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Important Date to Remember -- Order Early! February 17 - Ash Wednesday February 21 - First Sunday of Lent March 28 - Palm Sunday

April 1 - Maundy Thursday April 2 - Good Friday April 4 - Easter Sunday

2021 Easter Products

FREE ! PING SHIP er $70 orders


age 22 * see p tails d r fo e


Index Serving churches and pastors since 1900 For 120 years Woolverton has provided great service and quality. We continue to strive to bring you the quality products at a competitive price. With Covid19, our hours may be reduced. If you are unable to get a hold of us by phone, please leave a message and we will return your call. Thank you for your patronage, Judy Stiers Director Church Division

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www.WoolvertonChurch.com to see our sale items and other items not listed in this catalog

Communion Supplies

Disposable Communion Cups 13⁄8

Slightly taller plastic communion cups that stand higher in the tray and allow for easier retrieval. Smooth lip finish. Recyclable. Will fit standard trays. 13⁄8 inch height 1000 per box



TOLL FREE: 1-800-728-2616

Ashes (for Ash Wed.) ...........................7 Bulletins Ash Wednesday ............................ 3 Black History/African Amer. .....18 Confirmation ................................18 Easter ......................................... 8-17 Father’s Day .................................20 Good Friday ................................ 6-7 Graduation ................................... 21 Lent ................................................. 3 Maundy Thursday ..................... 5-6 Mother’s Day ................................19 Palm Sunday ................................. 4 Patriotic .........................................21 Pentecost .......................................18 Tabloid (11 x 17) ...........................16 Communion Supplies ..........................2 Lenten Devotional ................................7 Letterhead Sets (Items sold separately) Easter ......................................... 8-16 Offering Envelopes Flower ............................................15 Lent ..................................................7 Order Information ........................ 22-23 Prices ....................................................22 Window Envelopes ............................. 8

Please go online for banners, boxed cards, bookmarks, variety of bulletins, and much more!

www.WoolvertonChurch.com FAX: (319) 277-8136

81â „2 x 11 Standard Bulletin $8.25/100

Standard Bulletin 18-1144* Limited Supplies!

Ash Wed/Lent Bulletins

81â „2 x 14 Legal Bulletin $9.25/100


Standard Bulletin 18-1182* Legal Size Bultn 18-1482*

Standard Bulletin AP2044* Psalm 25:4

Standard Bulletin AP2050*


Standard Bulletin 3910 Legal Size Bultn 3910L

Standard Bulletin 3909 Legal Size Bultn 3909L

Standard Bulletin AP2045* Joel 2:13

Standard Bulletin AP2051*

Standard Bulletin A-4855 Legal Size Bultn A-7855

Standard Bulletin U3922 Genesis 3:19

Standard Bulletin U3592 Psalm 51:10

Standard Bulletin A-4662 Legal Size Bultn A-7662

If item has * it is sold in units of 50

Standard Bulletin U3934 Eccles. 3:20

Standard Bulletin U3941 Joel 2:13

Standard Bulletin 3128 Legal Size Bultn 3128L


81â „2 x 11 Standard Bulletin $8.25/100

Palm Sunday Bulletins

81â „2 x 14 Legal Bulletin $9.25/100

Standard Bulletin A-4880 Legal Size Bultn A-7880

Standard Bulletin A-4879 Legal Size Bultn A-7879


Standard Bulletin 19-1100* Legal Size Bultn 19-1400* LIMITED SUPPLIES!

Standard Bulletin 18-1103* Legal Size Bultn 18-1403*

Standard Bulletin A-4817 Legal Size Bultn A-7817

Standard Bulletin A-4818 Legal Size Bultn A-7818

Standard Bulletin AP2046 Mark 11:9b

Standard Bulletin AP2052

Standard Bulletin 3745

Standard Bulletin 3596 Legal Size Bultn 3596L

Standard Bulletin 3746 Legal Size Bultn 3746L

Standard Bulletin A-4005 Legal Size Bultn A-7005

Standard Bulletin U3933 Matt. 21:9

Standard Bulletin U3943 John 12:13

Standard Bulletin U3538 John 12:13

Standard Bulletin 3726 Legal Size Bultn 3726L



Maundy Thursday Bulletins NEW

Standard Bulletin 21-1105* Legal Size Bultn 21-1405*

Standard Bulletin U3956 John 13:35

MORE Styles Online


Standard Bulletin AP2068*

Standard Bulletin AP2053*


Standard Bulletin 16-1102* Legal Size Bultn 16-1402*

Standard Bulletin 3720 1 Corinth. 11:24

Standard Bulletin AP2047*

Standard Bulletin A-4875 Legal Size Bultn A-7875


Standard Bulletin U4874 2 Corinth. 13:14

Standard Bulletin U4875 1 Corinth. 11:26

Standard Bulletin 3967 Luke 24:30-31

Standard Bulletin U4859 Communion Prayer

Standard Bulletin A-4015 Legal Size Bultn A-7015

Standard Bulletin U4861 John 15:13

Standard Bulletin A-4664 Legal Size Bultn A-7664

Standard Bulletin A-4784 Legal Size Bultn A-7784


Maundy Thursday Bulletins


MORE Styles Online

Standard Bulletin U4889 1 Corinth. 11:28

Standard Bulletin U3935 Mark 14:22, 24

Standard Bulletin U3942 John 13:34 NIV

Standard Bulletin A-4853 Legal Size Bultn A-7853

Standard Bulletin A-4813 Legal Size Bultn A-7813 Footwashing Bulletin

Standard Bulletin 3081

Standard Bulletin 3923

Standard Bulletin B41956 Limited Supplies!

Good Friday Bulletins


Standard Bulletin AP2048 John 8:12b CEB


Standard Bulletin AP2049 John 19:30 CEB

Standard Bulletin A-4876 Legal Size Bultn A-7876

Standard Bulletin AP2054

Standard Bulletin A-4878 Legal Size Bultn A-7878

Standard Bulletin A-4432 Legal Size Bultn A-7432

Standard Bulletin B05658 Limited Supplies!


Standard Bulletin A-4877 Legal Size Bultn A-7877


81⁄2 x 11 Standard Bulletin $8.25/100

Good Friday Bulletins

81⁄2 x 14 Legal Bulletin $9.25/100

Standard Bulletin 3560 Legal Size Bultn 3560L

Standard Bulletin U3630

Standard Bulletin A-4031 Legal Size Bultn A-7031

Standard Bulletin A-4815 Legal Size Bultn A-7815

Standard Bulletin 19-1157* Legal Size Bultn 19-1457* “Father, Forgin Them”

Standard Bulletin U3936 John 19:30

Standard Bulletin 3911 Legal Size Bultn 3911L

Standard Bulletin U3944 Romans 5:8 NIV

Lent Resources The Sanctuary for Lent 2021- reach out to your congregation! By April Casperson

The Sanctuary for Lent 2021 contains brief readings for each day in Lent, from Ash Wednesday through Easter Day, including a suggested Scripture, a short devotion and a short prayer - all based on the Revised Common Lectionary. Along with being a great congregational resource, it is an excellent gift for family, friends, and those your congregation connects with through outreach. 9781791001766 3.75” x 9” Fits in #10 envelope. Paperback.

$11.99 (pk/10)

Ashes for Ash Wednesday Service These ashes for Ash Wednesday come in a small bag. 88-1043G estimated to serve 75 $9.99

Lent Offering Envelopes

Sold in units of 100 3928 $8.25 per 100


Easter Letterhead Sets

Letterhead LH-611*

Letterhead LH-778*

Name _____________________________________ Address ___________________________________ Amount __________________ No. ______________ OE-778

Offering Envelope OE-611

Offering Envelope OE-778 Name __________________________________ Address ________________________________ Amount __________________ No. ___________ OE-611

If item has * sold in 50’s

Standard Bulletin 20-1166* Legal Size Bultn 20-1466*

Standard Bulletin 19-1124* Legal Size Bultn 19-1424*

Letterhead LH-525*

Items on this page and facing page are exclusive from Woolvertons Artwork by Judy Stiers Name ________________________________ Address ______________________________ Amount _________________ No. ________ OE-525

Window Envelope

Offering Envelope OE-525

A-3503 Window Mailing Envelope


Standard Bulletin 16-1135* Legal Size Bultn 16-1435*

Easter Letterhead Sets

Letterhead LH-268*

Letterhead LH-902*

Easter Offering

Name ________________________________ Address _______________________________ Amount __________________ No. _________ OE-902

Name __________________________________________ Address _________________________________________ Amount __________________ No. ___________________ OE-268

Offering Envelope OE-902

Offering Envelope OE-268

If item has * sold in 50’s Standard Bulletin 17-1170* Legal Size Bultn 17-1470*

Standard Bulletin 14-1110* Legal Size Bultn 14-1410* Letterhead LH-898*

Letterhead LH-946*

Name ____________________________________

Name ________________________________

Address ___________________________________

Address _______________________________

Amount __________________ No. _____________

Amount __________________ No. _________



Offering Envelope OE-898

Standard Bulletin 18-1198* Legal Size Bultn 18-1498*

Exclusive series from Woolvertons Artwork by Judy Stiers

Offering Envelope OE-946

Standard Bulletin 19-1146* Legal Size Bultn 19-1446*


Easter Letterhead Sets Letterhead AP2057LH*

Letterhead AP2058LH*

Offering Envelope AP2057E*

Offering Envelope AP2058E*



If item has * sold in 50’s Standard Bulletin AP2058* Legal Size Bultn AP2058L*

Standard Bulletin AP2057* Legal Size Bultn AP2057L* Letterhead AP2059LH*

Standard Bulletin AP2059* Legal Size Bultn AP2059L*

Letterhead A-9881

Offering Envelope AP2059E*

Offering Envelope A-3881




Standard Bulletin A-4881 Legal Size Bultn A-7881

Easter Letterhead Sets Letterhead A-9819

Offering Envelope A-3819

Letterhead A-9820

Offering Envelope A-3820

If item has * sold in 50’s Standard Bulletin A-4820 Legal Size Bultn A-7820

Standard Bulletin A-4819 Legal Size Bultn A-7819 Letterhead A-9045

Letterhead 3916LH

Offering Envelope 3916E

Offering Envelope A-3045

Standard Bulletin A-4045 Legal Size Bultn A-7045


Standard Bulletin 3916 Legal Size Bultn 3916L

Easter Letterhead Sets Letterhead U3947LH

Offering Envelope U3946E

Offering Envelope U3947E

Standard Bulletin U3946 Legal Size Bultn U3946L

Standard Bulletin U3947 Legal Size Bultn U3947L Letterhead U3957LH

Letterhead U3929LH

Offering Envelope U3929E

Offering Envelope U3957E


Standard Bulletin U3957 Legal Size Bultn U3957L

Letterhead U3946LH


Standard Bulletin U3929 Legal Size Bultn U3929L

Easter Letterhead Sets Letterhead 3708LH

Offering Envelope 3708E

Offering Envelope 3914E

Standard Bulletin 3914 Legal Size Bultn 3914L

Standard Bulletin 3708 Legal Size Bultn 3708L Letterhead 3948LH

Letterhead 3561LH

Offering Envelope 3561E

Offering Envelope 3948E


Standard Bulletin 3948 Legal Size Bultn 3948L

Letterhead 3914LH


Standard Bulletin 3561 Legal Size Bultn 3561L

Easter Letterhead Sets Letterhead 3947LH

Offering Envelope 3947E

Letterhead 3707LH

Offering Envelope 3707E


Standard Bulletin 3707 Legal Size Bultn 3707L

Standard Bulletin 3947 Legal Size Bultn 3947L Letterhead 3706LH

Letterhead 3741LH

Offering Envelope 3741E

Offering Envelope 3706E

Standard Bulletin 3706 Legal Size Bultn 3706L


Standard Bulletin 3741 Legal Size Bultn 3741L

Easter Letterhead Sets Letterhead 3915LH

Letterhead 3742LH

Offering Envelope 3915E

Offering Envelope 3742E

Standard Bulletin 3742 Legal Size Bultn 3742L

Standard Bulletin 3915 Legal Size Bultn 3915L

Flower Offering Envelopes

$8.25 per 100

Window Envelopes

$7.25 per 100 Flower Offering Envelope 9449

A-3503 Window Mailing Envelope

Flower Offering Envelope 8409


11 x 17 Tabloid Bulletins $13.00 per 100

Sold in 50’s. If marked with * 20-1766T*



3741T Limited supplies!

3708T Limited supplies!

3915T Limited supplies!



Easter Bulletins

Standard Bulletin A-4823 Legal Size Bultn A-7823

Standard Bulletin U3924


Standard Bulletin A-4604 Legal Size Bultn A-7604

Standard Bulletin U3923

81â „2 x 11 Standard Bulletin $8.25/100

Easter Bulletins


81â „2 x 14 Legal Bulletin $9.25/100

Standard Bulletin AP2055*

Standard Bulletin U3895

Standard Bulletin U3892

Standard Bulletin A-4023 Legal Size Bultn A-7023

Standard Bulletin A-4616 Legal Size Bultn A-7616

Standard Bulletin A-4822 Legal Size Bultn A-7822

Standard Bulletin 3913 Legal Size Bultn 3913L

Standard Bulletin 3912 Legal Size Bultn 3912L

Standard Bulletin A-4821 Legal Size Bultn A-7821

Standard Bulletin 3563 Mark 16:6

Standard Bulletin U3932 Mark 16:6 NIV

Standard Bulletin U3926


Standard Bulletin A-4882 Legal Size Bultn A-7882

Standard Bulletin A-4883 Legal Size Bultn A-7883


Standard Bulletin U3950 Matt 17:23 NIRV


Standard Bulletin A-4884 Legal Size Bultn A-7884

Black History Month Bulletins

Standard Bulletin 3946

Standard Bulletin U7867

Standard Bulletin U7868

Standard Bulletin U7870

Pentecost/Confirmation Bulletins NEW

Standard Bulletin 17-1163* Legal Size Bultn 17-1463*

Standard Bulletin AP2063

Standard Bulletin A-4885 Legal Size Bultn A-7885

Standard Bulletin A-4825 Legal Size Bultn A-7825

Standard Bulletin 3721 John 20:22

Standard Bulletin 3524 Limited Supplies!

Standard Bulletin A-4826 Legal Size Bultn A-7826

Standard Bulletin A-5956 Legal Size Bultn A-7956

Standard Bulletin 9786 Acts 2:4

Standard Bulletin U4563 John 14:26-27 NIV

Standard Bulletin U1519 John 20:29

Standard Bulletin U4557 Ezek. 36:27


81⁄2 x 11 Standard Bulletin $8.25/100


Mother’s Day Bulletins

81⁄2 x 14 Legal Bulletin $9.25/100


Standard Bulletin 3949 Psalm 4:7 NKJV

Standard Bulletin AP2060* Proverbs 31:25

Standard Bulletin U3958 Numbers 6:24-26

Standard Bulletin A-4831 Legal Size Bultn A-7831

Standard Bulletin A-4832 Legal Size Bultn A-7832

Standard Bulletin 3743

Standard Bulletin A-4477 Legal Size Bultn A-7477

Standard Bulletin 18-1142* Legal Size Bultn 18-1442*

Standard Bulletin 3607

Standard Bulletin 3929 1 Corinth. 13:7

Standard Bulletin U3954 Proverbs 31:30 NIV

Standard Bulletin A-4791 Hebrews 4:16



If item has * it is sold in units of 50

Standard Bulletin B05795 LIMITED SUPPLIES!

Standard Bulletin B17917 SALE - $7 per 100

Standard Bulletin U3916 SALE - $7 per 100


Father’s Day Bulletins



Standard Bulletin AP2061* Proverbs 20:7

Standard Bulletin U4078 Psalm 103:13 NIV

Standard Bulletin 3744 Proverbs 17:6

Standard Bulletin 3950 2 John 1:3

Standard Bulletin 3930 Joshua 24:15

Standard Bulletin 3608 Limited Supplies!

Standard Bulletin A-4144 Limited Supplies!

Standard Bulletin U4076 3 John 4

If item has * it is sold in units of 50 Legal Size Bultn 15-1483* Legal Size Only!


Standard Bulletin A-4890 Legal Size Bultn A-7890

Standard Bulletin B17948 Limited Supplies!

Standard Bulletin A-4833 Limited Supplies!

Patriotic Bulletins

Standard Bulletin U4558 Isaiah 45:8 NIRV


Standard Bulletin 3490 Psalm 135:13

Standard Bulletin U4560 John15:13

81â „2 x 11 Standard Bulletin $8.25/100

Patriotic Bulletins

81â „2 x 14 Legal Bulletin $9.25/100

Standard Bulletin A-4837 Legal Size Bultn A-7837

Standard Bulletin U4562 Psalm 33:12

Standard Bulletin 3724

Standard Bulletin A-4794 Legal Size Bultn A-7794

Standard Bulletin A-4839 Legal Size Bultn A-7839

Standard Bulletin A-4838 Legal Size Bultn A-7838

Standard Bulletin A-4130 Legal Size Bultn A-7130

Standard Bulletin 3927 1 Peter 2:16 ESV


Graduation Bulletins

Standard Bulletin AP2062*

Standard Bulletin A-4827 Legal Size Bultn A-7827

Standard Bulletin A-4828 Legal Size Bultn A-7828

Standard Bulletin U4475 Jeremiah 29:11

Standard Bulletin U4474 Joshua 1:9 NIV

Standard Bulletin 2319 Proverbs 3:6

Standard Bulletin 1649 Joshua 1:9

Standard Bulletin U4476 Isaiah 58:11


Prices and Ordering

Help us meet our goal of serving with satisfaction. Please read the following notes to help you plan your order. Prices subject to change without notice. 1. All items with an asterisk (*) are sold in 50’s 2. All 14” (legal size) bulletins are coded in red. 3. A total order of $70 or more bulletins or other litho supplies will entitle you to free shipping and handling * shipping to anywhere in the 48 contiguous United States. See below. 4. We watch due dates very carefully. Please let us know the date you will be using the products. We do not want an important deadline to pass us by. 5. Invoices are mailed by us the week following shipments. Please do not send prepayment. Our terms are net 30 days from date of invoice. 6. Credit for merchandise (not shipping) will be issued for any returns.

Returns Policy Sorry, we cannot accept any seasonal returns that arrive after the important holiday is over. Please call or write for permission as soon as you find you will not be using the merchandise and we will issue a credit memo - for merchandise only - upon receipt of the shipment. Returns will be accepted if made within 15 days of the invoice date. Returns made after 15 days subject to 25% restocking fee. We will not be able to credit you for items that have been opened. Thank you! Every Sunday bulletins are nonreturnable. To cancel the subscription, you must call before cut off dates below: Jan/Feb/Mar - October 1. July/Aug/Sept - April 1

April/May/June - January 1

Oct/Nov/Dec - July 1

Bulletin Prices

Size 100 $ 8.25 81/2 x 11 Standard 9.25 81/2 x 14 Legal 11 x 17 tabloid 13.00 8.25 Folders 53/4 x 63/4 Letterhead 8.25 Offering Envelopes 8.25 #9 Mailing Envelopes 12.00 Window Envelopes 7.25 Items with asterisks are sold in 50’s and priced at one-half the 100 price.

DISCOUNTS For Items Above

Order Online Amount Discount Code over $100 $15 off order discount15 over $250 $25 off order discount25 over $350 $50 off order discount50 $475 + $100 off order discount100



*FREE SHIPPING! for orders over $70 * shipping to anywhere in the 48 contiguous United States Customized imprinting, denominational bulletin orders, Every Sunday bulletins and other marked items are not included in free shipping offer.

To Place an Order

Orders and Shipping Payments

Telephone ................... 1-800-728-2616 FAX ............................ 1-319-277-8136 Email ....... wpchurch@woolverton.com

Web site: www.WoolvertonChurch.com

To Place or Communicate by Mail

Payments may be made by Master card, Visa or American Express. Churches will be sent an invoice on the day following shipment of total order. Payments are due in thirty days.

Woolverton P.O. Box 456

Cedar Falls, Iowa 50613

Customer Service Representatives are on hand to receive orders, answer questions and give information on the status of your orders from Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. CST. At other times, please leave a message with date and telephone number where you can be reached. Call Toll Free 1-800-728-2616.

Shipping Woolverton ships by Federal Express. Please give street address when ordering. See chart below for delivery schedule.

Helpful Hints in Placing Your Order Please feel free to order online. You can pay with a credit card or we can bill you. At the check-out click “Bill to Account”. A customer service representative will call you if more information is needed. WE CAN ONLY SHIP TO A STREET ADDRESS!

Guarantee Our pre-printed and retail products are guaranteed to give complete customer satisfaction. If you are not satisfied, please call a customer service representative and receive permission to return.

Check Contents of Your Package To ensure enough time to correct an order, please open your package immediately to make sure the content is correct.

Damaged Merchandise If your merchandise arrives in a damaged condition, please call us for further instructions. • OPEN IMMEDIATELY •


??? Questions about your order ???

Please call a customer service representative at 1-800-728-2616. Each product has a code number. Please have that code number available when you call.


1-800-728-2616 • (319) 277-8131 • (319) 277-8136 FAX 6714 Chancellor Drive • P. O. Box 456 • Cedar Falls, IA 50613

email: wpchurch@woolverton.com • web site: www.woolvertonchurch.com



Serving churches and pastors since 1900

6714 Chancellor Drive PO Box 456 Cedar Falls, IA 50613

Waterloo, IA Permit 134


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2021 Easter and Spring Catalog  

Check out our offering for Spring and Easter 2021. We sell banners, bulletins, letterhead sets and more!

2021 Easter and Spring Catalog  

Check out our offering for Spring and Easter 2021. We sell banners, bulletins, letterhead sets and more!

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