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OUR STORY Originally founded in 1922, Woven+ was the major distributor of rattan raw materials for the Northern European market. In 1987, when Indonesia banned the free export of raw materials, the company created the brand Eurotan to distribute high end rattan collections. In 2002 the company changed its activity by developing and producing in- and outdoor furniture of high quality resin wicker. Nowadays, using our more than 90 years knowledge and experience, we are continuously updating our collections by mixing and matching different materials. We combine high quality resin, rope, aluminum and teak to make beautiful weatherproof collections suitable for out- or even indoors. We are passionate about ancient techniques and the tradition of handcrafting, giving unique character to each design and a personal touch to any living space. Lounge chair GRACE Teak | Resin

Stools 2



Lounge set IBIZA Aluminum | Resin

Coffee- and side table FOXTROT Aluminum | Teak 4

Lounge chair IBIZA Aluminum | Resin

Side table TANGO Aluminum | Teak


Dining chair HAMPTON Aluminum | Resin

Table BLOCK Teak



Lounge set LODGE Teak

Lounge chair GRACE Teak | Resin


Dining chair COCO Aluminum | Resin

Table LODGE Teak


Dining chair BUTTERFLY Metal | Resin



Lounge chair BUTTERFLY Metal | Resin

Side table TANGO Aluminum | Teak 11

Pouf GIGI Crochet 12

Dining chair BAY Aluminum | Metal | Rope

Bistro table PORTLAND Teak

Lounge chair BAY Aluminum | Metal | Rope

Side table TANGO Aluminum | Teak


Dining chair KENSINGTON Aluminum | Rope

Table BEACH Metal | Teak 14


Lounge set ROMA Aluminum | Resin

Side tables SAMBA and TANGO Aluminum | Teak 16

Lounge set ROMA Aluminum | Resin

Coffee table FOXTROT Aluminum | Teak


Lounge chair JIVE Metal | Resin 18


Lounge set LOUIS Teak | Rope

Pouf GIGI Crochet


Lounge chair LOUIS Teak | Rope

Side table COCO Teak 21

Lounge set CAPE Teak | Resin

Pouf GIGI Crochet

Stools Teak 22


Lounge chair LORD Teak | Resin

Pouf GIGI Crochet

Stools Teak


Dining- and side chair LORD Teak | Resin

Table GRACE Teak 25

Lounge set WINDSOR Aluminum | Resin

Coffee table COCO Teak 26

Occasional chair JULES Metal | Resin

Side table TANGO Aluminum | Teak


Side chair JULES Metal | Resin

Table PORTLAND Teak 28


Lounge set COAST Aluminum | Rope

Side table FOXTROT Aluminum | Teak 30

Dining chair PALMER Aluminum | Resin

Table PORTLAND Teak 31

Lounge set RICHMOND Metal | Resin

Coffee tables BLOCK Teak



Lounge set CARMEL Teak | Resin


Dining chair SOPHIE Metal | Resin

Table NEWPORT Teak 35

Chair 071 Aluminum | Metal | Resin



Chair REMBRANDT Aluminum | Resin 38

Chair REMBRANDT Aluminum | Resin


Chair COSTA Rattan

Stools Teak



Chair ROSSINI Rattan 42

Chair SOHO Rattan

Stools CALLAS Rattan 43

100% HANDMADE Every piece of furniture is handmade in the spirit of traditional craftsmanship, giving soul and unique character to each design. We are inspired by our dedicated and skilled team of artisans, who combine tradition and modernity, bringing their personal touch into any living space. Using a systematic five- step QC process ensures a high quality standard.


RESIN For our resin items we use ECOLENE®, a polyethylene synthetic wicker that has been developed to meet all standard specifications for outdoor furniture. The latest technology has been designed to be more durable, insensitive to temperature differences, free from cracking, splintering and corrosion yet still retains a natural look and feel. The various special mixture of compounds generates sturdy fibers that will stand up to harshest all-weather conditions and are environmentally friendly. ECOLENE® is an excellent material to use for the weaving and fabrication of outdoor and indoor wicker furniture.

ROPE Rope is a durable, innovative and strong material to use for the weaving of outdoor furniture. It is stylish, unique and has a soft touch, creating comfortable seating and stunning looks. Rope is made of thermoplastic polypropylene (PP) fibers and has been develop to meet all standard requirements for outdoor furniture. It is engineered to endure extreme outdoor conditions such as sunlight UV exposure, extreme temperatures variances, mold and mildew. Rope is resistant to moisture, is colorfast, does not contain PVC, is washable and requires little maintenance.

TEAK An outstanding feature of teak outdoor furniture is the ability to withstand all types of weather.It has naturally a high oil content, which makes it both stable and resistant to climatic extremes. For centuries, this special quality has made teakwood the preferred choice for marine decking and construction. Our teak collections are put together in Indonesia. We use a very specific selection of V-legal certified sourced teak from Java and Sumatra, carefully processed and finished in order to achieve that beautiful and distinctive timeworn look. Every piece of furniture has its own character and structure.

RATTAN Rattan is a flexible, durable and authentic material to create the perfect natural look for indoor or sheltered outdoor.It is a fast growing climbing palm from the tropical rainforests of South East Asia. The poles can reach up to 150 meters and many varieties exist such as the dark gold brown Malacca cane, still renowned for its durability and strength as witnessed in today’s Parisian bistro chairs. Indonesia is the natural home of rattan and has a celebrated tradition of handcrafting rattan furniture.

FABRIC Our high-performance fabrics look like indoor fabrics but are perfect for exterior use. We create a soft feel and touch, yet with the characteristics needed for all outdoor applications. All fabrics have been thoroughly tested for their reliability, strong color fastness and safety. Resistant to UV damage, fading and proven to have a strong ability to withstand the effects of prolonged exposure to sunlight, wind, rain and humidity.


This catalogue represents a selective impression of our collections. Please feel free to contact us for more specific information on our models.

Raadhuisplein 28

+31(0)55 368 40 20

NL - 7311 LK Apeldoorn

Woven Plus Catalogue  
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