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your future begins on day one

your journey to success starts at the w. p. carey school of business The W. P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University is not business education as usual. From the time you enter as a freshman, still formulating your academic and professional goals, our worldrenowned faculty members and supportive staff teach you, guide you and inspire you as your career aspirations evolve.

Our academic choices are as diverse as they are abundant. We offer 14 undergraduate majors and concentrations, from the traditional to the innovative. Our programs of study reflect and respond to the demands of business and industry today and beyond. We are located in the heart of the fast-growing Phoenix metropolitan area, which provides opportunities for internships, employment and networking. Our classes are offered on ASU’s Tempe, Polytechnic, West and Downtown Phoenix campuses. Business student organizations, residential communities, individual career counseling, study abroad opportunities and rewarding internships are just a few of our outstanding extracurricular offerings. These programs and activities provide you with practical, real-world experiences that complement your classroom studies and prepare you to become one of tomorrow’s business leaders.

innovative programs, inspiring teachers and exceptional students ignite your passion “It isn’t easy to figure out what you want to do for the rest of your life, but with the opportunities available at W. P. Carey, it won’t be hard to find something that you will love.”

— Jennifer Truong, Finance and Marketing, 2011

The W. P. Carey School of Business offers undergraduate degree programs in a variety of disciplines, with curriculum designed and delivered by our accomplished, engaged faculty. Alongside our nationally ranked programs such as Information Systems and Supply Chain Management, you’ll discover one-of-a-kind programs including our innovative Business and Sustainability concentration, the first of its kind at any university. No matter where your interests lie, you’ll find your passion in the W. P. Carey School of Business.

Building a foundation for your academic growth

The W. P. Carey Bachelor of Science degree provides an academic foundation in traditional business disciplines such as accounting, economics, finance and management. The core business courses you take serve as the basis for the rest of the work you will do in your chosen field of study.

Bachelor of Science Degree Majors

• Accountancy • Finance • Computer Information Systems • Management • Economics • Marketing • Agribusiness • Supply Chain Management – General Agribusiness – Professional Golf Management – Pre-Veterinary Medicine

Taking your business education to a different level

The W. P. Carey Bachelor of Arts in Business is an innovative interdisciplinary program that combines a business education with a concentration in another academic discipline. You take the core business courses in the W. P. Carey School and the concentration courses in another ASU school.

Bachelor of Arts Degree Concentrations • Communication • Sustainability • Tourism Management • Urban Policy

• Law • Global Politics

You deserve to learn from the best and the brightest

W. P. Carey School of Business faculty members are world-class teachers, researchers, practitioners and thought leaders who bring classroom learning to life. Their research production ranks in the top 25 in the world among business schools and they serve as consultants to more than 300 companies and government agencies. They contribute to and edit prestigious academic journals, and are sought out as experts in their fields by such media outlets as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, BusinessWeek, USA Today, CNN and National Public Radio.

Your classmates thrive on challenge in and out of the classroom

Our students are driven. They excel inside and outside the classroom. They work alongside faculty mentors in conducting and publishing research, providing consultation to local businesses and creating strategies to address real-world business challenges. They lead clubs and organizations, gaining valuable experiences that will translate into marketable job skills. They expect to be challenged academically and demand the most of their education. They are not disappointed.

your career exploration is an evolutionary process

As a freshman business student, you may not know exactly what you want to do after you graduate. That’s why the W. P. Carey School of Business focuses on career planning and preparation from your first day on campus throughout your time as a business student – not just when you graduate and are looking for a job.

Our Business Career Center provides career coaching, education and planning; help finding internships; resume and interview preparation; and job search assistance. You also have access to ASU’s career resources. Taking advantage of all of these services early in your academic career will pay huge dividends in preparation for achieving your professional goals. More than 1,900 regional, national and international companies recruit W. P. Carey students and graduates annually to fill internships and full-time positions. Our proximity to Phoenix, the nation’s fifth largest city, provides career-related opportunities that few business schools can match.

“Each day and each year I spent learning and growing on campus opened a new door, which sparked a new idea and inevitably gave me the determination to seek out new and challenging opportunities. I would have never imagined coming from a small town in Texas and being a first-generation college student that I would end up working on Wall Street.” — Jazmin Medina, Finance, 2009

You will encounter our alumni here, there and everywhere

As a W. P. Carey graduate, your alumni network includes 62,000 other leaders in businesses that span the globe and encompass every industry. Wherever you are, there likely is a W. P. Carey graduate nearby. Tap into this vast and varied alumni network for mentoring, internships, career opportunities and social interaction.

capture the w. p. carey spirit by engaging in student activities

W. P. Carey Residential Community

Campus living is an integral part of your university experience. Residence halls are at the epicenter of freshman social life – places where lifelong friendships and lasting memories are formed. Freshmen students have the added benefit of being able to live together in W. P. Carey Residential Communities at the Polytechnic, Tempe and West campuses. In addition to living with fellow business students, residential community members have access to various special programs.

Carey Academy

The W. P. Carey Academy is an organization designed exclusively for premier students enrolled in the business school. Access to top faculty, special courses and academy-only events are just some of the benefits offered to members. Students are invited to join if they are admitted to the W. P. Carey School of Business and Barrett, the Honors College, or if they meet specific academic requirements upon admission to the business school.

Business Clubs and Organizations

As a W. P. Carey student, your classroom experience is just one part of your preparation for a successful career. You will develop your communication, networking, management and leadership skills by actively participating in one or more of our 30 business-related student organizations. They include: • American Marketing Association • Asian Business Leaders Association • Association of Latino Professionals in • W. P. Carey Business Ambassadors Finance and Accounting • Black Business Students Association • American Business Women’s Association • Investment Banking Industry Scholars • Sports Business Association • Consulting Scholars

Camp Carey

Early each fall, incoming W. P. Carey freshmen participate in a weekend-long retreat called Camp Carey. Located in the cool pines of northern Arizona, Camp Carey features team competitions, informal meetings with faculty and staff, and plenty of time to relax, play and build your W. P. Carey School spirit.

“I have a found a great community of friends at W. P. Carey and, after all, it will be the students surrounding you that will have the greatest impact on how much you enjoy attending the business school.” — Scott Turner, Finance and Economics, 2011

make your future happen

We will work with you to make the admission process smooth and efficient. To begin, apply online to Arizona State University and select the W. P. Carey School of Business as your first choice. There you will find the requirements for admission to the business school, as well as instructions about selecting your major or concentration.

Barrett, the Honors College

Barrett, The Honors College, is a selective residential college that recruits academically outstanding undergraduates across the nation. In order to be considered for admission, a separate application must be submitted. Admitted students have superior grade point averages, impressive standardized test scores and submit a strong application essay. Consideration is also given to exhibited leadership qualities, special talents (musical, athletic and scientific, among others), interesting hobbies and avocations, community involvement and other personal achievements and experiences.

Scholarships and Financial Aid

Visiting the W. P. Carey School

The W. P. Carey School, in cooperation with the ASU Scholarship Office, recognizes and rewards qualified business students with scholarship assistance. More than $17 million in scholarship money was distributed to undergraduate business students for the 2008–09 academic year. Scholarships are funded from many sources, including small businesses, corporations, foundations, alumni and individual donors.

Visiting ASU and the W. P. Carey School of Business is the best way to learn firsthand about our outstanding programs while experiencing the full richness of our beautiful campus setting.

The application process is competitive and selection is based on criteria such as GPA, leadership, community service, academic major, class level, financial need and residency classification.

You can schedule a one-on-one appointment with a W. P. Carey School admissions representative or attend a weekly information session by calling (480) 965–8710.

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