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United Kingdom


Owner: S. Buchholz Manager: S. Buchholz

BBR Sporting United Kingdom Sporting Agency

Deer stalking BBR Sporting agency offers one exclusive estate in Hampshire. This estate was chosen for the quality of his trophies as well as the number of animals. You will be guided during your stalks on the 30 000 acres of breathtaking scenery. You will be able to hunt roe deer, red deer, fallow deer and Muntjac. Roe deer season: From the first April to 1st October. Full Board Accommodation Chasse à l’approche BBR Sporting vous propose de chasser à l’approche sur notre territoire, à moins de deux heures de Londres situé dans le Hampshire. Ce territoire a été sélectionné selon deux critères principaux : la grande densité d’animaux et la taille de ses trophées. Votre guide vous accompagnera lors de vos sorties à l’approche ou à l’affût sur plus de 15 000 ha de bocages, de haies et de cultures. Vous aurez la possibilité de chasser chevreuils, daims, cerfs et muntjacs. Saisons pour le Brocard : Du 1er avril au 1er octobre. Hébergement en Pension complète.


Driven pheasants and partridges High driven pheasants and partridges offer unbeatable sport. Norfolk and Hampshire where our estates are located are well known for deep valleys in which we offer you to shoot truly challenging birds. BBR will organize shoots to suit your needs, starting with 150 bird bag for lines of 9 to 12 guns. Smaller groups can also be accommodated. Season: October 1st to January 31st Full Board Accommodation

BBR Sporting Agency Leesway cottage, Ashford Road Badlesmere Lees ME13 0NX England

Battues de faisans et perdrix Les battues de faisans et de perdrix en Angleterre sont considérées comme des chasses de traditions depuis plusieurs siècles. Les régions du Norfolk ou du Hampshire dans lesquelles sont situés nos territoires, sont réputés pour la qualité des oiseaux ainsi que les superbes paysages qu’elles proposent. La nature des territoires vallonnés permet de tirer des faisans et perdrix de haut vol. BBR Sporting organise suivant vos désirs des chasses sur-mesure à partir de 150 oiseaux par jour pour des lignes composées de 9 à 12 chasseurs. N’hésitez pas à nous interroger pour de plus petits groupes. Saison : 1er octobre au 31 janvier Hébergement en pension complète.

Tel: +44 123 374 27 20 Mobil: +44 754 743 64 14




Owner : Baroness Reille Manager : Baroness Reille

Château de Janvry France The Chateau de Janvry is a family-owned property located 30 kms from Paris, France. Over the last 70 years, we have welcomed generations of shooters from around the world who come to enjoy Janvry’s unique hunting experience where distinction, shooting expertise and excellence will transform your day into an unforgettable shoot.

Our signature hunts, high quality driven English style pheasants, start with a lunch served in the formal dining room of the Chateau, followed by 4 to 6 drives where pheasants (but also partridges and ducks) fly at majestic heights. The day closes with honors given in front of the Chateau and a cocktail reception or a dinner hosted by the Baroness Reille.

Château de Janvry 1 Place de l’Eglise 91640 Janvry France

The Chateau de Janvry offers a wide variety of hunting capabilities on its beautiful and challenging terrain. Our breathtaking drives have been meticulously improved over the years to optimize every shooter’s experience. We shoot pheasants during our season running from mid-October to the end of January. Big game stalking or driven hunts can also be arranged, rifles and bows are welcomed.

Shooters can choose to come alone to join a group of shooters or privatize the Chateau de Janvry with fully customizable packages. We can cater for 200 to 800 bird’s bags, depending on the time of the year, groups of 6 to 12 guns, with loaders and much more.

Tel (FR) : +33 6 14 10 19 55 Tel (USA) : +1 310 924 2155

Our guests can chose amongst multiple types of hunts at Janvry: formal driven hunts, walking hunts or a combination of walking and driven hunts. While all hunts are syndicated, we also welcome and accommodate proprietary bookings.


We can arrange or provide transportation, hunting licenses, insurances, loaders, shotguns and ammunition. Lodging at the Chateau is possible for small groups. Accompanying guests are also welcome to enjoy the unique Janvry experience. Join us at the Chateau de Janvry where French traditions and hunting savoir-faire come together and make hunting at Janvry so unique and memorable.





Château Saint Michel France

Château Saint Michel France

Experienced hunters usually need to go far to hunt big deer. This is often a long and troublesome trip, and sometimes accommodations are rough. As of this year, a new destination in France has opened, offering some of the biggest and most beautiful deer. The Saint Michel property, in the Nièvre department, located between Beaune and Saint-Honoré-les-Bains, will welcome you to its magnificent park. You will stay in a fully renovated castle with all the comfort of a five-star hotel. Everything is done to perfection, be it the rooms or the meals. The owner Antoine Feidt, himself a very experienced hunter who has travelled the world, will personally welcome you and make it possible for you to shoot one of his exceptional deer.

Certains chasseurs expérimentés vont au bout du monde pour chasser de grands cerfs. L’avion et les transfers sont souvent très longs et éprouvants. Or, depuis cette année, une destination en France permet aux amateurs de trouver  de très grands cerfs, le domaine Saint Michel. Situé dans la Nièvre entre Beaune et Saint-Honoréles-Bains,  un château complètement rénové vous accueille sur un territoire magnifique,  offrant un confort digne de 5 étoiles: chambres, suites, repas, tout est merveille et délices.

The deer are originally from Germany, and they were imported to France 10 years ago. They have been pampered and well taken care of in order to make this livestock so amazing today. They have been treated naturally and kept in the wild. Many stags have 30 points or more and go up to gold medals. For the first time, Antoine Feidt is opening this exceptional domain where he will, I am sure, prove the beauty and the quality of his deer. You will either hunt game from a hide on watchtowers or by stalking. The best calibres for hunting here are .300 Winchester, 9.3 x 62, etc..... A French hunting permit or license is mandatory. You will be hunting with the owner, who will gladly explain the evolution of his livestock and his theories on genetics. So take advantage of this unique opportunity to discover these unique deer, and should you shoot one of them, it will most certainly become one of the most admired pieces in your trophy room.


Antoine Feidt, le maître des lieux, lui-même chasseur hors pair, mettra tout en œuvre pour vous faire tirer un de ses plus beaux cerfs. La souche, venue d’Allemagne il y a plus de 10 ans, a porté ses fruits et la qualité et la beauté des cerfs est remarquable. Nourris tout à fait naturellement, ils valent le coup d’œil, plusieurs faisant plus de 30 cors, certains allants jusqu’à la médaille d’or. Cette année, Antoine Feidt ouvre pour la première fois son domaine. La chasse se déroule uniquement à l’affût, sur de grands miradors ou au pirch. Les calibres recommandés sont: 300 Win - 9,3 x 62  - etc. Un permis français ou une licence est obligatoire. Vous chasserez avec Antoine Feidt, il se fera un plaisir de vous expliquer l’évolution de ses cervidés et sa théorie génétique en rapport avec son cheptel.

Owner : SCI St Michel Manager: Antoine Feidt Château St Michel 58250 Remilly France Contact: SCI St Michel 5, Rue du Mullerthal 7640 Christnach Luxembourg Mobile: +352 621 16 98 98 Fax: +352 87 83 40

Profitez de cette occasion unique pour découvrir enfin de magnifiques cerfs...Nul doute que si vous venez en chasser un, il sera une des pièces maîtresses de votre trophy room.




Owner & Manager Bernhard J. Söllner Philipp Kunze

European Outfitting Austria and Central Europe The goal of European Outfitting, founded by PH Bernhard J. Söllner & Philipp Kunze, is to provide its clients with access to the best hunting concessions available for the individual game animal they seek, while delivering the finest service in the region where hunting takes place. Big Game: Austria and Central Europe is known as one of the leading hunting as well as tourist destinations worldwide. The unique hunting tradition and culture dates back hundreds of years. For decades European hunters and landowners have been following old game management traditions. Due to these strict trophy management methods, record trophies are harvested every year at the countries top estates. Our Name stands for traditional European Big Game hunting for Red Stag, Mouflon Ram, Roe Buck, Fallow Deer, Sika Deer, Chamois, Alpine Ibex and European Brown Bear with world-class trophy qualities. We are also well known for typical European Driven Hunts for Wild Boars. In our areas in Austria we take up to 100 Wild Boars during one day with a group up to 10 guns.


Wingshooting: The quality of classic European driven Duck, Pheasant and partridge shoots especially in countries like Czech Republic & Hungary are well known by experienced wing shooters around the world. The culture, tradition and knowledge to organize these hunts dates back to the 19th century. Experienced shooting parties of seven to ten guns can expect to bag up to 1.000 or more Birds per day. Our exclusively managed Hunting Lodge is located only 2 hours from Vienna International Airport. The private character of the Loge provides outstanding lodging, cuisine, wines and SPA for the hunter and the hunter’s attendance. Best shooting season is September to December.

European Outfitting Maurer Lange Gasse 80-82 A-1230 Vienna Austria Tel: +43 664 911 40 24 Tel: +43 664 886 11 203

We strive to deal with each client on a personal basis and all our guests are guided by us personally. Hunting with European Outfitting stands for perfect service, outstanding trophy quality and highflying birds. Affiliation:




France Safaris

“Magnificent hunting estate”, “exceptional trophies”, “remarkable, friendly welcome”, “Anne’s cooking is amazing”, “beautiful family château” … These are extracts from the Laplanque hunting estate’s visitors’ book, written by hunters who have stayed with us and left entirely satisfied. We are very touched and, at the same time, very proud of these congratulatory remarks. Located in the south of France (one and a half hours from Toulouse Blagnac airport and two hours away from the Mediterranean) at an altitude of 600 meters (1,950 feet), the Laplanque hunting estate is in a magnificent, unspoiled rural region, rich in traditions, gastronomy and charming villages that we are delighted to help our guests discover.   Château de Laplanque has been in the same family since the 13th century. It has been lovingly maintained ever since and proposes comfortable reception rooms and bedrooms.   The fully fenced 350-hectare (860-acre) estate has always been dedicated to hunting. The terrain is rough, the environment wild and the biotope highly varied. The grassland areas alternate with pine, chestnut, holly and beech forests and with heather-covered cliffs. Hunting is therefore difficult and exciting.   Didier Roques Rogery and his son, Guillaume, founded the company France Safaris. Both are big-game enthusiasts and have put an enormous amount of time and effort into selecting the species they propose: red deer stag, fallow deer, mouflon sheep, sika deer and wild boar. Trophies obtained at the Laplanque hunting


Owner & Manager Didier Roques Rogery Guillaume Roques Rogery

France estate are classified amongst the biggest in Europe. Our red deer stags have antlers that may exceed 16 kg in weight and 36 points, and our fallow deer bucks have heavy, long and very wide palmate antlers. The most impressive mouflon sheep have thick horns, often exceeding 90 cm in length. Certain wild boar are particularly well tusked. The hunting season starts at the beginning of September and ends at the end of February. The estate is exclusively reserved for one hunter, alone or accompanied. Hunting is by stalking or from hides only.   Didier’s wife Anne regales her guests with her culinary talents. Her meticulously concocted dishes, inspired by the culinary traditions of the Mediterranean in particular and the south of France in general, are accompanied by a delicious selection of French wines.  Champagne is served to celebrate trophies brought back by hunters. Château de Laplanque is well known for its relaxed, family atmosphere.   Hunters from abroad know very little about hunting in France. France Safaris is therefore delighted to welcome hunters from all over the world to hunt exceptional trophies in a magnificent setting and show them all the riches of a region overflowing with charm.   The Pyrenees and Spain are not far away.  It is therefore possible to organize both a stay at the Laplanque estate and an expedition to hunt Pyrenean chamois or Spanish ibex.

France Safaris Laplanque 12240 Pradinas France Tel : +33 (0)6 76 85 48 19





France Outfitters

Owner & manager Vincent Levannier


Welcome to France. A country that seduces travellers with its cultural heritage, gastronomic art de vivre and lyrical landscape. With over thousands years of history, hunting has become part of French tradition making France a privileged hunting destination. France Outfitters is the specialist in hunting travels in France. We give our clients the great opportunity to combine exceptional hunting experience with all the treasures France has to offer: towns and cities of art and history, picturesque villages, seaside resorts, high mountains, idyllic countryside, finest food and wine as well as exploring quintessential and romantic Paris.

You will hunt on the best areas in the country whether on private estates or free ranging areas. Important game birds in Europe since the invention of firearms, grey partridge and pheasant are challenging game that request excellent shooting skills. Our clients will be offered the possibility to take part to driven grey partridges, Reeves’ pheasant, common pheasant and wild duck shoot. Being part of a big game driven hunt is probably one of the most exciting ways to hunt. Wild boars driven hunts are traditionally organised in France. Very sportive way to hunt since it requires fast decision-making and great self control as well as shooting on moving animal, it is also an unforgettable experience highly recommended.

From the Jura pine forests to the mountains of the Pyrenees and the Alps, you will have the chance to hunt the major European mountain game species such as Alps chamois and the famous but uncommon Pyrenean chamois. In the Massif Central, the extinct volcanoes scenery is the new homeland of the largest wild living mouflon sheep population of France. Introduced in 1970, the flock has successfully adapted to its new habitat and spread. Today, mouflon hunt is considered as one of the hardest mountain hunt.

France outfitters will take care of finding you the best accommodation whether you wish to live like a king in a “Relais et Chateaux” or to relax in a bed and breakfast in the countryside. Ultimate destination for food and wine lovers, join us to France for an amazing lifetime hunting experience and a great tourist destination alone or in family.

France Outfitters Maison forestière de la Mare des Grès 76380 Canteleu France Tel: +33 6 79 04 63 01


Dedicated and passionate hunters ourselves, we will guide you through the deepest forest to stalk the largest trophies of red stag, fallow deer, roe deer (including the Gers roe deer whose trophy size is amongst the biggest in Europe) and wild boar.





G&G Hunting Services

G&G Hunting Services is a service provider specialized in the organization of hunting events in Italy and abroad, guaranteeing the high quality of its wild game and reserves, and the very best in hospitality. G&G Hunting Services was established in 1997 by Giorgio and Graziella Paraporti, two experienced hunters who share a passion for hunting tradition and good living, and take pride in their approach to life and business. They both believe that to be a hunter should also mean to respect nature and wildlife, to preserve and improve the habitat in which animals live, and to make the word HUNTING a lifestyle. The species available at our hunting reserves in Italy are: pheasants, red- partridges, grey partridges, ducks, hares, wild boar, fallow deer and roe deer.

quality game; rest periods between drives, with excellent Italian wine and regional specialities; highly trained labradors for retrieving game; an end-of-stay photograph as a memento; and a characteristic lunch out in the countryside.

G&G Hunting Services organizes these hunting activities in Italy: Hunts with pointing dog Pheasant and red partridge hunting driven Hunting of big games (fallow deer, roe deer, wild boar) Wild boar hunts in Tuscany

• •

G&G Hunting Services specializes in the organization of daily Hunting Drives based on many years’ expertise. It is with this expertise and a high level of professionalism that Giorgio and Graziella welcome guests from all over the world, and offer a service tailored down to the last detail, providing hunters and their companions with Land Rovers for use in the reserves; an experienced louder who remains with the guest throughout his stay, taking care of the weapons, cartridges and loading of the guns during hunts; high


Owner & Manager Giorgio & Graziella Paraporti


Individual drives (of which there are at least 10 in each hunting area) involve a maximum of 10 places situated at a distance of about 30 metres apart to ensure the safety of each hunter. The success of a hunting day is based on the perfect balance of professionalism, the quality of the game and grounds, and the friendly attitude of our staff who are happy to see to all the needs of our guests the hunters and their companions. Hunting area where G&G Hunting Services organize hunting driven in Italy: Rocca dè Giorgi (Lombardy region, 1 hour’s drive from Milan) Gavi – La Centuriona (Piedmont region – 1 hour’s drive from Milan)

G&G Hunting Services s.r.l. Via Tosi, 3 27030 Ottobiano Pavia – Italy Giorgio Paraporti: +39 335 6280756 Graziella Paraporti: +39 339 5833561

WILD BOAR HUNT IN TUSCANY (Vicchio di Mugello – 20 Km outside Florence) Hunters and their companions can stay at the splendid 1600 century villa formerly owned by the Medici family at Vicchio di Mugello, 20 km outside Florence, for typical Maremma-style wild boar hunts (which are smaller but quicker and of a very high standard of quality). The hunting season: between November 1st and January 31st. The number of hunters is restricted to 10 per group, to ensure the safety of the persons involved. These ten hunters are also provided with 50 well-trained bloodhounds for chasing packs of Maremma wild boar, adding to the thrill and excitement of the hunt.




Owner: Javier Corsini and Ignacio de Navasqüés

Great Spanish Hunts Spain Spain is the perfect country for hunting and one of the best tourism destinations in the world that brims with contrasts and boasts a wealth of art and culture. The sportsman-tourist will have the chance to enjoy hunting at its absolute best with a sunny weather even in the winter months, while also experiencing the artistic and cultural treasures together with excellent cuisine and wines. We are a Spanish company with over 35 years’ experience organizing world-class hunting trips for companies and private individuals.  Our offer for red-legged partridge shoots, “montería” or big game driven hunts and stalking is perhaps the most exclusive in our country.  Our company prides itself in our ethics and professional approach to hunt organization, as well as in offering a world-class service and total client satisfaction.  The GSH team is made up of 35 highly experienced and sensational professionals, whose dedication and hard work make every trip or hunt unforgettable and unique experiences.   


Spain offers the opportunity to hunt 14 big game species most of them native to our country and is a unique destination for mountain hunting enthusiasts, with 7 Capra species (four subspecies of Spanish ibex: Beceite, Gredos, Southeastern and Ronda ibex, two species of chamois: Pyrenean and Cantabrian and the Mallorcan goat) and two members of the Ovis genus: Barbary sheep and mouflon. Also we have three beautiful deers (Spanish red deer, European roe deer and European Fallow deer), wild boar and iberian wolf. In addition, its permanently sunny and warm climate allows for year-round hunting without suffering the rigours of the bad weather found at other destinations.  We operate in the prime hunting regions in the country, in private and national hunting reserves, specializing in large trophy hunting.    “Monteria” or driven hunting is the oldest and most traditional form of hunting in Spain. This type of hunting includes drives for deer, wild boar, fallow deer  and mouflon and is unique thanks to its color, beauty and excitement with large parties of hunters, hounds and mounts. Our driven hunts or “monterias” are world-class. They usually feature 5 to 25 stands offering 2 to 3 trophies per person per day. 

Manager: Ignacio de Navasqüés

Great Spanish Hunts Almagro 29 28010 Madrid  Spain   Tel: +34 91 700 45 50  Fax: + 34 91 702 43 33  Affiliations:




Owner: Javier Corsini and Ignacio de Navasqüés

Great Spanish Hunts Spain  The red-legged partridge (Alectoris Rufa) is a Gallinaceous fowl endemic to Spain considered the most sporting and challenging bird in the world by hunters due to its beauty, audacity and fast and erratic flight. The driven partridge shoot is a shooting style with a long and deeply rooted tradition in Spain, which allows the hunter to enjoy the red-legged partridge in a far more challenging way, since the speed and height reached are unbeatable, putting more than one expert wing shooter to the test.  Our shoots are some of the best and most famous in the country. Groups of 3 to 10 guns usually bag around 1,000 birds per day or even double that amount depending on their shooting skills. Thanks to the wide range of estates we manage and their  diverse and beautiful landscapes we are able to offer some of  the most spectacular and challenging drives to be found in  Spain. Featuring birds with fast and erratic flight, both low and high flying, we can offer drives that allow hunters to enjoy very varied and challenging shoots. A pair of 12 and 20 bore double-barrel matched shot guns is ideal for this type of shoot. We work closely with top gun manufacturers to offer you the best quality guns on-site, therefore avoiding the inconvenience of travelling with them. 


Manager: Ignacio de Navasqüés

Two of our locations, La Flamenca and Fuensauco, are just 35 minutes by car from Madrid international and private airports, making them very accessible from the world’s capital cities. Tacones, another of our prime locations, is in Toledo province in the heart of La Mancha, land of Don Quixote, famous for its wild partridges, just 1 hour 15 minutes from Madrid.  In southern Spain, the province of Cádiz, and thanks to hard work and sacrifice over the past 35  years, we manage over 90% of Spain’s wild red-legged partridge, a true treasure trove in this day and age.  Our partridge shooting season runs from 15 September to 15 March.    At GSH we believe in offering the highest level accommodation featuring quality service and the most select gastronomy. This is why we place very special attention in these aspects, ensuring the hunting trip is a unique experience for both hunters and their companions. Our magnificent lodges on all of our estates are fitted out with all possible comforts and luxuries, and are completely equipped to satisfy all our guests needs.

Great Spanish Hunts Almagro 29 28010 Madrid  Spain   Tel: +34 91 700 45 50  Fax: + 34 91 702 43 33  Affiliations:




Owner: Arni Baldurson Manager: Arni Baldurson

The Angling Club Lax-á Iceland Lax-á is a growing company that sells and plans fishing in over 40 salmon and trout rivers in Iceland, Russia, Argentina, Greenland, Scotland and Norway. Lax-á was founded in 1987 and now counts 11 employees working year round, as well as a large group of talented guides, drivers and lodge staff. Angling Club Lax-á is Iceland’s largest sporting outfit. The Lax-a team tailor-makes each tour for each client, arranging everything that a successful touring/angling trip requires – including transfers, comfortable accommodation and other outdoor activities. Our rivers Midfjardara, Blanda, Svarta, Laxa in Asum, West Ranga, East Ranga, Tungufljot, Laxa in Adaldal, Hvannadalsa, Laugardalsa, Langadalsa, Svarta, Laxa in Dolum, Flokadalsa, Sog, Vididalsa, Eldvatn, Steinsmyrarvotn, Brynjudalsa, Galtalaekur, Salmon and Trout Fishing in Iceland Angling Club Lax-á is Iceland’s largest sporting outfit. We have fishing on the top salmon, trout and char rivers in Iceland. We tailor make each tour for our clients, arranging everything for them while touring/angling with us. The accommodation, food, and service by the staff and guides at the 2 locations was outstanding throughout my trip, and I will strongly recommend that our group of 8 anglers come to E.Ranga in 2005.”


John W. Harrison fishing in Midfjardara and East Ranga “I just wanted to drop you an email to tell you that this journey has been a fantastic fishing experience for us. Truly, every part of the trip was great: the staff at the lodge, the guide and the organisation.” Pierre Martini fishing in West Ranga “Absolutely fantastic time, the clients had a blast” Donald Johnston III, Deutsche Bank Fishing Lodges We have some very good lodges around Iceland for our anglers and other guests. Transport Iceland is only about 2.5 hours’ flight from London and 5 hours from New York. There are daily flights from London, Copenhagen and other cities in Europe and USA. We can book you a private guide/driver when in Iceland or organise a good vehicle of your choice.

Lax-á Akurhvarf 16 203 Kópavogur Iceland tel: +354 557 6100 fax: +354 557 6108

How to book The process is very easy. You simply give us a call or drop us a line via e-mail and our highly professional Lax-a team will do all their best to offer you the trip of your dreams. In 2008 all time record salmon fishing in Iceland, the Ranga rivers produced 22.000 salmon to the rod and reel. In 2009 again the Rangas was on the top of all Icelandic salmon rivers with over 15.000 salmon landed.   LAX-Á For the best in fishing and shooting / Invest in your soul, go fishing!




Le Domaine de l’Ortolo

Owner: Paul Canarelli Manager: Paul Canarelli

Corsica, France

At the southern tip of Corsica, between the sea and the mountains, lies an immense estate in the heart of a valley carved by the Ortolo River. Its name is Murtoli, a secret destination whispered about by those in the know. This unique setting has a poetic air, with two thousand hectares of completely wild brush-covered terrain where flora and fauna have been left to thrive untouched. The Murtoli Estate offers many inviting coves and an endless white sand beach that stretches over a dozen kilometers along the Mediterranean Sea, a true paradise. An Exceptional Hunting Ground The Ortolo Estate offers an exceptional hunting ground boasting two thousand hectares of well-preserved ecosystem with a widely varying landscape featuring mountains, forests and brush interspersed with prairies and swampland. Some fields are farmed and sown with grain, providing welcome feed for wild game, and the olive groves are kept invitingly free of undergrowth. Here, visitors can hunt alone or accompanied by the game keeper Jean-Louis and his team. Although the estate provides dogs, shotguns and rifles, there is also a kennel to accommodate our canine guests.

Small game, like partridge, pheasant and hare live on the grounds, which are also a choice landing spot for migratory birds such as thrush, woodcock, doves and ducks, depending on the season. Fishing for the Most Avid Sportsman At the Murtoli Estate, fishermen can also pursue their passion, with fishing opportunities many sportsmen only dream of. In May and June, coastal net fishing is offered for tuna, such as amberjack, leerfish and “domti.”

Le domaine de l’Ortolo 20100 Sartène France Tel: +33 495 71 69 24 Fax: +33 495 77 00 32

Those who prefer line fishing can catch sizable “pajots,” sargo bream and sand steenbras, which can be grilled for a tasty meal, or like “dentis” are used as bait for deeper sea fishing. On the coast, there are spear fishing or surf casting excursions for catching sea bream or sea bass. In August, September and October, join us for the big game fishing season, with Captain Henri and his 31-foot fully equipped fishing boat, for deep sea fishing allowed only at competition time and for deep sea net fishing to bring in the largest catches.. a4fr ente?tedelettreok:A4FR




The Estate welcomes visitors for the hunting season, approximately six months of the year from September to the end of February. Wild boar is the big game here and is hunted in the traditional beating method, with a pack of hounds and beaters, or from a hide early in the season.





Les Colverts de Sabournac France

Les Colverts de Sabournac France

Unique in Europe, Sabournac is a private estate which has been organizing mallard duck hunting for 20 years in the tradition of the great English driven shoots. This hunt both surprises and appeals to hunters who like to shoot several hundred cartridges at high flying mallards. These birds fly at surprising heights, which means that only tightly choked guns are used. Sabournac offers only high quality, exclusive hunting organized and customized to meet your specific demands. The hunting estate is open from September 1 to January 31 and can be booked for a single party of 2 to 8 hunters. Gun loaders are available on request, as are two-day events.

Сэборнак - это уникальное в Европе частное охотничье хозяйство, которое организовывает охоту на дикую утку уже на протяжении 20 лет в традициях “Великой Английской Загонной Охоты”.  Эта охота удивляет и привлекает охотников, любящих пострелять в несколько сотен высоко летающих диких уток.  Эти птицы летают на удивительных высотах, поэтому используются только тугозарядные ружья.  Сэборнак предлагает организацию эксклюзивной охоты высочайшего качества и индивидуальный подход. Охотничье хозяйство радо приветствовать Вас с 1 сентября по 31 января  и может быть забронировано полностью для группы от 2 до 8 охотников. Услуги заряжающих предоставляются по запросу на 2-х дневные туры. Данное хозяйство  является партнером компании Браунинг, что позволяет предоставлять ружья, такие как Браунинг Maxus, Браунинг Cynergy, B525 и B725. Этот бесплатный сервис обеспечивает возможность охоты с  дробовиками высочайшего качества и избавит Вас от хлопот, связанных с транспортировкой оружия через границу. В наличии имеются патроны для Винчестера 12-го, 16-го и 20-го калибра.

As a “Browning Partner Lodges”, several guns such as the Maxus, the Cynergy, B525 and the B725, are available on the estate. This free service provides an opportunity to shoot with top-quality shotguns, as well as to avoid the hassle of travelling by air with a gun. Winchester cartridges are available on site for 12, 16 and 20 bore guns. The estate is 60 km from Toulouse International Airport with direct flights from most European capitals and 25 km from Castres - Mazamet airport where all private planes can land. Fairly close to Sabournac, you can stay at the “Chateau de la Pomarède”, renowned for its delicate and creative cuisine. Sabournac is located at the center of the Toulouse-Carcassonne-Albi triangle. Many daily excursions can be organized including a visit to Andorra (shopping, heli-skiing) or wild boars hunting.


Хозяйство находится в 60 километрах от Международного Аэропорта Тулуза с прямыми перелетами из большинства Европейский столиц, и в 25 км от аэропорта Кастрес Мазеймет, где разрешена посадка всем частным самолётам. Так же недалеко от Сэборнак, Вы можете остановиться  в отеле Шато де-ла Помаред, известном своей изысканной кухней. Сэборнак находится в центре треугольника Тулуза - Каркассон -Альби.  Множество различных экскурсий может быть организовано каждый день, включая визит в Андорру (шопинг, хели-ски). Есть возможность организации там охоты на дикого кабана.

Owner: Benoit Royer Manager: Antoine Royer Les Colverts de Sabournac Sabournac 81700 Puylaurens France Tel: +33 563 750 455 Fax: +33 563 702 643 Mobile:+33 688 778 579





Owner: Luigi Marcati Manager: Luigi Marcati

Marcati Hunting Austria The hunting reserves of the family Marcati are located in Seefeld in Tirol as well as in Navis, an alpine reserve located between 1200 and 2500 meters. Given the fact that we can offer hunting reserves which are located not too high, we are in position to offer chamois hunting also to our elderly guests. On request we can also organize food and beverages. Considering the hunting equipment you will receive further information when your booking is confirmed. In case you do not own your own gun, one can be rented on for € 22, - (including ammunition). Over the roofs of Seefeld located on the Geigenbühel hill, the Hotel Lärchenhof **** also belonging to the Marcati family could be your residence whilst you are enjoying the unique hunting experience to the fullest. Every day our chef prepares culinary highlights – we offer of course also full pension in our hotel. As already mentioned, additionally it is possible to organize food and drinks for your hunting trip. Our employees are giving their best to read every wish from your eyes.


From one of the most beautiful golf courses during summertime to the multiple awarded cross country skiing courses in winter, the Olympiaregion Seefeld offers you a wide variety of possibilities for those who did not yet discover the passion for hunting; Skiing, hiking, mountain bike tours through the Tyrolean alpine world –There is something for everyone in Seefeld.

Hotel Lärchenhof GmbH Hermannstalstr. 243 A 6100 Seefeld Austria

In our reserves we provide different hunting huts, which can be used by the hunters (just hotel guests) free of charge. You let us know whether you would like to spend your hunting experience like our ancestors did, in a traditional wooden lodge directly in the hunting reserve, or you spend your night in the Hotel Lärchenhof **** and the next morning you will be driven by car into the hunting area.

Tel: +43 67 68 43 00 44 30 Fax: +43 52 12 25 83

In our beauty spa ‘Lärchenhäusl’ we offer a wide variety of wellness treatments and massages which do not leave any wish unanswered. On our homepage under the point ‘Wellness’ you will find additional information.

In case you wish to stay in the huts for additional days we offer the huts for € 89, - per day including arrival and departure - transfer and cleaning fee. On request we also organize food and beverages for you within the hut – everything will be prepared by us. For all those who want to additionally develop their fishing skills, we offer the possibility to go fishing in the 20km long “Leutascher Ache”. For the price of € 30, - per day you can catch your own brook trout’s and have them cooked in the evening by our chef.

Embedded in the picturesque Tyrolean mountain region Wetterstein directly at your doorstep, you have the possibility to combine a unforgettable hunting experience as well as a relaxing holiday with all its specialities.

We would highly appreciate to show you the Austrian hunting experience. Luigi Marcati




Owner: Mr Yves Forestier Manager: Augustin Motte

Orchape France Since 1958, ORCHAPE has been organizing international hunting trip all over the world. With more than 5 decades of experience, it is recognized to be one of the most exclusive sporting agencies in Europe. Based out of Paris, our team caters to a demanding clientele looking for emotions, unforgettable souvenirs and need to fulfill their dreams. Whether one wants a big game hunt in Africa or a woodcock and snipe shoot on a private island in Scotland we are dedicated to make your dreams come true. Although we do have an emphasis on European countries, we have an extended network of local hunting organization with which we work. Starting with Ireland where we began in 1958, ORCHAPE sends people to more than 20 countries every year to hunt big game as well as small game. Here is a list of countries we work with: Ireland, Scotland, England, Poland, Spain, Morocco, Burkina Faso, Chad, Namibia, South Africa, Mozambique, Hungary, Argentina, Alaska, Turkey, France, Bulgaria… In 2007, ORCHAPE teamed up with BROWNING to offer a unique partnership to supply hunters with shotguns and rifles when they travel. The concept of “BROWNING PARTNER LODGES” came to fruition to answer the need of clients to avoid hassle when they travel.


Thanks to BROWNING, ORCHAPE’s clients have access to B525 shot guns and XBolt rifle when they travel in Argentina, Spain, Chad, Burkina Faso, France and Hungary. Because each hunt is a journey and not only a trip, we strive to satisfy our client’s need with professionalism and discretion. From booking a hunt to organizing the logistic of each trip, we offer clients the service they need to complete a successful hunt. ORCHAPE also runs a business and high standard tourism agency called ORTOUR: ORTOUR is the perfect partner for ORCHAPE to organize everything around hunting: from sightseeing to hunt/ golf combo or honeymoon and private plane charter. More than just travel agencies ORCHAPE and ORTOUR take you to the ultimate level of client services, discovery, sensations and dreams.

Orchape 4, Rue d’Armaillé 75017 Paris France Tel: +33 1 40 55 40 40 Fax: +33 1 47 63 07 64

Our motto in French is: “La Nature, des Hommes, des Passions, des territoires” which literally translates: “Nature, mankind, passions and territories”. The entire ORCHAPE team invites you to discover what international hunting is all about !




Owner: Stefan Bengtsson Manager: Stefan Bengtsson

Scandinavian Prohunters Sweden Scandinavian Prohunters arranges hunts throughout Sweden for a variety of species. We are proud to say we have access to the best, most professionally managed areas, and for those who want to experience other countries in Europe, we also have hunts in Ireland, England, Scotland, Spain, Austria and Poland.  If you would like to combine your Swedish hunt with other hunts throughout Europe, we can easily arrange it.   Sweden is a large country with a huge diversity of game, offering great hunting as well as beautiful scenery.  In the temperature farming country of southern Sweden, we offer hunts for roebuck, moose, red deer, fallow deer, wild boar, ducks and geese.  These hunts also feature great accommodations, making it a perfect hunting holiday.  For those who prefer the wilderness and a more rugged hunt, we can arrange a hunt in northern Sweden for moose and Capercaillie birds.  In the neighbouring country of Norway we offer hunts for European reindeer and in Denmark for red deer, fallow deer, Sika deer and driven pheasants.  There is a great variety of species that can be combined, so the choice is yours. Sweden is rich in history, with great sightseeing and, of course, wonderful shopping for non-hunters.  The hunting, sightseeing and shopping opportunities all feature great accommodations, which can even be upgraded to a castle or old manor houses.  Most couples choose to stay after the hunt to explore the country on their own.  The infrastructure of Sweden is first class, and crime is virtually non-existent---AND everyone speaks English, making it much easier to travel.   Moose hunting  Traditional Swedish moose hunting with a moose dog is a great experience.  After locating the moose, the dog will hold the animal at bay until the hunter arrives.  This is a hunt for people who appreciate a true “Fair Chase” hunt.  You can choose to hunt one-on-one or in a group.


Roebuck stalking Sweden is world-famous for its beautiful roebuck. We have several areas in southern Sweden where we can hunt these small, beautiful deer. Other species We have several areas in Sweden and Norway where we offer hunts for reindeer, red deer, fallow deer, wild boar, mouflon, European bison and beaver. Driven hunts There is a long tradition of driven hunts in Sweden.  These hunts are very well organised, and safety is a top priority.  Driven hunts can be wild boar hunts only, or a mixture of  moose, red deer, fallow deer, roe deer and wild boar. Capercaillie The Capercaillie is one of the most beautiful trophies in Europe.  We hunt them with a special breed of dog called “Tradskallare”.  This hunt is similar to moose hunting with a dog.  The dog finds the bird in the tree and barks until the hunter finds the clever bird.  We combine the Capercaille hunt with a hunt for black grouse. Duck and goose hunting Our duck hunts feature high quality and a high volume of birds.  Our main area for hunting these birds is the Bjorkvik Estate, regarded as one of the best areas in Europe for high-quality wing shooting.  We arrange hunts of 200 birds and more.  Geese are always difficult to hunt, but there is no bag limit, and on a good day, it is spectacular!  Geese shooting at Barseback is regarded as the best there is!   European style Every year we offer a few special group programmes for hunters who want to try a bit of everything.  We combine moose hunting with driven hunts. Trophy hunting as well as wing shooting is also offered.  These hunts are for small groups, and it is quite acceptable to bring along non-hunters, in order to combine the hunting with a few days of Christmas shopping in Stockholm.

Scandinavian ProHunters          Storgatan 28 59837 Vimmerby Sweden

Tel: +46 470 33445




Owner: Classified Manager: Guy van Onsem

Soto Real Andalucia, Spain Spain has always had a peculiar attraction for hunters. It of course has two very unique ways of hunting namely the “ojeo” driven partridge and the “monteria” driven big game. Andalucia has long been the el dorado of partridge shooters, providing some of the world’s finest shooting, in breathtaking scenery of hills and valleys. In contrast with the more northern hunting areas, Seville boasts a reputation of ever sunny skies and mild temperatures the whole hunting season long. Taking the sun at his post, with these “Spanish grouses” all around you is a pleasure for any hunter. The informal yet traditional atmosphere, punctuated by the convivial Spanish hospitality, makes these outings a daylong fiesta. Put Soto Real, the exclusive hunting resort and retreat in these surroundings and a Magic Safari Lodge is born. But, what really triggers everyone’s imagination is that you can walk around in short sleeves in winter, enjoying your days out hunting while friends or associates back home are shivering in the cold. Your only thought then is: “this is magic”.


Nature around Soto Real could not be more tempting! A true sportsman will appreciate the swift flight of the red-legged partridges driven from the hills by the majestic Andalusian horses over an armada of a dozen pair gunned shooters. Spain is rated as one of Europe’s last hunting paradises and the abundant nature of Soto Real offers most exciting opportunities for the shooting sportsman. The 5.000 acre shooting grounds are bordered on one side by the delta of the Guadalquivir and on the other by the Sierra Grazalema. Red-legged partridges are amongst the most challenging birds in Europe and our driven partridge shoots are an absolute delight! The mild Spanish climate almost always guarantees clear blue skies and warming sun. The breathtaking views of the Andalusian countryside and the beauty of the typical red partridge make the picture complete. Season starts early October to end only mid March

Hotel Cortijo Soto Real Ctr.Las Cabezas-Villamartin Km 13 41730 Las Cabezas te San Guan (Sevilla) Spain Tel: +34 955 869 200 Fax: +34 955 869 202





Owner: Classified Manager: Guy van Onsem

Soto Real Andalucia, Spain Wonderful outdoor cocktails, lunches prepared in the countryside by our chef and a beautiful presentation of the bag of the day will contribute to make your stay at Soto Real an unforgettable synergetic experience. Depending on the time of year, Soto Real offers many other shooting possibilities. From July till the end of September, quail and rabbits walk up shooting over dogs is organized for small groups. During the normal hunting season, hares and partridges can further fill up your bag and towards the end of the season flights of thrush represent a particular attraction. The main cortijo has this very special feel of a wonderful country house. Each room designed and decorated in a delightful blend of traditional Andalusian and old Moresque style, has an en suite luxury bathroom, intimate salon and private terrace. Soto Real does not attempt to present an image or make a statement. The aim is to provide guests with quiet comfort and discreet service, which will enable them to relax and draw from surroundings and to restore the senses that modern life tends to crush. The perception of luxury also has a touch of elegance: decoration is luxurious yet without ostentation, fantasy in all sobriety giving total tranquility.


Soto Real is also perfect for couples and families, for a long weekend or a short week. It is within easy driving distance of the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, the towns of Jerez, Sevilla and Cordoba and the surrounding white villages - all available as chauffeur-driven excursions. In the cortijo itself there are opportunities for horse and carriage riding, fitness, sauna, as well as a beautycenter, tennis and clay shooting, all organized by professional staff. Big game also abounds in the forested hills with species such as the red- and fallow deer, roe, mouflon and not forgetting the much-coveted wild boar. Hunting them in Monteria style, driven by dogs “podencos and mastines�, holds the greatest fascination for anyone, given both the skills and the ancient rites involved. Stalking the Spanish Ibex is a challenge for the fittest as the mountains around Ronda can take their toll.

Hotel Cortijo Soto Real Ctr.Las Cabezas-Villamartin Km 13 41730 Las Cabezas te San Guan (Sevilla) Spain Tel: +34 955 869 200 Fax: +34 955 869 202





Owner: classified Managers: Kursat Ekenler & Temir Ekenler

WildHunting Company Turkey WildHunting in Turkey is owned and managed by the Ekenler Family and currently run by two brothers, Kürşat and Temir. They are both extremely keen young hunters and have hunted extensively throughout Turkey and abroad.  The Ekenler family has been landowners in Tarsus, Cukurova area for more than 300 years. Hunting is a family tradition, proudly passed from father to son and finally to us. We have always had a passion for the wild; This has been supported by their father who took Temir and Kürşat with him to many hunts all over the world. With some of the world’s finest species on our doorstep, we have naturally concentrated on big game hunting. WildHunting offers a total of 6 speacies of big game, which are natively found only on Turkish hunting land, this makes the hunting unique! 1) Anatolian Bezoar Ibex 2) Anatolian Konya Sheep 3) Anatolian Chamois 4) Anatolian Red Deer        5) Anatolian Urfa Gazelle      6) Anatolian Wild Boar   Our family has controlled the shooting in large areas of the Taurus Mountains for generations. We therefore operate as a private family hunting estate, rather than an agent buying from different concessions all over the region. As a result, we have controlled, conserved and developed our areas in a manner that we believe to be unique in the whole country. This approach is key to our way of maintaining the highest standards in everything we do.  Anatolian Bezoar Ibex:  is a very popular big game of our mountains and has a very special reputation amongst hunters from around the World and a very challenging and special hunt for us. We have managed to


protect and control the game by careful selective shooting and are proud to say that we have some of Turkey’s finest trophy Ibex hunting – with trophies that most can only dream about. We have averaged 44’’(110cm) over the past hunting years and harvest more than a few trophies between 48’’ – 52’’(120-130cm). We have also been living this dream of ethical, sporting hunting, conserving both the game and our wonderful natural environment, for ourselves, our clients and our guests, now and in the future.   Anatolian Wild Boar: is the most common big game and a very exciting hunt for our hunting guests; since Turkey produces the biggest boars in the World with body size exceeding 200-250kg and tusks measuring between 24-30cm. We have been organizing and carrying out hunts for our guests, with a very experienced and trained team for over 20 years. 

Vahşiav Ltd. Adana asfalti uzeri 6 km 33401 Tarsus Turkey Tel: +90 532 614 55 99 Fax: +90 324 616 33 02

We do not over promise, over sell or over hunt. Our family reputation is far too important for that. This experience, applied to the management of our home estates, equips us to provide you with the hunting trip of a lifetime. OUR EXTENSIVE WORLDWIDE HUNTING EXPERIENCE MEANS THAT; WE SEE THE TRIP FROM A CLIENTS EYES, WHICH WE THINK IS VITAL!   Please visit our website and write Temir or Kursat an e-mail to start exploring your next hunting adventure with WildHunting in TURKEY!




WildHunting Company Turkey Détenue et gérée par la famille Ekenler, la société WildHunting in Turkey est actuellement dirigée par deux frères, Temir et Kürşat. Tous deux sont de jeunes chasseurs passionnés qui ont une riche expérience de la chasse en Turquie et à travers le monde. La famille Ekenler possède des propriétés foncières à Tarse, dans la région de Çukurova, depuis plus de 300 ans. La chasse est une tradition familiale fièrement transmise de père en fils, et qu’ils partagent avec nous. Temir et Kürşat sont passionnés par la vie sauvage depuis toujours, notamment grâce à leur père, qu’ils ont accompagné à de nombreuses chasses à travers le monde. Forts de la présence de quelques-unes des plus belles espèces du monde à notre porte, nous nous sommes naturellement spécialisés dans la chasse au gros gibier. WildHunting s’attèle à la chasse de six espèces de gros gibier qui se trouvent uniquement sur le territoire de chasse turc à l’état sauvage. Une exclusivité qui lui confère un caractère unique! 1) Bouquetin d’Anatolie 2) Mouflon d’Anatolie 3) Chamois d’Anatolie 4) Cerf rouge d’Anatolie 5) Gazelle d’Anatolie 6) Sanglier d’Anatolie   Notre famille gère la chasse dans une grande partie des montagnes du Taurus depuis des générations. C’est pourquoi notre activité s’apparente davantage à un domaine de chasse familial privé et non à une agence s’appropriant différentes concessions dans toute la région. Par conséquent, notre région fait l’objet de mesures de contrôle, de préservation et de développement sans pareil à l’échelle nationale. Cette approche nous permet de maintenir les normes les plus strictes dans l’ensemble de nos activités.   Le bouquetin d’Anatolie est un gros gibier très populaire dans nos montagnes. Il jouit d’une réputation d’exception auprès des chasseurs du monde entier et offre une chasse singulière très stimulante.


La pratique du tir minutieux et sélectif nous permet de garantir la protection et le contrôle du gibier. Nous sommes fiers d’avoir chassé des bouquetins qui font partie des meilleurs trophées de chasse en Turquie et dont plupart des chasseurs ne peuvent que rêver. Pour preuve, les trophées récoltés ces dernières années mesurent 110 cm en moyenne, et il n’est pas rare qu’ils atteignent 120 à 130 cm. Notre pratique de la chasse se veut éthique et sportive. Nous veillons à la préservation du gibier et de notre merveilleux environnement naturel, pour notre propre plaisir mais aussi celui de nos clients et invités, aujourd’hui comme demain. Le sanglier d’Anatolie, l’espèce de gros gibier la plus commune, offre des parties de chasse passionnantes à nos invités. La Turquie possède les plus gros sangliers du monde, qui pèsent 200 à 250 kg et arborent des défenses de 24 à 30 cm. Hautement expérimentée et qualifiée, notre équipe organise et dirige des parties de chasse pour nos invités depuis plus de 20 ans.

Owner: classified Managers: Kursat Ekenler & Temir Ekenler Vahşiav Ltd. Adana asfalti uzeri 6 km 33401 Tarsus Turkey Tel: +90 532 614 55 99 Fax: +90 324 616 33 02

Nous ne formulons pas de promesses démesurées, ne vantons pas excessivement nos mérites et ne pratiquons pas une chasse abusive. Il en va de la renommée de notre famille. Cette philosophie dirige l’ensemble de nos activités, ce qui nous permet de vous offrir une expérience inoubliable. NOTRE PROFONDE CONNAISSANCE DE LA CHASSE DANS LE MONDE ENTIER NOUS PERMET DE NOUS METTRE DANS LA PEAU DU CLIENT, CE QUI CONSTITUE UN ATOUT ESSENTIEL À NOS YEUX !   Veuillez consulter notre site web et adresser un e-mail à Temir ou Kürşat pour préparer votre prochain séjour de chasse avec WildHunting in TURKEY !