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13. Y口u'RE ASKIN拓THE WR口NB PER別]N lBDNUB TRAm (sheryl Crow / Chris DuBois /Lee Thomas Hitler) we meet for coffee every week at le駆t a time 0r two / To Bit and catch up on the latest

news /And no one knows me better than you do / But you've got agirlfriend / Ⅵ10

doesn・t like you having girls for friends / So you don't always tell her where you've been

/ Even thollghyou're j、lStwith me again / You szly you Went and bought her a ring /And now yoll're ashng me what would I think // ChorusL: Well you're asking the wrong person / I don・t know what to say / Should I tell you that she'sL good for you / Or tell you torun away / Every time you look into my eyes / I keep praying that y011'll See / That you're

askhg the wrong person / You should be asking me // I didn't plan this / I didn't mean

to fan in lovewith you / tJntil this moment I don't think Iknew /And I'm not Sure What I,m supposed to do / Should you ask her or should you wait / Or are you mddng a big・ a bigmistake // Chorus: Well you,re iLS虹If the wrong person / I don't know what to say / should I ten you I'm in lovewith yo†l /And that my heart's abollt tO break / Every time you look into my eyes 〟 keep praying that you'll see / That you're aBk血g the wrong person / you should be ask血g me / You're asking the wrong person / You should be

aBking me

㊨ 2013 Old Gree'n 】】am (BMI) / House of S8& Gayle M118ic (ASCAP) /

Writer'8 0f Sea Gayle Music (BMI) / Itchy Baby MtlBic (BMI). Tr&ck13: Dru皿8 - Greg Morrow・ BaS白- Glenn Worf. Electric Guitar - Richard Bennett・ Audley FI・eed・ Steel Guitar・ Dan DllgnOre・ Piano - John JaⅣiS・ PercuBBion - Erie Darken・ Background Vocalsl -

Carolyn Da.wn JohnBOn・

Bonus track  

You're Asking the Wrong Person [lyrics & credits]

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