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Ashley's Roadster Celebration. Darcy's dilemma. Ron's respray. Where is Andy's AJC (or YXG?). Mark's tour to John O Groats by Gazelle. A Vogue can tow a Mosquito. ANC lives! Kop Hill report. 11 more Vogues now on UK roads than in 2016. The Bill Quinn story. 36 new club members! Singers at Claybournes. Allens of Bristol's Van. Nevil's Vogue in Malta. Linda is still on the move and sad goodbyes to John Gray & MichaelStarnes... all of this & lots, lots more... inside this zl8 page New Year issue....

A fine group of five jolly ladies celebrate @ years of the Singer Roadster, in Rob McEfuannay's 1919 example of a 9 Roadster

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