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The Western Pennsylvania School for the Deaf

Class Motto c;/f 9ood b£9innin9 f£ad1- to a 9ood EndLn9.

Class Color

Class Flower

!B[U£ and § ofd


Miss Elizabeth Key W ith g r eat pride w e dedica te th e n in et e e n hundre d fifty-sev en g r a dua tion issu e of our y ea r b o o k to Miss E lizabeth Key w ho h as tau ght a nd dir ect e d our g irls in cr afts and ha ndwork for man y years. She is n ow retiring w it h the 19 5 7 class. S h e has a lw a y s b een a pal to the gir ls a nd has ta u g ht them m a ny thin gs tha t w e r e no t inclu d ed in cla ssro om a ctiv ities. Every y ear sh e has en tertain e d th e sen ior girls in h e r h o m e b y giving a fo r mal dinner p a rty fo r th em. S h e h as b ee n a n in sp ir a ti on for a ny one w h o h as h a d th e privilege o f knowing h er. W e want to tha nk h e r now for a ll sh e h as m eant to u s and done fo r u s throu g h t h e y ears a s a leade r and teach er in o ur school. May th e y e ars a h ead be full of h a p p iness for h er !

To the Graduating C lass of 1 9 57: The young men and women of the C lass of 19 5 7 have a lot to look forward to as they g raduate a nd leave th is school for the last time. There are many wonderful opportunities ahead a nd we expec t all of you to do very well. Your preparation has been thorough <;~. nd your ideals are hig h. As you go out into the world we will watch your progress with interest and w ill certainly take pleasure in your successes. Never -the-less those of us left behind will m iss you. Sincerely, Sam B. Craig

To th e Graduation Class: The day of g raduati o n is a step forward fo r you. We hope t h a t you will continue to grow a nd that the l essons y ou have learn ed, throug h your years in school. may serve you well. May you lo n g r emember those who have inspired and g uided you. It is our h ope that the futur e will be filled with many blessi n gs for you. Sincerely, C hri stopher G. Smith

To the m e mbers of Graduating C lass: It has been a pleasure to work with the Class o f 195 7. I respect the effort whic h has l ed to your present achievement. I am h appy to join all of your friend s in sincere wis hes for h appiness and s uccess in the future. Sincerely, M arian A . Quick

M rs. Esther B a rr


J. O scar


Mrs. L essie L. C h amberla in

Mrs. M argaret Sta n ton , Geogra phy, Biolo gy and H y gie n e

M r. Berna rd T e itelb a um , Science and A rithm etic

M r . Milford H olliday, H istory a nd Civ ics

~.!rs. Lill i:: Edge, Reading and L iterat ure

Mrs. Mary McCanne, English and A lgebra

Mrs. R u th Ludovico, General Subj ects

Mr. Harvey Barnes, General Subjec ts

Mr. John Stanton, Woodwork

Miss Elizabeth Key, Crafts

Mr. James Mackin, Painting

Mrs. Zita Conway, Clothing

Mrs. Florence Lawler, Foods

Mrs. Margaret O ckay, Art

Mr. Wesley Dickson, Printing

Front row, left ro right:-Kenneth DeLong, Eleanor Curi1all. Mic:1ael D x rell, Marilyn J ezerski and George D 'Amore. Back row, left to right:- Miss Bernardette Gallagher, Paul Knetzer, Mr. Harvey Barnes and Deanna Miceli.

President Vice-Pres ident Secretary Treasury Corresponding Secretary

Michae l Dorrell Georg e D' Amore Marilyn


Kenneth DeLong Eleanor C uts h all

Sergeant-at arms .. ..

Denna Miceli and Paul Knetzer


Miss Gallagher and Mr. Barnes

-\ "jANET" JANET BLANK Sharon, Pennsylvania Charterer brunecce gal - loves co si ng, listen to rad io and wacch T.V. - calks all the rime - Read movie magazines - Pet expression: " You should know better" Member of Read ing C1ub and May Queen Court - Senior Scour Ambition: T o go co - Monitor Bt:siness College.

d rHYLLTS ROSE CONTI " P HYLLIS" ,, Ellwood , Pennsylva nia ... V~ry shy loves to read romant ic books - dreams of D on - per expression: " D on't worry" and "I don't care" - Member of Read ing Club and M w Queen Court - first class Scour Ambition: To be a successful housewife. 'TONI " ELEANOR V. CUTSHALL Saltillo, Pennsylvania Short and slender. also blushful love~ co calk about space and myste ryPer expression: "None of yot>r bLJsine.-s" - T reasurer of Reading Club Corresponding Secretary of Class '5'1 First Class Scouc May Queen cou rt - Ambition: To be a secretary and typist.

" CONNIE" CONNIE D AVIS Clearfield, Pennsylvan ia Quiet girl w irh Plati num b londe hair - loves co work and read - always sm iles - Per expression : " J don't care路路 - Member of Read ing Club - Ambition: Undecided.

"GEORGE" GEORGE P. D' AMORE Erie, Pennsylvania Tall good looking with near appearance has his heart set for Dorothy love~ to dream o f owning a convertible and golf field - Per expression : " Please cell me how" - Member of Read ing Club - Vice President of Class '57 Member of basketball a nd soccer reams - Arrow Scout - Ambition: To be a printer.

" KENNY" KENNETH E. DelONG Ebensburg, Pennsylvania Tall handsome curly haired boy love' to talk and show off - likes to tease the girls - Pet expression: "Come on fight!" -Member of basketball and soccer teams - Treasurer of Reading Club and Class of '57 Explorer Scout Ambition : To attend Gallaudet College.

" MIKE" MICHAEL DORRELL Edgewood , Pennsylvania Tall slender blonde, friendly boy likes w tease the g:rls -All Star thrice in basketball at E.S.D.A.A. - Pet expression: "So what!" - President of Class '57 - Member of Reading Club - Eagle Scout - Ambition: To attend G~ll~uder College. "NORMIE" NORMA ]. DePAOlO Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Tall dark and lovable Fast idious about her hair - talks all the rime - likes to travel - Pet expression: "I don't care" - Member of Reading Club and May Queen Court First Class Scout-Ambition: To be a m odel in New York City.

" ]OHNN'-路" J OH N FITZPATRICK Erie, Pennsylvania Tall serious blonde - loves to read the Bible - likes to tell stories of histo!)' Pet expression: "I don't bekive Member of Reading Club - bowling squad Boy Scout T roop 24 Ambition : To be a farmer.


"D'RAE" D 'RAE GALES West Lisenring , Pennsylvania Beautiful blonde - loves to work loves to help somebody - laughs easily - Pet expression: "Why" and "Because路路 - Member of Reading Club- Monitor - First Class Scout - Ambition : To be a helper in a hospital.

DONALD H EARN "D ONNI E" Smithfield, 'Pennsylvania Shy buc well m annered gentleman laughs easily - likes to bowl - willing worker - Pet expression : "Stop be ing silly" - Monitor - member of Reading Club - Boy Scout - Ambition: Undecided.

" BARRY" BARRON GULAK Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Chubby little fellow - g iggles all the rime - Likes hismry, Math, and reading - also Iikes baseball and soccer - Pet expression: "Okay" and " J :tm sorry" - Vice President of Reading Club - Editor in chief of Class '5 7 year book - Member of Soccer team - Eagle Scour - Ambition: To artend Gallaudec College.

''DOLLY'' 1-dARI LYN D . JEZERSKI Paris, Pennsylvan ia Magnetic and attractive brunette popular with girls and boys - loves to read and cell jokes - May Queen 195 7 - D ay dream of Joey - Pee expression : "Think" - Secretary of class T l - President of the R eading Club -- A m onitor - leader of cheerleaders - Girl Scouc (curved bar ) - Ambition : To attend Gallaudec College.

" BIG PAUL" PAUL K NETZER Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Tall lean guy All star basketball - likes ro be humorous - also teases the g irls - Pee expression : "Tsk, tsk! .. Member of the Reading Club - basketball and soccer player - Monitor - Explorer Scout - Ambition: To be a good printer. ]0 ANN LEBDA

"]0 ANNE" Blairsville, Pennsylvania Popular blonde - loves to travel likes to get boy's attention - laughs easily - Pet expression: "What" Vice President of Reading C lub May Queen of '56' - First Class Scour - Co-editor of Class '57 year book Ambition to be a designer or a sewing machine operator.

"SISSY" ELSIE McCUE Braddock, Pennsylvania Pet ite girl likes co flirt Elvis Presley fan - D ay dreams - Pet expression: "I don't care'' and "I am •10t werricd" - Member of Reading Club - first Class Scout - Ambition: To be a sew ing machine operator.

.,;./ D EANNA MICELI "DE<\NN A" Brockway, Pennsylvania Slty g irl with cute dimples loves co tease the g irls - willing co do the Pet expression: work for reachers "! am nor funnv " - Member of R~a:l­ ing Club - Fi ist Class Scout - Ambition: To go ro Business College. "GARY" GARY P ARSONS H ollidaysburg, Pennsylvania Tall and quiet boy - W illing co help anyone - loves co work on the grounds oi our school - Has both eyes for Nora - Pet expression : "See" and "W ell"Member of Reading Club - Explorer Scour - Monitor - Part rime supervisor Ambition: To be a primer.

" B UCKlE" ALLEN PHILLIPS Sheffield, Pennsylvania

Dark and handsome Beau Brummell Teases the girls - Likes to sing and watch T.V. - Teller of Tall Tales Likes to go hunting - Pet express ion: "Aw shut up" and "Go away" - President of Reading Club - Member of basketball and soccer teams - Explorer Scour - Ambition: T o be a mechanic. "NORMIE" KORMA ]. PHILLIPS Waynesburg, Penn~ylvania Friendly attractive g irl - a great talker - devoted to her family - loves to sew a nd cook - Per expression: "W::,at' do you think so!" - Member of Readi n~ Club- Junior Varsity Cheerleaders Second Class Scout - Ambition : T o be a sewing machine operator.

FIH MAN RITCHEY "FERMAN" Six M ilc Run, Pennsylvania Qt:iet you ng man - blushes easily doesn't mind anyone teasing him l0ves to talk about jobs and motor vehicles - Per expression : "Na" and "You are crazy"- Boy Scour Troop 24 - Member of Reading Club - bowling squad Ambition: Undecided DARBARA SER VIDEO " BABs" .Johnsonburg, Pennsylvania Our s'1y brune rte with dreamy black eyes - L>ves co charter with Norma Ph illios ·- L'ke;; ro make many frie nds - Pet expression ··r don't believe you." i\Jember of Reading Club- First Class Scout - Ambition: T o be a Secretary. RALPH SIPES "RALPH" Kittanning . Pennsylvania Quiet guy but loves co tease girls Loves to work on the farm - Likes any spores - Per expression: "What for" and " Silly" A member of soccer team bowling squad Explorer Scom Ambition: T o be a good farmer.

VIRGINIA TORRANCE "VIRGINIA" Sharpsv ille, Pennsylvania Tail, slender brunette - g iggles easily - loves all sports likes co make frie nds Pet expression: "I don't know" - Member of Reading Club May Queen Court - First Class Scout - Junior Varsiry Cheerleader - Ambition : T o be a model.

PATRICK A. THOM AS "PATTY" Ne w Kensingron, Pennsylvania Chubby with li,ght hair loves to dance and sing always dreaming about the future-Pee expression: "No" and "I don't like that" - Member of Reading Club - May Queen CoL•rt Varsity Cheerleader - First Clas; Scoct - Ambition : To go to Busincs;; College.

The Class of 195 7 of the Western Pensylvania School for the Deaf presents some of the events encountered along the devious road to graduation. Fourteen girls and eleven boys make up this graduation class. Twentyone of the class began their education in the Primary Department of this school and the other five joined us from other schools at various times. George D' A more and John Fitzpatrick came from the Erie Oral School, Michael Dorrell hailed from DePaul Institute. From a Parochial School in Johnsonburg, Pennsylvania came Barbara Servideo, Donald Hearn from Smithfield, Pennsylvania became a classmate in 1949. Basketball games between W.P.S.D. girls and other High School teams was the first time in the history of our school that our girls played outside teams. They won a great victory over Edgewood High School girls 32 -28 in the first game. The most valuable player was Virginia Torrance who scored 24 points. Other important players were Marilyn jezerski and Deanna Miceli, our classmates. In 1954, the Junior Varsity Basketball Team won the championship at the Braddock Salvation Army Tournament. The players from the class of I 9 5 7 were Paul Knetzer, Allen Phillips, and Michael Dorrell. Michael and Paul are also vetera ns of four E .S.D.A.A. Tournaments since 19 54. Michael Dorrell, Paul Knetzer, Allen Phillips, Kenneth DeLong, and George D' Amore have done outstanding work for their school on the basketball floor. Michael Dorrell was chosen as one of the All-Star players for three successive years at the Eastern Schools for the Deaf Athletic Association Tournaments. Paul Knetzer was on the Second All- Star T earn for 19 57. The Eagle S cout Award, the highest honor in Scouting was given to Michael Dorrell and Barron Gulak in june 1956. Ano ther of our graduates Marilyn J ezerski is the present captain of the cheerleaders as well as the 19 57 May Queen. In addition Marilyn received the American Leg ion Award last June for her leadership qualities. She will also receive the C urved Bar Award, the highest Girl Scout honor, during the graduating ceremonies. Eleanor Cutshall, Janet Blank, Virginia Torrance and Phyllis Conti are m embers of the May Queen's Court this year. Patty Thomas has been a member of that court for three successive years. ]o Ann Lebda was the May Queen in 1956. This is just a short history of our class. The years were full of activities and exciting experiences fr om our first day in school.

In the spring of 1977 , twenty years after my graduation, from W.P.S.D. I took a long vacation and visited some of my old friends. While in Pittsburg h I visited my old school. I was pleasantly surprised to meet Barba ra Servideo and her husband, Ferman Ritch ey. They have a fine fami ly of six children. We all went to Kennywood Park. There we met George D' Amore, sitting on a bench near the swimming pool. w a iting for his secretary, Phyllis Conti. We coaxed him to come along with u s but he refused. Finally Phy llis came out of the pool. and we had a brief talk with her. After our trip to K ennywood Park, I got aboard a streamlined train for Ca lifornia. It was very comfortable. In the dining car I met Marilyn J ezerski. She was g oing to Colorado to meet her husband. We talked a long time and the hours passed swiftly. A few hours later, so meone shook me durin g a sh ort na p and there was Connie Davis. We, too, had a long conversation and tried to ca tch up on the events of the last twe nty years. I arrived in San Fra ncisco and spen t a few days there. One nigh t I went out to a big dance, and t here I met Patty Thomas with h er h usband, Donald Hearn. They are really a very fine coup !e. We enjoyed our evening together very much. The next morning I t ook an airplane s traight for Los Angeles. I went to the Phoenix Insurance Compa n y to talk over some business. When I went into the office, Eleanor Cutshall gree ted me. She is a secretary a t th e company. She asked me to return the re and work with her after my vacation. She was married and has three fin e dau g hters. She took me through th e huge building and told m ; a ll the interestin g things about L os A ngeles a nd Hollywood. When I left th e Phoenix Insuran ce Company I d ecided to get some pretty roses for Eleanor and in the flower shop I saw Paul Kne tzer. H e was th e owner of the shop. He didn't know me at first. When I told him who I was he was anxious to know all about the other people in our class. The next day, I left for Washington, D. C. When I arrived there I went to Gallaudet College to see two of my old classmates. One of them, Mich ael Dorrell became the President of the Coll ege a nd Kenneth DeLong, h ead of the Mathmetics Departm ent. When I saw Kenneth he was at his desk smoking a big cigar. Michael was very busy che cking the work in th e office. They both were glad to see m e . We spent an h our talking about our past sch ool days at W.P.S .D. From Washing ton I went to New York C ity to see JoA nn Lebda and N orma DePaolo. They were models at Sax Fifth Avenue. I entered the store but they did not know me at first. They were surprised to see me. We went to the Waldorf Astoria Hotel for luncheon , and we h a d a very h appy time recalling old friends. From New York I flew t o Miami to enjoy the sunshine. I was lying on the beach, when Virginia Torrance, an d h e r husband Allen Phillips, came along. Virginia knew who I w as and threw sand on me. They h ave a fin e hunting lodge in the forest near Allen's h ome. While in Miami I met Denna Mice li a nd D'Rae Gales. They were w orkin g at a dress shop on Miami Beach. I left Florida by train and went to New Orleans to attend Elsie McCue's a nd Gary Parsons' wedding. When I returne d h o m e I r eceived an inv itation to visit John Fitzpatrick's dairy farm near Erie. I was h appy to see John and his w ife, Janet Blank. again. They have a beautiful farm h ome and wer e very h appy with t h eir two boys who are now ready for college. His two helpers, Barron Gulak a n d Ralph Sipes were doing a fine job on the farm. Barron was mana ger and Ralph was in c harge of the dairy b arn. After a nice visit, I returned home and p ondered over all the nice things that h a d h appened to the class o f '57.

The class of 195 7, being of sound and disposing mind and memory, do hereby make a nd publish this our last will and testament. To the school, we present a sum of money for the Sundial. To Dr. Sam B. Craig, our Superintendent, friend, and benefactor, we wish to express our gratitude for his devotion, kindness, and guidance. To Mrs. Craig, our sincere thanks for having made our school so much more attractiv e and a more pleasant place in which t o live and learn. To the principals, Miss Quick and Mr. Smith, teachers, and vocational instructors, we give our s inceres t gratitude. They are dedicated leaders who have done their best to help us duringour school life. To Mrs. Barr and the household staff, we want to give thanks for supplying us with proper healthful food and for helping us with the Senior parties by giving us delicious refreshments. To Dr. Ebe, Dr. Laughlin, and Miss Rung who have cared for our health and teeth during our school life, we are truly thankful. To Mrs. Chamberlain, Mr. Barr and our Supervisors, we are grateful for helping us with everything outside of school and guiding us carefully along the way. To Margaret McCorkle, Phyllis Conti leaves her love of writing letters to her boy friend. To Irene Powaski, Patricia Thomas leaves her love to dance. To Donna Stitt, Elsie McCue leaves her ability of talking and flirting with the boys. To Sarah A dams, Virginia To rrance bequeaths her love of sports. To Carol Daberko, D' Rae Gales leaves her desire to sleep, sleep, sleep. To Carrie Grove, Eleanor Cutshall bequeaths her ability in art. To Dolores Brandt, Joan Lebda leaves her habit of biting her nails. To Shirley Deuel, Barbara Servideo leaves her ability to tell the girls stories about their past. To Verla Gum, Janet Blank l eaves her fondness for the boys. To Nancy James, Marilyn J ezerski bequeaths her study habits. To Sandra McCulla, Connie Davis leaves her ability to work hard at everything. To Jeanne Voigt, Norma Phillips wills her gift of gab. Betty Campbell inherits from Deanna Miceli her shyness with the boys. To Nancy Conte, Norma DePaolo bequeaths her worrying about the neatness of her hair. To Demotrias Cordis, Allen Phillips leaves his love to hunt with bow and arrow. To R egis Dunn, Paul Knetze1路 wills his jokes and laughter. To George Dunmire, Gary Parsons leaves his know how with the movie projector. To Jay Swartzentruver, Ferman Ritchey leaves his love of food. To Charles Weaver, Barron Gulak bequeaths his quiet attitude. To C harles Hiney, George D' Amore leaves his unbelievable stories. To Gary A very, Michael Dorrell wills his interset in basketball and soccer. To Donald Cross, Kenneth DeLong gives his love of writing sport news. To Richard Friend, John Fitzpatrick bequeaths his love of history. To George Connors, Donald Hearn leaves his smiling countenance and his kind treatment of the girls. To Joe Lonetti, Ralph Sipes leaves his love of farming and interest in Indian arrows.




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Lefr co right. from row :-Kenneth Delong, Marilyn Jezerski, JoAnn Lebda, Eleanor Cutshall, Patry T homas, Barron Gulak, Second row :-John Fitzpatrick, Denna M iceli, Ralp h Sipes, Norma Phill ips, George D'Amore. Back row :-Michael D orrell and Allen Phillips.

Editor in C hief ......

Barron G ula k

C o-Edi tor .

. . JoAn n Lebd a


..... JoAnn L ebda

C lass R oster

Ma rily n J ezerski

C lass History

J oh n Fitzpatrick

C lass Pro p h ecy .... .. . C lass L egacy .. .... . C l ass A ctiv ities . . . . . . Athletics C lass Artist

.. .. Norma P hillips P a tty T h om as D enna Miceli and G eorge D ' A more Michael Dorrell a n d K e n n e th D eL on g Eleanor C u tsh a ll a n d A llen P hillio ,;;

T h e Senior P lay

The Senior Basketball Game "Boys" vs "Girls"

"Truth or Con sequences"

"Beat the C l ock"

The basketball team had a new coach this year - Mr. Richard Jones. He taught us new p l ays and shots but one of the most important things we learned was the value of constant practice. With only two experienc ed players; our I 5 wins and 6 losses were a tribute t o his fine coaching and good judgement. He inspired in us the team work, f1ightin g spirit and sportsmanship that carried us to 4 t h place in the E.S. D.A.A. Tournament.

The W.P.S.D. Lions, fo ught man y toug h games this year. What t hey lacked was experienced man power; they m a de up with fighting spirit and teamwork. Their record this year was I 5 wins against 6 setbacks. In the 25th Annual Eastern Schools f or the D eaf A thletic Association T ourname nt held at the W hi te Pla;ns New York School for the Deaf, they finished in fourth place. Mike Dor:路eJ and Paul Knetzer won places on the All-Star teams. Five players will graduate this y ear and they are George D'Amore, Kenn eth DeL o n g, Mike Dorrell, Paul Knetzer and Allen Phillips.

W.P.;).D . W.P .S.D. W.P.S.D. W.P.S.D. W.P.S.D. "\\? .P.S.D. W.P.S D. W.P.S.D. W.P.S.D . -..r1 .P.S.D . W.P.S.D.

SOCCER RECORD 0 Shady Side 1 Washington Trade 3 Pitt Freshmen 1 Connelley Trade 1 Slippery Rock 2 Washington Trade 2 Connelley Trade 1 Shady Side 0 Kiski Pitt Freshmen Kiski

4 1 3 1 2 0 1 2 1

3 2

W.P.S.D. W .P.S.D . \X'-P.S.D. W .P.S.D . W.P.S.D . \Y.P.S.D. \\' .P.S.D. W.P.S.D . W.P.S.D. W.P.S.D .

39 60 71 56 68 69 56 81 52 72 for W.P.S.D. 55

BASKETBALL RECORD 42 \'V.P.S.D. 64 Ohio School for Etna the Deaf Verona 33 Verona 60 W.P.S.D. 74 Export Fifth Avenue 62 W.P.S.D. 63 South Ave Meth. Millvale 54 W.P.S.D. 62 St. Michael Wash. Voc. 57 W.P.S.D. 33 Shady Side Alumni 49 W .PS D . 73 Freddie's Club Kiski 60 W.P .S.D. 49 Etna E. S. D. A. A. TOURNEY Shady Side 53 W.P.S.D. 64 New Jersey W . Virginia School the Deaf 84 W.P.S.D. 61 St. Mary Kiski 35 W.P.S.D. 74 Wesc Virginia

49 53 31 35 31 68 47 54 81 77

Janet Blank Shirley Deuel

M arilyn jezerski Ruth Friend

Verla Gum

Carrie Grove

Patty Thomas

Zada Hockman

1957 Yearbook  

The Blue and Gold: Class of 1957

1957 Yearbook  

The Blue and Gold: Class of 1957

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