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Innovative fabric gift-wrap, makes beautifully wrapped gifts effortless

WHAT IS WRAG WRAP? Made from fabric, Wrag Wraps have been carefully created to make a beautifully wrapped gift incredibly easy to achieve, again and again. Each wrap has been designed to bring the kind of style and elegance to your gift that many of us wish for, but so often don’t have the time or the patience to create. The Wrag Wrap range has been developed to enable you to wrap any shape or size of gift in seconds.

WHY USE FABRIC, NOT PAPER? Giving a gift doesn’t just end with the giving. Unfortunately, it usually ends with waste... You see, the life of wrapping paper is short lived, it all too often comes to a swift end and is ultimately condemned to landfill. A Wrag Wrap on the other hand, can be used again and again, reducing waste every time it is re-used.

Make gift wrapping a pleasure rather than a chore.

HOW DOES IT WORK? With no need for scissors, tape, or message tags, when you use one of our wraps you will wonder how you ever managed with paper. Each Wrag Wrap is a self contained wrapping system and comes complete with: Integral fastening cord and button. Re-usable gift tag pouch. Swing tag incorporating a message card, wrapping instructions and size guide. A hook ready for hanging or stacking (retail use). WRAPPING WITH THE CRACKLE WRAP*

*For awkward shapes try the STRETCH WRAP. Also available are the GIFT BAG and BOTTLE BAG.

Create a nostalgic family tradition

THE NEW WRAPPING ETIQUETTE It’s wonderful that your wrap will be used over and over, to wrap many gifts. But this begs the question, who keeps the wrap when its been opened? We believe, as a Wrag Wrap holds its value, that there are three approaches: Firstly, whoever receives your gift will be able to re-use the Wrag Wrap, making the wrap a meaningful part of the gift. Before long, you too will receive a gift wrapped in a lovely fabric wrap. Alternatively, when you give your gift, it’s actually ok to accept the wrap back, just like the etiquette of taking back your dish when you bring food to a dinner party. Then there is the repeated exchanging of a Wrag Wrap among family and friends. Passing wraps between you is perfect for building on the nostalgia of family occasions such as Christmas, or to strengthen bonds between friends.

Available in a variety of sizes

ABOUT US Wrag Wrap is a product design and manufacturing business operating in the rolling hills of South Devon. We are driven by sound ethics alongside sustainability, and are inspired by beautiful design. All Wrag Wraps are made using recycled materials from fully traceable certified sources.

‘Brilliant, genious gem of a wheeze.’ CHRIS EVANS- BREAKFAST SHOW

‘This is quite brilliant’ - created by two women who were sick of seeing sacks full of non-recyclable gift-wrap after every Christmas.’ THE TELEGRAPH

‘Rather than buy paper this year, why not invest in Wrag Wrap.’ VOGUE

‘The material is even designed to make that proper paper crackling sound to please the traditionalists.’ Voted in Top10 Best Wrapping Paper THE INDEPENDENT

Not just gift-wrap it’s a gift in itself

WHY WRAG WRAP? Ingeniously designed to make gift wrapping effortless, no more fiddling with scissors, tape or torn paper. Flexible and versatile to tackle those awkward shapes. Brings real elegance and beauty to every gift with stunning prints and vibrant colours. Can be used again and again, so reducing the amount of paper waste going to landfill. THE WRAG WRAP RANGE:





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An intro to Wrag Wrap  

Discover the world of beautiful fabric gift wrap

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