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Before you start to learn which clubs to use, it's a good idea to get a beginners guide to golf to understand the basics of the game, how to read a green and which techniques will produce the best results. Golf is a unique sport, in which players are in competition with themselves and their environment as much as they are in competition with their opponents. This is one of the reasons that a strong element of sportsmanship remains within the game and makes it a joy to watch and play. If you are new to the game, the following golf guide will prove helpful in mastering the basics of this wonderful game. A Golf Course All standard golf courses consist of 18 holes. A player begins each hole from the teeing area, where they place a tee (a plastic or wooden peg) into the ground and position their ball on top of it. The teeing area is a clear smooth section, but the rest of the course is a mixture of short grass (the fairway) and long grass (the rough). The fairway offers the closest route to the green, which is a smooth section of grass where the pin, or hole, can be found. In addition to the rough, players can encounter hazards, such as sand bunkers and streams. Most courses are approximately 6,000 yards in length. Playing a full 18 holes typically takes between three and four hours, during which time the players will walk a distance of about five miles. How to Score The scoring system of golf is relatively simple; each player scores a point for every stroke of the ball. Additionally, a player can incur penalty points along the way. Obviously, the winner is the person who has completed the course in the fewest strokes. However, to complicate matters, each hole has a par, which is a guide to the number of shots required and is calculated according to difficulty and length. Therefore, if you score 93 on a course that has a total par of 75, you have scored 18 over par. In addition, when playing a more advanced golfer, a player can be given a head start in the form of extra strokes, this is known as a handicap. When a golfer talks about his, or her, handicap, bear in mind that the lower the number the better the player.

What are the Rules? There are several rules in golf, but surprisingly there are no referees or umpires to ensure that those rules are followed. As mentioned above, there is a degree of sportsmanship within the game, which means that each player must know the rules and follow them. For beginner golf, the key things to remember are to be honest about the number of strokes you have taken and, most importantly, never move or interfere with the ball. Etiquette Within the Game For many golfers, a love of the game stems from a sense of old-fashioned values and fair play. The two most important aspects of golf etiquette are respect for fellow golfers and respect for the golf course. Subsequently, golfers will take care to replace and repair marks and divots that they have made in the grass and rake bunkers. These are all important things to learn even at beginner golf level, because clubs can be very unforgiving towards members who do not uphold the regulations of the course. Of course, this beginners guide to golf only scratches the surface of the game, but a basic knowledge will help you get to grips with golf whether you want to learn to play, or simply watch, the game.

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==== ==== Guide to Golf Techniques. Download free ebook here: ==== ====

Beginners Guide to Golf - Learning the Basics  

Golf is a major sport all over the world and is not likely to go away any time soon. It is often said to be the rich mans sport because it i...

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