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Car Review: Supercar Special

You’re invited! A visit to MANNA

Fitness Rage

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« better as feared, not as good as hoped »

How to look

fabulous! Tip for men: Wear a suit

d n i l B Beauty Is

R e d t e m p tat i o n by chanello

The Chanello Line - United Kingdom Tel 0800 519 2005 (0,15 ÂŁ/min., incl. VAT)

BLENDIT december | 2009



health | fitness rage How England turned into it’s fitnessmania


interview | Doutzen Kroes Dutch supermodel tells us about her busy life as a model


COOKING | JAMIE OLIVER Cooking lessons from masterchef Jamie Oliver


8 MovieS | 2012 Experience the end of the world, right from your seat! 8

MovieS | this is it Was this going to be Michael Jackson’s comeback?

24 CARS | REVIEW Supercar special: which car is world’s true supercar?

24 Car review

Ferrari, Audi & Lamborghini

20 Cooking Lessons from Jamie Oliver

12 interview Doutzen Kroes


The Millionaire Fair Lifestyle


CARREER 7 tips to realize your carreer dreams!

BLENDIT december | 2009



BEAUTY | Tea comforts you. It shows!

4 | BLENDIT december 2009


PARTY | AMSTERDAM Trendy nightclubs in Amsterdam


RESTAURANT | MANNA A visit to a trendsetting experience.


FASHION | looking fabulous In just a few tips from junk to hunk and from nottie to hottie


Career | 7 TIPS Make your dreamcarreer reality


Lifestyle | millionaire fair BLENDIT visited this annual fair. A report by Anita Sijmons


BEAUTY | BEAUTY TIPS Proffesional advice for her รกnd him!

Colophon | December 2009 Text writers: Image editor: Silke van Gerresheim Anita Sijmons Vivianne van Kaathoven Wouter Renckens Text editor: Anita Sijmons Silke van Gerresheim Design: Advertisements: Wouter Renckens Vivianne van Kaathoven

Do you like summer songs? And would you like to burn 1000 calories per hour? Then you must really visit a Zumba class! Written by Vivianne van Kaathoven

Zumba is the latest craze in group fitness. Zumba is a group lesson that is based on Latin American dances such as salsa, merengue, quebradita, samba and cumbia. The name Zumba means ‘fast moving and fun’.

And that’s precisely why Zumba is so popular. The music is so cheerful and the dances are funny. Because of this people do not even realize they are visiting a gymclass.

BLENDIT december 2009 | 5

blendit Health HEALTH

a b m u z special

Britain’s fitness rage

The Latin Fitness Hype

The fitness program was created by Alberto ‘Beto Perez’, a Colombian dancer and choreographer from Miami. He actually discovered Zumba by accident. He was going to give an aerobics class, but he forgot his band. He fortunately had a tape with his favourite music. He improvised the whole lesson, but it was a success! The group was so enthusiastic, that’s when Beto decided to continue the program work. And it is a world hit! Every week there are 2 million people who participate a Zumba class. Anna White (28) is a Zumba instructor since September 2008. She gives 6 Zumba classes a week at ‘Health World’ in Nijmegen. Anna tells us more about Zumba.

6 | BLENDIT december 2009

What is it like to be a Zumba instructor? “It’s really super to be a Zumba instructor! The music is so fun and the participants are always cheerful.”

“By doing Zumba you burn 1000 calories per hour!”

Anna White , Zumba instructor It’s sounds great, but is it difficult? “No, not at all! Zumba is a lesson for everyone. Anyone can participate a Zumba class. Zumba is fun. You do not have

to perform like a professional, you only have to enjoy the class and have fun! Of course, there are several age categories of zumba classes: Zumba Kids, Zumba and Zumba Gold (for seniors).” Why is Zumba so good for you? “Zumba is good for condition and muscles (your abs and hips). By doing Zumba you burn 1000 calories per hour! So it is a great training for your body. It is so fun, that you will forget that you are at the gym. This makes you last longer and stay motivated.” Could we join a Zumba class? Yes of course! Deliver the coupon at a Health World in your area, then you get a trail lesson for free.

Romano (34),

construction worker “I follow every week 2 zumba classes. I love it. The group consists mainly of women. It would be nice if more men would join the classes.”

Britt (45),

stay home mother “Zumba is great! My daughter (10) joined Zumba Kids, I joined the regular Zumba class and my mother (67) joined the Zumba Gold class. We love it! We couldn’t live without Zumba anymore!”

Lily (26), secretary

“I would love to join five Zumba classes a week, but unfortunately I don’t have enough time for it. Zumba is just great fun. The class is very diverse: you can do a meringue, a salsa, a reggeaton and many more latin dances. I really like that. I could recommend Zumba to everyone who wants to get in shape in a fun way!.”

BLENDIT december 2009 | 7


ie v o M

The best reviews of the newest movies by Wouter Renckens

This is it The most discussed movie of this year. The movie that shows us Michael Jackson’s preparation for the 50 conSTORY certs that he unfortunately couldn’t give anymore. The movie shows us images that were taken for Michael’s private archive, combined with material that was supposed STarring to be shown during the shows. What the movie shows us are

release date undoubtedly the good moments of the

see in this movie is a man who still can give a very good show. It’s also getting clear during this movie that Michael was not a man of this time. The techniques, for example the headsets artists use nowadays, were completely new for him. His passion for music and his talent are obvious. For the King of pop fans it is an 2 hour joyride. It is an very good look behind the scenes from what was suppose to be the biggest, most spectacular RATE stage experience ever.

practise, because what we

Director: In theaters since:

Kenny Ortega 10/28/2009


2012 How long can you watch a group of heroes escape from an early death before your start to believe that the movie dies before the heroes do? The German filmmaker Roland Emmerich (known from ‘Stargate’, ‘Independence Day’, ‘Godzilla’ and ‘The Day After Tomorrow’) had the goal to clear this mystery with the movie 2012. The answer is: longer than expected, but not long enough to watch a movie that keeps you 2,5 hour in the cinema. The first time that you are watching how father John Cusack, his two kids, his ex-wife and her new husband are doing everything to prevent falling off a cliff you enjoy it fully. The digital effects that Emmerich uses are great. How he shows the end of the world is phenomenal and Cusack is an one of a kind actor who also performs great with all special effects around him. The one thing that isn’t that good about the movie is that ‘2012’ get’s more dull and idiot how longer the movie plays. This is something we can say about the genre in general but in this particular case it overrules the rest of the movie. Director: Roland Emmerich In theaters since: 11/13/2009 Rating:

8 | BLENDIT december 2009


It’s time to relax Sofa Beds - Couches - Cabinets - Art Flexis Design - Modern Living

BLENDIT | party places


Onassis’ terrace has room up to 1000 persons

3 DS

‘Suit yourself, Serve yourself’

hottest places of


The slogan of the very new and modern concept of the Minibar

written by Anita Sijmons

minibar amsterdam You have your own minibar. You have your own place were you can sit and hang out with friends. You can drink more firstclass choice of drinks than you are used to in many luxurious hotelrooms. Do you fancy a snack, there are there too, just as you’re used to. Think: different kinds of olives, pepper dews, different kinds of nuts, chocolate and more. But do you rather have something else, just order “roomservice”! You can choose between different seasonal menus and/or fresh sushi. Information: Minibar Amsterdam Prinsengracht 47 Amsterdam T. +31(0)20 328 127 11

Opening Hours: Monday - Thursday: 13.00 - 01.00 Friday - Sunday: 11.00 - 04.00

Onassis Bar Club With a magnificent view over “het Ij” and located in the former building from “Rederij Goedkoop” nearby the train station you will find Onassis. In July 2005 she opened her doors for public. With her Italian kitchen, stylish set-up and her beautiful terrace Onassis had satisfied regular costumers in only a short notice of time. Onassis has room for 450 persons but with nice weather or with a roof on the terrace this capacity can be enlarged to a 1000 persons. Of course the Italian kitchen brigade can fulfill all your wishes. From a extensive lunch or dinner till a buffet or walking diner. Furthermore Onassis has a exclusive selected wine card with more than 50 Italian wines on it. Information: Onassis Westerdoksdijk 40 Amsterdam T. +31(0)20 653 125 10 Opening Hours: Monday - Thursday: 15.00 - 01.00 Friday - Sunday: 11.00 - 04.00

“Onassis is an oasis in a metropolis called Amsterdam”

De melkweg “De Melkweg” is located behind the sparkling Leidscheplein in Amsterdam. It is a multifunction stage that breaths history and something modern at the same time. In “De Melkweg” you can go to different parties. There are dance, rock and pop concerts. But you can also go there for dancing, theater and movies.

Nirvana performing at “De Melkweg” “De Melkweg” is located in a monumental building

World Stage The name “Melkweg” is internationally known. Many well known bands like: Nirvana, Queens of the Stone Age, Foo Fighters, NOFX, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Bad Religion, Fun Lovin’ Criminals en The Strokes stood on stage in “De Melkweg”. The “Crossing border festival” took place three times in “de Melkweg” (the last time in 2002). “De Melkweg” is also used for many parties, like “Artlanch”. Be sure to check out what’s on stage when your in Amsterdam! Information: De Melkweg Leidscheplein 14 Amsterdam T. +31(0)20 653 288 41

Opening Hours: Monday - Thursday: 13.00 - 01.00 Friday - Sunday: 11.00 - 04.00

BLENDIT december 2009 | 11

BLENDIT | cover story

Interview with supermodel

s e o r K n Doutze

From the catwalk of Victoria’s Secret to her apartment in New York. The career of Doutzen Kroes (23) can’t be stopped. Nevertheless, she comes to Holland as often as she can, because despite her glamorous life she will always be a Frisian girl. By Silke van Gerresheim

How are you doing? Great! I’m really happy, I enjoy every day of my life: The well-earned holiday with my boyfriend on Cuba, the sailboat trip with my dad on the Frisian waters yesterday and the places where I go for my job. I try to enjoy it all very consciously and to be happy because of that. That has been different in the past? When I just started as a model, I had a hard time. I was a little bit down, and was suffering from homesickness. But after a while I changed. I was on a white beach for a photo shoot, when I opened my eyes. I thought: I’m not going to sit here and cry because I want to go home. I’m going to enjoy myself, because otherwise its better for me to go home and start school again. Look, the homesickness will never go away totally. I love my

12 | BLENDIT december 2009


Modeling tips by Doutzen Kroes: - Don’t copy someone style - Create your own style - Stay who you are - Love youself - Try hard! parents and my country, but I found my way in all of this. I frequently fly home to visit my parents. I really invest in that. It maybe is expensive, but because of that I stay positive. How self-confident are you? I try to be self-assured and to show that to the world around me. But meanwhile I’m like every other girl. I’m not always happy when I look into the mirror. There’s always something that I would like to change. But I try to stay focused on the things that I do like about myself. I always leave my house with a positive feeling. From the inside I’m always confident. I’m happy with my life, with how I feel and with the amount of respect I have for other people. That satisfies me”.

Sophisticated and modern. That is how Doutzen describes her education in the Frisian village Oostermeer. Two years ago a read the book ‘The Secret’. I recognized it all, because that’s the way I have been raised. My parents stimulated me and my sister in everything we did. They believed in us. Friends liked to come over to the Kroes family. Everyone likes my parents. We never felt stupid or young in their presence. They really listened to us and we participated in the conversations for grownups. Very different in comparison to my friends. That is one of the reasons everyone likes my parents.

‘My sister was really a girly girl, while I was just like a boy’

`I hate shopping´

BLENDIT december 2009 | 13

Doutzen in the campaign for L’Oréal.

‘We’re not only lovers, we’re best friends!’

In the Dutch province Friesland, where you come from, they call you ‘our Doutzen’. How does your sister feel about that? My younger sister, Rens, handles it great. She is proud of me and I’m proud of her. We come along very well. But as a child, we were very different. She was really a girly girl, while I was just like a boy. Where will we never find you? In a zoo. I hate to see animals live in cages, just because we can look at them. An elephant doesn’t belong in Amsterdam.

14 | BLENDIT december 2009

Are you a big spender? Yes, but I hate shopping. Maybe that’s because I have to get changed for my job all the time. Once a season I shop till I drop, in Paris or New York. And then I make sure I’m up-to-date for the season. By the way, I do like to shop with my friends. What makes your boyfriend Greg, cousin of Lenny Kravitz, so special? He is ambitious, self-confident and funny. Three things that are very important to me. And he is also very sweet. We’re not only lovers, but also good friends. And above all, I’m just

Doutzen Kroes with her lover and best friend Greg Andrews

really in love with him! How do you see your future? For now I’m very busy with modelling. After that? Acting maybe? I really need to think about that. I just want to stay original. I don’t want to become whatever the world wants me to be. I already know what I want with my private life. I would like an old farm where I can make my own cheese. I’m from Holland, remember? Haha! I also would like to have children, when I grow up. Definitely a boy, so I can keep doing all the boy things I did when I was young!

BLENDIT | restaurant

Every month BLENDIT’s Vivianne van Kaathoven visits the newest restaurant around Europe, so you will know what’s and what’s

Since July 2009, Nijmegen in the Netherlands has a new suite hotel and restaurant called MANNA. The rumours were going all around Europe and I have heard only good stories about it. Reason enough for a visit to Holland. I can already give away that it was a great night!


MANNA is located in what used to be a church.

Everything is big in this monumental building. The white bar, rows of white tables and chairs, a sea of light through the huge windows and a wine closet with private label wines arranged by colour. World food There is a half open kitchen so you can watch the chefs in action, working on desserts and seafood. The menu offers dishes with small portions, so you can try three or four different ones. That’s a good thing, because of the various world specialties they offer. You want to try them all!

Unseen hospitality Surprisingly the hostess Aida Papilaja welcomes every guest with a firm hand. There is a half open kitchen so you can watch the chefs in action, working on desserts and seafood.

Conclusion: + Service + Food quality + Atmosphere + Location/interior + Price/quality - Very noisy

This months restaurant: MANNA, Nijmegen, The Netherlands


BLENDIT december 2009 | 15

BLENDIT | fashion


WOMENFABU The Fashion Musthaves for

winter 2010!


Magnifique: A tempting fragrance to seduce those lovely men. In the heart of the fragrance we find an ingredient that symbols ultimate femininity: The scent of roses. £ 39,99 (Beautystore)

Perfect powder

When you eventually find the right foundation for your skin, the search for the right powder begins. A powder that fixates your make-up and which makes your skin beautiful. Usually they’re too dark, too light, too yellow or too red. That’s why this powder is just perfect: It doesn’t have a colour. Sepruna powder: £ 8,99 (Skincare)

M E G A M U S TH AV E ! Little black dress (LBD)

For 2010, the Little Black Dress is a real musthave. We see them at every catwalk and they cannot be missed in your wardrobe. If you don’t have one yet, get one quick!

Thomas Sabo

Beautiful jewellery, especially the charm collection. Select, combine, recombine and create your own jewellery collection according to your desires and personal preferences. Your creativity and passion for collecting will know no limits. Charm up your life! Available exclusively at

16 | BLENDIT december 2009

Written by Silke van Gerresheim

o look



The Fashion Musthaves for

winter 2010!


Yves Saint Laurent

La Nuit de l’Homme A stylish and mysterious fragrance. For a man with irresistible charms and who needs some control against the seductions he comes across. £ 34,99 (Beautystore)

M E G A M U S TH AV E ! A suit

Even if you only need a suit a couple of times a year, you’re glad to have it on hand when those occasions arise. Navy or gray suits are classic and neutral and can be dressed up or down. You can even wear the blazer with jeans. This is an item worth spending some money on and nice to have for special occasions.

Buddha to Buddha

Real nice pieces of jewellery from Buddha to Buddha. They sell rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings. They are handmade in India and 925 sterling silver. Really gorgeous, especially for men! Available at Stockton Jewellers


Woman are wearing these comfortable boots for a few years know, but this winter we spotted the first men wearing them! Bruce Willis, Leonardo DiCaprio and Ben Affleck wear Uggs all the time. They’re not only comfortable, guys! they’re stylish as well! Available at Moshoes

BLENDIT december 2009 | 17

Make your DREAM a reality!

BLENDIT | career

Everyone wants to be happy. To find a partner, maybe have kids and to have a fabulous career. But this last one isn’t always easy. here are some tips for success. Written by: Silke van Gerresheim

Have a plan

Have a plan and stick to it. It’s sometimes very easy to get distracted, but remain focused. It’s better to do one job properly, as opposed to doing everything half-heartedly.

Have no shame

Ask for help and support from your community, friends, family or anyone else who inspires you. People are often more than happy to get involved and can offer more than you imagined.

Know your numbers

If you’re dealing with money and other financial matters, you need to live and breathe a business plan. If you’re not comfortable with numbers, ask the help of someone who is.

Avoid this by following these tips for success

Know your people

If you’re working in a team, take the time to find out what everyone’s strengths and weaknesses are. It’s important to work in the most efficient way possible.


PR and market yourself within the community. Call your local radio, newspapers and any groups you could target (schools, social groups, the church, community centre, etc).

Keep a positive outlook

Above everything else, enjoy everything your doing. Yes, some days are tough, but remember why you are doing this and start a fresh new day. Believe in yourself, the work, and the wonderful impact it will have on those around you. Go for it!

Never give up

Even if you’re not a winner this time, you can make your dream a reality. So never give up!

BLENDIT december 2009 | 19

Cooking lessons from

jamie oliver

Everyone can cook!

Everyone can learn to cook in 24 hours is the legendary subtitle of Jamie’s book: The cooking revolution. In 24 hours? That seemS great. WHen you´re a disaster in the kitchen, this book is perfect for you. Written by: Vivianne van Kaathoven

The first impression of the book is good. When you browse through the book, there are a lot of images that shows each step of the preparation, the cooking and the serving. The book is full of tasty dishes, so choosing a dish to prepare can be a challenge! When you finally made a decision and start preparing your meal, you find out that it´s not so hard as you may have thought. Thanks to Jamies longtime experience, he makes top of the notch cuisine turn into easy step for step cooking.

Try it yourself! A recipe for pasta with fried camembert


250 g camembert 2 cloves garlic 1 sprig fresh rosemary sea salt and black pepper olive oil 100 g Parmesan cheese 400 g dried raga toni 150 g fresh spinach pepper salt

20 | BLENDIT december 2009


- Heat the oven to 180 degrees - Open the box camembert cheese and unpack the cheese. - Put the cheese into a wooden bowl. - Cut a circle from the top of the crust, pull the button cap off and throw it away. - Peel the garlic cloves and cut them into thin slices. - Pick the rosemary needles from the twig. - Place the garlic slices on the cheese, sprinkle some salt and pepper and drizzle a little olive oil over. - Sprinkle the rosemary needles, and press them gently with your finger. Make sure that they are wet. - Rasp the Parmesan cheese.


- Put the cup cheese on a baking sheet in the preheated oven for 25 minutes until the cheese is golden brown and nicely melted. Meanwhile boil a large pan salted water. - 10 minutes before the cheese is finished put the rigatoni in the pan and cook according to directions on the package. - Put the spinach leaves in when the pasta is ready (spinach leaves only needed 10 seconds). - Let the pasta and spinach in a colander drain and keep a little of the cooking liquid. - Put the pasta and spinach back in the pan. - Put a lot of olive oil and the grated Parmesan cheese in. - If the sauce is too thick you can dilute it with the cooking liquid withheld. Add pepper and salt to your taste and remove the cheese.


- Divide the pasta on single bowls. - Put the melted Camembert on the pasta or Place the bowl on the table and let each of your guests dish up a deliciously creamy diner.

bon appetit!

‘If i were a rich man’

Written by Anita Sijmons

We payed a visit to this year’s edition of “Miljonair Fair Amsterdam”. We can tell you this much: It was great, we didn’t know where to look. There were over 300 stands (the Leading brands from all over the world in luxury industry) and 85 scoops. Who where there? We have seen the rich and famous, businessmen (and women), networkers, hedonists and the media. It was worth the visit. We will give you a global impression of the fair.


Who had this years honor to open the “Miljonair Fair Amsterdam” with a loud “gong”? No one less than: Sarah Ferguson, Ex-wife of the Brittish prince Andrew and Duchess of York. She opened the “Miljonair Fair Amsterdam” on December the 10th. The special guest this night was also from Brittain, the British singer Jamie Cullum. The eight edition of “Miljonair Fair Amsterdam” took place the 10th till the 14th of December 2009 in the Amsterdam RAI in Amsterdam. “Miljonair Fair Amsterdam” has developed itself as the most luxurious, exclusive and leading “luxury event” in the world.

BLENDIT | lifestyle

Top segment

“Miljonair Fair Amsterdam” is the stage for the top of the luxury segment: from art and entertain- ment, bolides and sport cars, yachts and longboats, handicraft and design, watches and jewelry, home entertainment, sound & vision, traveling, to hotels and resorts. The leading brands from Gassan Diamonds and the leading car brands like Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Porsche and Alfa Romeo have chosen to present their new models on the “Milionair Fair Amsterdam”. (think of the new Jaguar XJ!) The organization is very proud of it! Last year’s edition 49.600 people visited the “Miljonair Fair Amsterdam”. This year there was 22.000 m2 filled with unique concepts, fantastic restaurants and above all that, special and sublime products.

VIP- Night

“Miljonair Fair Amsterdam” is THE event for celebrities, from all over the World. From professional sportsmen and captains of industry to fashion designers and actors. Traditionally the fair was opened in a spectacular way during the VIP night, that has grown to a party of Hollywood sizes. The VIP night has become one of the most important parties of the year for the Dutch society. In the past celebrities like Anna Kournikova, Elizabeth Hurley, Joan Collins and Pamela Anderson opened the Fair.


During five days visitors can indulge. Everyday there are many activities organized, like workshops, beauty assessments, jewelry shows and many performances. There are daily fashionshows, provided by leading couturiers. Leading brands present themselves on the catwalk. Besides that, there are continuous exclusive product launches and tastings. Short said: With the delight of special entertainment, in a with class fulfilled ambiance people do aimed business.

Business Monday exult!

For the fifth time is the last day of “Milionair Fair Amsterdam” ( meanwhile the largest network day in the Netherlands) decorated for business relations and networkers. Workshops, debates and informal receptions offer opportunities to make contact and get new ideas. The last day of the Fair is very popular by the leading businessmen and women and offers opportunities for networking and shaking hands. By publishing “Networker of the Year” the business Monday ended in a festive way.

This Millionaires Fair was a great success! See you next year!

r a erc p Su l a eci sp

Car Review Written By Wouter Renckens

Ferrari 430 scuderia It’s staggering and unique in the way the dizzying technical innovations do not constrain the pure driving sensations, but rather increase them. Driving a Ferrari is a special experience on its own, but when you get in the perfectly cut carbon raceseats of the Scuderia, your heart jumps. Except for a rubber mat under the pedals, the bottom of the car is left uncovered. With a dry weight of 1,250 kilograms they stripped exactly one hundred kilograms of the F430. That reduction is realized through a good dose of carbon fiber. Twenty additional horses The scuderia contains a 4.3-liter V8 engine. Thanks to different kinds of refinements and more efficiency, twenty extra horsepower was found. This adds up to a total of 510. The acceleration figures are very impressive and the reflexes on the accelerator are amazing. What an agression, what a jewel! And what a sound!

Sniper You can compare the Scuderia with a sniper who is only 5 meter from his target; it’s so flawless and sharp. Together with the amazing communicative steering and rear-wheel drive this car feels very natural and transparant.

The engine is a beauty, both look and acoustics

Phenomenal steering


Price (£ 260.000)

Fuel consumption

24 | BLENDIT december 2009

audi r8 Except for some small details the R8 is identical to the 2003 Le Mans Quattro car. And that makes it a spectacular appearance. The huge trapezoidal grills is unmistakably Audi, but otherwise the R8 has a complete own design. It looks at you like it’s going to tear you to pieces, with his half-shut, vicious eyes. The short nose and big rear leave little room for doubt about the location of the engine. The glass hood gives you a glimpse at the central longitudinal engine. Spacious This could have been an Italian supercar, but how different is that when you get in. Where the interior looked tight from outside, it´s actually pretty spacious. The dashboard is unmistakably Audi, many buttons and switches have been taken from other models. And the reasonable fuel consumption makes this car perfect for everyday use. Monster When you start the 420 horsepowered engine, it is less violent than you would have expected. It handles like an everyday car when you drive at normal speed. But when hit the pedal, a monster awakens that will make you fear for your life! The Audi R8 is both a street as a supercar! Spectacular appearance

Indirect steering

Spacious interior


Exact transmission

Lamborghini gallardo It doesn’t matter whether you drive 50 or 300 km/h when you’re behind the wheel of the Lamborghini Gallardo. Soon becomes clear that the Gallardo is a car on a mission, an athlete works hard to be the best. The car has slimmed down one hundred kilograms and gained ten horsepower.

A deliciously sounding, powrful engine Unsurpassed handling and control Beautifully finished interior Brutal shifting in SportMode Ceramic discs are an option, not standard Fuel consumption

Carbon Fiber Inside you find Sparco-seats and four point harness belts. The upright seating position makes it almost mandatory to place your arms on the steering wheel. You are surrounded by carbon fiber, used in the door panels, the center tunnel, a part of the steering wheel and the seat shelss. The outside also has a lot of carbon fiber to make the car as light as possible. Nevertheless, the air conditioning, electric windows and the four-wheel drive remained. Raw sound The 5 litre V10 engine is a jewel. When the oil is warm enough to kick the pedal to the metal, this Italian car is spitting a raw, full roar, from the deepest ground of his soul. Own Identity The absence of electronics like the Ferrari has, gives this car a unique identity. It´s simply raw power. A true supercar!

BLENDIT december 2009 | 25

BLENDIT | beauty

15 tips for beauty and health Written by Anita Sijmons

Unwanted body hair

Don’t pull out your hair, there are better techniques to get rid of unwanted body hair. Here are some methods: 1 Shaving Suitable for: Rough hair on the legs, fore-arms and genital area. Advantages: Shaving is the easiest, fastest and cheapest way to get rid of overflowing hair Disadvantages: Your hair is growing back fast, that happens in an average of three days. There is also a risk of cutting yourself. 2 Hot Wax Suitable for: All hairtypes, also rough and thick hair. Because of the texture that has a lot in comment with sirop, the wax connects firmly to all surfaces. It is suitable on all body parts, from the face till the legs. Advantages: The hair get’s removed with its root. You have a result that lasts three to six weeks. If you use the wax regularly the new hair gets thinner and lighter. Disadvantages: It hurts a lot!

26 | BLENDIT december 2009

4 Depilate Suitable for: Fine till medium thick hair like genital area, belly, arms, legs, toes an upper lip. Advantages: Depilate is an easy and quick method. In general it lasts about three minutes. When you’re done it feels less stubbly than after you’ve shaved yourself. This product removes the hair completely, with root and not just the visible part. Disadvantages: You have to sit still or stand still while you are using it.

3 Cold Wax Suitable for: Fine, soft hair, like facial hair and hair on the belly. Also suitable for small spots like toes. Advantages: You don’t have to heat the wax, your body temperature makes the wax melt. It is less sticky than hot wax and therefore less painful. The strips are available for different body parts. Disadvantages: For thick and rough hair cold wax is less suitable. There is a chance that you have to remove hair that stays behind again.

Dyeing lashes for men (and women)

A sharp, masculine glance with color for your lashes. Do you have blonde lashes than you can make your glance more intense, sharper, and firm by coloring your lashes darker.Dark lashes frame the eye and they make your eyes more expressive. Women know that for the best and that is the reason there are so many mascaras sold every day. Mascara doesn’t only colour your lashes, but is makes them thicker and longer. Furthermore a mascara makes the lashes curl. These are all effects a man doesn’t want to achieve, because it is a fake and unnaturally look. Therefore coloring the lashes is the solution for man! You can buy the colour at your local perfumery, drugstore or barber(shop). You have to make sure the paint doesn’t contact your eye. It is advisable that there is someone nearby to help you if necessary. DO NOT USE HAIR colour TO COLOuR YOUR LASHES! If you think you can’t do it by yourself, than you can get this treatment at the beautician. The lashescolour lasts around 20 to 30 days and is available in different colour settings, from natural brown to deep black. If you colour your lashes for the first time we advise you to not choose a very dark colour, so you can slowly get used to the changes.

Wise comfort food and drinks in the winter We eat to stay alive, to give our body energy and nutrients. But there are other reasons why we eat. Because we like it, it gives us emotional safety, as an reward, if we are stressed or things are not going like the are suppost to go. And if it’s cold outside we are willing to eat more fat, snacks or drink a glass of wine. We do this because those things give us a good feeling. It is a pitty that a lot of comfort food is not healthy an has an negative effect on our weight.

2 Tea with a taste instead of hot chocolate Are you someone who drinks a lot of hot chocolate during the winter? It tastes good, that’s for sure, and it is comforting also. But you get the same comforting effect with tea. Nowadays there are a lot of different, even spicy tastes that give you a comforting feeling.

But there are for the bad comfort drinks and food replacements. We have some suggestions for you: 1 Lucid soup instead of creamy soup A starter is not always what we want in the winter. In the winter we tend to eat thick, creamy soups. Would you like to eat less calories but still enjoy the warmth of the soup, try lucid soups and bouillon (even better if you prepare it yourself!)

3 Coffee A well-known comfort drink is coffee. Not just for the smell. If you want something more fully and softer buy yourself a cappuccino or a café au lait.

4 Dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate with hazelnuts Chocolate… Yes! Something that comforts us and peps us especially during the darker months. But it’s also something that makes you fat. Would you like to decrease your calories, then eat dark chocolate (as dark as possible and likable). Dark chocolate contains less calories as milk chocolate with hazelnuts (and everything else in it) but it also doesn’t invite you to eat a complete chocolate bar. (especially if you eat chocolate that contains more than 80% cacao). .

Beard Shaving

Wet shaving has the preference over electric shaving. But if you rather shave with an electric shaver than you should use a pre-shave. Are the beard stubbles gone, than an aftershave could refresh the skin and damming infections. For the thicker, greasy skin it is good if there is some menthol or alcohol in it. For the sensitive skin is a crème or gel that reduces irritations efficient. If you’re skin feels like it is burning after shaving, you need a special product. Ask a specialist about it, so you get an product that is suitable for your skin.

4 Hot milk with honey instead of caloric desserts Especially during the winter we want to eat creamy and caloric desserts. Fruit often feels too light and too cold. But a good alternative is a glass of hot milk with honey in it. It is delicious, also before you go to sleep.

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