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These are just a few of the fun stories from the Web Feature A Look Back. You Better Behave Former President Harry Truman and his wife boarded a train in Independence, Missouri, and headed to New York. Their mission…babysitting their two grandsons while daughter Margaret and her husband went on a European trip. Would you want Grandpa babysitting you if you knew he was the man who authorized the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki?

The “Original” I Misspoke Senator John F. Kennedy opened his speech at a luncheon by saying “I accept the nomination.” He paused and when the laughter died down he added “Oh excuse me. That’s my speech for next month.” That’s Yogi When the New York Yankees traveled to Kansas City to play the Athletics, Yogi Berra was invited to drive ten miles to visit the Harry S. Truman Library in Independence, Missouri. “Why would I” quipped Berra, “I got my own books at home.”

106 Candles


Jockey Jack Williams was 24 years old, 5 foot two, weighed 96 pounds, and rode in races in England, France and Australia. That wouldn’t be unusual except that “Jack” had a secret. Beneath the traditional jockey silks...he was a she. Jack even smoked cigars to further enhance the disguise. Jack William's real name was Elizabeth Berry. Born in 1854, Berry came to Helena in the fall of 1913 a few years after her marriage to Dr. J. B. Berry, the veterinarian who cared for the Kessler Brewery horses. The one time jockey was lovingly known as “Mother Berry”. She owned and trained race horses, and lived near the barns at the Montana State Fairgrounds for many years. Although she admitted that she never attended school for even one day, her friends claimed she had more “horse sense” than most. A great woman, and sports figure of international fame, she rode her way into the hearts of all who knew her. “Mother Berry” in the company of close friends, celebrated her 106th Birthday June 21st, 1960.

At the new Opry House, Little Jimmie Dickens’ mail box is the only Opry member’s box that is not in alphabetical order. Do you know why? Answer: At a towering 4 feet 11 inches tall, Dickens would not be able to reach his mailbox if it was in alphabetical order with the rest of them.

Alan Sherman Eat Your Heart Out Forget Camp Granada that Alan Sherman sang about. Helena Youngsters were heading for summer fun at the Helena Y.M.C. A. Summer Camp. Unlike the fabled Camp Granada, Joe Spivey didn’t develop poison Ivy. Leonard Skinner didn’t get ptomaine poisoning after dinner…the counselors didn’t hate the waiters, and the lake wasn’t filled with alligators. The kids enjoyed a full week of constructive fun. Activities included basketball, volleyball, softball, archery, swimming, boating, fishing, nature study, riflery, movies and so much more. All the stuff memories are made of. Total fee for the entire week was $25 per child. Current prices listed show six day camps cost $250 with a $35 discount for Y members.

Escape from Behind Bars Residents were warned of the possibility of a band of Vyramuthu Sivagnanlingam females parading the streets and alleys in the wee small hours of the morning, ringing bells Vyramuthu Sivagnanlingam, the chief accountant and scanning the tree tops with flashlights. No cause for alarm as the strange appariof the Ceylon Institute of Scientific and Industrial tion would merely be friends of a small green Research completed a week long study of business parakeet named Louigi. practices of Mountain States Telephone and TeleHe had been missing for several days and was spotted in the Logan, Warren and Rodney graph Company here in Helena. Street area. The ladies had formed a posse in Sivagnanlingam studied and examined methods an attempt to recapture the feathered felon. of the phone company in overall accounting, personWonder if they might have located him more easily with the use of a “Louigi Board”. nel management and related fields. His visit to Helena included going to the Gates of the Mountains, dinner at Frontier Town, a ride on Yes, But Can It Play Melancholy Baby? the Last Chancer Tour Train, watching a performIn Branford Connecticut, the case of a singing vacuum ance at the Brewery Theatre, fishing on Hauser cleaner was solved when a repairman found a small harmonica Lake, and more. stuck in the floor nozzle. The cleaner’s owner complained the Can you imagine being a host, and having to in- device was producing weird music. troduce this man to several people throughout the To access A Look Back go to day?


Foot-And-Mouth Virus in Animals Hard To Control The latest Government research has shown that the footand-mouth virus, a cause of disease in cattle, swine, sheep and goats may be more difficult to control than had been suspected. This is not to be confused with Foot- IN- Mouth disease suffered by the human species. It too has been proven to be more difficult to control than had been suspected. If anything, it may be more rampant today. He’s shaking his fist at us. What Next… Banging his shoe on the desk? Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev threatened to use rockets against any U. S. ally that allows their base to be used for spy flights into the Soviet Union. In response, the United States said it would uphold its defense commitment with its allies if Russia should strike at their bases.

Last week the question was asked… Who Was Packy East? 1. Founder of United Van Lines? 2. A Tour Guide in East Rutherford New Jersey. 3. A superstitious Vaudevillian who would only perform on the East side of the stage. 4. None of the above.

ANSWER Packy East was a 16 year old amateur boxer in Cleveland. He beat his first opponent. His second opponent didn’t show up. His third fight was with a guy named Happy Walsh. They called him “Happy” because every time you hit him, he smiled. In speaking about that fight Packy said…”I gave him my Sunday Punch. He smiled. Then everything went black.” That ended Packy's boxing career. English born, Packy East’s real name was Leslie Townes Hope. We know him as comedian Bob Hope. Of his boxing career, Hope said he gave up boxing when he “was not only being carried out of the ring, but into the ring.” Hey Brother Can You Spare A Dime? While on the campaign trail, Vice President Richard Nixon shook off his Secret Service escort and took an early morning walk through the streets of Billings. He peered into shop windows, and stopped unannounced for an early breakfast at a hotel restaurant. As he left, he discovered that he didn’t have much money in his pocket. Nixon turned to officer Dennis Holm and borrowed $2.50. The money was later repaid. Continuing his stroll in the chilling drizzle, Nixon attended services at the First Methodist Church. Reverend Dr. Vern L. Klingman recognized his special guest, and after the service he asked the Vice President to sign baptismal certificates for five children who were being baptized that morning. Nixon cheerfully agreed to be a witness. It was a memorable visit for the people of Billings, and no doubt it held some special memories for Vice President Nixon as well.

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