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Interesting places in LeĹźajsk

Visit monastery of the Bernardine Fathers and see beautiful and unique organs. Next to the monastery there are colorful gardens, where you can walk and relax. In the garden there is a cafe with cake and waffles. It is very delicious!!! It's worth seeing this place

Are you interested in the art of acting don’t miss theater in Leşajsk. There are lots of interesting performances. Tickets are not very expensive. It is a fantastic experience and you can learn a lot. Great spent time !!

It's worth visiting muzeus in Leşajsk. there are many old things there, you can get to know their history. It’s open from 9 hours to 16 hours. Tickets cost this 4 zlotys for children and 6 zlotys for adults. See for yourself how interesting it is !!!

If you get hungry in Leşajsk go to the pizzeria Gre’ka. there are very good pizzas and salads. It's there very comfortable. Nice service and tasty desserts. You can meet friends there and talk. There is television there so watch a match there or listen to music. I recommend !!!

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Places in Leżajsk