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“Eastern Nebraska’s newest and most modern Livestock Market” S. Hwy 275 West Point, Nebraska

(Located in the heart of cattle country-Cuming County!) Thursdays - Fat Cattle/Weigh Cows - 10:00 am - Feeders - 12:30

Thurs., Feb. 16 - Weekly/Special Bred

Females/Felt Breeding Bulls Auction @ 12:30

Felt Farms will offer 65 Performance packed PB Simmental and Sim/Angus bulls. Their breeding program is unequalled in producing sound and growth oriented cattle with that extra special eye appeal. For complete info, contact James Felt at 402-369-0513. To view the ‘Brand of Excellence’ Felt Breeding Bulls go to: 80 Fancy Blk 1st Calf Bred Hfrs mated ‘Green Mountain’ Angus - Calf Feb. 20 70 Blk/Bwf Bred Cows mated ‘Bose Sim’ - Calf Mar. 10 9 Blk Bred Cows mated Blk calf March 1 coming 2 to 5 calf – Dispersal 7 Big Char Bred Cows mated Blk calf March 1 coming 5 calf - Dispersal

Thurs., Feb. 23 - Special All Class Feeders Auction @ 12:30 Mon., Feb. 27 - Special Precondition Feeders Auction @ 11:00

All cattle are vaccinated & weaned for a minimum of 30 days. Expect 2,000 head. 130 Blk S/H 700-850 55 Blk S/H 600-650 30 Blk/Bwf S/H 550-650 30 Red/Char S/H 600-700 18 Bwf S/H 650-750 17 Blk S/H 575-650 16 Blk/Bwf S/H 500-600 Weigh Cows/ 176 Head 12 Bwf S/H 650-750

Market Report: Feb. 9

Had just a short run of fats with a market that was a bit softer than a week ago, sending our top fats out at $116.00. We found our weigh cows and bulls to gain some ground, sending a big charge of cows out in the high 50’s. We did end the afternoon with some good sets of feeders finding good activity in all weight classes. If you are wanting to move any feeders, fats or cows, give us a call so we can lead you on to a special sale for your stock.

Finish Cattle

Drug Free Top Fats Choice/Select 2-way Cattle Holstein

116.00 114-116 117-120 78-82

Top Cows




Low Yield




OFFICE 402-370-2493 website: Brian Brester (Mgr): 402-750-5821 Martey Stewart: 402-375-891 Bryce Barr: 402-380-3746 Tony Thelen: 402-360-2039 Jim Schaben Jr.: 712-263-9449 Jon Schaben: 712-263-0755

“Come and see what we have to offer!”

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