Wow magazine issue 5 2015

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The coolest part of Amsterdam

Amsterdam’s neighborhood of Noord In Dutch, Noord means north. A former industrial district, Noord was a port with homes for shipbuilders. Today, the old harbor buildings located on the IJ Lake have been converted into cultural hotspots and creative enterprises, like a dance hall in an old shipyard, as well as museums, restaurants and movie theaters. by Nadja Sayej Photos: Courtesy of respective venues.

Roughly 90,000 people live in the district of Noord, which is gaining the reputation as the coolest place to be. Here are a few places to hit on your next trip to Amsterdam, which are well worth the ferry trip from the main city. Cafes and Restaurants The organic food heaven of Amsterdam is home to new cafes in old warehouses. It includes the Pllek restaurant (Tt. Neveritaweg 59) which is crafted from shipping containers. Set in the chic, raw former shipyard, the NDSM area, they have a restaurant and an event hall with a huge disco ball. Then there‘s the Noorderlicht Cafe (NDSM Plein 102 situated) in an old botanical garden which has


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been converted into a restaurant that’s open for lunch and dinner; a popular entrée is the falafel in a pita or the grilled eggplant with spinach, beetroot and parmesan. They have a dish of the week but they also have a very popular dish of roasted zucchini flower filled with eggplant and cumin with quinoa and almonds. Located along the route from Nieuwendammer­ dijk and Purmerweg, another must-visit foodie haven is a bistro called Place du Nord (Purmerplein 8), a French-inspired restaurant led by twin chefs Andre and Hans, who studied at the Amsterdam School, specializing in fusion fare. If you’re craving something sweet, head on over to the IJssalon IJskoud (Meeuwenlaan 331), an ice