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Hunting in style Laksen offers a complete range of hunting and shooting clothing, footwear and accessories for men and women. The collection comprises a wide selection of elegantly styled tweed garments, made from the finest Scottish sporting tweed – as well as a full range of specialised technical garments and footwear for stalking and other kinds of field sport. The collection also includes a variety of high quality shirts, sweaters, ties, socks, hats, gloves, bags, etc. To order our new product book, or for information on your nearest Laksen dealer, please contact us via or telephone +45 87 42 10 00.



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Australian Buffalo Hunters South Pacafic Safaris New Zealand Treetops Lodge

Australia New Zealand New Zealand

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Owner: Graham Williams Manager: Graham Williams

Australian Buffalo Hunters Australia New (pending) SCI #3 Asiatic Water Buffalo Mid 2012 repeat hunters Bill Morris and Larry Waide from Oregon had taken an excellent Buffalo each, but were keen to keep hunting. We decided to explore a far corner of a big concession, where Larry found a very old Buffalo with super heavy horns and wide spread, a fantastic trophy taken perfectly with his CZ 416RM. Later that afternoon we hunted along pools of water adjacent to the river, we had shot two wild pigs and I was heading back to get the Toyota. The hunters continued walking, and bumped into a monster Buffalo 300yards away… Bill wanted that bull. Andrea’ the assistant ran back to get me, “Biggest buffalo I have ever seen” he gasped. So I arrived on foot with pack and rifle. Bill pointed to some low paper bark tree scrub, “feeding over there, big horns, I will definitely take him” were his firm instructions to the guide.!! So without hesitation we approached down wind and keeping low. I glimpsed the animal and wanted to look... however Bill rushed me, “that’s him, lets go” and immediately he was forward and in the shooting sticks. As the Bull appeared through a gap at 50yards he fired twice with his Blaser R8 in 416RM and put it down. As we approached, I then realized why these guys were so keen, as every step closer it got bigger. What a truly amazing old Buffalo, this is bigger than anything I have dreamed of, a freak. Its body was bigger, taller, longer than normal, and its horns 83” spread tip to tip, huge 19” bases. The entire horns were so heavy that the last 5 or 6 years they have grown downwards and the tips worn on the ground. I will never see a bigger Buffalo in the wild…!!!


Arnhem Land – Genuine Wilderness We specialize in Australia’s best dangerous game hunting safaris. We have 4x highly productive concessions in Aboriginal owned Arnhem land wilderness, with large herds of Buffalo, some Scrub Bull (wild ox) and occasional Wild Boar. We do not hunt coastal swamps or ranches. We do not use quad bikes or helicopters. We only offer ethical and traditional rifle and bow hunting on foot, over scenic terrain of grassy hills, streams and rivers in fertile valleys producing excellent 90-105 SCI Buffalo bulls, and unique wide bulls to 1.3m (50”) spread because of the open Savana.

Australian Buffalo Hunters PO Box 1985 Bunbury 6231 Australia

Classic Tented Safari Camps Run like an old African expedition, our camps are always moved to be close to herds of wild buffalo. Large canvas tents, canvas bag showers, flushing camp toilets, bunk beds, safari chairs, great meals and drinks. Not a luxury Tanzania camp with extra staff. But real hunters will enjoy a remote excellent safari camp and a true adventure. Best season: June, July, August.

Excellent Service We provide honest, reliable and professional service. We also operate Australian Down Under Safaris to arrange free range Banteng, Rusa, Axis and Red in other states. A proud Member of many clubs, and dedicated Life Member of IPHA, SSAA and SCI. I personally invite you to experience Australia’s best dangerous game hunting. Graham Williams, Professional Hunter.

Tel: +61 427 577 435




South Pacific Safaris New Zealand

New Zealand

Glencree Lodge is a hunter’s paradise. Offering luxury accommodation on the spectacular east coast of New Zealand’s south island, the lodge is situated near the small coastal town of Kaikoura, with magnificent views of the surrounding mountains and the Pacific Ocean.

Mid-April through to August is a prime to time to hunt Bull Tahr & Chamois as this is when they are in their rut and have their full winter coats. Wild boar, ram and goat are hunted all season. Other small game such as duck, rabbit, hare and possum are also available in abundance.

The cuisine at Glencree is traditional New Zealand dishes with emphasis on fresh, wholesome cooking of wild game and fresh seafood, with lobster regularly on the menu. All dinners are complimented with superb handpicked NZ wines.

South Pacific Safaris New Zealand not only offers world-class trophies, there is also excellent sea and river fishing right on your doorstep. Many options are also available for non hunters such as swimming with huge pods of dusky dolphin, whale watching, winery tours, bush or coastal walks and bird watching, just to name a few.

Owners Mike & Deborah Wilks have applied proven game management principals to both their 4000 acre hunting estate area and their 100000 acre sole hunting concession, resulting in outstanding world class trophies of Red Stag, Elk, Tahr, Chamois, wild boar, fallow buck, Ram and feral goat.

As a professional hunting guide with over 30 years experience in New Zealand, Mike looks forward to sharing his knowledge with you and gives his personal commitment to professionalism, outstanding service in the achievement of world class trophies for his clients.

The red stags hunted on Glencree are known for their world class, quality, huge mass and width. Red stags are hunted from March through to August, March and April being the rut for stags, Elk (Wapiti) and Fallow Buck.


Owner & Manager Mike & Deborah Wilks

Glencree Lodge New Zealand

South Pacific Safaris New Zealand Glencree Lodge Glencree Lodge, Rd2 Kaikoura 8384 South Island New Zealand Tel: +64 3 319 5189 Fax: +64 3 319 5145 Affiliations:



New Zealand

Owner: Alma & John Sax Estate Manager: Dave Robinson

Treetops Lodge and Wilderness Experience New Zealand The first fingers of fire light up the grey eastern sky. Over the 1,000 hectare expanse of the Treetops Estate, skeins of mist roll away with the approaching dawn. The moan of a rutting stag pierces the chill morning air. Silhouetted on a vantage point, you can see him, one of the magnificent trophy animals that draw sports enthusiasts to Treetops from around the globe. A little later the sun has warmed the air and the mist has cleared. As you set off, gun broken over your arm, you’ve scarcely walked for five minutes before the dogs suddenly point and the cover explodes as two monster pheasants leap into the air. Red deer and pheasant are only two of the many game species that flourish in New Zealand’s premier sports trophy reserve. Wapiti (elk),red, sika, sambar, rusa and fallow deer are all managed on the estate along with one of New Zealand’s finest herds of wild rams and wild boar. There is also a healthy population of duck, for whom no less than six wetlands, ranging in size from 0.6 to 2.5 hectares, have been created over the last fifteen years. Many guests who have achieved a prize red stag trophy swap their rifle for a trout rod and head for one of Treetops’ several ponds. Set amongst one of New Zealand’s finest rainbow and brown trout fishing regions, Treetops offers anglers fishing right in its own 1,000 hectares of private land. The clear, cold highly oxygenated waters of its spring fed streams nourish a population of rainbow, brook and brown trout.


Treetops also offers anglers daily guided fishing ventures, whether it be by 4WD or helicopter into some of the country’s most beautiful native forest streams and lakes, for which the region is world renown. The highly successful development of Treetops as a premier sports destination has been based on a commitment to good game management, says owner John Sax. “We recognized early on that game management is effectively eco management, and that it necessitates the implementation of a conservation policy and a sustainable harvest regime. Good game management looks at what can be put back in to the environment. The never ending question is ‘how can we make this environment better for man and wildlife for a better tomorrow?’” The lush look of the property is also the result of years of effort, including planting of over 70,000 trees. “One of the key factors affecting the sustainability of wild life is the timing, quality and quantity of the food supply” says Sax. “You can’t sustain a population if the total feed supply is only there for a couple of months a year.” Working in close co-operation with government and private agencies, the Estate was planted in a range of crops preferred by game species to provide continuous year round feed. Quick growing and maturing species like shadbash, chokeberries and catoniastas initially held the fort. After 15 years, longer term planting such as oaks, cherries and elders are now maturing.

Treetops 351 Kearoa Road RD1, Horohoro Rotorua New Zealand Tel: +64 7 333 2066 Fax: +64 7 333 2065




New Zealand

Owner: Alma & John Sax Estate Manager: Dave Robinson

Treetops Lodge and Wilderness Experience New Zealand Pockets of virgin native bush throughout the estate, including some spectacular stands of tawa trees, have been carefully preserved. Care has also been taken to retain cover and food sources favoured by protected native species such as the kereru (native pigeon) and fern bird. Undesirables like possums, ferrets, rats, cats and rabbits are kept out of the estate by an ongoing trapping and hunting programme carried out by the Estate staff. Inside the estate, deer are eco managed by offering them crops like red clover and swedes, which they much prefer to native forest vegetation. Wild pigs are controlled using a similar strategy. And yes, wild venison and pork appear regularly on the Treetops menu. The temperate climate of northern New Zealand has also helped Treetops produce some of the finest trophies in the world, says John Sax. “the lush vegetation growth found at Treetops is one of the key factors in the growth of many of our large stags. The habitat at Treetops is arguably New Zealand’s finest and has also ensured that it has one of the highest deer densities of any reserve in New Zealand and thus a wide range of animals to choose from. Treetops has the enviable record of having achieved a 100% success rate to date in successfully guiding clients to a trophy stag of their choosing”.


“We are also proud of the fact that all red stags taken at Treetops are of SCI record book quality. Most of our clients are seeking a good representative quality stag which is typically 20+ points and approximately 40 inches or so in length. The majority of animals harvested score at least 320 SCI but each year we guide hunters onto Gold Medal, Diamond and Diamond ++ of 450 SCI plus. Due to the geographic location of Treetops in a tranquil, secluded valley, hunting conditions remain comfortable throughout the season, which runs from the rut in late March until the end of August” for most deer species and continues on until late October for Rusa and into early December for Samba. Treetops offers a selection of personalised packages for discerning hunters with the benefit of exclusive use of our hunting Estate. There is also the option for tahr and chamois alpine hunts in the Southern Alps.

Treetops 351 Kearoa Road RD1, Horohoro Rotorua New Zealand Tel: +64 7 333 2066 Fax: +64 7 333 2065

Treetops Lodge is the ultimate in world-class luxury accommodation situated in the Rotorua region, the heart of New Zealand native forest, thermal wonderland, trout fishing mecca and cultural capital of New Zealand. Affiliations: