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February – March 2013

Angela Cheng

“One of the best Mozart players around, Cheng has a particularly powerful sound, but one so focused that it always seems transparent and sparkling. Her playing was clean, crisp, and flawless…” – Vancouver Sun



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F e b r u a r y – M a r c h 2 013 I O V E R T U R E 1

2 O V E R T U R E I F e b r u a r y – M a r c h 2 013


Photographer: Keith Levit

We just finished our New Music Festival and now are going to explore three major classical works over the next two months: Prokofiev’s Romeo and Juliet, Brahms’s Symphony No. 3 and Berlioz’s Symphonie fantastique. Prokofiev and Berlioz are the more colourful program pieces, however, the Brahms: Symphony No. 3 in F major is one of the most heartfelt, one of the most poetic pieces ever written and represents the purity of music itself. Everyone knows the tragic story of Romeo and Juliet. Prokofiev was able to write a score that is impressionist, expressionist, Russian and timeless, all at the same moment. Quite an accomplishment if you ask me. Brahms: Symphony No. 3 was written towards the end of the 19th century. It is highly romantic in a classical form, like a ray of warm sunshine. Carlos Miguel Prieto is returning to the WSO giving that evening its own magic touch. Berlioz’s Symphonie fantastique was at its time a very unconventional and fantastic work depicting the story of an artist who had poisened himself with opium because of hopeless love. It was written just four years after Beethoven's death, but seems to be coming from a different planet. The sound effects were revolutionary for its time and overall, it is a major step away from the classical form And in case you are into flower power and would like to travel back into the late 1960s, please join us for our evening celebrating Woodstock. Unfortunately, I hadn't been born yet but it's definitely one of those times in our human history where something absolutely unique and beautiful was happening. Towards the end of March, Johnny Depp will not be coming but his movie will. Join us for Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl when the film will be screened in its entirety with live accompaniment of the original soundtrack by the orchestra. See you at the Symphony! Bis zum nächstenmal bei uns mit dem Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra!

Alexander Mickelthwate Music Director F e b r u a r y – M a r c h 2 013 I O V E R T U R E 3


Photographer: Keith Levit

Alexander Mickelthwate, Music Director German conductor, Alexander Mickelthwate is renowned for his “splendid, richly idiomatic readings” (LA Weekly), “fearless” approach and “first-rate technique” (Los Angeles Times). Critics have noted Alexander’s extraordinary command over the Austro-Germanic repertoire, commenting on the “passion, profundity, emotional intensity, subtlety and degree of perfection achieved” in Bruckner’s Symphony No. 7 as “miraculous” (Anton Kuerti, 2011).

Following on from his tenure as Assistant Conductor with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, which he completed in 2004, Alexander Mickelthwate was Associate Conductor of the Los Angeles Philharmonic for three years, under the direction of Essa-Pekka Salonen. Now in his seventh season as Music Director of the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, Alexander has significantly developed the orchestra’s profile through active community engagement and innovative programming initiatives like the annual New Music Festival and the Indigenous Music Festival. Chosen to perform at the Carnegie Hall Spring for Music Festival in New York, May 2014, due to “creative and innovative programming” (CBC Manitoba Scene), the orchestra is the only Canadian ensemble in the showcase. As well as significantly contributing to the New Music Festival and Indigenous Festival, Alexander lead the orchestra’s first out of province tour since 1979 to the National Arts Centre in Ottawa, launched the International Conducting master-classes, the New Music Festival 2012 film project and played a major part in the acoustic overhaul of the Centennial Concert Hall. Always looking for a fresh approach and creative ways of crossing musical genres, Alexander has collaborated with Iceland’s Bedroom Community, Wayne Shorter, Mark O’Connor, Belle and Sebastian, Jason Alexander, DJ P-Love, Canadian bands Waking Eyes, Liptonians and Dukhs. Alexander has conducted for the Queen of England, for former President Jimmy Carter, and was awarded the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal in 2012.

Photographer: Keith Levit

Richard Lee, Resident Conductor From the time his mother sat him down at a toy piano when he was three years old, Richard Lee has spent his life immersed in music. He graduated to a real piano at the age of five and took up the violin at age seven. At age seventeen, he passed – with honours – the grade X piano and violin exams at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto.

After a brief and ill-advised stint as a physics major, Richard came to his senses and pursued a degree in Music Performance at the University of Toronto as both a violinist and violist. After teaching middle school music for five years, Richard returned to the U of T where, as the Victor Feldbrill Fellow in orchestral conducting, he obtained a Master’s degree under the tutelage of Raffi Armenian. Richard is the Music Director of the East Texas Symphony Orchestra (based in Tyler) and the Korean Canadian Symphony Orchestra (Toronto). He is also the Resident Conductor of the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra and conductor of the University of Manitoba Symphony Orchestra. Guest engagements this season include the Kingston Symphony Orchestra as well as a tour of Mexico with I Musici de Montréal. Musician, news junkie and connoisseur of fine ales, whiskies and cigars, Richard maintains residences in both Winnipeg and Toronto. He roots for the Toronto FC and the Toronto Raptors basketball club.

4 O V E R T U R E I F e b r u a r y – M a r c h 2 013


CELLOS Yuri Hooker, Principal **Cristian Markos, Assistant Principal Alex Adaman Margaret Askeland Arlene Dahl Carolyn Nagelberg Emma Quackenbush

FIRST VIOLINS Gwen Hoebig, Concertmaster

BASSES Meredith Johnson, Principal The Sophie-Carmen Eckhardt**Viorel Alexandru, Assistant Principal Gramatté Memorial Chair, endowed by the Eckhardt-Gramatté Foundation Paul Nagelberg Karl Stobbe, Associate Concertmaster Bruce Okrainec Mary Lawton, Assistant Concertmaster Zdzislaw Prochownik Patrick Staples Chris Anstey Raymond Chrunyk FLUTES Mona Coarda Jan Kocman, Principal Hong Tian Jia Martha Durkin *Trevor Kirczenow Simon MacDonald PICCOLO Rachel Moody † Jane Radomski Martha Durkin Julie Savard OBOES Jun Shao Bede Hanley, Principal SECOND VIOLINS Robin MacMillan Darryl Strain, Principal Elation Pauls, Assistant Principal ENGLISH HORN Karen Bauch Robin MacMillan Rodica Jeffrey **Takayo Noguchi CLARINETS Boyd MacKenzie Micah Heilbrunn, Principal Meredith McCallum Michelle Goddard Susan McCallum Claudine St-Arnauld BASSOONS Phoebe Tsang Alex Eastley, Principal VIOLAS Daniel Scholz, Principal Anne Elise Lavallée, Assistant Principal

Laszlo Baroczi Richard Bauch Greg Hay Suzanne McKegney Merrily Peters Mike Scholz

Meryl Summers

TRUMPETS Brian Sykora, Principal Paul Jeffrey Isaac Pulford The Patty Kirk Memorial Chair

TROMBONES Steven Dyer, Principal John Helmer BASS TROMBONE Julia McIntyre, Principal TUBA Chris Lee, Principal TIMPANI Jeremy Epp, Principal PERCUSSION Frederick Liessens, Principal HARP Richard Turner, Principal Endowed by W.H. & S.E. Loewen


Fred Redekop is the official Piano Tuner and Technician of the WSO

HORNS *On Leave Patricia Evans, Principal Ken MacDonald, Associate Principal **Temporary Position † Dual Section Position James Robertson The Hilda Schelberger Memorial Chair

Caroline Oberheu Michiko Singh

Please note: Non-titled (tutti) string players are listed alphabetically and are seated according to a rotational system.

F e b r u a r y – M a r c h 2 013 I O V E R T U R E 5

6 O V E R T U R E I F e b r u a r y – M a r c h 2 013



8:00 P.M. 8:00 P.M.


Cheng Plays Mozart Alexander Mickelthwate, conductor Angela Cheng, piano


SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 16 Doors Open at 5:00 p.m. Russian Cuisine Dinner at 5:30 p.m. Catered by: Concert at 8:00 p.m. Centennial Concert Hall Concert Sponsor:

PROGRAM Piano Concerto No. 25 in C major, K. 503 Allegro maestoso Andante Allegretto

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791)


Romeo and Juliet, Selections from the Orchestral Suites Serge Prokofiev (1891-1953) Montagues and Capulets (Suite II/1) Young Juliet (Suite II/2) Minuet: Arrival of the Guests (Suite I/4) Masks (Suite I/5) Romeo and Juliet (Suite I/6) Morning Dance (Suite III/2) Romeo at the Fountain (Suite III/1) Death of Tybalt (Suite I/7) Morning Serenade (Aubade) (Suite III/5) Romeo at Juliet’s Grave (Suite II/7) Death of Juliet (Suite III/6)

Extra Musicians: Kristina Bauch, violin Liz Dyer, violin Laura MacDougall, flute Bronwen Garand-Sheridan, oboe Sharon Atkinson, clarinet Jim Ewen, contra-bassoon Allen Harrington, tenor sax Donna Laube, piano Cary Denby, celeste Tony Cyre, percussion Matt Abraham, percussion

Pre-concert chat on the Piano Nobile begins 45 minutes prior to the concert. F e b r u a r y – M a r c h 2 013 I O V E R T U R E 7

Concerto No. 25 was the last piano concerto he composed for his own public concerts in that city. Subscribers lost interest in financing Mozart’s skills as a pianist, so despite a few performances, the Concerto No. 25 disappeared after 1789 and remained unpublished in Mozart’s lifetime.

away over a variety of critical opinions. So with all the music in hand, Prokofiev decided to construct a series of orchestral suites in the hope that the music might become known before a premiere of the full ballet could be scheduled.

In an influential 1903 essay, musicologist Donald Francis Tovey equated Concerto No. 25 with Mozart’s Jupiter Symphony, calling out its “triumphal majesty and contrapuntal display.” One feels that in the grandeur of the opening movement, its No creative artist excursions into the darker harmonic could produce elements whose challenging expressive masterpieces while palette flustered the Viennese in such personal dire audiences of Mozart’s time. straights as Mozart seemed so easily able The second movement is a grand to do. In the summer of 1788 both sonata form, beautifully decorated with he and his wife were in continuing piano embellishments. Though the declining health, beset with financial finale takes its theme from a gavotte in worries through the poor reception Mozart’s opera Idomeneo, the music of his opera Don Giovanni and had reaches higher and deeper than its lost their six-month-old daughter. Yet source material. Among all Mozart’s within two months Mozart produced piano concertos, he produced nothing his last three symphonies – towering finer. achievements that could sign and seal his reputation had he composed Romeo and Juliet nothing else. Serge Prokofiev b. Sontsovka, Ukraine / April 23, 1891 Going back two years to the end of d. Moscow / March 5, 1953 1786, we find Mozart in a similar Composed: 1935; Suites derived from heart-wrenching situation. Steeped in the ballet in 1936, 1937 and 1944 debt through medical bills, First performance: December 1938 overspending and the poor reception (Brno, Czechoslovakia) of The Marriage of Figaro, Mozart’s Last WSO performance: 2004; Earl health began its decline. A new son Stafford, conductor Johann Thomas was born and died By 1934 Prokofiev’s less than a month later. Mozart musical syntax was found his public slipping away due becoming more lyrical perhaps to growing personal than the earlier acerbic expression in his music that ballet scores he had audiences of the time found produced for Diaghilev. unsettling. Knowing this change late in the year, Leningrad’s Kirov Theatre asked As would happen in 1788, Mozart Prokofiev for a ballet score based on produced a flood of magnificent Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. The works while under duress: the Piano composer enthusiastically agreed and Trios K. 496 and 502, the Clarinet completed most of the 52 numbers by Trio, The Impresario, the “Prague” Symphony and three unsurpassed the following summer. But the Kirov Piano Concertos K. 488, 491 and 503 backed out and the Bolshoi Theatre (No. 25). took on the project. They too backed

That premiere took place in Brno in 1938, without Prokofiev’s participation. Though fraught with disputes over a wide variety of issues, the Russian premiere finally took place in Leningrad on January 11, 1940. It was a triumph and Prokofiev’s score is regarded by many today as his finest creation.

PROGRAM NOTES by James Manishen

Piano Concerto No. 25 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart b. Salzburg / January 27, 1756 d. Vienna / December 5, 1791 Composed: 1786 First performance: December 5, 1786 (?) (Vienna) with the composer as soloist Last WSO performance: 1994, Angela Cheng, piano; Bramwell Tovey, conductor

The movements in Prokofiev’s suites do not follow the chronological order of the story but are chosen to make an effective concert sequence. Montagues and Capulets begins the story, depicting the swagger of the rival families followed by striking solos for saxophone, flute over muted viola glissandi. Bracing violins capture the energy of Young Juliet, with reflective interludes to show her depth of character. From the grand ball at the Capulets’ mansion comes the Arrival of the Guests. Masks find Mercutio and Benvolio attempting to convince Romeo to crash that ball. The famous balcony scene is drawn in the rhapsodic music of Romeo and Juliet. Morning Dance describes the crowds arriving on the streets of Verona as the city comes to life. Romeo at the Fountain introduces the carefree hero. A vivid swordfight with fatal thrust and funeral march is heard in Death of Tybalt, while Death of Juliet recalls earlier themes in the ballet, bringing the story to its tragic close.

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F e b r u a r y – M a r c h 2 013 I O V E R T U R E 9



8:00 P.M. 8:00 P.M. 2:00 P.M.


Woodstock Richard Lee, conductor Rik Emmett, guitar and vocals Jeans ‘n Classics Band: Neil Donell, lead vocals Jean Meilleur, lead vocals Katalin Kiss, lead and backup vocals Rique Franks, lead and backup vocals John Regan, piano and host Peter Brennan, guitars Mitch Tyler, bass Jeff Christmas, drums

Pops Series Sponsor:

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PROGRAM Somebody To Love Delta Lady You Made Me So Very Happy Hot Fun In The Summertime The Weight White Rabbit Samba Pa Ti All Along The Watchtower

Jefferson Airplane Joe Cocker Blood, Sweat & Tears Sly And The Family Stone The Band Jefferson Airplane Santana Jimi Hendrix

- INTERMISSION Black Magic Woman Hey Joe Pinball Wizard Darling Be Home Soon Piece Of My Heart Summertime Suite: Judy Blue Eyes With A Little Help From My Friends

Santana Jimi Hendrix The Who John Sebastian Janis Joplin Janis Joplin Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young Joe Cocker

Extra Musicians:

Liz Dyer, violin Minna Chung, cello Richard Gillis, trumpet


Pre-concert performance on the Piano Nobile begins 45 minutes prior to concert Friday, February 22 – Winnipeg Youth Orchestras Saturday, February 23 – Winnipeg Youth Orchestras Sunday, February 24 – Manitoba Conservatory of Music and Art JFaenburau rayr y– –F eMbar ur cahr y2 013 2 0 11I IOO VV E RE TRU TU R ER E1 1 7



7:30 P.M.


MTS Rising Stars Concert Jaena Kim, flute (1) Concert Sponsor: Katherine Mayba, soprano (2) Winnipeg Youth Symphony Orchestra, Dan Scholz, director (3) Anne-Marie MacIntosh, soprano (4) Aaron Hutton, tenor(4) Jason Klippenstein, baritone(4) Winnipeg Boys Choir, Carolyn Boyes & Annelie Reimer, directors(4) Rising Stars Choir, Kristel Peters, Vic Pankratz, Rob Monson, choir directors (4) Includes students from: Garden City Collegiate Glenlawn Collegiate Neelin High School (Brandon) Steinbach Regional Secondary School Vincent Massey High School (Brandon) West Kildonan Collegiate Westgate Mennonite Collegiate Winnipeg School Division Choir

PROGRAM The Creatures of Prometheus: Overture Concerto No. 1 for Flute and Orchestra in G major, K. 313 III. Rondo: Tempo di menuetto (1) Rusalka: Song to the Moon (2) Slavonic Dance, Op. 72, No. 7 in C Major (3) L'Arlésienne: Suite No. 2: Farandole (3)

Ludwig Van Beethoven (1770-1827) Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791)

Antonin Dvorˇák (1841-1904) Antonin Dvorˇák (1841-1904) Georges Bizet (1838-1875)

- INTERMISSION Carmina Burana(4)

Carl Orff (1895-1982)

The Rising Stars Concert brings together some of the most talented students in Manitoba. Alternating between band, choir and youth orchestra, this program features more than 300 students each year performing side-by-side with WSO musicians. With Support From:

F e b r u a r y – M a r c h 2 013 I O V E R T U R E 1 3

1 4 O V E R T U R E I F e b r u a r y – M a r c h 2 013



8:00 P.M. 8:00 P.M.


Prieto Conducts Brahms Carlos Miguel Prieto, conductor Erika Raum, violin

PROGRAM Dances of Galánta

Zoltán Kodály (1882-1967)

Rhapsody No. 1 for Violin and Orchestra Lassú (Slow): Moderato Friss (Brisk): Allegro moderato

Béla Bartók (1881-1945)

Rhapsody No. 2 for Violin and Orchestra Lassú: Moderato Friss: Allegro moderato

Béla Bartók


Symphony No. 3 in F major, Op. 90 Allegro con brio Andante Poco allegretto Allegro

Johannes Brahms (1833-1897)

Extra Musicians: Liz Dyer, violin Chris Wilkinson, violin Coca Bochonko, viola Karen Erhardt, cello Graham McKenzie, oboe Allen Harrington, bassoon Jim Ewen, bassoon Graham Steeds, trumpet Tony Cyre, percussion Matt Abraham, percussion Victoria Sparks, percussion Donna Laube, piano

Pre-concert chat on the Piano Nobile begins 45 minutes prior to the concert. F e b r u a r y – M a r c h 2 013 I O V E R T U R E 1 5


Rhapsodies for Violin and Orchestra

Béla Bartók by James Manishen b. Nagyszentmiklós, Ukraine / April 23, 1891 d. New York, USA / September 26, 1945 Dances of Galánta Zoltán Kodály Composed: 1928 b. Kecskemet, Hungary / First performances: No. 1: November 1, December 16, 1882 1929 (Königsberg), conducted by d. Budapest / March 6, 1967 Hermann Scherchen with Joseph Szigeti as Composed: 1933 soloist. No. 2: November 26, 1929 First performance: October 10, 1933 (Budapest), conducted by Ernö Dohnányi (Budapest), conducted by Ernö Dohnányi with Zoltán Székely as soloist Last WSO performance: 2009; Last WSO performance: No. 1: 1964; Alexander Mickelthwate, conductor Victor Feldbrill conductor; Marta Hidy, violin. No. 2: First WSO performance Like Béla Bartók, Kodály was closely “Peasant music,” Bartók bonded to his called the indigenous Hungarian folk culture. music of his Hungarian In 1905 he was working homeland. But in no way on a doctoral degree at was that a derogatory Budapest University that necessitated label, for Bartók enthused a return to his childhood home in about the music’s “amazing expressive Galánta, a small town near the power…devoid of all sentimentality and Austrian border where he first superfluous ornaments” as an antidote became entranced with the sounds of for musical excesses in the Romantic folksongs and gypsy bands. Over the period. years Kodály amassed a large collection of this material, which he Bartók assimilated Hungarian folk drew from when the Budapest melodies and forms to such an extent Philharmonic Orchestra they became a musical substrate to commissioned a work for its 80th almost everything he composed. None anniversary in 1933. of Bartók’s music displays this more than the two Rhapsodies for Violin. Kodály turned primarily to the verbunkos, a Hungarian gypsy dance Each work derives from the freely of alternately fast and slow sections structured character of the Hungarian that had been used historically to national dance Czardas, in which a slow entice young Hungarian men into section (Lassú) alternates with a fast military service with the promise of one (Friss) upon signal from the dancer. Within the movements are rapid red-blooded diversions. Dances of contrasts with much virtuoso display Galánta follows the fast-slow-fast from the soloist and corresponding model of this dance. partnership from the orchestra. A searching introduction gives solos Each piece was dedicated to an eminent to the cello, horn and especially clarinet, whose gypsy pathos gives the Hungarian violinist and friend of the composer. Rhapsody No. 1 went to performer a prime moment in the spotlight. The fast section begins with Joseph Szigeti, with whom Bartók often performed and who was instrumental in solo flute, then to orchestra. arranging commissions for Bartók’s Following several interruptions, the Contrasts (1938) and Concerto for finale whirls along, ending in Orchestra (1943). Rhapsody No. 2 was youthful abandon and blazing composed for Zoltán Székely, the orchestration. dedicatee of Bartók’s Violin Concerto No. 2 and the leader of the Hungarian Quartet, early champions of the composer’s landmark string quartets.

Symphony No. 3 Johannes Brahms b. Hamburg / May 7, 1833 d. Vienna / April 3, 1897 Composed: 1882-1883 First performance: December 2, 1883 (Vienna), conducted by Hans Richter Last WSO performance: 2003; Imre Pallo, conductor The summer of 1883 found Brahms visiting the German spa of Wiesbaden, which happened to be the home of “a pretty Rhineland girl” Brahms had met in January at the home of friends. A cordial friendship it became, though, typically, not leading to anything. Combined with the deaths of several friends plus a feud with his longtime champion Joseph Joachim, Brahms’s emotions (and obvious creative juices) were in full force that summer. It had been six years since his Second Symphony. When the Third Symphony came along, it was almost universally acclaimed. “When I look at the Third Symphony of Brahms,” the great English composer Sir Edward Elgar wrote, “I feel like a tinker.” The shortest of Brahms’s four symphonies and the most classical in formal outline, the Third is a masterwork of inarguable logic, invention and beautifully unhurried narrative. Many have felt that it is not only Brahms’s finest work in the form, but among his finest music overall. Conflicts and contrasts are ideally set in the opening movement, the opening string theme bursting out of the two introductory brass chords, later giving way to a pastoral second theme from the clarinet. Grace and poise dominate the second movement. The heartfelt third movement replaces the usual scherzo, with cellos in full bloom. A brooding theme introduces the tautly structured finale, ending with a quiet recollection of the opening main theme.

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1 8 O V E R T U R E I F e b r u a r y – M a r c h 2 013



10:30 A.M.


Berlioz: Symphonie fantastique Alexander Mickelthwate, conductor SOUNDCHECK POST-CONCERT EVENT



8:00 P.M. 8:00 P.M.


Symphonie fantastique

FRIDAY, MARCH 15 A Sin-phony of 50’s Fashion Fashion show and live music by Greg Arcade



3:00 P.M.


Symphonie fantastique Alexander Mickelthwate, conductor Karl Stobbe, violin

PROGRAM Le Tombeau de Couperin Prélude: Vif Forlane: Allegretto Menuet: Allegro moderato Rigaudon: Assez vif

Maurice Ravel (1875-1937)

Violin Concerto No. 1 in D major, Op. 19 Allegro Scherzo: Vivacissimo Moderato

Serge Prokofiev (1891-1953)


Symphonie fantastique, Op. 14a Hector Berlioz (1803-1869) “Reveries and Passions”: Largo - Allegro agitato e appassionato assai “A Ball (Valse)”: Allegro non troppo “Scene in the Country”: Adagio “March to the Scaffold”: Allegretto non troppo “Dream of a Witches’ Sabbath”: Larghetto – Allegro Extra Musicians: Liz Dyer, violin Chris Wilkinson, violin Coca Bochonko, viola Graham McKenzie, oboe Allen Harrington, bassoon Jim Ewen, bassoon

WSO in Brandon Exclusive Sponsor:

Graham Steeds, trumpet Tony Cyre, percussion Victoria Sparks, percussion Jeff Breton, timpani Ann Germani, harp

WSO in Brandon Media Partner:

Pre-concert chat on the Piano Nobile (Lobby in Brandon) begins 45 minutes prior to the concert. JFaenburau rayr y– –F eMbar ur cahr y2 013 2 0 11I IOO VV E RE TRU TU R ER E1 5 9


Violin Concerto No. 1

Serge Prokofiev b. Sontsovka, Ukraine / April 23, 1891 by James Manishen d. Moscow / March 5, 1953 Composed: 1915-1917 Le Tombeau de Couperin Maurice Ravel First performance: October 18, 1923 (Paris) with Marcel Darrieux as soloist b. Ciboure, France / March 7, 1875 d. Paris, France / December 28, 1937 Last WSO performance: 1991; Bramwell Composed: 1917 for piano; orchestrated Tovey, conductor; Victor Schultz, violin in 1920 As a brash young First performance: February 28, 1920 composer, Prokofiev (Paris), conducted by Rhené-Baton vowed that expecting Last WSO performance: 1997; the unexpected would Jacques Lacombe, conductor be central to his music. Juggling simultaneous Ravel’s emotional state projects in different styles - whether was turbulent in 1917. lyrical, modern, neo-classical or other Anguished by the First the ‘kind’ of composer he was World War and shocked perceived as proved elusive, no more by the final illness and death of his mother, Ravel so than in his Violin Concerto No. 1 turned to what had always been an whose anticipation of something spiky antidote for him during difficult times, and modern at the premiere surprised the emotional and intellectual comfort everyone, turning out to be one of the of French culture and tradition. composer’s most lyrical offerings. The premiere was not particularly The original piano setting of Le Tombeau successful and it wasn’t until violinist de Couperin combined a dedication of Joseph Szigeti played the Concerto each movement to one of Ravel’s friends worldwide in 1935 that the work that had fallen on the battlefield, with a gained acceptance, saying that he was look-back to the musical style of the fascinated by “its mixture of fairytale French Baroque era. Composer François naiveté and daring savagery.” Couperin (1668-1733) had produced music in memory of friends, giving it the The rapturous opening theme gives name “tombeau” (tombstone). This too way to a vigorous contrasting second became Ravel’s path. theme, both of which are developed. The movement closes ethereally with Highly engaging in its charm, one the main theme returning among the would not suspect that Le Tombeau de sounds of harp and winds under the Couperin is a work springing from any solo. kind of personal turmoil, especially in the orchestral version. Though the The second movement is a driving music’s fragrant harmonies and vivid rondo-scherzo, reversing the orchestration show a modern face, the traditional procedure of having the rhythmic elements and phrase slow movement at this point. Two repetitions recall Baroque dances of episodes of Prokofiev’s mocking side Couperin’s age. separate the theme’s reappearances, the second episode sul ponticello (bow The oboe leads off in the opening near the bridge). The finale recalls Prélude, soon drawing the woodwinds the dreamy opening movement along to join its shimmering line. though more animated at the centre. Forlane is based on an Italian dance The closing bars of the coda are reputedly made popular by Venetian identical with those of the opening gondoliers. Menuet is a signature movement. Baroque dance. Ravel’s is of childlike simplicity. The rousing Rigaudon closes the suite, the music’s lively duplemetered rhythms recalling the original hopping dance moves found in Provence during Louis XIV’s time.

Symphonie fantastique Hector Berlioz La Côte-Saint-André, Isère, France / December 11, 1803 d. Paris / March 8, 1869 Composed: 1830 First performance: December 5, 1830 (Paris), conducted by François Habeneck Last WSO performance: 2007; Alexander Mickelthwate, conductor Arch Romantic that he was, Berlioz was so taken with English actress Harriet Smithson when he saw her as Juliet and Ophelia in 1827 he wrote her frantic letters of love over the next three years despite never meeting her. The romance was entirely one-sided - she, fearing a potential ‘stalker’ in Berlioz and he, wandering the countryside in despair of such unrequited love. With Romantic nerve endings on fire, in 1830 Berlioz planned a new symphony with the subtitle “Episode from the Life of an Artist.” In it the artist views his love through an opium-enhanced state, first in his dreams, then a ball, the countryside, at his execution and finally joining a witches’ Sabbath. Running through it all would be an idée fixe – a singular musical theme signifying Harriet that would morph from the innocent to the grotesque in parody at the end. Berlioz did marry Harriet in 1833 but their happiness quickly dissolved and they were estranged within a decade. Symphonie fantastique is a tour de force in its vivid program content, bend-without-break melodies, dazzling orchestration and overall trailblazing from materials essentially derived from classical models. Its popularity among the most beloved symphonies in the literature remains undiminished. (continued on Page 21)

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(continued from Page 20) Berlioz supplied the following program as a guide to Symphonie fantastique: Reveries-Passions: I take as my subject an artist blest with sensibility and a lively imagination…who meets a woman who awakens in him for the first time his heart's desire. He falls desperately in love with her. Curiously, the image of his beloved is linked inseparably with a musical idea representing her graceful and noble character. This idée fixe haunts him throughout the symphony. A Ball: The artist attends a ball, but the gaiety and festive tumult fails to distract him. The idée fixe returns to torture him further. Scene in the Country: Alone in the country on a summer's evening, the artist hears two distant herdsmen calling to each other in a ‘franz des vaches’ (an alphorn melody of the Swiss Alps). Their pastoral duet, the rustle of wind in the trees, and the hope that his beloved might yet be his, all lull him into a reverie, but the idée fixe returns in his dreams. His heart palpitates and he experiences dread premonitions. The sun sets, there is thunder in the distance, then solitude and silence. March to the Scaffold: In despair the artist attempts to commit suicide by taking an overdose of opium, but the drug, too weak to prove fatal, instead induces fearsome dreams. He dreams that he has killed his beloved, is condemned to death, and is being taken for execution. The idée fixe floats into his mind, only to be terminated by the fall of the blade. Dream of a Witches' Sabbath: The artist at a Witches' Sabbath hears again the idée fixe, but now transformed into a brazen and trivial dance. She has come to witness his burial! Later comes a monstrous parody of the Dies Irae ('Day of Wrath', from the Latin Mass for the Dead). The dance of the witches is combined with the Dies Irae. F e b r u a r y – M a r c h 2 013 I O V E R T U R E 2 1


in Fashion The Women’s Committee of the


years 5 6 s e t a r b e l e O with the WS

TEA & FASHION with a SHOW Tickets $ 00


2:00 P.M. , SUNDAY, APRIL 14, 2013 The Norwood Hotel 112 Marion Street

(partial tax receipt)


Fashions by: Investment Pieces I Hair Styles and Make Up by: Edward Carriere Salon Tickets available at the Music Stand at WSO concerts or from Margaret at (204) 219-5974



8:00 P.M. 8:00 P.M. 2:00 P.M.


Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl Richard Lee, conductor Winnipeg Singers Male Chorus, Yuri Klaz, artistic director

Pops Series Sponsor:

Presenting Media Sponsor:

PROGRAM Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl Music by Klaus Badelt Music Themes and production by Hans Zimmer © 2003 Walt Disney Music Company

Capt. Jack Sparrow is roguish yet charming, as he sails the Caribbean. But Jack’s idyllic life capsizes after his nemesis, the wily Capt. Barbossa, steals his ship, the Black Pearl, and later attacks the town of Port Royal, kidnapping the Governor’s beautiful daughter, Elizabeth Swann. Elizabeth’s childhood friend, Will Turner, joins forces with Jack to commandeer the fastest ship in the British fleet, the HMS Interceptor, in a gallant attempt to rescue her and recapture the Black Pearl. The duo and their motley crew are pursued by Elizabeth’s betrothed, the debonair, ambitious Commodore Norrington, aboard the HMS Dauntless. Unbeknownst to Will, there is a curse that has doomed Barbossa and his crew to live forever as the undead, where each moonlight, they are transformed into living skeletons. The curse they carry can only be broken if a once-plundered treasure is restored. There will be a 20 minute intermission.

Extra Musicians: Liz Dyer, violin Tracy Wright, english horn Todd Martin, horn Joel Green, bass trombone

Tony Cyre, percussion Matt Abraham, percussion Victoria Sparks, percussion Will Bonness, keyboard


Pre-concert performance on the Piano Nobile begins 45 minutes prior to concert Friday, March 22 – Suzuki Music Winnipeg Inc. Saturday, March 23 – Preparatory Studies, Marcel. A. Desautels Faculty of Music, U of M Sunday, March 24 – University of Manitoba Marcel A. Desautels Faculty of Music F e b r u a r y – M a r c h 2 013 I O V E R T U R E 2 3


Cristian Markos

Alex Adaman

Instrument: Cello

Instrument: Cello

Instrument: Cello

Joined WSO: 1999

Joined WSO: 2012

Joined WSO: 1984

Hometown: Calgary, AB

Hometown: Iasi, Romania

Hometown: Caracas, Venezuela

When did you start playing your instrument? I was 7. Hearing Leonard Rose perform the Dvorˇák Concerto with the Calgary Philharmonic inspired me to start.

What is one of your most memorable live performances? Playing the whole Romeo & Juliet ballet by Prokofiev with Rostropovich conducting.

Hobbies: Reading, computers, photography and gardening

What do you enjoy most about being part of the WSO? The opportunity to play diverse repertoire with people I respect and enjoy.

If you weren’t a musician, what would you be? I think it would be something in sports. Soccer player probably.

Margaret Askeland

Arlene Dahl

If you weren’t a musician, what would you be? Perhaps a luthier. Making cellos, of course.

Carolyn Nagelberg

Instrument: Cello

Instrument: Cello

Instrument: Cello

Joined WSO: 1974

Joined WSO: 1980

Joined WSO: 1972

Hometown: Duluth, MN, USA

Hometown: Saskatoon, SK

When did you start playing your instrument? Age 10. My violinist sister said the itinerant string teacher was saving a 3/4 size cello for me.

Who was your idol growing up? I lived in India as a teenager – I would have to say that meeting Mother Teresa had a profound influence on me.

Hometown: Born in Wilmington, North Carolina; Grew up in Midland, Michigan, USA

What or who inspires you? My dogs or those who have the courage to speak up for others.

If you weren’t a musician, what would you be? A medical doctor – I began University studies in pre-med.

2 4 O V E R T U R E I F e b r u a r y – M a r c h 2 013

When did you start playing your instrument? Started cello at age 11. Played piano from age 3, went to symphony rehearsal with my father, saw Zara Nelsova and decided to play cello. What or who inspires you? Nature, music, food.

Photographer: Chronic Creative

Emma Quackenbush

Alex Eastley

Meryl Summers

Instrument: Cello

Instrument: Bassoon

Instrument: Bassoon

Joined WSO: 2010

Joined WSO: 2007

Joined WSO: 2012

Hometown: Calgary, AB

Hometown: Born near Montreal, but mostly grew up in Calgary.

Hometown: Marshfield, Massachusetts, USA

When did you start playing your instrument? What made you start? I played clarinet, but in a cunning plan to escape my High School Band program’s mandatory marching program, I took up an instrument you couldn’t march with - the bassoon.

What is one of your most memorable live performances? Playing in Shostakovich Hall in St. Petersburg. It is a beautiful hall and even though it was with my youth orchestra in high school, it was amazing!

If you could have dinner with one historical figure, who would that be? Emily Carr. I have always admired her work and I would love to pick her brain about being a female artist who stayed true to her vision and passion. What do you enjoy most about being part of the WSO? Being able to play my cello every day and make it my living.

Steven Dyer

What is your pre-concert routine? Ideally: nap, tea, yoga.

John Helmer

Richard Turner

Instrument: Trombone

Instrument: Trombone

Joined WSO: 2001

Joined WSO: 1983 Hometown: Born in Winnipeg, MB; grew up in Vancouver B.C. What is your pre-concert routine? I arrive 90 minutes early to make sure I get the best parking. Then, I run through the tough bits and sit in the Green Room until just before the downbeat.

Hometown: Born in Glasgow, Scotland but call Tillsonburg, Ontario my hometown Hobbies: Living vicariously through my children: rediscovering Lego, Friendly Giant episodes, etc. Fun stuff! What do you enjoy most about being part of the WSO? Working for an organization which has such a thorough collaboration across all departments. And that boils down to people!

Hobbies: Running, Bikram yoga, painting, knitting, hiking, camping.

When did you start playing your instrument? I started in Grade six when I was 10 years old.

Instrument: Harp Joined WSO: 1977 Hometown: Chicago, IL What is your favourite piece to play? Ceremony of Carols by Benjamin Britten What or who inspires you? Understanding the intention and conception of a master composer and then being able to bring it to life.

F e b r u a r y – M a r c h 2 013 I O V E R T U R E 2 5


Jeans ‘n Classics Band:

Cheng Plays Mozart FEBRUARY 15-16

Angela Cheng Consistently cited for her brilliant technique, tonal beauty and superb musicianship, Angela Cheng is one of Canada's brightest stars. She has appeared as soloist with virtually every orchestra in Canada and the frequency with which she is re-engaged is remarkable. Angela Cheng's debut recording of two Mozart concerti with Mario Bernardi and the CBC Vancouver Orchestra received glowing reviews. Other CDs include: for Koch International, Clara Schumann's Concerto in A Minor with JoAnn Falletta and the Women's Philharmonic; for CBC Records, selected works of Clara and Robert Schumann, four Spanish concerti with Hans Graf and the Calgary Philharmonic, and both Shostakovich concerti with Mario Bernardi and the CBC Radio Orchestra. In the fall of 2006, an all-Chopin recital CD for Universal was released.

Neil Donell, lead vocals Neil is known for his extreme vocal versatility, gift for mimicry and four-octave vocal range. He is also in high demand for his skillful expertise as both a producer and arranger.

Jean Meilleur, lead vocals ‘Passionate provocative and distinctive’ - three words that best describe Jean Meilleur’s vocal style. Despite the recent proliferation of clone acts and mimics, Jean’s voice stands as a true original.

Katalin Kiss, lead and backup vocals Katalin is known in the Canadian music industry for her staggering, tear-the-roof-off, goosebump-inducing vocals. In her travels she’s worked with many legends: Del Shannon, Chubby Checker, Chuck Berry and Chaka Khan.

Rique Franks, lead and backup vocals


Best known for her four duets with Dan Hill including In Your Eyes and Sometimes When We Touch, Rique has sung, toured, recorded and/or written with many Canadian and international recording artists.

Rik Emmett

John Regan, piano and host



Rik Emmett has his fair share of gold and platinum hanging on the wall after surviving three decades in the music biz. Awards from Best Guitarist at the ‘81 Junos to Best Smooth Jazz Guitarist in 2005, along with induction into the Canadian Rock Hall of Fame in ‘93, the Music Industry Hall of Fame in 2007 and the Junos Hall of Fame in 2008 highlight an ever-evolving career. The multi-dimensional singer/songwriter at the heart of it has nothing to prove except the dignity and maturity of his continuing commitment to great music. “My career now runs from jazz festivals to softseater concerts to giant outdoor rock band shows to orchestra gigs to folk clubs as an acoustic duo,” says Emmett, “and I love the challenging range of it all.”

As a longstanding musician in Jeans 'n Classics, John has witnessed the growth of the organization from a local performance group playing about eight concerts per year, to an alliance of artists providing more than 80 shows each season.

Peter Brennan, guitars Peter, of English birth who grew up in Canada, was heavily influenced by the Beatles initially, however the love affair with all things musical continued and grew to include everything from Jimi Hendrix to Gilbert and Sullivan.

Mitch Tyler, bass Mitch, a London, Ontario resident, is an Honours Bachelor of Music (Theory and Composition) and Bachelor of Education graduate of the University of Western Ontario and has been a professional musician since 1987. F e b r u a r y – M a r c h 2 013 I O V E R T U R E 2 7


The WSO gratefully acknowledges the following companies whose generous support helps to ensure musical enrichment within our community. Thank you! Resident Artist $10,000 - $24,999 Corus Entertainment Inc. Johnston Group Inc. Qualico Principal Chair $5,000 - $9,999 Montrose Mortgage Corporation National Leasing Premier Printing Ltd. Wawanesa Insurance Assistant Principal Chair $2,500 - $4,999 Cambrian Credit Union J.K. Investments Ltd. The Standard Life Assurance Company of Canada Orchestra Chair $1,000 - $2,499 Bison Transport Dormond Industries Industrial Alliance Insurance & Financial Services Inc. Long & McQuade Musical Instruments Payworks Inc. Peerless Garments LP PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP B.A. Robinson Co. Ltd./ Robinson Bath Centre Silpit Industries Co. Ltd. Music Stand $500 - $999 Coghlan's Limited Crosier Kilgour & Partners Ltd. Florence & Sheldon Berney Number Ten Architectural Group InterGroup Consultants Ltd. Piston Ring Service Pollard Banknote Limited Price Industries Limited Red River Co-Operative Ltd. Robinson Lighting Ltd. Strata Benefits Consulting Inc. True Value Hardware & V. & S. Dept. Stores Riser Under $500 A. Akman & Son Ltd. Con-Pro Industries Canada Ltd. M. Morris W. Dorosh Mid West Packaging Limited Patill/St. James Insurance

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Major Gifts Dr. David Lyttle, In Support of Education Ruth Carol & Len Podheiser, In Support of Music Connections

The Maestro’s Circle exists to recognize special patrons whose significant philanthropy furthers the musical artistry of the WSO. Thank you! Honourary Chair Alexander Mickelthwate, Music Director Platinum Baton $25,000 + Bill & Shirley Loewen* Gold Baton $10,000 - $24,999 Dr. Brendan MacDougall Silver Baton $5,000 - $9,999 Greg Doyle and Carol Bellringer Dr. Terry Klassen & Ms. Grace Dueck Muriel Smith Concertmaster's Bow $2,500 - $4,999 Gail Asper & Michael Paterson Bill & Margaret Fast Timothy & Barbara Burt James Gibbs Mr. Frank Fred Gladky Kevin & Els Kavanagh* Drs. Eleanor & Grant MacDougall John Mansfield & Pam Simmons* Michael Nozick & Cheryl Ashley Frank & Jeanne Plett Lawrie & Fran Pollard George & Tannis Richardson* Hartley & Heather Richardson In Memory of Mr. John Thistlethwaite Ian R. Thomson & Leah R. Janzen Professor A.M.C. Waterman Black Tie $1,500 - $2,499 Aubrey & Dr. Linda Asper Mr. Jim Barrett Dr. & Mrs. John & Leah Bracken Brenlee Carrington Trepel & Brent Trepel

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ARTIST BIOS Jeans ‘n Classics Band (Cont’d): Jeff Christmas, drums Jeff is a Canadian-based composer, arranger, conductor, drummer, percussionist and trumpeter. His most recent commissions include Bluewater Portrait for solo oboe and orchestra, and Canadian Voyage, a five-movement suite for french horn and orchestra.

MTS Rising Stars Concert FEBRUARY 26

Winnipeg Youth Symphony Orchestra As the pioneer of the Youth Orchestra movement in Canada, the Winnipeg Youth Orchestras were founded in 1923 as part of Winnipeg School Division 1. Despite becoming “Incorporated” in 1983, the strong affiliation with Winnipeg School Division 1 remains. The aim of the founding fathers was simply to offer young and aspiring musicians from across Manitoba the opportunity to play music in an orchestral setting. Central to its program are the two annual performances and the annual tour that have focused on reaching out across Manitoba so that children from more rural areas can experience the richness and diversity of classical music. The Winnipeg Youth Orchestras are comprised of the three orchestra groups, the Youth Strings (Junior), the Youth Concert (Intermediate) and the Youth Symphony (Senior). The program is open to students between the ages of 9 and 21, and there are typically between 140-160 members. s, wit h

Daniel Scholz, conductor Daniel Scholz enjoys a versatile career as an orchestral performer, chamber musician, teacher and conductor. Daniel is the principal viola of the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra and the Manitoba Chamber Orchestra, and is a core member of The Winnipeg Chamber Music Society and the Rembrandt String Quartet. Highly sought after as a teacher, Mr. Scholz is an instructor at the University of Manitoba and the Canadian Mennonite University, and is the conductor of the Winnipeg Youth Symphony Orchestra. He has performed and taught at many of Canada's major festivals and is a faculty member of the University of Manitoba Summer Chamber Music Program. wit

Winnipeg Boys Choir, Carolyn Boyes & Annelie Reimer, directors Since 1924, the Winnipeg Boys Choir has provided boys with the opportunity to develop their individual musical and performing skills as part of a group focused on choral excellence and quality teamwork. In recent years the choir has performed with the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, the Royal Winnipeg Ballet, Manitoba Opera, and at the St. Norbert Arts Centre. The choir enjoys participating in local music festivals and at various community events in addition to their own concert series. The choir was awarded the John B. Somerset Shield at the Winnipeg Music Festival in 2006.

Kristel Peters, director Kristel L. Peters is an avid musician with a passion for choral music. She graduated from University of Manitoba with a Bachelor of Music and Bachelor of Education, studying voice with Dr. Karen Jensen, Henriette Schellenberg and Tracy Dahl. Ms. Peters’ extensive musical background includes participating in the University of Manitoba Singers and the National Youth Choir. Currently she sings with the Winnipeg Singers. Kristel is currently the Choral Director at the Steinbach Regional Secondary School. In 2001 she joined Prairie Voices and was artistic director for six successful seasons. Active as a guest conductor/clinician, she has worked with Nova Scotia Choral Federation’s Youth Choir, The Westman Youth Choir, The Central Manitoba Youth Choir, Manitoba Provincial Honour choir and many other choral events.

Vic Pankratz, director Victor Pankratz is well known in Manitoba for his singing, conducting and teaching. He was a frequent performer with the Manitoba Opera Association. As a tenor soloist he has appeared with The Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, Robert Shaw and the Mennonite Festival Chorus, and many more groups. For three years he was co-artistic director of the Winnipeg Singers. F e b r u a r y – M a r c h 2 013 I O V E R T U R E 2 9

Karl & Stephanie Stobbe Stuart Olson Dominion Construction Dudley & Eleanor Thompson Arni Thorsteinson & Susan Glass Trudy Schroeder Ewa Tarsia Mr. Richard Turner Edward & Irene Warkentin Don & Florence Whitmore Klaus & Elsa Wolf Dr. & Mrs. Klaus Wrogemann Ivy & Norval Young *Founding Members

Friends of the WSO help support the WSO’s artistic programs each season. Members enjoy special benefits that bring Friends closer to the music, guest artists and WSO musicians. Honourary Chair Gwen Hoebig, Concertmaster Symphony $600 + All Charities Campaign Len & Mary Bateman David & Gillian Bird Lorraine and Gerry Cairns Pierce Cairns Pamela & Andrew Cooke John & Gay Docherty Carrie Ferguson Delores Gembey Robert & Linda Gold Marjory Alexander Graham & Family Fund Dr. & Mrs. W.L. Gordon Gwen Hodgson Michael & Hélène Hoffer Mr. Donald K. Johnson June & Lawrence Jones Millie & Wally Kroeker M.L. Kuntzemueller W.K. Labies Kyle McLean Gord & Sherratt Moffatt Valerie Mollison In Memory of Jean Mooney Terry & Vi Moore Lesia Peet Mrs. Marina Plett-Lyle Dr. & Mrs. Brian Postl Jim & Pat Richtik Ms. Charlotte Robbins Frank Stewart & Elaine Parent Jim & Jan Tennant Mr. Peter van Dijken & Dr. Lorelie Mitchell Dr. & Mrs. Willem T.H. van Oers Jesse Vorst Raymond & Shirley Wiest Joan Wright 1 Anonymous

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WSO Box Office 949-3999 I

3 0 O V E R T U R E I F e b r u a r y – M a r c h 2 013

ARTIST BIOS He also had the privilege of conducting the regional youth choirs in Manitoba. Currently, Victor is artistic director of Prairie Voices, and teaches music at Westgate Mennonite Collegiate.

Rob Monson, director Rob Monson currently teaches instrumental and choral music at Glenlawn Collegiate. Over the past 20 years he had the privilege to sing and direct with many choirs and bands throughout the province. As a tuba player, Rob has performed with the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, Winnipeg Wind Ensemble and the Winnipeg Brass Quintet. Rob has adjudicated at the Solo and Ensemble Festival and at the Beginning Band Festival for the Manitoba Band Association. He has also conducted workshops for the Central, Eastern and Western Manitoba Choral Associations, as well as numerous school divisions across Manitoba. In 2008 he was the director of the Provincial Honour Choir. It has been a thrill to be involved with the WSO and the Rising Stars concert. MASTERWORKS

Prieto Conducts Brahms MARCH 1 & 2

Carlos Miguel Prieto An exciting and insightful communicator renowned for his charismatic presence on the conductor's podium and his versatile command of various composers and styles, Carlos Miguel Prieto is considered one of the most dynamic young conductors on the classical stage today. Currently music director of the Orquesta Sinfónica Nacional de Mexico and the Orquesta Sinfónica de Minería in his native Mexico, and the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra in the United States, Maestro Prieto is also in high demand as a guest conductor. Among his North American guest conducting credits are the symphony orchestras of Dallas, Houston, Indianapolis, Phoenix, Colorado, Honolulu and San Antonio, and the philharmonic orchestras of Florida, New Mexico, Dayton and Calgary, as well as every major orchestra in Mexico. Maestro Prieto has conducted orchestras throughout Europe, Russia, Israel and Latin America.

Erika Raum Known for her "engaging sensitivity and a gorgeously full tone," [The Strad], violinist Erika Raum continues developing a following here in her native country and internationally. Playing professionally since the age of twelve, she quickly rose through the ranks by taking first place at the 1992 Joseph Szigeti International Violin Competition in Budapest as well as the award for best interpretation of a Mozart concerto. She has returned on many occasions to perform in Hungary, Portugal, Sweden, Austria, Germany, England, Italy and France. She has appeared as guest artist with orchestras including the Budapest Radio Orchestra, the Szombathely Symphony Orchestra, the Austro-Hungarian Orchestra, and the Franz Liszt Chamber Orchestra. MASTERWORKS/WSO IN BRANDON

Symphonie fantastique MARCH 15-17

Karl Stobbe, violin Described as an artist with “soulful musicianship” by the San Francisco Classical Voice (2008), Karl Stobbe has made a name for himself as one of Canada’s most accomplished and diverse violinists. He regularly performs concerti, recitals, and chamber music, in addition to appearing frequently as a concertmaster in Canada and the United States. In those roles, Stobbe has performed in Carnegie Hall, Jordan Hall, Segerstrom Hall, Roy Thomson Hall, the Orpheum Theatre, and many other important concert venues in North America. He is one of only a few people to perform as a soloist and chamber musician with Canada’s National Arts Centre’s Scene Festival in consecutive years, representing both the provinces of British Columbia and Manitoba as a featured artist. For his contribution to those events, he was invited to the Prime Minister’s house for a reception celebrating the national music environment. Stobbe has collaborated as a soloist with many exceptional conductors, including Andrey Boreyko, Bramwell Tovey, Simon Streatfield, Roy Goodman, Anu Tali, and Anne Manson. In recital as a soloist and with the Clearwater String Quartet, he will complete performances of all of the Bach Unaccompanied Violin Sonatas and Partitas, all six Ysaye Unaccompanied Violin Sonatas, and all 16 Beethoven String Quartets in the next year. F e b r u a r y – M a r c h 2 013 I O V E R T U R E 3 1

Olga & Bill Runnalls Alixe Ryles Mr. Johnny Rule Salangad & Ms. Pearly Rule Salangad F.E. Sanderson Dr. & Mrs. A. N. Schroeder Dr. Robert J. Schroth Mr. Gunter Schupke Ms. Barb Shipley Louis & Shirley Ann Simkulak David & Lorraine Smith Lindi & John Smith Ms. Brenda Snider Gordon & Darby Spafford Mr. & Mrs. R.P. Spear Mr. & Mrs. Starodub Mr. Herbert Stewart Bonnie Hoffer-Steiman & Lionel Steiman Margaret & Hartley Stinson Dr. V. Marie Storrie Dr. & Mrs. David Swatek In Memory of Mrs. Virgina Tate Lori & Tom Thomas Mr. & Mrs. Bruce S. Thompson Ms. Marilyn Thompson C. & R. Thomsen Lee Treilhard Ms. Rosemarie van Der Hooft Dr. & Mrs. F.C. Violago Douglas & Janet Watson Mr. Paul Wiebe Herbert & Shirley Wildeman Ron & Shirley Williams Elma & Charles Wilson Dianne Wilt & Keith Millan In Momory of Cyril Woolf Melanie Wood Karin Woods 14 Anonymous Prelude $75 - $149 P. Achtemichuk Patricia Allen Doug Arrell & Dick Smith Mr. Philip Ashdown Jack Atchison Ray & Barb Bailey Allan & Rochelle Baker Ms. Margaret Barbour Rosemary & David Barney Robert Barton Audrey Belyea Eric Bergen Donald & Edith Besant Lorne & Marilyn Billinkoff William & Heather Birtles Frances Booth Ted Bock & Liane Chalmers Marnie Bolland Mr. & Mrs. A. K. Bolton Norma Bortoluzzi Mrs. Jean M. Bradley Mrs. Ruth Bredin Lorne & Rosada Bride Mr. Robert Briercliffe Miss Dorothy Broomhall Mr. & Mrs. E. & M. Mavis Brown Gloria Brown Mr. Ross Brownlee Ms. Carol Budnick Rev. Msgr. Michael Buyachok Ruth Calvert

Mrs. Mary C. Campbell Ms. Donna Carruthers Dr. Jong Chang Robert Charbonneau Saul Cherniack & Myra Wolch Mrs. Leona Christiansen Alex & Peggy Colonello Ms. Marcella Copp Joyce & Lawrence Cormack Irene & Robert Corne Mrs. E. Craig Ms. Maxine Cristall Mrs. Isabel J. Crowson Kathleen Crowston Rev. & Mrs. W. A. Cross Margaret Cumming Ms. Denise Cyr-Gander Alonzo & Lise Daley Mrs. Sheila M. Davis Jack & Mary Davison Miss Anne Defehr F. De Grazia Marilyn Derksen & Merle Neufeld Mary Dixon Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence & Brenda Donald F.P. Doyle Herb & Norma Driver John & Ada Ducas Ms. Joan Duerksen Kobus & Corne Du Preez Mrs. Dorothy Easton Mr. & Mrs. J.G. Ekins Mrs. M.L. Elliott John & Ruth Ens Ken & Connie Epp Don & Martha Epstein Greg & Linda Fearn Ms. Nelma Fetterman Doug & Joanne Flynn Margaret Follett Mrs. Marguerite Fredette Mr. Lloyd Friedman Mrs. Margaret Funk Mr. & Mrs. Oliver Evelyn Gardner M. & Mme. Andre Gautron Jim & Betty Gaynor Deborah L. Ginther Joyce & Bob Gladding D. Gooch Mr. Donald Graham Dr. & Mrs. L.C. Graham Mrs. Noreen Greenberg Marj Grevstad Greg Edmond & Irene Groot-Koerkamp Ms. Christina W. Grose Mr. Kenneth W. Grower Mr. & Mrs. Mel Guberman Maxine M. Gurvey Katie & DeLloyd Guth Mr. Patrick Hackett Miss Marilyn Hall Mr. Roy Halstead Ian & Gerry Hamilton Marie Harnois Ms. Dawn Harris Beth & Raymond Harris Nora Harvey Mrs. Phyllis Hatskin Mr. & Mrs. Allen Hattie Teresa A. Hay

3 2 O V E R T U R E I F e b r u a r y – M a r c h 2 013

Mrs. Elisabeth Hellmuth Millie Hemmelgarn Mrs. Betty Henderson L.G. Herd Marilyn & Helios Hernandez Mrs. Marilyn Hido Ms. Susan Hildebrandt Dr. L. Hurst William J. Hutton P. Ilavsky Mr. Lindsay Ingram Rozin & Cathy Iwanicki Terry & Shirley James Wilfred & Dorothy James Alan Janzen & Leona Sookram Father Stan A. Jaworski Ms. Jayne Laverne Kapac Ms. Bev Kawchuk Ms. Marilyn Kapitany Mr. & Mrs. W.J. Kinnear Erwin W. Kitsch John & Martha Klassen Ms. Mary Klassen Dr. Birte Klug Alfonz & Susan Koncan Mr. Ernie Krahn D. Kristjanson Patricia Kuchma M.L. Kuntzemueller Robert Kusmack Alan Laing Jesse Lang Mr. & Mrs. Jack Levit Edith Landy Mrs. Helen La Rue Rod & Ann Ledwich David & Suzanna Libby K. Le Madec Mr. R. Leroeye Mrs. Myrna H. Levin R. & J. Lewis Sheila & Elvin Linder Mr. Gordon P. Linney Donald & Barbara Little Albert & Helen Litz Mrs. Mary Lloyd Lorron Agencies Ltd. Roger Lowe G. & G. Lowry Ms. Lorraine MacLeod Mr. John Macrae Jim MacNair in Memory of Mae Harold S. Mawhinney & Judy Moon Mr. Alan Maxwell Dr. & Mrs. Ihor Mayba Mr. & Mrs. R. McDougall C. & J. McIntyre Violet McKenzie Mr. James A. McKinley Mrs. Jean H. McLennan Sandra McMillan Mr. & Mrs. Erhard Meier Rita & Don Menzies In Memory of Henry Crosby Mrs. Mona Mills Nathan & Carolyn Mitchell Ms. Akemi Miyahara Mr. Peter Morgan Dr. Stan & Wendy Moroz D. Munro Charlotte Murrell Ron & Ollie Nelson Glenn Nicholls

B. & J. Nielsen Edgar Oddleifson Mr. & Mrs. Kiem Oen J.T. & Karen Ogden Truus Oliver Theda Olson Mrs. B. Ozog Shirley Graham Padgett Mr. & Dr. Grant W. Pastuck In Memory of Mary Patterson Pat Patterson Mrs. Betty Peddie Mr. & Mrs. Wayne & Joy Peirson Holly Penner Mrs. June Perron Ms. Pat Philpott Mrs. Helene Picton Sylvia & Earl Pitch Mr. & Mrs. Ron Polinsky Blumie Portnoy Mr. & Mrs. Sam Potter Don & Carol Poulin Donna & Gordon Price R. Publow Eric & Erna Pullam Bryan & Diana Purdy Mrs. Carol Pyper Mrs. Evelyn Ramsay Juta Rathke Ms. Marjorie Reed George & Lois Reenders Mrs. Esther Remis Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Rerie Waltraut Riedel-Baun Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Vera Ripley Ms. Barbara Robertson Donald & Karen Ross Frances E. Rowlin John S. Russell John & Wendy Russell Bill Sands Dr. Brent Schacter A. Schroeder R. Schroeder Shirley Schroeder Walter & Dorothea Schultz Mr. John Schwandt Mr. Ken Schykulski Charlene Scouten Ms. Jan Seaman Dr. L. Sekla Mrs. Doreen Shanks Shirley E. Sherwood Garth Simonson Dr. Don & Lynne Simonson Ian & Arlene Smith Geri & Peter Spencer Coralie & John Standing Nicola Lindley Starin Dan & Elsie Stasiuk Ms. Helena Stelsovsky Elva G. Stevens Mr. & Mrs. Lorne & Lorna Stevens Archie & Shirley Stone Ms. Linda Sturgeon Ron Surcon Juris & Aija Svenne Jo Swartz & Richard Silverman Dr. & Mrs. S. Szirom Walter & Margaret Swayze Dr. & Mrs. John Taylor


Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl MARCH 22-24

Winnipeg Singers Male Chorus; Yuri Klaz, artistic director

The Winnipeg Singers has long been regarded as one of Canada’s finest choral ensembles. The group consists of 24 trained voices, performing music that spans the times from the Renaissance to the present. Each year the choir commissions new Canadian works and premieres other new works for its Manitoba audiences. They have performed joint concerts with various diverse organizations, appear regularly as guests of the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra and the Manitoba Chamber Orchestra, and have given concerts and workshops for local social agencies, business firms, and high schools. Ms. Anne Thiessen June & Lorne Thompson Lorna & Dr. Ken Thorlakson Robert & Barb Tisdale Edith A. Toews Dr. Helen A. Toews Carol & Neil Trembath Mrs. Yoko Tsuyuki Mrs. C.M. Valentine Dr. & Mea. Jose & Ruth Vasconcelos Hugo & Anny Veldhuis Dr. & Mrs. Eric Vickar Mr. Robert Vineberg Bill & Brenda Voort Miss A. H. Wagstaffe Elizabeth M. Wall Jim & Joan Warbeck Ken & Mary Warmbrod Jack & Bernice Watts Mrs. Gwen M. Welsh Mrs. Evelyn Wener J. Whyte Dorcas & Kirk Windsor Patrick Wright Mr. John Yarema Mr. Edwin Yee Vicky Young Mr. Donn K. Yuen, in Honour of Margaret Kuntzemueller's 90th Birthday 26 Anonymous

Sonatina Under $75 Joyce Aitken Jacqueline Anderson Mr. M. Richard Arcand Mr. & Mrs. Brian & Janice Bailey Mr. Cliff Barrett Veronique Barthet Ms. D. Beaven Gertie and Asher Begleiter Mrs. Margaret Bellhouse Mrs. Eva Berard Balram & Carole Bhakar Dr. Eric R. Bohm Barbara Bohune Ms. Ingrid Bolbecher Norma Bortoluzzi Edythe M. Brown Dr. Jeff & Madeline Brown Narendra Budhia Mr. Alfred Buelow Lydia Bulat Ms. Sheila Burland Mr. & Mrs. Cantor Mrs. Audrey Cassels Betty & Bruce Catchpole Robert Charbonneau Mrs. Ella Chenkie Mrs. Patti Cherney Ms. Claudia Chernitsky Ms. Aileen Gail Chmeliuk Melina Chow S.K. Clark

Ross M. Cleeve Ms. Katherine Cobor Ms. Patricia A. Coleman Ms. Doreen Conlin Glynis Corkal Mr. Alfred Cornies Mr. James Cory Stephen Crane Barrie & Sally Cranston Ms. Judy Crawford Mr. & Mrs. R. J. Crawley M. & G. Crielaard J. & B. Croxford Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Cunningham Mr. Bradley J. Curran Ms. Jean Curtis June Curtis D. Cymbalist Margaret Redekop D & E De Graff Mr. Rowland Del Bigio Beth Derraugh Ms. M. Jane Dick Marlene & Fred Dickson Sylvia Dixon Mrs. Enid Dorward Mr. Dennis J. Doyle Mrs. Norma Drosdowech Ms. Wanda Drury Mr. & Mrs. Peter Eibisch Cheryl Elias Margaret Ellis Dr. & Mrs. Willie R. Falk

Vera & Peter Fast David & Ruth Ferguson Laurel Fife Cal & Lois Finch Mrs. Sheryl Fowler Ms. Margaret Franz Glen & Florence Fraser Mrs. Gitta Fricke Ms. Anne Friesen Mr. & Mrs. George & Carol Gamby Mrs. Marietta L. Garry Mr. Daymond Gauthier Jim & Betty Gaynor Mrs. Cathy Gervais Ms. Barbara Gessner Marilyn Gilbert Marybet & Jim Gilroy Mr. Laurent Gimenez Les & Doreen Girling Linda Graham Mrs. Inga Granovskaya John & Louise Greenaway Ms. Cheryl M. Greenwood Mr. George Grenier Donna Grescoe Dojack Ms. Victoria Gretchen Jim & Lorraine Griffiths Ms. Marianne Gruber Ms. Marion Guinn Dr. Dina Guth Mr. & Mrs. Jeff & Debbie Hall Irene Hamerton Gertrude Hamilton

F e b r u a r y – M a r c h 2 013 I O V E R T U R E 3 3

Ms. Heather Hartry Nora Harvey Mrs. Sylvia Haverstick Dr. & Mrs. J.C. Haworth Jane Hayakawa Olga Hembroff Max & Eleanor Herst Ms. Shirley Hicks Jean Highmoor Mrs. Kathy Hildebrand Ms. Susan Hildebrandt Robyn Hoeppner Ms. Catherine Holmes Elly Hoogterp-Herst & Lorne Herst Mr. Martin Horseman Ken Howard Mrs. Carole Hreno Roberta & Larry Hurtig Ms. Ishbell Isaacs Jacqueline Iwasienko Bob & Vi Jacob Neoma Jantz Pat Jarrett David Jenkins Mr. Bruno Jessop Ms. Jayne Laverne Kapac Dr. & Mrs. Arnold & Doreen Kapitz Mr. Gordon C. Keatch Mr. Brian Kells Mrs. Shirley Kilburn Mr. Ray Kohanik Mr. Eugene S. Kovach Mr. & Mrs. Hy Kraitberg Ms. Betty Laing Elizabeth Lansard Mr. and Ms. Leblanc Wayne & Helen LeBlanc Mrs. Ingrid Lee Mr. & Mrs. Sydney Lentle Mr. & Mrs. David Levene Ms. Hildy Leverton Mr. Paul Lindsay Barry & Patricia Lloyd Mr. Brian Gordon Lundmark Mr. Al Mackling Mr. Allan Mapes Mr. & Mrs. Sheldon & Rita Margolis Darrell Marleau Mrs. Irene Marriott Ms. Mary Massey Keith R. Mayoh Ms. Kimberley McCallum Ms. Susan McCarthy Mr. & Ms. Jim & Christina McDermid Ms. Mary-Jane McIntyre Ardythe McMaster Sandra McMillan Mr. Lyle W. McNichol Mr. Gordon R. Meads In Honour of Donn Yuen's Retirement Mrs. Jocelyn Millard Peter Miller & Carolyn Garlich Ms. Sheila Miller Mr. Howard Mitchell M. Mohr Mrs. Joan Ann Morton Mr. Robert Nix Miss Jenny Olynyk Shirley & Graham Padgett Sonjia Pasiechnik

Mrs. Evelyn Pearlman Valerie Pearson Mrs. Denise Penley Louise Penner Ms. Heather Penno Mrs. June Perron Ms. Beverley Phillips Ken & Geri Porath Mr. David Procner Mrs. Glennys Propp Ms. Joanne Prygrocki R. Publow Mrs. Virginia Radcliffe Ms. Pat Repa Beverley Ridd, in Memory of Robert Turner Mrs. Susan E. Roe-Finlay Mr. & Mrs. D Rosenbaum Ms. Susan Rosner Mrs. V. Rosolowich Rory Runnells John & Shirley Russell Mr. & Mrs. John Sadler Leonore Saunders O.M. & Hans-Herman Roeder Kay Schalme William Scheidt Ms. Velma Schmidt Mrs. Edna Schneider Mrs. Marion Schroeder Mrs. Marian Schroeder Viola J. Schultz Adolph & Diane Schurek B.J.N. Scott Jessie & Laura Shea Mr. & Mrs. Phil & Nancy Shead Izzy Shore Mrs. Rita Shreiber Mr. & Mrs. Jiri Sichler Mrs. Elaine Silverberg Ms. Barb Simeonidis In Memory of Henry Crosby Mr. Michael Spakowski Ms. Nata L. Spigelman Clara Steinberg Josephine Stemerowicz William Stewart Muriel Sutherland Marguerite Szymesko Bonnie Talbot Linda Tallin Mary Lou Talmage Gladys Tarala Ewa & Ludwick Tarsia Ross & Bette Jayne Taylor Nancy & Geoff Tidmarsh Henry & Elizabeth Toews Mr. Alan Tring Ms. Suzanne Ullyot Ms. Eleanor Urquhart Mrs. Roseline Usiskin Henri & Jane van Dam Mr. & Mrs. Gerry S. Varnes Sophia Venter Denis Vincent Jesse Vorst Jesse Vorst, in Honour of Concert Hall Paramedic Volunteers In Memory of Betty Vouriot Miss A. H. Wagstaffe Robin & Joanne Walker Mrs. Laurabelle Wallace E. Sylvia Warrington Mrs. Hilda Weber

3 4 O V E R T U R E I F e b r u a r y – M a r c h 2 013

Mr. Glen Angus Webster Ms. Louise Welsh Mr. Warren Whittaker Ms. Lois A. Whyte Ms. Lorraine Willms Ms. Audrey Wilson Mrs. Barbara Wolch Terrie Woodward Phillip S. Young 27 Anonymous

Based on Venezuela’s revolutionary El Sistema social change model, Sistema Winnipeg is a free daily afterschool orchestra program that enriches the lives of children and young people with the fewest resources and the greatest need. Maestoso $25,000 + C.P. Loewen Family Foundation Vivace $10,000 - $24,999 BMO Financial Group Boeing Gail Loewen in Memory of Her Mother Sue Lemmerick Con Brio $5,000 - $9,999 The Manitoba Teachers’ Society The Tallman Foundation Allegro $1,000 - $4,999 Ron & Sandi Mielitz Manitoba Association of School Superintendents Conmoto Under $1,000 Lynne Axworthy Mr. John A. Bailey Ms. Carmen R. Barchet Ms. Janet D. Beach Marcel Bonneau, in Honour of His 90th Birthday Doneta & Harry Brotchie Ms. Coralie Bryant Ms. Maureen Collison Roger Dennis Joy Cooper & Martin Reed Ms. Gillian P. Cotton Bob & Alison Darling Mary Dixon Ruth & Charles Dowse Mr. Spencer Duncanson Judge Judith Elliott Ms. Heather Emberley Kathleen & David Estey Ms. Fruma Farago Rick & Julie Fast Ms. Judith Flynn Mr. Verland Force Dr. & Mrs. Colin Foster Future Leaders of Manitoba Council Inc

F George Mr. & Mrs. J Gibson Ms. Valerie Gilroy Bobbi-Lynn Haegeman Ms. Irene Hamilton Mr. Rudy Hedrich Mr. Donald Henry Ms. Ellen Henry Ms. Gail Henry Mr. & Mrs. Terry & Phyllis Hidichuk Katherine Himelblau Ms. Lisa Houtkooper P. Ilavsky Ms. Sue Irving Graham Isaak Mrs. Marion Jagger Mr. & Mrs. Reg & Nancy Johnson Ms. Barbara L. Jones Ms. Diane Jones In Memory of Paul Kettner Ms. Margruite Krahn Mrs. Judy Lamont Ms. Veronica L. Larmour Mr. Frederick Lee Dr. Peter Letkemann Dr. David Lyttle Ms. Leona MacDonald Ms. Shannon MacFarlane Mrs. Carol Macoomb Mr. Dave Madson Art Mauro & Naomi Levine Ms. Lynne McCarthy Pat McCarthy-Briggs Iona McPhee Rita & Don Menzies Walter A. Mildren Nathan & Carolyn Mitchell Addie Penner Mr. & Mrs. Rollin & Katherine Penner Donna Plant Ms. Margaret Podolsky Lawrie & Fran Pollard Dr. & Mrs. Thomas Prescott Dr. David Punter Mr. Douglas Riske Ms. Lavonne Ross Nicola Schaefer Mr. M. Schnitzer Ms. Janet Schubert Ms. Carol Sharp Clarice Shell Mr. Jon Sigurdson Wilma Sotas Deidre Sozansky Ms. Barbara Sparling William Stewart Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth & Lorraine Stone Mr. Tim Swanson & Ms. Anne Longston Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Mary Thomas Ms. Phyllis A. C. Thomson Carol & Neil Trembath Mrs. Audrey Vandewater Mrs. Nancy Vincent Stephen & Linda Vincent Mr. & Mrs. Arthur & Carrie Walker-Jones The Children and Grandchildren of Colin and Frances Walley P. & B. Walsh

Peter and Faye Warren Ms. Stephanie Whitehouse In Memory of Susan Wieser Edith Wilde Nicole & Graham Worden 4 Anonymous

Leave a legacy by making a donation to the WSO’s Endowment Fund. Managed by The Winnipeg Foundation since 1959, the fund has grown in value to just over $4M. Gifts to the fund ensure long term financial support for the orchestra. Thank you! Ms. Lisa Abram Judy & Jay Anderson Aubrey & Dr. Linda Asper John Bacon John & Janet Bailey Doris & Burton Bass Greg Doyle and Carol Bellringer Eric Bergen In Memory of Jessica Bernardin Mark & Zita Bernstein Family Foundation Edwin & Susan Bethune Ms. Joanne Biggs David & Gillian Bird Morley & Marjorie Blankstein C.M., O.M. Blumie & Iser Portnoy Endowment Fund Helga & Gerhard Bock Mr. Boychuk Kurt Braun Ms. Meira Buchszreiber Mr. & Mrs. F. Buckmaster Mrs. Leona Burdeniuk Timothy & Barbara Burt Lorraine and Gerry Cairns Sandra Caplan T & J Carter Mr. & Mrs. Norm & Sylvia Cassie Chavurad Tefilah; in Appreciation of Clara Belkin Chavurad Tefilah; in Appreciation of Karin Klassen Lawrie Cherniack Ms. E.R Chochinov Audrey Clifford Mrs. Joyce Cooper Ms. Helle Cosby Mr. & Mrs. Roger & Cathy Coss D.J. Cowan M. & G. Crielaard Gary & Fiona Crow D. Cymbalist Esther and Hy Dashevsky Kathleen Davis Mr. Ray Davis Dept of Otolaryngology, Head & Neck Surgery Tanya & Cameron Derksen Mrs. Christine Dewar Mr. Isaac Ben Diamond Ms. Janice Dietch

Mrs. Elfrieda H. Dupuis Beverley & Fred Dyck Miss Helene Dyck Ms. Alexandra Eastley John & Martha Enns Ms. Ursula Erhardt Sharon Erickson-Nesmith Kathleen & David Estey Irwin & Gail Fine Ms. Jo-Ann Finney Julien Fradette Mrs. Gitta Fricke Eileen George Mr. Randy Gesell Roger Giesbrecht Jeremy & Maureen Gordon Heather Graham Dr. & Mrs. L.C. Graham Mr. Ralph B. Guppy Mr. James Hanley In Memory of Emily Hasinoff Teresa A. Hay Dr. Wolfgang Heidenreich Mr. Daniel Heindl Marilyn & Helios Hernandez Katherine Himelblau Rachel Himelblau Dorothy L. Hodgson Mrs. Audrey F. Hubbard William J. Hutton Terry & Shirley James Drs. Keith & Gwyneth Jones Ms. Marilyn Kapitany A Special Thank You to Jackie Godard Kevin & Els Kavanagh Miss Esme Keith Mr. Ken Kinsley Brad and Cheryl Klassen Mr. & Mrs. Bryan D. Klein In Memory of Donald Kluchnik T.G. Kucera Mr. Roland Lanoie Mr. Don Lawrence Amanda Le Rougetel & Val Paape Lisa Lewis Fraser & Joan Linklater Andrew Lutz K.J. Lyons & C.E. Simcoe Mr. Simon MacDonald Bonnie Makodanski Dr. Peter & Jane Markesteyn In Memory of Grant Marshall Robert McDowall Mr. & Mrs. Jim & Terri McKerchar Mrs. Jean H. McLennan Ardythe McMaster Glen Mead Stephen & Marianne Meush Margaret & Fred Mooibroek Linda Moore Margaret Moroz, in Memory of Donald Kluchnik Margaret Moroz Vera Moroz Ron & Ollie Nelson Mr. Sveto Nikic Mr. & Mrs. Brian Ormonde In Memory of Fern Papushka Ms. Joan S. Papushka Mr. & Dr. Grant W. Pastuck In Memory of Mary Patterson

Lesia Peet In Memory of Dr. & Mrs. M.M. Pierce Dr. & Mrs. Werner Pieterse Mr. & Mrs. David & Wanda Pike Phyllis Portnoy & Rory Egan Ms. Lois Powne Eric & Erna Pullam J. Reichert Ms. Iris Reimer Mrs. Shirley Richardson Ms. Charlotte Robbins James Robertson Gisela Roger Mr. Kevin Rollason Olga & Bill Runnalls Ms. Tracy Sachvie Grant & Janet Saunders William Scheidt A. Schroeder Marilyn & Jon Seguire Dr. L. Sekla David Shefford Shirley E. Sherwood Michael Silicz & Alison Hamilton Winnifred Sim Louis & Shirley Ann Simkulak Jack & Elaine Sine In Memory of David H. Skinner Mrs. Carolyn E. Smith Mr. Jean P. Sourisseau Ms. Patricia Steele Dr. & Mrs. M.R. Steinbart Margaret & Hartley Stinson Lea Stogdale L. & P. Talbot James & Joanne Teitsma Ms. Marilyn Thompson Heather A. Thornton Edith A. Toews Dr. Helen A. Toews Louise Waldman & David Loftson Pat & Peter Walker Professor A.M.C. Waterman Mr. & Mrs. James & Claudia Weselake Mr. Paul Wiebe Robin Wiens and Emilie Lagacé-Wiens Raymond and Shirley Wiest Dianne Wilt & Keith Millan Lisa Abram Women's Committee of the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra Theresa Huscroft Terence & Angela Wu Phillip S. Young 6 Anonymous

Share the Music is a unique outreach initiative of the WSO that allows economically disadvantaged children and their families to attend WSO performances. Thank you for helping to Share the Music!

His Worship Mayor Sam Katz Ms. E.R Chochinov Shelley Chochinov Barbara Cook EJ Day Addie Penner In Memory of Dr. & Mrs. M.M. Pierce Ms. Linda Sander Kay Schalme Heida & Skuli Sigfusson Ms. Brenda Sklar Geri & Peter Spencer G.W. & Jean Swift Bette Jayne Taylor, in Honour of Her Birthday Ross & Bette Jayne Taylor Allyson Watts 2 Anonymous

Festival donors help to ensure the artistic excellence of the WSO’s New Music Festival. Thank you! Aubrey & Dr. Linda Asper Ms. Ruth Asper Baked Expectations Pat & Mary Jo Carrabre Warren Carther Mr. Ernest P. Cholakis Dr. & Mrs. David Connor Aris Economou Elvira Finnigan Mr. Georgios Giannelis Paul & Nel Henteleff Marilyn & Helios Hernandez Richard & Karen Howell Humphry Inn & Suites Drs. Keith & Gwyneth Jones Koren & Leonard Kaminski Kozub/Halldorson Family Mrs. Caroline Ksiazek T.G. Kucera Ron Lambert Rolf & Alana Langelotz Mr. Gordon P. Linney Dr. Brendan MacDougall Mr. Frank Martin Mr. Pat Meagher Ms. Nancy Mercury Ms. Sheila Miller Mrs. Brenda Morlock Margaret Moroz Robert & Cindy Neufield Lesia Peet Ms. Dominique Rey Mr. Doug Shewfelt Mr. Michael Shnier Muriel Smith Iian Smythe Juris & Aija Svenne Karin Woods Mr. & Dr. Jens J. Wrogemann Ms. Sylvia Yaeger 3 Anonymous

F e b r u a r y – M a r c h 2 013 I O V E R T U R E 3 5

WSO BOARD & STAFF 2012-2013 SEASON OUR DISTINGUISHED PATRONS His Honour the Honourable Philip S. Lee C.M., O.M. Lieutenant Governor of Manitoba The Honourable Greg Selinger, Premier of Manitoba His Worship Sam Katz, Mayor of the City of Winnipeg Mr. W.H. Loewen & Mrs. S.E. Loewen, WSO Directors Emeritus WOMEN'S COMMITTEE EXECUTIVE Shirley Loewen, President Sylvia Cassie, Vice President Lesia Peet, Past President Margaret Harvie, Treasurer Evelyn Davidson, Secretary

BOARD OF DIRECTORS Timothy E. Burt, CFA, Alan Freeman President & Chair Dr. Daya Gupta Richard Turner, Gregory Hay Vice President Michael D. Kay Muriel Smith, Secretary Maureen Kilgour Rob Kowalchuk, Caroline Ksiazek Treasurer Jackie Lowe Dorothy Dobbie, Past Terry Sargeant President Karl Stobbe Trudy Schroeder, James Carr Ex officio Sylvia Cassie Alexander Mickelthwate, Michael Cox Ex officio Arlene Dahl OFFICIAL AUDITORS Runchey Miyazawa Abbott Chartered Accountants



EXECUTIVE OFFICE Lori Marks, Confidential Executive Assistant

ARTISTIC Bramwell Tovey, Conductor Laureate Richard Lee, Resident Conductor Vincent Ho, Composer-in-Residence

FINANCE & ADMINISTRATION John Bacon, Director of Finance & Administration Sandi Mitchell, Payroll & Accounting Administrator Mihye Shin, Accounting & Administrative Assistant

ARTISTIC OPERATIONS Jean-Francois Phaneuf, Director of Artistic Operations James Manishen, Artistic Operations Associate DEVELOPMENT Andrea de Haan, Production Manager Joanne Gudmundson, Director of Development Amanda Wilson, Stage Manager Carol Cassels, Development Manager Chris Lee, Orchestra Personnel Manager Sarah Lund, Development Coordinator Ray Chrunyk, Principal Librarian Gail Loewen, Manager of Strategic Advancement Projects Laura MacDougall, Assistant Librarian Kathy March, Telefunder, Donations & Raffles Lawrence Rentz, Stage Supervisor Chelse McKee, Development Assistant (p/t) EDUCATION & OUTREACH SALES & AUDIENCE SERVICES Tanya Derksen, Director of Education & Outreach Ryan Diduck, Director of Sales & Audience Services Amy Wolfe, Education & Outreach Coordinator Jason Hayes, Patron Services Coordinator Brent Johnson, Community Outreach Coordinator Heather Thornton, Group Events Representative MARKETING & COMMUNICATIONS Rachel Himelblau, Patron Services Representative Lisa Abram, Director of Marketing & Communications Patron Services Representatives (p/t): Theresa Huscroft Melissa Ungrin Susana Schanel, Marketing & Communications Clare Neil Stephanie Van Nest Project Manager Crystal Schwartz S. Thompson Designs Inc.

WINNIPEG SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA TICKET INFORMATION 1020-555 Main Street Winnipeg, MB R3B 1C3 Phone: 204.949.3950 Fax: 204.956.4271

WSO Box Office phone: 204-949-3999

Ticketmaster phone: 1-855-985-ARTS

Group Events phone: 204-949-3995

The WSO is a chartered non-profit organization operated by a voluntary Board of Directors.

3 6 O V E R T U R E I F e b r u a r y – M a r c h 2 013

2012/2013 Overture #5  
2012/2013 Overture #5