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 Designing the website with static HTML code is now a

thing of past.

 Nowadays, PSD to HTML, HTML to WordPress is the

popular methods of coding a website.

 HTML led to the slowing down of the websites

therefore for resolving such issues; web developers created an innovative PSD to WordPress conversion methods.

 WordPress originated in 2003, and bow it is popular

everywhere, and everyone is moving from HTML, PSD to WordPress.

 WordPress powers more than 80 million websites and

has largest market share among the other Content Management Software (CMS).

 HTML is now considered as outdated, and this is justified

because it is unable to take the burden of today’s Content Management.

ï‚¢ Converting HTML to WordPress also enhances user experience

and using WordPress is very easy as compared to HTML or PSD.


● DYNAMIC CMS:  Managing Content is a difficult task, with the help of WordPress,

CMS becomes very easy, and with little knowledge, you can customize your site.

 HTML is old school now, creating HTML site page involve coding in

multiple lines. On the other hand, creating a regular WordPress site page is a very easy task. Managing the website and updating is extremely easy.

 Originally developed for content management and publishing, today,

newly added functionalities makes WordPress dynamic.

● SEO FRIENDLY:  The WordPress has inbuilt SEO tools, it is often said

that search engines love WordPress.

 The exceptional features of WordPress guide search

engines across posts and pages.

 With the help of various useful plugins, you can

perform many functions at ease, and it is easier to rank WordPress websites higher in search engines.

● THE SIMPLICITY OF WORKING:  With multiple themes and plugins, WordPress makes it simple

for a user to work and customize. It is a unique CMS and increases the usability factor significantly.

 Web development is quite easy with WordPress as compared

to HTML.

 Converting HTML website to WordPress is popular nowadays,

and easy coding for WordPress attracts beginners who love attractive themes and plugins of WordPress.

● VAST DEVELOPER COMMUNITY: Just when you start using WordPress, you

become a part if the big community of developers.

The best thing about WordPress is that it is open

source and this lets people customize it according to the needs, and that is the reason you can get it in the desired form.

● CHOOSE ANY DESIGN TO CUSTOMIZE: Converting HTML to WordPress gives an option

to select from a range of hundreds of Themes and enjoy the flexibility.

You can achieve effective branding with

optimizing and designing.

Finally, if you have

decided to convert HTML website to WordPress, do note that there are many professional services providing website like WPE Experts who can help you in the conversion and will do the job with accuracy and in QuickTime, not need to worry as the rates are very low as compared to the service they

Some Major Reasons to Convert HTML Website to Wordpress  

HTML is now considered as outdated. Here are some major reasons to convert html website to wordpress today!

Some Major Reasons to Convert HTML Website to Wordpress  

HTML is now considered as outdated. Here are some major reasons to convert html website to wordpress today!