, poetry, comedy acts, musical instruments, karate demonstrations, and other “things”. Swimming is available Thursday at Lake North Fork and Friday at Sylamore Creek campground. Excellent trout fishing is available in the leisure hours after racing on the first two days. Many take the opportunity on Friday afternoon to visit Blanchard Caverns near Sylamore, one of the largest cave complexes in the nation.

Safety First! All BSA requirements for the Guide to Safe Scouting, including Safe Swim Defense/Safety Afloat must be observed. Swimming in the 50 degree water of the White River is strongly discouraged. Swimming is prohibited immediately above and below any dam. Observers should exercise caution in walking around the locks and dams which have not been adequately maintained. Each unit should keep a copy of the guide to Safe Scouting and observe all provisions. BSA policy prohibits anyone from riding in the rear of a pickup truck at any time or otherwise riding in any vehicle without wearing a seat belt. Safety boats will be provided by the race officials to follow the scouts down the river and to render any assistance if needed. Medically qualified personnel will be available during the race. Scouts should pay particular attention to keeping themselves hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Sun screen is also recommended. FORMS Pre-Registration - is a very important part of this race. With the pre-registration in place, race officials are able to support the amount of people with meal, and other information. Pre-registration also helps with the about of conjection at Bull Shoal during check-in. We have two different ways to pre-register, Online and mail in. Online Pre-Registration – this is not required if you plan to use the mail in method. Release Form – this form is (NEW) this year. This just gives us rights to use photos of you and public information about you on the website. This goes hand and hand with the online policy. Were we can not use your full name and other personal information. National Tour Permit Local Tour Permit Medical Form (Class 1-3) – you can use any of these forms we do not require a specific one.

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