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Our WoW Battleground Honor Bot was built with the idea of safety and simplicity. Our WoW BG Bot does not inject itself into WoW meaning that Blizzard's Warden sees our bots as a human playing. If you are looking for a WoW Battleground Honor Bot that is easy to use, updated with the latest patches and Mists of Pandaria, undetectable, and comes with 24/7 365 Member support. Then become a Member and download your WoW Battleground Honor Bot instantly.

Siege of Orgimmar patch 5.4 has been release and there are a ton of new additions to World of Warcraft and PvP that will make an honor bot extremely important in patch 5.4. In this article we will be discussing some of the advantages of using a wow honor bot and the changes to PvP in patch 5.4.

Changes to PvP in Patch 5.4 No more Arena teams as we know it, and we feel fine. No really Arena has been a disaster for a long time, our teams would get the top 2200 rating the first week and literally destroy anyone who challenged us. This makes the playing field a lot more equal and in turn a lot more fun. However, this change will make the competition a lot more fun for the top spots. Arena time limits. Another great change implemented by blizzard was to put a 25-minute on arena games. This is awesome for anyone who ever played 2’s. Only to get a tank and healer combo with no chance of killing any of them and no chance of them killing you. Cross real arenas and connected realms, guys do I need to say more this is epic! World of Warcraft is actually becoming a World. This means that crappy world pvp events could become epic battles for the alliance or horde! Increased caps for random bgs – Yes this means more PvP gear and we like pvp gear.

1) Honor is becoming far more important in game. To get honor you need to do battlegrounds, however it takes forever to max and to get all your pvp gear. Using a WoW Honor bot can do this all by clicking a couple of buttons. 2) Do you want to level your character to level 90, all by just pvping? Yes, you can level your character easily to level 90. This is actually one of the most kept secrets in game and you can easily level your character to level 90 by just joining battlegrounds and gaining xp. If you use an honor bot you will be able to get any character you want to level 90! 3) PvP gear will be released a lot more often and you will need more honor to buy it. PvP is gaining importance with every patch as Blizzard focuses more on building up the PvP community. This will mean more seasons and more PvP. If you use a WoW honor bot you will be able to automate this process, leave your computer, and come back with full honor and PvP gear!

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World of warcraft battleground bot  
World of warcraft battleground bot  

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