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Important Dates - Mark your calendar and order early! Feb. 14 - Ash Wednesday March 29 - Maundy Thursday Feb. 18 - First Sunday of Lent March 30 - Good Friday March 25 - Palm Sunday April 1 - Easter Sunday May 20 - Pentecost Sunday

2018 Easter Products

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We are now offering VBS materials. Please give a copy of page 25 to your Children’s Ministry Director or call for VBS catalogs!


Check out our prices! I found an old Woolverton catalog from 15 years ago. When I looked at the 81⁄2 x 11 and the 81⁄2 x 14 sizes, I noticed the prices haven’t changed in the last 15 years! Our suppliers have raised their prices on us, so our profit margin has gone down. But we strive to be competitive and have done everything we can to keep our prices down. We thank you for letting us serve you. We hope you have a wonderful Easter season. Judy Stiers Director Church Department

Your privacy is important to us. Unlike some of our competitors, we will not sell your address or email to a third party.

Make sure you check out our Vacation Bible School information on page 25. We have some of the best offers in the industry! To receive our VBS catalogs, call us:

Adult Resources/Books .......................4 Ashes (for Ash Wed.) ...........................5 Bookmarks ...........................................14 Boxed Cards ..................................35-36 Banners ......................................... 22-23 Bulletins Ash Wednesday .............................. 3 Black History/African Amer. .......32 Confirmation ......................... 27-28 Easter ........................................11-22 Father’s Day .............................30-31 Funeral ......................................26-27 Good Friday ...............................9-10 Graduation .....................................33 Lent .................................................. 3 Maundy Thursday ........................ 7-9 Mother’s Day ...........................28-29 Palm Sunday ................................ 6-7 Patriotic ....................................31-32 Pentecost .................................27-28 Seasonal ..........................................34 Tabloid (11 x 17) ..........................22 Coin Holders .........................................4 Communion Supplies ...........................5 Flower Charts ....................................... 5 Lenten Devotional ................................4 Letterhead Sets (Items sold separately) Easter ........................................11-19 Offering Envelopes Flower .............................................19 Easter ........................................11-19 Order Blank ....................................... 38 Order Information ........................37-39 Prices ................................................... 37 Resources/Children’s Ministry....24-25 Quarter Collectors ............................. 4 Vacation Bible School .........................25 Window Envelopes ..................... 10, 19

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Standard Bulletin $8.25/100

ash Wed/LenTen BULLeTIns NEW

Standard Bulletin A-4662* Legal Size Bultn A-7662* Genesis 3:19

Legal Bulletin $9.25/100


Standard Bulletin 845291* Joel 2:13

Standard Bulletin 845277* Psalm 51:12

Standard Bulletin 18-1182* Legal Size Bultn 18-1482* Psalm 51:10 KJV



Standard Bulletin A-4663* Legal Size Bultn A-7663* Ezekiel 36:26

Standard Bulletin U3917 Psalm 51:10

Standard Bulletin 845710* Legal Size Bultn 845727* Joel 2:11B-17A

Standard Bulletin 18-1144* Legal Size Bultn 18-1444* Use these bulletins each Sunday in Lent

Standard Bulletin A-4602* Legal Size Bultn A-7602*

Standard Bulletin 2963

Standard Bulletin B14463 LIMITED SUPPLIES

Standard Bulletin B92876 Daniel 9:3-4 KJV LIMITED SUPPLIES


Standard Bulletin U3591 1 Timothy 2:5-6


Standard Bulletin 3559 Legal Size Bultn 3559L

FAX: (319) 277-8136


Standard Bulletin B41963 Psalm 51:1-3, 10

Standard Bulletin 845697* Legal Size Bultn 845703*

Toll Free: 1-800-728-2616

LenT resOUrCes FOr adULTs

Embracing the Uncertain - A Lenten Study for Unsteady Times

By Magrey R. deVaga Just turning on the news lets us know we are living in uncertain times. (economic instabilities, eruption of violence, and natural catastrophes). Our individual lives are often just as unsteady. Embracing the Uncertain invites readers to wrestle with life’s uncertainties, not ignore them. 840586 Abingdon Press $12.99 $11.69 840609 (Large Print edition) Abingdon Press $13.99 $12.59

Made for a Miracle - From Your Ordinary to God’s Extraordinary

By Mike Slaughter When miracles occur, did you know that you have a role to play? Popular author Mike Slaughter examines the two components of every miracle: divine action and human responsibility. For a real miracle to take place, we must act with God, using whatever gifts and abilities we have and directing them toward God’s work. Large print available. 841385 Abingdon Press Hardback $18.99 $17.09 841415 Leader’s Guide $12.99 $11.69 841439 DVD $39.99

The Sanctuary for Lent 2018

By Katie Z. Dawson The Sanctuary for Lent contains brief readings for each day in Lent, including a Scripture, a short devotion, and a closing brief breath prayer. These daily readings help readers faithfully journey through the wilderness of Lent as they prepare to experience the joy of the Resurrection. Sold in packs of 10, the booklets are designed to fi t in a #10 envelope, enabling churches to include them in Lent mailings. 846922 3.75” x 9” Paperback.

$10.99 (package of 10)


Quarter Holder - $20 Yield Folders 3561Y2 85 cents each

Quarter Holder - $10 Yield Folders 3561Y1 70 cents each

Quarter Holder - $20 Yield Folders 2753 85 cents each

Quarter Holder - $10 Yield Folders 2525 70 cents each

Lent - Easter Coin Folder Envelopes #9854 $20 Coin Holder Envelopes (sold in hundreds) $12.60 per 100 #9852 $10 Coin Holder Envelopes (sold in hundreds) $12.60 per 100

FAX: (319) 277-8136


Toll Free: 1-800-728-2616

ashes FOr ash WednesdaY serVICe These ashes for Ash Wednesday come in a small bag. 88-1043G estimated to serve 75 $9.99

COMMUnIOn sUppLIes Gluten-Free Wafers

Offer a special communion wafer for members with wheat allergies. 40 per pack 88-5441 $9.99

Lumen Disposable 13⁄8 Cups

Disposable Communion Cups

Slightly taller plastic cups that stand higher in the tray and alow for easier retrieval. Smooth lip fi nish. Recyclable. Fits standard trays. 13⁄8“ 1000 per box 9781501840654 $19.99 100 per box 9781501842313 $4.99

Stackable, plastic communion cups. Economical, disposable, recyclable, these fl are-rim plastic cups will fi t standard trays. 1000 per box 11⁄4 inch height 9781889049052 $19.99

The Traveler

Contains 25 disposable cups, a 5ml juice container & bread container/server for approx. 38 pieces of bread. Textured poly cloth and closes with heavy duty zipper. Sewn black cross on lid, inside lid features 2 elastic straps that can hold a slimline New Testament. Size: 77⁄8”x 47⁄8” B07069 $34.99 Check our website for more kits

Communion Supplies do not qualify for FREE SHIPPING

FLOWer CharTs Mylar reinforced flower chart with six spaces per month for members of the congregation to sign up to give flowers in honor or memory of a loved one. 15” x 31” Code: 062209 Price: $5.25

FAX: (319) 277-8136

Provides five spaces per month for members of the congregation to sign up to give flowers in honor or memory of a loved one. 24-1/8” x 17” folded to 14” x 10” Code: T9020 Price: $5.25


Toll Free: 1-800-728-2616

Standard Bulletin $8.25/100


Standard Bulletin 845734* Legal Size Bultn 845741* Mark 11:9

Legal Bulletin $9.25/100


Standard Bulletin B41987 Zechariah 9:9

Standard Bulletin 18-1103* Legal Size Bultn 18-1403* Matt. 23:39 KJV

Standard Bulletin 845307* Legal Size Bultn 845314* Mark 11:9


Standard Bulletin 16-1119* Standard Bulletin A-4673* Legal Size Bultn 16-1419* Legal Size Bultn A-7673* Matt. 21:1-11

Standard Bulletin A-4622* Legal Size Bultn A-7622*

Standard Bulletin B07236 Luke 19:38 KJV

Standard Bulletin A-4676* Legal Size Bultn A-7676* Matt. 21:1-11

Legal Size Bultn 29-1404* LEGAL ONLY Limited Supplies!

Standard Bulletin A-4623* Legal Size Bultn A-7623*

Standard Bulletin A-4474* Legal Size Bultn A-7474*


Standard Bulletin B92517 Mark 11:9 KJV

Standard Bulletin A-4005* Legal Size Bultn A-7005* Matt. 23:39 KJV

FAX: (319) 277-8136


Standard Bulletin U3537 Mark 11:10

Standard Bulletin B41970 Mark 11:9 KJV

Toll Free: 1-800-728-2616

paLM sUndaY BULLeTIns

Standard Bulletin U3536 Matt. 21:9

Standard Bulletin A-4624* Legal Size Bultn A-7624*

Standard Bulletin 3126 Legal Size Bultn 3126L


Standard Bulletin 3596 Legal Size Bultn 3596L


Standard Bulletin A-4665* Legal Size Bultn A-7665*

Standard Bulletin A-4664* Legal Size Bultn A-7664*


LEGAL ONLY Legal Size Bultn 12-1462* LIMITED SUPPLIES!

Standard Bulletin 21-1105* LIMITED SUPPLIES!

Standard Bulletin 845635*


Standard Bulletin A-4667* Legal Size Bultn A-7667*

Standard Bulletin U4874 2 Corinth. 13:14

Standard Bulletin U4875 1 Corinth. 11:26

Standard Bulletin U4861 John 15:13

Standard Bulletin A-4015* Legal Size Bultn A-7015*

Standard Bulletin B93255 John 13:34-35 KJV

FAX: (319) 277-8136


Standard Bulletin U3755 Psalm 116:12-13

Toll Free: 1-800-728-2616


Standard Bulletin 16-1102* Legal Size Bultn 16-1402*

Standard Bulletin A-4619* Legal Size Bultn A-7619*

Standard Bulletin U3918 Heb. 12:2

Standard Bulletin B42007 John 13:1 KJV

Standard Bulletin U4866 Eph. 5:2

Standard Bulletin A-4620* Legal Size Bultn A-7620*

Standard Bulletin A-4621* Legal Size Bultn A-7621* Footwashing bulletin

Standard Bulletin A-5516* Standard Bulletin U4859 Communion Prayer/John 15:13 Legal Size Bultn A-7516*

Standard Bulletin A-5517* Legal Size Bultn A-7517*


Standard Bulletin 3574

Standard Bulletin 2505

Standard Bulletin U4852 1 Corinth 11:26

Standard Bulletin 9516

FAX: (319) 277-8136


Standard Bulletin U4862 1 Corinth. 11:24

Standard Bulletin U4865 John 6:35 NIV

Toll Free: 1-800-728-2616

Standard Bulletin $8.25/100


Legal Bulletin $9.25/100


Standard Bulletin U4876 Matt. 20:28

Standard Bulletin A-4691* Legal Size Bultn A-7691*

Standard Bulletin A-4690* Legal Size Bultn A-7690*

Standard Bulletin B41956

Standard Bulletin B17969 1 Corinth 11:24-26, 28

Standard Bulletin U4869 1 Corinth 11:24

Standard Bulletin 3081

Standard Bulletin A-4403* Legal Size Bultn A-7403*


Standard Bulletin 17-1123* Legal Size Bultn 17-1423* Woolverton exclusive

Standard Bulletin A-4617* Legal Size Bultn A-7617*


Standard Bulletin 845550* John 3:19

Standard Bulletin 845758* Legal Size Bultn 845765*


Standard Bulletin 845321* John 19:30

FAX: (319) 277-8136

Standard Bulletin A-4618* Legal Size Bultn A-7618*



Standard Bulletin A-4668* Legal Size Bultn A-7668*

Standard Bulletin A-4669* Legal Size Bultn A-7669*

Toll Free: 1-800-728-2616

Standard Bulletin $8.25/100


Legal Bulletin $9.25/100



Standard Bulletin A-4672* Legal Size Bultn A-7672*

Standard Bulletin U3629 Mark 1:41

Standard Bulletin 3560 Legal Size Bultn 3560L Isaiah 53:5

Standard Bulletin B41994 1 John 3:16 KJV

Standard Bulletin 1548

Standard Bulletin 2883

Standard Bulletin A-4031* Legal Size Bultn A-7031*

Standard Bulletin A-4003* Legal Size Bultn A-7003*

Standard Bulletin A-4432* Legal Size Bultn A-7432*

Standard Bulletin 3127 Legal Size Bultn 3127L

Standard Bulletin B93217 Luke 23:44-47 KJV

* Only items with an * are sold in 50’s; all others sold in 100’s

WINDOW ENVELOPES 094453* Window Mailing Envelope

FAX: (319) 277-8136

$7.25 PER 100

A-3503* Window Mailing Envelope


Toll Free: 1-800-728-2616

Prices on pg 37

easTerI LCeTTerhead seTs B S S TEMS





Letterhead LH-268*

Letterhead LH-525*

Offering Envelope OE-525

Name ________________________________

Name __________________________________________

Address ______________________________

Address _________________________________________

Amount _________________ No. ________

Amount __________________ No. ___________________



Offering Envelope OE-268

Woolverton Exclusive by Judy Stiers Standard Bulletin 16-1135* Legal Size Bultn 16-1435*

Woolverton Exclusive Artwork by Judy Stiers Standard Bulletin 17-1170* Legal Size Bultn 17-1470* Tabloid 11x17 Bulletin 17-1770T*

* Only items with an * are sold in 50’s; all others sold in 100’s


Letterhead LH-898*

Offering Envelope OE-898

Name ____________________________________ Address ___________________________________ Amount __________________ No. _____________ OE-898

FAX: (319) 277-8136


Standard Bulletin 18-1198* Legal Size Bultn 18-1498*

Toll Free: 1-800-728-2616

easTerI LCeTTerhead seTs B S S TEMS





Letterhead A-9684*

Letterhead A-9606*

NEW Offering Envelope A-3684*

Offering Envelope A-3606*

Standard Bulletin A-4606* Legal Size Bultn A-7606*

* Only items with an * are sold in 50’s; all others sold in 100’s

Standard Bulletin A-4684* Legal Size Bultn A-7684* Letterhead LH-902*

Letterhead A-9613*

Easter Offering

Name ________________________________

Offering Envelope A-3613*

Address _______________________________ Amount __________________ No. _________ OE-902

Offering Envelope OE-902

Standard Bulletin 14-1110* Legal Size Bultn 14-1410*

Standard Bulletin A-4613* Legal Size Bultn A-7613*

FAX: (319) 277-8136


Toll Free: 1-800-728-2616

Prices on pg 37

easTerI LCeTTerhead seTs B S S TEMS



Letterhead 845437*



Letterhead 845505*

Offering Envelope 845512*

Offering Envelope 845444*



* Only items with an * are sold in 50’s; all others sold in 100’s Standard Bulletin 845482* Legal Size Bultn 845499*

Standard Bulletin 845413* Legal Size Bultn 845420*

Letterhead 845390*

Letterhead B41802

Offering Envelope 845406*

Offering Envelope B41772



Standard Bulletin 845376* Legal Size Bultn 845383*

Standard Bulletin B42021

FAX: (319) 277-8136


Toll Free: 1-800-728-2616

easTerI LCeTTerhead seTs B S S TEMS





Letterhead U3914LH

Letterhead U3899LH

Offering Envelope U3914E

Standard Bulletin U3914 Legal Size Bultn U3914L Job 19:25


Bookmark U3914B 20¢ each Limited Supplies

Offering Envelope U3899E

Standard Bulletin U3899 Legal Size Bultn U3899L 2 Corinth. 9:15 NIV

Letterhead U3921LH

Letterhead U3912LH


Offering Envelope U3912E

Standard Bulletin U3912 Legal Size Bultn U3912L

FAX: (319) 277-8136

Bookmark U3899B 20¢ each

Offering Envelope U3921E

Standard Bulletin U3921 Legal Size Bultn U3921L Romans 6:4


Toll Free: 1-800-728-2616

easTerI LCeTTerhead seTs B S S TEMS





Letterhead 3112

Letterhead 2942

Offering Envelope 2944

Offering Envelope 3114

Standard Bulletin 2940 Legal Size Bultn 2940L Psalm 118:14

Standard Bulletin 3110 Legal Size Bultn 3110L Letterhead 3482

Letterhead 2947

Offering Envelope 2949

Offering Envelope 3484


Standard Bulletin 2945 Legal Size Bultn 2945L

Standard Bulletin 3480 Legal Size Bultn3480L

FAX: (319) 277-8136


Toll Free: 1-800-728-2616

Prices on pg 37 Letterhead 3561LH

easTer L eTTerhead seTs I A S S TEMS




Letterhead 8752

Offering Envelope 8754

Offering Envelope 3561E


Cross Bookmark 3561BC $6.75/pk of 25

Standard Bulletin 3561 Legal Size Bultn 3561L Tabloid 11 x 17 Bultn 3561T

Standard Bulletin 8750 Legal Size Bultn 8750L Letterhead 2852

Letterhead 2847

Offering Envelope 2849

Offering Envelope 2854

Mailing Envelope 2853 LIMITED SUPPLES

Standard Bulletin 2850

Standard Bulletin 2845

FAX: (319) 277-8136


Toll Free: 1-800-728-2616

Letterhead 3562LH

easTer L eTTerhead seTs I A S S TEMS



Offering Envelope 3562E


Letterhead A-9661*

Offering Envelope A-3661*


“What shall I return to the LORD for all his goodness to me?” Inspirational Letterhead Set Standard Bulletin 3562 Legal Size Bultn 3562L Tabloid 11 x 17 Bultn 3562T

Standard Bulletin A-4661* Legal Size Bultn A-7661*

Letterhead 3477

Letterhead L9347*

Offering Envelope 3479

Offering Envelope L3347*


Limited Supplies! Cross Bookmark 3475BC $6.75/pk of 25 Standard Bulletin 3475 Legal Size Bultn 3475L Tabloid 11 x 17 Bultn 3475T

FAX: (319) 277-8136


* Only items with an * are sold in 50’s; all others sold in 100’s

Standard Bulletin L5347* LIMITED SUPPLIES!

Toll Free: 1-800-728-2616

Prices on pg 37

easTer L eTTerhead seTs I A S S TEMS




Letterhead 2957

Letterhead B41796

Offering Envelope B41765

Offering Envelope 2959


Standard Bulletin 2955 Legal Size Bultn 2955L

Standard Bulletin B42014 John 11:25-26 KJV

Letterhead 3122

Letterhead B41819

Offering Envelope 3124

Offering Envelope B41789


Cross Bookmark B41758 $6.75/pk of 25

Standard Bulletin 3120 Legal Size Bultn 3120L

FAX: (319) 277-8136


Standard Bulletin B42038 Words: Charles Wesley

Toll Free: 1-800-728-2616

easTer & InspIraTIOnaL LeTTerheads I A S S TEMS




Letterhead A-9045*

Letterhead A-9711*

Offering Envelope A-3045

Offering Envelope A-3711


“Our help is in the name of the LORD who made heaven and earth”

* Only items with an * are sold in 50’s; all others sold in 100’s Standard Bulletin A-4045* Legal Size Bultn A-7045*

Inspirational Letterhead Set Standard Bulletin A-4711* Legal Size Bultn A-7711*

FLOWer OFFerIng enVeLOpes


$8.25 PER 100

094453* Window Mailing Envelope Flowering Offering Envelope 9449

A-3503* Window Mailing Envelope Flowering Offering Envelope 8409

* Only items with an * are sold in 50’s; all others sold in 100’s

FAX: (319) 277-8136


Toll Free: 1-800-728-2616

Standard Bulletin $8.25/100


easTer BULLeTIns

Legal Bulletin $9.25/100


Standard Bulletin U3895 Rev. 21:5

Standard Bulletin U3892 Revelation 1:18

Standard Bulletin A-4681* Legal Size Bultn A-7681*

Standard Bulletin 845772* Legal Size Bultn 845789*

Standard Bulletin 17-1170* Legal Size Bultn 17-1470* Matching sets on pg 11

Standard Bulletin A-4603* Legal Size Bultn A-7603*

Standard Bulletin A-4604* Legal Size Bultn A-7604*

Standard Bulletin A-4605* Legal Size Bultn A-7605*

Standard Bulletin 16-1135* Legal Size Bultn 16-1435* Matching sets on pg 11

Standard Bulletin A-4002* LIMITED SUPPLIES

Standard Bulletin A-4023* Legal Size Bultn A-7023*

Standard Bulletin A-4020* Legal Size Bultn A-7020*


Standard Bulletin B93330 “To God Be the Glory� lyrics Limited Supplies

Standard Bulletin U3896 Luke 24:31

FAX: (319) 277-8136


Standard Bulletin U3898 Legal Size Bultn U3898L Matt. 28:6

Standard Bulletin A-4616* Legal Size Bultn A-7616*

Toll Free: 1-800-728-2616

easTer BULLeTIns

Standard Bulletin $8.25/100

Standard Bulletin U3908 1 Corinth 1:18

Standard Bulletin U3909 Romans 6:4

Standard Bulletin U3911 Philippians 2:10-11



Standard Bulletin U3893 1 Corinth 15:20

Standard Bulletin U3910 Revelation 1:18

Legal Bulletin $9.25/100

Standard Bulletin A-4682* Legal Size Bultn A-7682*

Standard Bulletin A-4683* Legal Size Bultn A-7683*

Standard Bulletin U3894 Psalm 86:12

Standard Bulletin 3075 Legal Size Bultn 3075L

Standard Bulletin U3913 Luke 4:46 NIV

Standard Bulletin B92555 Mark 16:6


Standard Bulletin 3563 Mark 16:6


Standard Bulletin A-5650* Legal Size Bultn A-7650*

Standard Bulletin 15-1107* Legal Size Bultn 15-1407* LIMITED SUPPLIES

FAX: (319) 277-8136


Standard Bulletin 1655 LIMITED SUPPLIES

Standard Bulletin 18-1198* Legal Size Bultn 18-1498* Matching sets on pg 11

Toll Free: 1-800-728-2616

TaBLOId 11 x 17 BULLeTIns - $13 per 100 FOLDS IN HALF NEW

Tabloid Bulletin 17-1770T* Limited Supplies

Tabloid Bulletin 3475T

Tabloid Bulletin 3561T

Tabloid Bulletin 16-1735T* Limited Supplies

* Only items with an * are sold in 50’s; all others sold in 100’s


Tabloid Bulletin 14-1710T*

Tabloid Bulletin 3562T

Tabloid Bulletin 3110T

Tabloid Bulletin 15-1707T* Limited Supplies

Banners TO BrIghTen YOUr sanCTUarY

Banners for All Seasons. Brighten up your Sanctuary or Chapel with these colorful seasonal

silk-screened banners. Polyester/Microfi ber fabric avoids creasing and wipes clean. Double stitched sides and hems for added durability. They can be hung on the wall or on banner stand. Each banner is 21⁄2 foot width x 5 foot height. Pole hangers sold separately.

Easter Loaves Lent/Crown Advent Candles Confirmation/ Our Price: $39.99 and Fishes of Thorns Pentecost Our Price: $39.99 RT328 Our Price: $39.99 Our Price: $39.99 Our Price: $39.99 RT330 RT329 RT327 RT326

Palm Leaves Cross & Crown Christian Fish Dove on Red Our Price: $59.95 Our Price: $59.99 Our Price: $59.99 Our Price: $59.99 3x5 #B2263 3x5 #B2262 3x5 #B2261 3x5 #B2260

Gold Cross Our Price: $59.99 3x5 #B2264


FAX: (319) 277-8136


Toll Free: 1-800-728-2616

Banners & aCCessOrIes

Inset shows beautiful artwork

Sugg Retail: $160.00

Sugg Retail: $160.00

Sugg Retail: $160.00

Chi Rho

Patchwork Cross

Our Price: $39.99 WS031

Our Price: $39.99 WS032

Our Price: $39.99 WS033

Our Price: $39.99 WS030


Loaves & Fishes

Sugg Retail: $160.00



Hosanna Our Price: $59.95 3x5 #B2106

It Is Finished Our Price: $59.95 3x5 #B2107

Redeemer Our Price: $59.95 3x5 #B2108

Alleluia Our Price: $59.95 3x5 #B2109

Our Price: $39.95 #B2106 2x6

Our Price: $39.95 #B2107 2x6

Our Price: $39.95 #B2108 2x6

Our Price: $39.95 #B2109 2x6

Wooden Pole Hanger (2 sets for 2’ banner)

Wooden Pole Hanger (2 sets fpr 3’ banner)

Appropriate for hanging up to 2 foot width banners. Each set includes two - 24 inch length poles, two - 72 inch length cord and 4 - pole ends. WS708 $19.98

Appropriate for hanging up to 3 foot width banners. Each set includes two - 36 inch length poles, two - 96 inch length cord and 4 - pole ends. WS709 $24.00

Pole Hanger

Pole Hanger

Set includes: two plastic 24” L poles, two 72” gold cords and four end caps. Appropriate for hanging two - 2’W x 3’H banners. LS786 $9.99

Banner stand sold separately Banner Stand Sugg Retail: $200

Our Price: $99.99 LS788

FAX: (319) 277-8136


Set includes: two plastic 36” L poles, two 96” gold cords and four end caps. Appropriate for hanging two - 3’W x 6’H banners. LS787 $16.99

With iron/brass plate. 8’ H, 12” SQ Base Fits all 2’W x 3’H, 3’W x 6’H, and 21⁄2 ‘W x 5’H banners. Banner stands not available for Free Shipping

Toll Free: 1-800-728-2616


One Room Sunday School The solution for small-membership Sunday Schools Based on the award-winning Deep Blue Kids Bible, this new awe-inspiring resource incorporates adventure, exciting stories, science experiments, arts & crafts, animated videos and active games into a living-faith experience. ORSS is ideal for churches where children of various ages learn together as a group. Everything needed for Sunday school is included in one kit for children ages 3-12. They can also be used during midweek programs, or after school programs. Abingdon Press Leader’s Guide has 13 easy-to-use session plans that can be adapted to fi t the number and age level of the children. The Resource Pak contains posters, game cards, board games, maps, and other tools. The CD-ROM features all-new music that matches the Bible stories and themes, PowerPoint presentations of the words to the songs, lyric sheets, and printed music. Resource Kit $76.99 $69.49 each kit Extra Leader’s Guide $16.99 $15.29 each Includes reproducible Kid’s Book, Winter17/18: 834790 Leader’s Guide, Resource Pak, tote and CD Spring 2018: 835292 Winter ‘17-18: 834776 Summer 2018: 835933 (Avail. Spring 2018: 835278 March’18) Summer 2018: 835919 (Avail. Mar ‘18) Deep Blue Adventure DVD Today’s media-savvy kids will be hooked by these engaging, animated videos! Featuring the Deep Blue characters Asia, Edgar, and Kat, each video tells a story through the kid’s point of view. For even more fun, there are music videos and Bible quizzes. Ages 3-10. FEATURES: • Thirteen 3-minute videos that tell the Bible story in 3D/2D animation • Monthly Bible verse videos that help children learn key Bible verses • A Bible quiz to review each quarter’s Bible stories with the children • Four music videos with brand new music NOW - Free Shipping on One Room Sunday School

DVD $44.99 each DVD Winter ‘17/18: 834837 DVD Spring 2018: 835339 DAV Summer 2018: 835971 Check out Deep Blue Toddlers and Twos online at:

FAX: (319) 277-8136


Toll Free: 1-800-728-2616

resOUrCes FOr ChILdren’s MInIsTrY please - rip out this page!

... & give it to your Dir. of Children’s Ministry

Vacation Bible School 2018 All Starter Kits Include Everything you need for a Successful VBS: Call for VBS catalogs and flyers 1-800-728-2616 choose from:

Abingdon Press

Concordia Publishing

from Group from Cokesbury

from Group

from Cokesbury

Answers in Genesis

Pre-order your starter kit now and receive 10% discount - PLUS free shipping! Order a couple kits to review and then return the one you don’t want for a full refund on the merchandise.

Group’s Shipwrecked

Starter kit pricing

Price: $184.99 Price: $224.99

OUR PRICE: $166.49 OUR PRICE: $202.49

Babylon Digital Starter Kit

Price: $152.99 Price: $187.99

OUR PRICE: 137.69 OUR PRICE: 169.19

Answers in Genesis Time Lab Answers in Genesis Time Lab - Super Kit

Price: $99.00 Price: $189.00

OUR PRICE: $89.10 OUR PRICE: $170.10

Concordia Publishing’s Splash Canyon

Price: $169.99

OUR PRICE: $152.99

Cokesbury’s Rolling River Rampage

Price: $169.99

OUR PRICE: $152.99

Cokesbury’s Hero Central Back by popular demand from last year!

Price: $159.99

OUR PRICE: $143.10

Abingdon’s 24/7 Jesus Makes a Way

Price: $94.43

OUR PRICE: $84.99

Shipwrecked Digital Starter Kit

Group’s Babylon/Daniel

(order early - supplies are limited)

FAX: (319) 277-8136


Toll Free: 1-800-728-2616

BesT seLLIng FUneraL BULLeTIns

Standard Bulletin 12-1137* Legal Size Bultn 12-1437*

Standard Bulletin 28-1130* Legal Size Bultn 28-1430*

Standard Bulletin 14-1136* Standard Bulletin 16-1125* Legal Size Bultn 14-1436*


Standard Bulletin B28148 Matt. 6:20

Standard Bulletin A-4359*

Standard Bulletin 711251*

Standard Bulletin 17-1188* Legal Size Bultn 17-1488* John 14:27

Standard Bulletin U2218

Standard Bulletin A-4058

Standard Bulletin A-5223*

Standard Bulletin 9188

Standard Bulletin A-5419* Legal Size Bultn A-7419*

Standard Bulletin U2501

Standard Bulletin 21-1132* Legal Size Bultn 21-1432*

Standard Bulletin A-5110*

FAX: (319) 277-8136


Toll Free: 1-800-728-2616


Standard Bulletin A-4357* Matt 25:21

Standard Bulletin A-5458*

Standard Bulletin 9115

Standard Bulletin 9349

All items with an asterisk (*) are sold in 50’s


Standard Bulletin 15-1165* Legal Size Bultn 15-1465*


Standard Bulletin 845543*

Standard Bulletin A-4686* Legal Size Bultn A-7686*



Standard Bulletin A-4627* Legal Size Bultn A-7627*

Standard Bulletin 3575 ConďŹ rmation/Matt. 28:20

Standard Bulletin U1521

Standard Bulletin A-4634* Legal Size Bultn A-7634*

Standard Bulletin U1519 John 20:29

Standard Bulletin A-4482* Legal Size Bultn A-7482*

FAX: (319) 277-8136


Standard Bulletin 17-1163* Legal Size Bultn 17-1463*

Standard Bulletin 3524

Standard Bulletin B16009 Acts 2:2, 4

Toll Free: 1-800-728-2616


Standard Bulletin A-4687* Legal Size Bultn A-7687*

Standard Bulletin U4557 Ezek. 36:27

Standard Bulletin 9786 Acts 2:4

Standard Bulletin 8785 Legal Size Bultn 8785L

Standard Bulletin 3109

Standard Bulletin U1520 Luke 2:52 NIRV


Standard Bulletin A-5956* Legal Size Bultn A-7956*

Standard Bulletin 7815 Legal Size Bultn 7815L

MOTher’s daY BULLeTIns NEW

Standard Bulletin 21-1148* Proverbs 31:28 KJV $7.25 per 100

Standard Bulletin A-4477* Legal Size Bultn A-7477*

Standard Bulletin 3508 Proverbs 31:28

Standard Bulletin 3564 Proverbs 31:26 NLT

Standard Bulletin 845567* Isaiah 66:13

Standard Bulletin 18-1142* Legal Size Bultn 18-1442* 1 Peter 3:4

Standard Bulletin A-4636* Legal Size Bultn A-7636* Luke 1:45

Standard Bulletin A-4223* 1 Peter 3:4 LIMITED SUPPLIES


FAX: (319) 277-8136


Toll Free: 1-800-728-2616

MOTher’s daY BULLeTIns - COn’T NEW

Standard Bulletin A-4140* Legal Size Bultn A-7140* Col 1:10

Standard Bulletin U3916

Standard Bulletin A-4697* Legal Size Bultn A-7697*

Standard Bulletin U3919 1 Thess. 1:2

Standard Bulletin A-4700* Legal Size Bultn A-7700*

Standard Bulletin 845604* Isaiah 66:13

Standard Bulletin U6635 Women’s Day -1 Corinth 16:13

Standard Bulletin 3413 Legal Size Bultn 3413L Proverbs 31:26

Standard Bulletin B16139

Standard Bulletin B92968 3 John 4 KJV

Standard Bulletin B92760 Philippians 1:3 KJV


Standard Bulletin B42090 Proverbs 31:28 KJV


All items with an asterisk (*) are sold in 50’s

Standard Bulletin B14579 Proverbs 31:30 KJV

Standard Bulletin B14593 Proverbs 31:26 KJV

FAX: (319) 277-8136


Standard Bulletin B13510 Proverbs 31:28 KJV

Toll Free: 1-800-728-2616

Standard Bulletin $8.25/100

FaTher’s daY BULLeTIns NEW

Standard Bulletin 845574* Deuter. 6:5


Standard Bulletin 845611* Deut. 6:5

Standard Bulletin A-4695* Legal Size Bultn A-7695*

Standard Bulletin U4073 Jeremiah 17:7 NIV



Standard Bulletin B42120 Proverbs 23:24

Legal Bulletin $9.25/100

Standard Bulletin 3509 Proverbs 22:6

Standard Bulletin 3565 Proverbs 20:7

Legal Size Bultn 15-1483* Proverbs 22:6 Legal size only!

Standard Bulletin 3414 Legal Size Bultn 3414L Proverb 22:6

Standard Bulletin B93200 Proverbs 20:7 NKJV

Standard Bulletin U4072 Proverbs 14:26 ESV

Standard Bulletin B92753

Standard Bulletin B16108 Proverbs 23:24

Standard Bulletin A-4144* Legal Size Bultn A-7144* Proverbs 20:7 KJV

Standard Bulletin B09759 Proverbs 19:8

Standard Bulletin A-4626* Legal Size Bultn A-7626* Men’s Ministry/Prov. 28:20

FAX: (319) 277-8136


Toll Free: 1-800-728-2616


FaTher’s daY BULLeTIns CON’T All items with an asterisk (*) are sold in 50’s

Standard Bulletin U4074 Afric. Amer. / Exodus 20:12

Standard Bulletin A-4415* Legal Size Bultn A-7415*

Standard Bulletin B14548 Proverbs 28:20




Standard Bulletin A-4705* Legal Size Bultn A-7705*

Standard Bulletin B42151 Proverbs 14:34

Standard Bulletin A-4130* Legal Size Bultn A-7130*

Legal Size Bultn 21-1467* Only in legal size

Standard Bulletin A-4708* Legal Size Bultn A-7708*

Standard Bulletin 3580

Standard Bulletin A-4094* Standard Bulletin A-5510* Legal Size Bultn A-7094* Legal Size Bultn A-7510* 2 Chronicles 7:14


Standard Bulletin B92678 America the Beautiful lyrics

Standard Bulletin A-4641* Legal Size Bultn A-7641*

FAX: (319) 277-8136


Standard Bulletin U4558 Isaiah 45:8 NIRV

Standard Bulletin U4559 2 Chron. 7:14

Toll Free: 1-800-728-2616


Standard Bulletin U4556 Psalm 33:12 NIV

Standard Bulletin A-4642* Legal Size Bultn A-7642* Philippians 1:3

Standard Bulletin B42144 John 15:13

Standard Bulletin U4560 John 15:13

All items with an asterisk (*) are sold in 50’s

Standard Bulletin B16177

Standard Bulletin B14609 John 15:13

Standard Bulletin 3490 Psalm 135:13

aFrICan aMerICan BULLeTIns

Standard Bulletin U7851 Martin Luther King Jr

Standard Bulletin U7852 Cara McBride Hale

Standard Bulletin 29-1190* Standard Bulletin 13-1191* Obama, Parks, Carver, King Legal Size Bultn 13-1491* Limited supplies!

FAX: (319) 277-8136


Standard Bulletin U7853 Elijah McCoy

Standard Bulletin U7854 Thomas A. Dorsey

Standard Bulletin A-4501* Legal Size Bultn A-7501*

Standard Bulletin A-4502* Legal Size Bultn A7502*

Toll Free: 1-800-728-2616

Standard Bulletin $8.25/100


Standard Bulletin 845628* James 1:5

Standard Bulletin A-4689* Legal Size Bultn A-7689*

Standard Bulletin A-4635* Legal Size Bultn A-7635*

Legal Bulletin $9.25/100

Standard Bulletin B93262 Isaiah 40:31 KJV



Standard Bulletin A-4688* Legal Size Bultn A-7688*

Standard Bulletin B42083 Proverbs 3:5-6 KJV

Standard Bulletin U4474 Joshua 1:9 NIV

Standard Bulletin B14432 Jeremiah 6:16

Standard Bulletin U4473 Philippians 3:14

Standard Bulletin 2319 Proverbs 3:6

Standard Bulletin A-4062* Legal Size Bultn A-7062*

Standard Bulletin 2201 Proverbs 3:5, 6

All items with an asterisk (*) are sold in 50’s

Standard Bulletin B92821 Proverbs 3:5-6 KJV

Standard Bulletin 1649 Joshua 1:9

FAX: (319) 277-8136


Standard Bulletin 9716

Toll Free: 1-800-728-2616

seasOnaL BULLeTIns

81â „2 x 11 Standard Bulletin $8.25/100

81â „2 x 14 Legal Bulletin $9.25/100



Standard Bulletin 9515

Standard Bulletin 3499

Standard Bulletin 3500

Standard Bulletin 3501


Standard Bulletin 17-1188* Legal Size Bultn 17-1488*

Standard Bulletin B08318

Standard Bulletin 845253*

Standard Bulletin U7683

Romans 5:1

Eccl. 3:1


Standard Bulletin B07526

Standard Bulletin 20-1135* Legal Size Bultn 20-1435*

Standard Bulletin 845260* Eccles. 3:1

Hebrews 11:1 KJV

Standard Bulletin B14340

Standard Bulletin A-4175* Legal Size Bultn A-7175*

Standard Bulletin 2704

Psalm 6:1-2 KJV

Standard Bulletin 845598*

Luke 12:27

FAX: (319) 277-8136


Standard Bulletin B09834



Standard Bulletin 845581*

Standard Bulletin 3567

Standard Bulletin 3566

Psalm 62:2 KJV

Standard Bulletin 18-1149* Legal Size Bultn 18-1449*

Toll Free: 1-800-728-2616

BOxed Cards

For a m these eaningful o u inexpe nsive treach - ad d boxed Less t your order cards to han 5 !

$5.99 BOx (12 In a BOx) MInIsTrY appreCIaTIOn Cards From Grateful Hearts Item Number: G8116 KJV Scripture

0 cen

ts a ca


Sample Text: you have ministered to those around you in ways only God knows. Thank you for giving so much.

praYIng FOr YOU Cards

In My Prayers Item #: G6017 KJV

Sample Text: When the world leaves us weary or worried, God refreshes, renews, and restores.Wishing you hope and peace today.

BIrThdaY Cards

Covered by His Love #: G1034 KJV

Sample Text: Hope your birthday has a joyful beginning, with no end to your happiness. May you never leave the beauty of this wonderul day behind. God bless.

Wonderfully Made #: G1137 NIV

Sample Text: and blooming with blessings too! Wishing you a beautiful birthday and happiness in the year ahead!

Item #: G1098 ICB

FAX: (319) 277-8136



Toll Free: 1-800-728-2616

BOxed Cards

For a m these eaningful o u inexpe nsive treach - ad d boxed Less t your order cards to han 5 !

$5.99 BOx (12 In a BOx) Item Number: G7068

enCOUrageMenT Cards

Scripture NIV

0 cen

ts a ca



geT WeLL Cards Get well /A New Morning Item #: G2117 KJV

Sample Text: Trusting God’s peace and love will bring you comfort as you travel this road of recovery. With Heartfelt Prayers for You!

sYMpaThY Cards


Item #: G4048 Scripture NIV

Life’s Journey Item #: G4047 KJV

Sample Text: Whatever our heartache, whatever our need, God walks with us and offers peace. Lifting you in prayer.

ThInKIng OF YOU Cards Wish You Were Here Item #: G5017 KJV

Sample Text: Loved is what you’ll always be. God bless you today!

Check our website for more card designs!

FAX: (319) 277-8136


Toll Free: 1-800-728-2616

prICes and OrderIng

Help us meet our goal of serving with satisfaction. Please read the following notes to help you plan your order. 1. 2.

3. 4.

5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

Please fill out the order form on the following page. Having your selections and quantities ready in advance helps expedite the order processing and is a courtesy to other customers. RUSH orders will be charged a $5.00 fee. A total order of $60 or more bulletins or other litho supplies will entitle you to free shipping and handling * shipping to anywhere in the 48 contiguous United States. Customized imprinting & book/resources, Every Sunday Bulletin Service, curriculum and other items that are marked are not included in free shipping offer. RUSH orders may not qualify for free shipping Please write down the full quantity you need, NOT the number of units. We pride ourselves in striving for next day shipment of orders. Same day shipment is possible when needed. We watch due dates very carefully. Please let us know the date you will be using the products. We do not want an important deadline to pass us by. We call our customers if we cannot fill an order, or if a substitution is necessary. Invoices are mailed by us the day following shipments. Please do not send prepayment. We will bill you for merchandise with transportation charges added. Our terms are net 30 days from date of invoice. Credit for merchandise (not shipping) will be issued for any returns. All items with an asterisk (*) are sold in 50’s All 14” (legal size) bulletins are coded in red.

Returns Policy Please check your order immediately! It is the customer’s responsibility to verify the order upon receipt. Sorry, we cannot accept any seasonal returns that arrive after the important holiday is over. Please call or write for permission as soon as you find you will not be using the merchandise and we will issue a credit memo - for merchandise only - upon receipt of the shipment. Returns will be accepted if made within 15 days of the invoice date. Returns made after 15 days subject to 25% restocking fee. We will not be able to credit for items that have been opened. Thank you! Candles and Every Sunday bulletins are nonreturnable. To cancel your ESBS subscription see cut-off dates below: Jan/Feb/Mar - cut-off is October 1

July/Aug/Sept - cut-off April 1

April/May/June - cut-off is January 1

Oct/Nov/Dec - cut-off is July 1


Bulletin Prices

81/2 x 11 Standard 81/2 x 14 Legal 11 x 17 tabloid Folders 53/4 x 63/4 Letterhead Offering Envelopes #9 Mailing Envelopes Window Envelopes


$ 8.25 9.25 13.00 8.25 8.25 8.25 12.00 7.25

Items with asterisks are sold in 50’s and priced at one-half the 100 price.

DISCOUNTS For Items Above

Order Amount

order over $250 order over $325 order over $400 $475 +

FAX: (319) 277-8136


$25 off order $50 off order $75 off order $100 off order



*FREE SHIPPING! for orders over $60 * shipping to anywhere in the 48 contiguous United States Customized imprinting & denominational bulletin orders are not included in free shipping offer.

Toll Free: 1-800-728-2616

Order Blank Date ______________________


PRICES on previous page Total Item Quantity Number (or style #)

Item Description (or stock desired - for custom printing) REMEMBER: Bulletins are sold in 100’s unless an asterisk (*) is beside the code.

Date Price Needed Per Unit TOTAL

ORDERS NEEDED immediately will be charged a $5.00 RUSH fee NOTE: If you order 50 of an item with no * we will automatically go up to the nearest 100.

Woolverton Printing Company P.O. Box 456, Cedar Falls, Iowa 50613-0200 Toll Free: 1-800-728-2616 Fax: (319) 277-8136 email:

For our records, please include telephone number and street address (for Fed Ex delivery).


Ordered by __________________________________________

Name _________________________________________________________________________ Street _________________________________________________________________________ P.O. Box _______________________________________________________________________ City ____________________________________________________ State __________________ Zip _______________________________________ Denomination ________________________ Phone Number __________________________________________________________________ FAX Number ____________________________________ Email ___________________________

SHIP TO: If different from billing address (UPS does not deliver to PO Box) Name _________________________________________________________________________ Street _________________________________________________________________________ City __________________________________________________ State ___________________ Zip ___________________________________________________________________________

Transportation Charges Additional Prices subject to change without notice

FAX: (319) 277-8136


Toll Free: 1-800-728-2616

Orders and Shipping To Place an Order


Telephone ................... 1-800-728-2616

FAX ............................ 1-319-277-8136

Payments may be made by Master card, Visa or American Express.

Email .......

Web site ...........

Churches will be sent an invoice on the day following shipment of total order. Payments are due in thirty days.

To Place or Communicate by Mail

Woolverton Printing Company

P.O. Box 456

Cedar Falls, Iowa 50613

Shipping Woolverton ships by Federal Express. Please give street address when ordering. See chart below for delivery schedule.

Customer Service Representatives are on hand to receive orders, answer questions and give information on the status of your orders from Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. CST. At other times, please leave a message with date and telephone number where you can be reached. Call Toll Free 1-800-728-2616.

Helpful Hints in Placing Your Order Order blanks will be found in the back pages. Please copy the order blank, complete all necessary information and then place your order by your choice of services in the above directory. A customer service representative will call you if more information is needed.

Damaged Merchandise


If your merchandise arrives in a damaged condition, please call us for further instructions.

Our pre-printed and retail products are guaranteed to give complete customer satisfaction. If you are not satisfied, please call a customer service representative and receive permission to return.


Check Contents of Your Package


To ensure enough time to correct an order, please open your package immediately to make sure the content is correct.


@ Phone







??? Questions about your order ??? Please call a customer service representative at 1-800-728-2616. Each product has a code number. Please have that code number available when you call.


1-800-728-2616 • (319) 277-8131 • (319) 277-8136 FAX 6714 Chancellor Drive • P. O. Box 456 • Cedar Falls, IA 50613 email: web site:

37 page * see etails for d



E FRE G! PPIN 0 SHI s over $6

Woolverton Printing Company 6714 Chancellor Drive PO Box 456 Cedar Falls, IA 50613

Madison, WI Permit #2223


PRSRT STD U.S. Postage

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