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Fall 2011

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Lee's Summit 360o Update 2

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Future of Sustainability Taking I am ready for cooler Shape In Community temperatures and look forward → Electric Vehicle Charging Station to watching with amazement as → Recognition for Traffic Signal Upgrades the leaves of summer turn to the → Creation of Action Plan vibrant oranges, yellows, and Citizens Leadership Academy in Jan. browns of fall. The crispness in the air creates the Save the Dates perfect setting in which to stroll through our beautiful Jackson County Tax Payment Information neighborhoods, parks and trails throughout the City. While fall is an invitation to enjoy the great Mayor and City Council outdoors it is also time to prepare for the colder Todd George Parkway Extension Open temperatures of the winter season. Therefore, today’s Community of Character column is filled with tips to prepare now. Improved Snow Removal Efficiency Winterize the interior and exterior of your home by caulking and adding weather stripping around windows City Receives Bronze and doors to prevent heat loss that could lead to higher Walkability Designation heating costs this winter. Seal around pipes, wires, ducts, etc. between finished spaces and unfinished spaces including the attic. These steps could also save dollars on your energy bills. It is also time to schedule an inspection of your furnace and chimney before using them. Our automobiles will need to be winterized, too. This time of the year, I generally begin a check-list of supplies to place in the vehicles before the onset of winter weather. Among those items are blankets, a shovel, a flashlight and batteries. Snacks are also a good idea to keep in the car, such as granola bars, trail mix and water. Besides preparations for the winter weather, the fall is the time to renew or purchase a pet license. On November 5, there will be a special pet license opportunity at Lee’s Summit Animal Control, 1991 SE Hamblen Road, from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. I’ll be onsite from 10 a.m. to noon with free giveaways and an opportunity to chat with you one-on-one. This is a part of my new program “A Moment with the Mayor” which strives to build a stronger relationship with the community and to promote transparency in City government. ~ Mayor Randy Rhoads

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religious, cultural, and ethnic groups.”

Results of the 2010 Census revealed a significant population growth in Lee’s Summit over the last decade. Not only did our population increase but we also became a more diverse community seeing an increase in the number of African-Americans, Asians, and Hispanics moving to Lee’s Summit. The City has long been aware of this trend for years, and has taken steps to address diversity awareness through education and the promotion of mutual understanding and respect. In 1993, one of the goals to emerge from the first community strategic planning process, Lee’s Summit 21st Century, was the formation of a Human Relations Commission (HRC) to “eliminate racial misunderstandings, hate group activities, and prejudices of all types; and, to promote mutual understanding and respect among all social, racial, religious, cultural, and ethnic groups in the city.” These goals were further supported and expounded upon in an update to the strategic plan in 1998. Diversity awareness was again identified as an important priority for the community in the more recent community strategic planning process in 2008 known as Lee’s Summit 360°: Charting Tomorrow. The Quality of Life Key Performance Area in the strategic plan provided a goal for diversity that states, “identify, educate and implement civic standards for diversity within the community in order to promote mutual understanding and respect among all social, racial,

In order to better understand and support this goal, Mayor Rhoads established the Mayor’s Ad Hoc Committee on Community Diversity in 2010 composed of representatives from the Lee’s Summit 360° initiative, the City’s HRC, the Lee’s Summit Police Department, and members of the business and education community. The Task Force developed the following mission statement: “It is our mission to promote mutual understanding, respect, and inclusion among all diverse groups represented in Lee’s Summit through the implementation of education and civic standards.” To further this mission statement, the committee was charged with reviewing the Ordinance and the duties and structure of the HRC and to make several suggested changes. The primary change the committee suggested was the restructuring of the HRC to gain perspectives and support for diversity initiatives from those in the places where residents work, serve, play, and learn: the business community, the faith community and the educational community. It is proposed that a representative from each of these communities become an appointed member of the City’s HRC and it is recommended the Mayor serve as City liaison to the HRC as well. This newly, reconstituted HRC will work to develop civic standards by which to promote diversity awareness and understanding in all aspects of life in our community. The new HRC will begin its work in the next few months. If you are interested in participating in the efforts of the HRC, call (816) 969-1010.

2010 Census Population Comparison


Population White African American Hispanic Asian American Indian Pacific Islander One Race Two or More Races

Lee’s Summit 86.10% 8.40% 3.90% 1.70% 0.30% 0.10% 97.60% 2.40%

BlueSprings 87.60% 6.20% 5.00% 1.20% 0.50% 0.30% 96.90% 3.10%

Independence 85.70% 5.60% 7.70% 1.00% 0.60% 0.70% 96.80% 3.20%

The City’s branding efforts continue to move forward. This summer, North Star Destination Strategies, Inc., the consultant engaged to assist the LS360° Branding Committee in developing a community branding campaign for Lee's Summit, conducted an In-Market visit. They spent several days interviewing residents and businesses, and conducting person-on-the-street interviews to obtain a well rounded perspective of how people view our community. A community-wide survey was also distributed to gather perceptions of Lee's Summit. With almost 1,000 surveys conducted, the response was quite impressive. See the two charts for responses received about the community as a place to live and do business. The results of North Star’s research and interviews were presented to the City Council in September along with a recommended Brand Platform, or primary brand message for the community. With the brand message approved, the creative process has begun with the design of the creative elements, such as a logo, taglines and succinct written messaging. Creation of a plan to help guide the community in the successful implementation of the new brand message will also be developed. Watch for more updates!

Education Summit 2010

An inaugural Education Summit held in June 2010 brought together education stakeholders and engaged citizens from across Lee’s Summit to discuss education-related topics affecting the community. The Education Summit participants led to the formation of several working groups to discuss education in depth. It became evident in several of the working groups that clear and comprehensive communication and dissemination of education programs and resources available to Lee’s Summit residents was lacking. As a result, a community education Web site is in development to create a comprehensive

As a place to live... 80.0%


Lee's Summit, MO

Lee’s Summit outperforms the national average, as a destination for recruiting residents.


70.0% 60.0%


50.0% 40.0% 30.0% 20.0%

31.8% 22.0%

10.0% 0.0%


8.3% Detractors



As a place to conduct business...

As a place to conduct business, Lee’s Summit performs very well against the national average.

80.0% 70.0% 60.0%




40.0% 30.0% 20.0%





10.0% 0.0%




communication and dissemination tool for education programs and resources available to Lee’s Summit residents. This site is envisioned to be a one-stopshop for a variety of users. It will contain information and resources on lifelong learning programs for all ages, career exploration and work skills training, and funding options and opportunities for education programs and career training. It will also contain a searchable directory of education programs and resources. Members of the education community will enter and maintain their own information in the directory; the working group will be administrator of the site to provide some oversight and regulation of program postings. The timeline for this launch is approximately spring 2012. The site is currently available for viewing at www. Comments and suggestions for content are welcome and may be submitted at the FAQ/Contacts tab under “Contacts” or by emailing


A number of strides have been made to further the City’s sustainability efforts. Learn about some of the more recent efforts below and continue to watch for ways in which you can reduce your carbon foot print, help the environment, and save money. More information will be coming in future issues of this newsletter; broadcast on the government access channel available on Comcast, channel 7, Time Warner, channel 2 , and AT&T U-verse, channel 99; and located on the “Environment” page of under “Sustainability”.

The Creation of an Action Plan City staff and community stakeholders gathered on August 30 at Legacy Park Community Center to offer input into a community-wide Sustainability Action Plan that takes into account the areas of energy efficiency, transportation, land use, water conservation and stormwater management, and waste reduction and management. Methods of communication through education, advocacy and outreach were also addressed at the workshop. The plan will be presented to the City Council in early 2012.

Recognition for Traffic Signal Upgrades In July, the City received the 2010 KCITE Excellence in Transportation Award for “green” achievements with the installation of InSync adaptive traffic signal controls and signal synchronization along Chipman Road. The award was presented by the Kansas City Chapter of the Institute of Transportation Engineers (KCITE). Pictured are participants at the Sustainability Action Plan Workshop on August 30 at Legacy Park Community Center.

Electric Vehicle Charging Station Electric vehicles can now be charged at the new electric vehicle charging station available on the main level of the Lee’s Summit City Hall parking garage on 2nd and Green streets in Lee’s Summit. Lee’s Summit is one of eight sites located in the Kansas City metropolitan area. To use the charging station, an individual will need to call 1-888-758-4389 to obtain a card for access. The charging station is funded by the U.S. Department of Energy through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. The Kansas City Regional Clean Cities Coalition is working with KCP&L and the City’s Fleet Division to administer the grant. For more information, visit, select “About the City” and “Downtown Lee’s Summit”.


Citizens Leadership Academy in January: Apply today! Applications are now being accepted for the 2nd Annual Citizens Leadership Academy. The academy is free and open to Lee’s Summit residents who want to gain better insight into the operations of City government as well as to prepare for greater involvement in community leadership. The program will be interactive and City staff will work with the participants to answer questions and to guide them through the municipal process. There will be room for 18 participants, including three high school seniors nominated by either a school principal or counselor.

Weekdays until mid-January Stop by City Hall to view local artist Jerry Brown’s artwork on display from now until mid-January during regular business hours. Visit for more details.

November 5 “A Moment with the Mayor,” 10 a.m. to noon, at Lee’s Summit Animal Control, 1991 SE Hamblen Road. Chat one-one with Mayor Rhoads. Free giveaways, pet adoption and license renewal opportunity.

January 16 - Earlier Start Time! (Pre-show begins at 5:30 p.m.) The City will host its 15th Annual Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration at 6 p.m. on January 16th, 2012 in the Pavilion at John Knox Village. This year’s celebration will include music, dance, and a culturally-inspired fashion show. The keynote speaker will be announced soon. Watch for details about this event on the City’s Web site and on the government access channel broadcast on Comcast, channel 7; Time Warner, channel 2; and AT&T U-verse, channel 99.

Participants of the 2011 Citizens Leadership Academy listen to a presentation by Codes Administration Director Mark Dunning.

Pencil in these dates and make plans to attend!

Participants will meet twice a month on Saturday from 8:15 a.m. until noon from January through April at various City facilities. If you are interested in participating in the Citizens Leadership Academy, download the application from the City’s Web site, by clicking the “Main” site, “About the City” and “Get Involved”. Applications are also available in the City Clerk’s Office in Lee’s Summit City Hall, 220 SE Green St., Lee’s Summit, MO. Completed applications can be e-mailed to, faxed to (816) 969-1002, dropped off or mailed to Lee’s Summit City Hall. The application deadline is December 10, 2011. For information, call (816) 969-1006.

Jackson County citizens can pay their Jackson County personal property and real estates tax bills in the Treasury Office on the first floor of Lee’s Summit City Hall, 220 SE Green St. Present your tax statement to one of the cashiers and you will be issued a receipt upon payment. Please bring incorrect statements to the Treasury Office for correction prior to the last week of December to avoid long lines and delays in processing. Titles, registrations or proof of sale documents are required for billing corrections. Extended office hours: Tues-Fri (Dec 27-30) from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. City offices will be closed November 24 & 25 and December 23 & 26. Tax payments are accepted by cash or check only.


Mayor Randy Rhoads 1060 NW High Point Dr. (64081) (816) 524-8245

District 1 James Hallam 3996 SE Doc Henry Rd. (64082) (816) 517-7790

District 1 Kathy Hofmann 1011 SW Orrington Pl. (64081) (816) 536-3393

District 2 Brian Whitley 4544 SW Gull Point Dr. (64082) (816) 213-9366

District 2 Allan S. Gray II 612 SW Walden Lane (64081) (816) 695-8845

District 3 Joseph C. Spallo 5502 NE Oaks Ridge Cr. (64064) (816) 478-6752

District 3 Forrest “Ed” Cockrell 4000 Cimarron (64064) (816) 350-2523

District 4 Bob Johnson 1000 NE Remington Ct. (64086) (816) 225-6126

District 4 Dave Mosby 352 SE Williamsburg Ct. (64063) (816) 246-1315

Mayor & City Council


The new Todd George Parkway between Woods Chapel and Colbern roads is now open. This new roadway extends Todd George Parkway from where it ended at Colbern Road north to Woods Chapel Road where it connects with Lakewood Way. The Todd George Parkway extension was funded by the Strother Road Tax Increment Financing (TIF)/ Transportation Development District (TDD) and an American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) stimulus grant. The stimulus grant paid $1.1 million of the total $4.7 million project construction cost.

The winter season will soon be upon us, and the City is busy preparing for its most important winter job – snow removal! Each year, the City’s Public Works Department begins preparation by identifying lessons learned and opportunities for improvement from previous years’ events. This often means implementing new technologies and practices.

In addition to implementing new technologies and practices, the department spends time each fall preparing snow removal equipment, conducting practice runs on designated snow routes, and conducting drills at the department’s annual Snow Rodeo. The Snow Rodeo, held annually in September, is

This year, the department is testing a To stay informed about snow removal new Automatic Vehicle Locating (AVL) activities, sign up for Nixle, a free service at and enter your zip system that will allow managers to code. monitor snow removal efforts in “real time.” An AVL device has been attached to all snow removal vehicles which will track the time and location of vehicles. The device can also detect and record if the snow plow blade is up or down and if salt is being dispersed. The AVL device transmits this information back to managers at the snow desk who monitor the progress of snow removal efforts and make adjustments as needed. Eventually, the system will be available on the Web site for residents to view. Another innovation the department implemented a few years ago is the application of a salt brine mixture on main arterials and collectors in advance of pending snow storms that are not scheduled to begin as rain events. This application prevents the ice from bonding with the road surface allowing for more effective plowing.

• Stay up-to-date on winter weather and road conditions via television and radio newscasts. • Remove vehicles from streets to prevent a delay and to improve the snow removal process. • Shovel snow to the side of your driveway to lessen the amount of snow left at the entrance of your driveway. • Call the Snow Desk at 816-969-1870. Normal business hours are 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. During winter storm events, the Snow Desk operates 24 hours a day.

a fun way for drivers to improve their skills at clearing cul-de-sacs, turning sharp radiuses, maneuvering around vehicles and other obstacles that may be encountered when plowing streets during a snow storm. The snow removal process is a demanding job. Crews work 12 hour, rotating shifts around the clock until the snowfall has ended and all public streets are plowed. The process is governed by the Snow Plan, which is made up of five levels. Depending on the intensity of the storm, Level 5 is executed under the most severe winter storms and calls for resources from other departments of the City. To learn more about the City’s snow removal program, visit, click “Transportation, Street Programs and Maintenance” then select “Snow and Ice Removal.” Residents can call (816) 9691870 if they have questions about the snow removal program.


City Hall................................................(816) 969-1000 Chamber of Commerce.......................(816) 524-2424 Downtown Main St., Inc.................... (816) 246-6598 Economic Dev. Council.......................(816) 525-6617 Gamber Center.....................................(816) 969-1580 LS Social Services................................(816) 525-4357 OATS Bus.............................................. (816) 380-7433 Metroflex Downtown Bus.................. (816) 346-0802

Important Community Phone Numbers

RESIDENT/BUSINESS ECRWSS Permit No. 79 Lee’s Summit, MO 64063



Phone Numbers


Lee’s Summit has been designated a Bronze Level Walk Friendly Community for its walkability initiatives and programs by the Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center. Lee’s Summit is one of the first communities in the metropolitan area to adopt a Livable Streets Policy – a concept that takes into account our roads belong to everyone – those driving vehicles, using public transportation, riding bicycles and walking, as well as individuals of all ages and abilities.” The City’s diverse trail system, community events within walking distances of neighborhoods, maps, wayfinding signage, tours and well thought out road projects contributed to our community receiving the designation. As a recipient of the Bronze Level Walk Friendly Communities Designation, Lee’s Summit is among ten communities recognized in the latest round of Walk Friendly Communities announced. To date, 21 communities in the U.S. have been designated as Walk Friendly Communities.

General Information ..................... 969-1000 Animal Control........................... 969-1640 Administration.............................969-1010 Mayor.........................................969-1030 City Council...............................969-1010 City Manager.............................969-1013 Codes Administration Inspect. & Plans Review...........969-1200 Neighborhood Services............969-1200 Fire Department Business Office..........................969-1300 Emergency Calls..................... 911 Municipal Court...........................969-1150 Parks & Recreation......................969-1500 Planning & Development...........969-1600 Police Department Business Office..........................969-1700 Emergency Calls..................... 911 Public Works Airport........................................969-1182 Engineering...............................969-1800 Operations (Streets)..................969-1870 Resource Recovery Park..........969-1980 Recycling...................................969-1804 Treasury Dept.(tax info.).............969-1139 Water Utilities Operations..........969-1940 Customer Service (billing)......969-1900

City Scope Fall Design  

City Scope design for Lee's Summit, MO City Newsletter. 11x17 flat, folds to 5.5 x 8.5 for mailing.

City Scope Fall Design  

City Scope design for Lee's Summit, MO City Newsletter. 11x17 flat, folds to 5.5 x 8.5 for mailing.