Turn Youre Plans Into Reality

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'The IDEA'

The project 'Turn your plans into reality' was an answer to low civic activity of young people. By building a project together with partners from Greece, Portugal and Romania, we decided to change this unfavorable phenomenon. The goals of our project were to increase civic activity through, among others encouraging active participation in elections, broadening participants' knowledge of democracy, civil rights and freedoms, and strengthening European awareness. The project allowed us to develop our skills, increase level of knowledge and competence, also contributed to building lasting partnership between our organizations. The knowledge acquired on the project will allow us to make more informed and responsible choices, our activities will also have a positive impact on the process of European integration. The long-term effect of our project is an increase in the level of civic activity, higher voter turnout


'The polish group arrived first. The first impression was very good, hotel was ideal and rooms were very nice. Without out packing our suitcases we went for a little walk into the mountains to get used to the area and then we took the guest there. We went back for dinner. Then we started preparing to welcome the Portuguese group.'

'Great international evening was organized by the Romanian group. They started with some quiz questions about the history of their country and they also offered some tiny historic souvenirs. After that we enjoyed some traditional Romanian food like Zacusca, Gem, cozonac and sirop de tructe. And for last we learned some traditional dances.'

'We created a project about democracy which was made from the green groupwith the cooperation of the Portugal team. It was very interesting, we learned a lot about Greek history and how the democracy was bornand developed in Greece. As well the history of the democracy onPortugal was very interesting and everyone liked the presentation.'

'We we learned a lot about Polish and Romanian democracy. We had apolitical discussion about politics in each country and what needs to be improved'

'We were discovering what are our chances during the workshops 'Ocean of possibilities'. It was great activity where we had chance to discover our opportunities. We were working together in groups, discussing, brainstorming, presenting. Great way to discover!'

'We had several meetings during the project. We went to Katowice for a meeting with european deputy. We had also workshops in school where we shared our knowledge. We also had a meeting with a member of city council.'

'Very important activity for us was creating videos, materials, posters for our campaign. The aim of the campaign was to send message from us to other young people that they should be active, love democracy, equality etc.'

ADEMINHO/Escola Profissional do Alto Minho Interior