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Casey Roeder, Brett Waters, Ben Goodman, Jack Leary Research Writing (WR121-O) Dr. Tamera Marko Writing Project 3 – Draft 1 March 29, 2009


TEMPLATE, LAYOUT AND DESIGN Our group will be creating the template for which all 54 students’ annotations will be published. This is a vital part of the classes’ final project that we have all been working all semester to accomplish. We are aiming to create a visually appealing final product that will encourage our bi-national audience to learn more about Medellin’s peace process. Our goal is to make the overall design of the final publication cohesive, making it easy for all readers to navigate, read and examine. We plan on adapting the way each page is laid out, based on the elements included in each particular annotation; such as text, pictures, links, videos and the like. The written word and images that will be included in our dimension of the project will consist of mostly of our peers, but will also include our own annotations and accompanying visuals that we crafted for writing projects one and two. Our dimension of the project is crucial in engaging our bi-lingual, bi-national audience because we are dealing with the visual aspect of the project. Because design is internationally respected, we will make sure that we devise a layout that will be appealing to everyone who looks at the final multimedia catalog.


complete our project, we will need access to many technological resources including the publishing program, Adobe inDesign, the photo editing program, Adobe Photoshop, WebCT, and email. We will be uploading the final project to the website “”, which will turn the pages of the catalog into a virtual, interactive display that can ultimately be embedded on the websites that the graduate student assistants are 1

creating. An example can be seen at here. Most importantly, a resource we will need is the cooperation of the rest of the students, in collecting their work for us to ultimately lay out in the template that we are creating.

Writing Project 3  

test of our catalogue

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