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WOW Analytics launches Version 2.0 WOW Analytics, a renowned name in IP tracking, Internet Intelligence Analytics and lead generation, has launched Version 2.0 of its software. The remarkable technology powering WOW Analytics helps identify the employers of visitors to a website. Utilising the latest in lead forensic technology, the platform tells you which companies have been browsing your website. It also enables Sales and Marketing Teams to track these companies and effectively classify them based on their lead score. The platform offers customers a real time data feed and powerful lead scoring capabilities, enabling them to get more from their online investments, and ensure that they never lose another prospect. WOW Analytics has carved a niche for its sophisticated business solutions that helps clients generate leads and maximise new business development, ultimately benefitting the bottom line.

Lee Chadwick, Managing Director of WOW Analytics stated, “Version 2.0 is a powerful web analytics and lead generation tool that has been successfully introduced into the market thanks to its user-friendly design and advanced sales and marketing functions. During the last few years, we’ve been researching, testing and creating web analytics solutions to support companies with their B2B lead generation. Utilising the best technology, Version 2.0 provides unparalleled control and support for our customers� The WOW Analytics platform helps clients bridge the gap between their sales and marketing teams by delivering functionality that works for both disciplines. The lead generation tool provides a viable metric to monitor the ROI from different marketing channels and supports Sales Teams by classifying leads based on their lead score. The technology can be identified as an extension to Google Analytics, helping marketers, IT teams, sales and business professionals to get more out of their websites.

About the Company Founded in 2008 by Lee Chadwick and Aaron Yates, WOW Analytics is a lead generation agency. During the last few years, it has been researching, testing and creating web analytics solutions for B2B companies, using the best technology to accomplish the market’s needs. To know more, visit: Contact: WOW Analytics Ltd The Old Byre Peper Harrow Godalming Surrey UK GU8 6BQ

WOW Analytics launches Version 2.0