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Conquering Your Child’s Inevitable Winter Cold Winter is the time of year when many children commonly start to develop colds, especially if they are in daycare or school. Try as a parent might to prevent it, more than likely, a child will get a cold at least once during the winter. Here are some things you can do to try to help speed up recovery: • • • •

Give your child lots of liquids to keep them hydrated Make sure your child is getting plenty of rest Try to minimize congestion and mucus with saline drops Administer acetaminophen or ibuprofen as needed for body aches and pains

It’s time to see your pediatrician if your child is: • • • •

Less than two months old and develops a fever, or if the fever lasts more than three days Having difficulty breathing Having trouble keeping liquids down Experiencing more pain than mild aching, such as a sore throat or ear pain

Most colds don’t require a doctor’s visit. However, when in doubt – listen to your gut!

Schedule an appointment by calling (541) 754-1278 Learn more at CorvallisClinic.com/pediatrics

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[They know what they’re talking about] Thrive


Helping Kids Thrive with Karen Swanger, page 6

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“I didn’t realize I was supposed to know how to do everything by my second rodeo. Seems like a very low amount of rodeos.

Let’s Talk Health with Samaritan Health Services, page 8

— Spotted on Society6.com and echoed by many moms


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Oh, the things you’ll learn Writers are naturally curious (also nosy), and serving as editor-in-chief allows me to explore some of the latest topics that matter to moms. On my current list that earn the mind-blown emoji: Laser dentistry: No needles and no anesthesia! Where was this when I was listening to an 8-track cassette of the original Muppet Movie and getting all my fillings as a child, zoned out on nitrous oxide? Several local pediatric dentists are now offering laser dentistry that can anesthetize and then vaporize cavities. Vaporize. Free, rentable dishware: I had no idea this was a thing. Available in Eugene through Linn County Waste Management, this firstcome, first-served program is perfect for planning your next party. Each kit comes with reusable utensils, plates, cups and napkins for 25. Lost retainer programs from our orthodontists: The panic and shame of having to dig through the school lunch garbage cans is a thing of the past. Nowadays if your child loses their retainer, you can get a free or low-cost replacement in a few days.

the production of antibodies to help fight the baby’s illness. Visit our expert Nurturely.org to learn more. Savings for single parents: Single parents can get special rates at resorts during off-peak times. Shout out to @VacationMOM for this knowledge. Do you have a timely, locally relatable topic you want our readers to know about? I love to be surprised and delighted: tell me everything at audrey@mommag.com.

Audrey Meier DeKam Editor-in-Chief

Breast milk is ridiculously smart: The milk of a parent with a premature baby has increased immunofactors in comparison with milk for full-term babies. And when a baby is sick, human milk adjusts to increase

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Birthday traditions Cultures around the world celebrate birthdays, and children’s birthdays seem to take center stage. Many families have special birthday traditions, which can be as simple as always lighting a candle and singing the Happy Birthday song, or as elaborate as a scavenger hunt for presents. Traditions like this are more than just fun: they are anchoring moments for children through the various rites of passage. What makes for fun birthday traditions? • A special way to wake up, like waffles with all the toppings. • Write a card or letter to your child telling them all the ways they are wonderful and loved. • Let the birthday child pick dinner that night. • A photo in (relatively) the same setting from year to year. That way you’ll have a great collage in the making for when your child reaches adulthood. At Kidspirit we offer fun, active birthday celebrations involving crafts, activities, gymnastics and more. Visit us at kidspirit.oregonstate.edu to view current offerings. Brought to you by:

Karen Swanger

OSU KidSpirit, OSU Extension & Outreach kidspirit.oregonstate.edu

Director of OSU Kidspirit

6 mommag.com

BOLDER Cabinet Colors For over a decade, white or gray kitchens have led the popularity contest in cabinet design. However, design trends are moving toward more colorful cabinets. Homeowners are becoming more comfortable using their cabinets, the largest item in the kitchen, to express their personal style.

Taupe If you’re as exhausted with gray as I am, then taupe is your new best friend. It warms up the room like the smell of cinnamon pine cones by the fire. Two of my favorites are Benjamin Moore’s Revere Pewter and Waynesboro Taupe.

Green No one can do green on interiors as well as those of us living in the Pacific Northwest. Forest and tonal greens are most popular, but army green and emeralds have not been off limits either.

Blue You could say we’re back to blue, but honestly did we ever leave it? Blue has always been an option for cabinets. While its popularity may change from year to year, it never fails to come back with fresh looks. One of my all time favorites is naval blue.

Metal tones Certain tones of metal look amazing on cabinets, like black. If black is too bold for you, then try statement colors such as Sherwin William’s Urban Bronze or Graphite.

Heather Van Eyk is a mother of two and founder of Kalluna Interior Designs, established in 2014.

K ALLUNA kalluna.com / 541-738-2806 127 Broadalbin St SW Albany

New name and location! Northwest Design House is now Kalluna Interior Design, relocated to historic downtown Albany.

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Let’s talk health


Have a question you forgot to discuss at the doctor’s office or are too embarrassed to ask? The experts at Samaritan Health Services are here to help.

Q: Is it necessary and safe for my child to receive the COVID-19 vaccination?

A: Even though COVID-19 tends to be more serious in adults, the virus isn’t entirely harmless to children and they can benefit from the vaccine, too. Not only does the vaccine help to protect your child’s health, other good reasons to get the vaccine include protecting others in your family and in the community, being able to attend certain activities, and no longer needing to quarantine at home if you are not showing symptoms after being exposed to COVID-19. The vaccine has been studied and in use for more than one year now and has proven to

Q: Is there any reason that busy moms should worry about heart disease?

A: Yes! Heart disease is the most common

cause of death in women — yet women tend to care for others first and take care of themselves in whatever time is left over in their day. That’s why we urge all women to care for themselves as they would for others, especially when it comes to their heart health.

First, be aware that heart attack symptoms are different in women than in men. Pay attention if you have discomfort or pain in the jaw, neck, shoulders or upper back; shortness of breath; pain in one or both arms; abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting or unusual indigestion; or lightheadedness, dizziness or unusual fatigue. If you experience any of these, contact your primary care provider right away. If it seems life-threatening, call 911.

be safe and effective. Rare side effects include myocarditis (inflammation of the heart) and pericarditis (inflammation of the heart lining). If side effects are going to occur, it will usually happen within days of receiving the vaccine. Such side effects are extremely rare and people who experience them typically have a full recovery. It’s reassuring to know that the medical community is looking closely for side effects and complications and finding them to be very infrequent and treatable. Talk to your child’s pediatrician for advice or visit samhealth.org/Coronavirus for more information. — Eddie Frothingham, MD, Mid-Valley Children’s Clinic

We know it’s not healthy to smoke, to be overweight, to be overloaded with stress and to be too sedentary, but it can be difficult to take the first step to a heart-healthy lifestyle. Try reaching out to a friend who is a good role model and ask for encouragement or friendly competition. Ask your doctor for medical assistance and resources. Visit trustworthy medical websites, such as samhealth.org/Heart, for advice and ideas. — Jacquelyn Sinclair, FNP, Samaritan Cardiology

Let’s talk health

8 mommag.com

Brought to you by:

Call Samaritan Health Services Find a Doctor line at 800-863-5241 to find a provider who is right for you.

It’s perfect, honey!

Reimagining birthday parties Forget Pinterest perfection

Have you ever noticed that we love our children’s artwork, no matter how purple the sky or red the grass they’ve drawn? We don’t expect it to be perfect, yet we find joy in it anyway. We find joy in their imperfection, yet we often expect no less than perfection from ourselves or our spouse. When we reflect on our

lives, we see what we don’t have. When we look in the mirror, we see our flaws instead of athe blessings. Can we take a step back? Can we The thought birthday party drives many moms to Pinterest find pounds, the perfect birthdayshoes, themeorwith accept those fewtoextra or scuffed not-so-new games,with foodits and decorations to match. allow Parents can get to car—even occasional rattles—and ourselves so caught up in the with partywhat favors theand photo moments, experience satisfaction weand have who we are? Peace they forget to stop and focus on the purpose of a with ourselves liberates us to be our own “best.” birthday party. Today’s the day. Giveare yourself theand expectation Birthday parties a wayatobreak bringfrom friends family of perfection and “I’m okay. ” pandemic has many of us together tosay, celebrate. The

appreciating simple nature of today! being together. More It’s called GRACE.the Give yourself some than presents, flashy decorations and themed foods, kids need to socially and emotionally connect with others.

Brought to you by:

AnnaMarie Gosser Santiam Christian Elementary Principal

Reimagine a birthday celebration as an opportunity to brought to you by invite neighbors to play games in your yard, classmates to meet up with your child at a park, family to come over for a meal. A birthday celebration is the perfect excuse for connecting with individuals in your community that you Christian may not have built relationships Carlawith…yet. Towery is a Santiam Schools teacher, www.santiamchristian.org As a parent, give yourself theKindergarten gift of visiting with others Santiam Christian Schools gift is instead ofx243 managing an event. The best birthday 541-745-5524 human connection.

www.santiamchristian.org 541-745-5524 x 243

Hand-crafted pizza in 5 minutes Garden-fresh toppings and scratch-made artisan dough, including cauliflower and gluten-free crusts. House-made sauces, salads, Oregon microbrews and more.

piefivepizza.com 541-286-4394 LO C AT E D I N T H E CO R VA L L I S T I M B E R H I L L S H O P P I N G C E N T E R 4 mommag.com

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Cherita Wilson

She’s a princess. She’s a real estate broker. She is Cherita Wilson! 10 mommag.com

Family comes first. All families are unique. Tell us about yours. Well, let’s start with the love of my life. We have been happily married for going on 15 years and have been together for over 20. We have a blended family, meaning we met when I was already a mother, and he loved my newborn and preschooler instantly. They took to him and the bond was clear from the start. We added my youngest to the family and there we stopped. We are all Illinois natives who made their way to Oregon 11 years ago. My youngest son, Erick, loves scootering, online gaming, anything IT related, and his adorable girlfriend Ashlee, and Ashlee’s precious little son, Taevon. My middle son, Roman, is an amazing artist, talented writer and tells the best stories. My oldest, Ca’mare’a, is studying to be a vet tech and works and lives in Portland. She is the reason we now own three cats. People used to tell me that when my kids moved out I would yearn for something to take care of. I laughed and said I couldn’t wait for that bit of freedom. Yeah, well, they were right..and so world, meet Nugget, T’Challa, and Deet (named after our favorite character from the Dark Crystal, not the bug spray).

Photos by: Emily Hall Photography Profession: Licensed real estate broker, professional princess & co-owner of Party Perfection Oregon

Community: I’m nestled comfortably

right in between Corvallis and Albany, and I love it because it gives me two amazing local communities to be a part of.

Husband: Eric Wilson, digital advertising sales

Children: Ca’Mare’a, age 23; Roman,

age 20; and Erick, age 19. All grown and living on their own!

When did you know you wanted to be a mom? I actually didn’t want to be a mother. I was not a fan of children, and I planned to be childless. But it seems the universe had other plans because despite preventative measures, I got pregnant. And when I got a positive test, it hit me like a ton of bricks… I instantly fell in love with this little life. My whole feelings about being a mother changed. I got to carry and birth three babies and I fell in love each time. I know motherhood isn’t for everyone and I thought that was me, but now wouldn’t change my life for anything in the world. I had the opportunity to stay home with my kids when they were young, and that is something I am so grateful for because there are a lot of moms who never had or don’t have that choice. What is something you swore you would never do before kids that you now do? (skip showers, go to a drive through coffee in your pjs, etc.)? I swore that I would never leave my house without my hair being done and without nice clothes. After my first infant projectile vomited on my

expensive new dress and shoes, I let all that go and jumped on the sweats and messy bun band wagon. In what way are your children like you? How are they different? All three of my children are artistically talented in some way, just like me. They are all amazing actors and I’m not just saying that because they’re my children. Ca’mare’a is a beautiful vocalist and even more beautiful dancer, Roman is the artist I wish I could have been, and Erick has a beautiful tenor singing voice and a natural sense of rhythm that would make the best drummer jealous. How they’re different: Ca’mare’a is so much more mature than me. She is my bestie and throughout our 23-year relationship, sometimes I have forgotten who’s mom and who’s daughter. She keeps me grounded. Roman is different from me in the fact that he hates social interaction. He’s more of a home body and always has been. He is an old soul for sure. Erick doesn’t like taking pictures or being the center of attention even though he has the energy and spirit that attracts people to him.

No one works harder than mom. Tell us about your work or volunteerism outside of the home. I love to volunteer and bring magic wherever I can. I’ve had the honor of volunteering through cosplay and I am so happy that I get to do what I love. I have visited hospitals, schools, and community events like Relay for Life, March of Dimes, CASA and more. My favorite events to volunteer for each year are the American Legion in Albany’s annual Christmas party for low income families and Princess for a Day in Eugene. Princess for a day is an annual event for foster children, hosted by “A family for every child” and run by 100% volunteers. The kids are invited to be treated like royalty by getting their hair and makeup done, receiving a new ball gown, and having a tea party and dance with all the princesses (and a few villains). Party Perfection Oregon provides the featured characters and each year at the close of the event, we cry because of the love and magic that we get to bring to these children who have already been through so much. mommag.com 11

MOMs Love Local We love locally owned businesses, restaurants, places and organizations. Share your favorite… …shop to pick up a gift for a friend: Irishhawk Trading Company in Albany and the Rock Shop in Corvallis. …coffee spot: Susan’s Garden & Coffee Shop in Corvallis and Citadel Oasis in Albany …restaurants for a date night: In Corvallis, we love McMenamin’s and Frankie’s Farm to Table in North Albany. …meetup spot for happy hour: Momiji Sushi in North Albany has great happy hour deals and I love the service staff. When I can join my girlfriends, we love the Peacock Bar & Grill in Corvallis or Gamberetti’s in Albany. …family fun: Maxtivity in Philomath …boutique to find a new shirt: 1st Hand Seconds in Albany, which fundraises for people affected by domestic abuse. …events in your community: I’ve had the opportunity to be part of the magic provided for families through The Albany Association Downtown Twice Around Parade and Tree Lighting, the Historic Carousel’s Annual Re-opening Celebration/ Carnival, Movies at Monteith Park, and so much more. In Corvallis, the Pastega drive-through light display is so much fun to do each year, even after the kids have grown up. My favorite summer event is Corvallis Knights Baseball. Go Knights! My very favorite annual event is the one that Party Perfection Oregon hosts. Each year we host a Jubilee, where we fundraise for a different organization, such as Albany schools student-run organizations, Calvary Baptist Church and Jackson Street Youth Services.

12 mommag.com

As a Realtor, I am an official ambassador for Jackson Street Youth Services. I fundraise numerous times throughout the year, and I host food drives for them as well. They provide services for youth facing homelessness, abuse and so much more. They help these kids find jobs, learn life skills and empower these kids to accomplish their goals. I’m also a supporting sponsor for the NAACP Corvallis/Albany branches Annual Freedom Celebration, and I had the honor of singing the Black National Anthem “Lift every voice and sing” at this year’s celebration. What have you learned professionally that has helped you as a mom? Actually, reverse that. I didn’t become a real professional until my kids were grown, so I put what I learned from being a mother into my work. And that is definitely compassion. When was the last time you failed? What did you learn? There are no failures in life. Only learning opportunities. The last time

I had a chance to learn was to realize that it’s ok to ask for help. I got overwhelmed with too many real estate clients, and I lost one client over it because they felt like I was too disorganized. I hired a personal assistant and a transaction coordinator to make sure that didn’t ever happen again.

If mom’s not happy, nobody’s happy. Tell us about your upbringing. How did it shape the mother you are today? We have a blended family, in every sense of the word. We have all the colors of the rainbow and it’s the best! I was raised by my aunts and my mom, who are/were all strong women in their own ways. My mom and dad never married one another but they married my (and I hate using this word) step-parents. People looked at us like we were crazy because my four parents were best friends. We all celebrated holidays together, and when one of us kids acted out, all four parents knew about that mess and acted accordingly.

What is special about where you grew up? So I was like everyone else who leaves their home town. I wanted out. Now that I have been gone for over 11 years, I realize that what made Peoria, Illinois home, was family and friends and memories. Every time I go back, I am reminded of my childhood. What do you think is the most important life skill or value your parents taught you? Compassion mixed with a sense of humor and an “ I don’t take no poop” attitude. What is something you will NEVER do again? Eat tripe. What is one thing you never had that you want for your kids? The ability to financially manage their lives. I was not taught any of this in school and my parents didn’t explain how important credit was, so I started late in life with horrible financial habits and I’m just now starting to save for retirement. Tell us something about you that would surprise your kids. I’ve been keeping a secret that will either traumatize them or make them dislike me just a little. I’m almost positive that I killed our hamster Gizmo because he bit me and I dropped him on the cement basement floor. He got sick and died the next day. Apparently hamsters are delicate creatures. It’s a guilt I have been carrying for a while and it feels good to get it off my chest. Don’t hate me, kids! What is the best way that you let off steam? I clean my house – aggressively. But um, I don't think I have needed to blow off steam in a while, based off the dust on my lamp shades. Who is your favorite real-life hero? That would be my oldest daughter, Ca’mare’a. She changed my life in so many ways and she continues to do so without even trying. I have always been able to count on her no

matter what. Her strength, love and loyalty never cease to amaze me. Now if I can get her to just clean up the mess she leaves when she comes to visit… What is something you think everyone should do at least once in their lives? Dress up as a character and visit a hospital. It’s the most humbling and amazing experience. They say that everyone has a book in them. What’s the title of your book? Organized Loving Chaos. I never stop going and I never stop helping. I’m always doing something for someone and I never know where anything is, even though I just had it in my hands the other day.

Listen to mom. Is motherhood what you expected? What surprised you the most? It’s everything I expected. But what surprised me the most is the way my kids saw me versus the way I saw myself as a mother. I saw failures left and right, but my kids saw love and dedication. It reminds me of when Erick was 4. I made his birthday cake instead of buying one and the theme was Lightning McQueen. This was the ugliest, most lopsided cake with a toy car thrown on top. I hated it and I cried because of how it turned out, but when Erick saw it, he shouted for joy and gave me the biggest hug. To this day it’s still his favorite birthday cake. Our kids love anything we do for them, and that day was a solid reminder. Who and what has influenced the mother you are today? My family, in every sense. I learned from the mistakes made by the adults who raised me, but I also learned that family is family. Always. There is no step, there is no racism, there is no gender intolerance. There are fights, but there is love and acceptance. What’s the best advice you’ve received from another mom? There is no owner's manual that comes with kids. They have their own personality and their own mind. No two kids will ever be alike and as long as you understand that you're doing your best, you will never fail them.


Our family accepts all. We don’t believe in genetics playing a part in family, and we don’t let kids suffer as a result of adult follies. My son is dating a beautiful soul who brought a child to the relationship that is not genetically linked to any of us, but OMG I love my first grand baby! In our family, there is no step-child or step-parent; there is only mom and dad, and kids.

MOM s Favorite... …place to find some peace & quiet: My great room with no TV, music, or other sound besides the purr of my cats, snuggled right underneath me. …binge-worthy TV: A Food Network show of any kind, princess or Marvel Movie, or Meerkat Manor (which one of my cats loves to sit and watch with me) …parenting philosophy: Just before she passed away several years ago, my mother gave me the best advice. She said, “She-Pie (her pet name for me), make sure that your kids know they can ALWAYS come to you with ANYTHING. No matter what it is. And when they do, don’t snap out at them. Help them. Express your frustration but don’t respond in anger or distrust, or you will lose them. When they mess up they need to always know they have someone who will help guide ‘em through the mess-up.”

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Traveling with children is a completely different experience from your footloose days of hopping on a flight without kids. It can be a fun family adventure or a total nightmare, with the odds of a positive experience vastly improved through planning ahead.

TOP 10 ESSENTIALS TO BRING ONBOARD • Snacks (pretzels, crackers, cheese sticks, jerky, nuts, cereal) • Resealable bag with a few diapers and small pack of wipes • Tissues, wet-wipes and hand sanitizer • Small books, stickers, notebooks, crayons and pencils • Change of clothes in a resealable bag • New toys and prizes • Plenty of comfortable, fun masks for everyone • Handheld games, tablets, batteries, headsets, chargers and power packs • Smaller bags to organize items • A sense of adventure, patience and a positive attitude

Gotta catch ‘em all PRO TRAVELER TIP

To pass the hours in airports, download the Pokémon Go app and chase down and capture unique anime creatures throughout your travels. This can turn a boring wait into a new adventure for the family.

14 mommag.com

kids so they can tolerate a mask during travel. Pick out some matching vacationthemed masks and practice wearing them. Take a “field trip” to the airport to practice wearing masks and show them what to expect. They will follow your lead, so make all of it sound like fun. SECURITY RULES

Airlines are required to collect official full names, date of birth and sex of each passenger. TSA rules prohibit taking liquids over 3.4 oz. onboard aircraft; however, you can bring filled bottles or sippy cups for young children. Just show them to the security screeners and know that they may open and test them.

For those of us in the Willamette Valley, flying from Eugene Airport is a great choice. Parking, check-in and getting through security is easier and faster versus flying from a big city airport. There are now more non-stop flights to different destinations than ever before with great fares. The Eugene Airport offers non-stop flights to Burbank, Dallas, Denver, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Mesa, Oakland, Orange County, Palm Springs, Phoenix, Reno/Tahoe, Salt Lake City, San Francisco and Seattle. I suggest you choose one of these destinations for a family vacation. A family trip is not the time to buy the cheapest tickets with multiple connections. Before you go, talk to your children about what to expect, how they will need to behave and safety issues (no running off and staying seated during the flight). Remind them to NOT kick the seats in front of them. Check ahead of time to see if the airports you are visiting have designated play areas that you can visit. Currently everyone age 2 and older is required to wear a mask in airports and on flights. Be sure to prepare your

All liquids need to be in a quart-size resealable bag. Passengers of all ages flying anywhere outside of the U.S. are required to have a valid passport (passport books, not cards). Children under the age of 18 who are not traveling with both parents may need a notarized letter of permission for international travel. Some countries require that you apply for permission and pay a fee to enter their country — this is documented with a stamp in your passport called a Visa. A travel agent can assist with all of these details. BAGGAGE & SEATS

All airlines (except Southwest) charge $20 to $50 per checked-in bag each direction with a maximum weight of 40 to 50 pounds per bag. Many airlines now charge for carry-on bags that won’t fit under a seat, and these charges can add up quickly for a family. There may be a discount if you prepay your baggage fees. Usually you can take a stroller and/or car seat to the plane and gate check them for free. Bring a big plastic bag with an address label to put your items in to keep them from getting dirty if you gate check them. If you’re paying for a seat for your child, you can bring approved car seats onboard the aircraft.


Recently some airlines have been charging for some or all pre-assigned seats. It is important to check airline websites for the latest rules, plan ahead and pack carefully to minimize costs. FOOD & BEVERAGE

The days of free meals & snacks onboard domestic (within the USA) flights are over. Every mom knows that hungry kids are a recipe for disaster. I never get on a plane without a carry-on bag full of snacks. Packaged meat and cheese trays found in the lunchmeat section of the grocery store are great to take with you. All food needs to be in a zipper bag and taken out when going through security. Purchase bottled water (or bring empty water bottles to fill) after clearing security so you always have it available. FLYING WITH INFANTS

On domestic flights, airlines allow an infant, prior to their second birthday, to sit on the lap of an adult for no charge. This must be noted on the reservation as a lap child and you may be required to show a birth certificate or passport to prove their age. For international travel there is usually a highly discounted rate for infant tickets. A small bag with a couple of diapers and a small pack of baby wipes is much easier to take into a tiny airplane bathroom than a huge diaper bag. Pack at least one complete change of clothes for your baby in a plastic bag; that way if you have to change the baby’s clothes, the wet, dirty outfit can go in the bag. If your baby needs a pacifier, take several. Disposable bibs are also helpful on a flight. Note that the Eugene Airport now has two lactation suites available for nursing families. Don’t forget to pack a good attitude: “Look kids, an escalator!” Kids will sense if you are agitated so try and make the best of any situation. If you make it fun, you will have great little travelers ready to see the world.


Vacation MOM is brought to you in partnership with Eugene Airport. Donnita is the owner of VIP Vacations, has been a travel agent for three decades and a vacation expert for over 20 years. She has taken her three children on numerous vacations. Her favorite family destinations include Hawaii, San Diego, Cruises and all-inclusive resorts. Contact Donnita at 541-913-5272 or on @VacationMOMpage.

mommag.com 15

Braces: They’re not just for kids. Adults can greatly benefit from orthodontic treatment to improve their smile, as well as the functionality of their bite. If you missed out on braces as a child, or your teeth have shifted over time, it’s not too late to get a beautiful, more healthy smile. There are many options to choose from today, with clear aligners being a top choice for many. Clear aligners are removable, invisible and effective on mild to moderate alignment cases. Standard braces are an option, as well as lingual braces that are placed on the back of the teeth. If you find yourself needing dental crowns, implants, veneers and other restorative dental work, know that addressing any bite issues is key to making them last longer. Teeth that are out of position endure more wear and tear over time. This smile is brought to you by:

WADE L. HASLAM, DMD, PC 2657 NW Rolling Green Drive Corvallis | 541.757.2440 valleyvieworthodontics.com

16 mommag.com

Come see us to learn more about orthodontic options for your family.


omism #75: I do it out of love.


R A ISN G SOTRNG A M IF L E S THOURG EP R S O N A IL Z D C A ER . Get seen by moms! Advertise with MOM Magazine.


Christina Miller, MD

541 704 7304


Be a role model to your child

At Willamette Valley Pediatrics we believe that health care is personal.

Provide active toys

Dr. Christina Miller takes the time to develop relationships with her patients and their families to care for their “whole” health.

You and your child’s health are our priority.

Find FUN activities

We know that health concerns are stressful for moms. We offer same-day appointments and can work with your busy schedule. We schedule sports physicals with minimal wait time, because we know that an active child is a healthy child.

Make time for exercise

Dr. Miller strives to provide so much more than just a doctor’s visit. She knows that children are a blessing, and she partners with you and your child to help them become their best selves.

Physical activity improves strength and endurance, builds healthy bones and lean muscles, and it promotes emotional well-being.

Christina Miller, MD

1123 Hill Street SE Suite B. Albany 541-704-7304

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Exploring the vast world around us is both fascinating and of critical importance: a person who thinks and engages beyond their local confines is better equipped to challenge intolerance and work for sustainability and peace. These titles will take you and your children around the globe, expanding your worldviews.




Ancestor Approved: Intertribal Stories by Cynthia Leitich Smith

Neverforgotten by Alejandra Algorta

Arctic Memories by Normee Ekoomiak

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What is a Refugee? by Elise Gravel

Prisoners of Geography: Our World Explained in 12 Simple Maps (Illustrated Young Readers Edition) by Tim Marshall

Our House is on Fire: Greta Thunberg’s call to save the planet by Jeanette Winter

Thank you to our contributor: The Book Bin in Salem & Corvallis





The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind: Picture Book Edition By William Kamkwamba

A Wish in the Dark by Christina Soontornvat

Comet in Moominland by Tove Jansson

Wombat by Christopher Cheng

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Freshen up your eye makeup supplies If you’re in the mood for spring cleaning, tackle your eye makeup to reduce your risk of eye infections: • Replace cosmetics every six months, more frequently for contact lens wearers, to avoid contamination with skin bacteria. • Never use an old applicator in a fresh cosmetic product. • After any eye infection, such as pink eye, always buy fresh eye makeup. Otherwise you can recontaminate your eyes and have to go through treatment all over again. • Do not share your eye cosmetics with others. It’s tempting to allow your kids to play with your old make-up, but not worth the risk of transmitting potentially harmful bacteria. If you notice unusual irritation, redness, drainage or changes in your vision, contact your eye doctor right away. We aim to keep your eyes healthy.

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Jessica Norris, OD eyecareassociates.net Albany Willetta St SW (541) 926-5848 Albany Custom Eyes (541) 928-2020

Downtown Corvallis Office (541) 757-1120 NW Corvallis Office (541) 752-4622 Lebanon Office (541) 451-5808 Lincoln City (541) 614-0946

KIDS DON’T COME WITH DIRECTIONS Parenting is better with support

Y•R•O•C•K• AFTERSCHOOL Enrolling now! K - 5th Grade

LEARN | GROW | THRIVE For more information: Angela Duncan 541.926.4488 x. 110 | familydirector@ymcaalbany.org 20 mommag.com

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SPRING CLEANING one small project at a time


F you’re like us, we aim big for spring cleaning while caffeinated, then get distracted by kids, partners, pets, and then suddenly we’re hungry and then tired and now there’s an even messier half-finished project that makes you want to throw the whole house away. Oh, that’s not what you do? Well, then how are we friends?

One task per day is plenty when it comes to spring, aka deep, cleaning. Do just one small area — maybe one every other day, maybe one each weekend — and ride that dopamine boost when you sit back and admire your efforts.

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Control condiment chaos


Funky cabinet fronts


One small drawer for momkind


It sucks, but not in a bad way


Wiping more than butts


You do not need Marie Kondo perfection

Go through the condiments in your refrigerator. Only the condiments. If it’s expired, growing mold, or smelling off, it’s gotta go. Wipe out the shelving and put back only the still-fresh items. Add the deleted ones to your shopping list.

Wipe down the lower fronts of kitchen cabinets. All kitchen cabinets get that greasy funk from cooking, but the bottom ones suffer from drip-downs and spills. Just tackling the lower ones is enough for one day.

Go after one bathroom drawer, like the one with all the hair ties: empty it out and divest yourself of the headbands and earrings you know you’ll never use. Let them go to a friend or charity with the knowledge someone else will be able to enjoy them, rather than moldering in your abode. And if you find scrunchies in there from the 90s, good news: they’re back in style.

Do a deep vacuum of your couch. Orange fish crackers, anyone? And while you have the vacuum extensions out, take a swipe at the ceiling corners to clear out the cobwebs.

Those handy, ubiquitous baby wipes are great for all kinds of cleaning. If you have interior stairs with a handrail, we guarantee you it’s dirty. Because kids, that’s why. Take a swipe of picture frames and ledges to remove dust. Defunk the video game controllers. And faucet handles, too.

Tidying up the linen closet is a good dry task, meaning it doesn’t require getting your hands wet. Simply take everything out and categorize bedding by room. Put like with like. Not in the mood to wrestle a fitted sheet into submission? Us neither. Stuff it into its matching pillowcase, along with its flat sheet and other pillowcase. mommag.com 23

A happy dental visit The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) recommends that children have their first dental visit shortly after the eruption of their first tooth — for many patients that can be as young as 6 months old. With some planning, you can ensure your child’s first visit is a success. Call your local pediatric dentist to schedule your child’s first dental visit to establish a “dental home.” The first visit should be a fun, get-acquainted visit, giving your family a chance to become familiar with the office, staff and doctor. This simple step is important to a happy and healthy dental future. Talk to your child about the dentist and answer their questions in an age-appropriate, fun way. Avoid using words like “pain,” “hurt,” and “shot,” and we’ll avoid using them too!

Brought to you by:

Dr. Jay Vaikuntam

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pediatricdentistoregon.com 155 NW Hickory St # A Albany, OR 97321 (541) 928-1509

Finally, once you are at your first appointment, let the dentist take center stage. Pediatric dentists are pros when it comes to relating to and connecting with children, and making them comfortable in a new (sometimes scary) environment.


Momism #23: You're a good helper!

Let Vacation MOM Plan Your Dream Vacation! Family Vacations Romantic Getaways Cruises All Inclusive Resorts Disney Vacations




he Eugene Airport is a proud part of what makes Western Oregon such a unique place to live and visit, with direct routes connecting to hundreds of destinations.

Get seen by moms! Featuring: Advertise with MOM Magazine. A Tale for the

Time Being mommag.com by Ruth Ozeki

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Ruth, a writer, finds a Hello Kitty lunchbox washed up on a beach. Tucked inside is the diary of a Japanese girl named Nao. Once Ruth begins to read the diary, she quickly finds herself drawn into the mystery of Nao’s fate. Meanwhile in Tokyo, Nao has decided there’s only one escape from her aching loneliness and her classmates’ bullying. But before she ends it all, Nao plans to document the life of a Buddhist nun in the pages of her secret diary.

We invite you to a month of free virtual events in February 2022 at:

splfoundation.org Salem Public Library Foundation PO Box 325 Salem, OR 97308 | 503-588-6183

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Kids’ Birthday Parties PICK A THEME, ANY THEME When it comes to birthday parties for your kids, you can literally go big or go home: rent a space and invite the whole third grade class, or fashion a small, backyard get-together for family. The important considerations are the age of the child and how much effort and money you want to put into the soiree. For littles ages 1 to 3, the party is more for you than it is for them. You can have a cozy event for just family, like a smash cake after dinner. Or, you can whoop it up with all the tulle and princess paraphernalia you always wanted but didn’t get when you were a child. Just know that your kid probably won’t remember too much and will likely be just as pleased with a giant box over the mini drivable Mercedes it came in. Children ages 4 and up usually enjoy the hoopla. You will need cake; that is almost non-negotiable. Consider your budget and have faith that mostly what kids want to do at this age is run around with one another. One single blown-up balloon smacked back and forth has been known to steal the show of some birthday parties. If you have the energy and means to rent out a movie theater and create life-size posters of your child as a 007 agent, then go for it. It will most certainly be memorable. Whatever your level, do choose a theme. Doing so will help you define the important 5 Ws of who/what/when/ where/why, though the why is pretty clear from the outset. 26 mommag.com

THEME + ACTIVITY + GOODIES & GIVEAWAYS Cooking • Make your own mini pizza • Kids’ chef hats Cars & trucks • An epically long race track • A small Hot Wheel or Matchbox vehicle Science • Make elephant toothpaste • Pop Rocks Water • Fish for prizes • Whale fortune tellers, Swedish Fish Fairy tales • Make your own wands • Mini tiaras Beauty • Spa day with facials • Nail decals Nature • Bug hunt • Pot a plant they get to take home Animals • Face paint noses and whiskers • Kitty ear headbands Legos • Spell out your name in Legos • Lego-shaped silicone trays for DIY treats Athletics • Gunny sack races, hula hoop contests • Ribbon awards, sweatbands Dance party • Hang a disco ball and pump up the jams • Glow sticks and bracelets

A GO-TO PRESENT YOU CAN DIY Candy bouquets work for a wide age and interest range of the recipient, from your fifth grade niece to your teenage son’s bestie. They’re also easy to make on your own. 1. Hot glue four rectangle boxes of candy or thick candy bars together to make the “vase.” 2. Add a floral foam base to a piece of paperboard cut to size to create the bottom, and use hot glue or tape to secure. 3. Use skewer sticks and clear strapping tape to create a spray of candy (tip: get a variety of lengths). 4. Roll up a few dollar bills with a small piece of tape onto a few more skewers for a wow factor. 5. Fill in the gaps with tissue paper, dress with ribbon and voila!

That really takes the cake! Birthdays are the best. This year we got you something special: two delicious and healthful birthday cake recipe substitutions. With these simple adjustments, your future birthday cakes will be just as delicious and a bit more nutritious. Cut oil with applesauce: The next time you make a birthday cake, cut the calorie count — and get a little saucy — by substituting ¼ cup of oil with applesauce. This will cut nearly 500 calories from the recipe without affecting the flavor. How do you like them apples? Cream cheese frosting: Drop the heavy shorteningbased frosting in favor of light and delicious cream cheese or whipped cream frostings, and give your cake a tasty lift. They have, on average, 1,000 fewer calories than shortening-based frosting, less fat, and they provide protein, which helps to balance blood sugar. Isn’t that sweet?

Come to First Alternative Natural Foods Co-op for all of your grocery needs. It’s the natural choice.

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Two locations in Corvallis 1007 SE 3rd • 541-753-3115 2855 NW Grant • 541-452-3115 Open daily www.firstalt.coop

Jasmin Woodside of First Alternative Co-op and her children.

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Sandcastle Preschool Register for Fall 2022. Visit our website for more information. Extended hours and options. Preschool ages 2½ to 5 | 9 a.m. to noon. Early Bird Dropoff & Lunch Bunch Options CELEBRATING 37 YEARS

541-753-7078 | www.sandcastlepreschool.net 435 NW 21st Street in Corvallis

Top 5 Star SPARK rated program!

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pets are family Have a plan for pet emergencies When your beloved pet has an emergency, your mind will race with what to do. Having a solid plan beforehand can help guide you in a crisis. Always have your veterinarian’s number easily accessible. Also know the location and contact information for your nearest 24/7 veterinary emergency clinic as well.

Brought to you by: Jilinda Lewis, DVM Ark Animal Hospital In partnership with Willamette Veterinary Hospital & Eastgate Veterinary Clinic

If your pet has any medical conditions, allergies or takes daily medications, keep a list of these conditions. Use your smartphone to take a picture of any medicines, including any over-the-counter products as they could interact with other medications given during an emergency. Use your veterinarian’s website portal or app to access your pet’s

medical records in an emergency. For pets with multiple issues or even pets that are rarely sick, this access in an emergency can save valuable time and resources by keeping your veterinarian from investigating something that is not likely to be the problem. Consider wellness blood testing annually for your pet. Pets can’t tell us when they don’t feel well, and baseline testing allows veterinarians to look at trends unique to your pet. For instance, if your pet typically runs on the low side for liver values, but suddenly is slightly high, it could be a problem. No one wants to have a veterinary emergency, but they do happen — and having an action plan helps greatly in what can be a chaotic time.

Our new Rec Fit Membership gets you more! Group exercise classes at C3 and lap swim, unlimited fitness for one great price! Individual Price: $40 per month ($50 for those who live outside Corvallis city limits) Household Price: $75 per month ($90 for those who live outside Corvallis city limits) Plus $10 per person Purchase your Rec Fit Membership in person at Corvallis Community Center, Osborn Aquatic Center, or online under Memberships.

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With you every step of the way Samaritan’s pediatric clinics in the mid-Willamette Valley and central Oregon Coast offer comprehensive health care focused on the unique needs of each child and family. Our pediatricians take the time to get to know your child and listen to your concerns. Whether your child needs a wellness visit to ensure optimal growth and development, vaccination, sports physical, care for illness or injury or behavioral health support, we’re with you every step of the way.


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Warm their hearts this winter.

e v i G . d o o l b

Your donation could be the perfect match for a mom fighting cancer, a grandparent receiving a transplant, or a child with a chronic illness. Every time you give, you may help save more than one life.

Schedule your appointment today! 1-800-RED CROSS | Blood Donor App | RedCrossBlood.org

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