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WHITENING TRAYS ($199 value) WITH COMPLETED ADULT NEW CLIENT EXAM, X-RAYS AND CLEANING. (for new adult patients with & without dental insurance)

Valid thru September 30, 2018

Kathleen E. Anderson, DMD William B. Dunn, DMD

New Patients Always Welcome! • Personal patient care

• Oral sedation available

• Calming environment

• Esthetic smile design

• State-of-the-art amenities

Located in the Neighborhood Offices in Baldwin Park

950 Lake Baldwin Lane • Orlando

ph 407.515.8500 259909


So Many Reasons To See A Dermatologist


REASON? For over a decade now, Dr. Palceski has been Baldwin Park’s neighborhood dermatologist. He treats all conditions affecting the skin, hair and nails including acne, skin cancer, eczema, melasma, warts, rosacea, hair loss, rashes, and psoriasis. No matter your reason, he’s got the perfect prescription for keeping your skin healthy for a lifetime. Immediate appointments are available and most major insurance is accepted.

875 Outer Rd - Baldwin Park 32814

| 407-895-8818 | reflectionsdermatology.com 259659

Now offering Botox and Juve’derm. Call for Special New Patient Pricing.

Dr. Kai Fu and Dr. Quyen Nguyen # 1 in Patient Satisfaction

Women’s Health and Gynecology In-Office Procedures Mammograms and Wellness Screenings Immunizations Prenatal and Post-Partum Care Infertility Evaluation Testing and Treatment Ultrasounds and Screening Tests Minimally Invasive Surgery Fluent in English, Spanish, Vietnamese and Mandarin

407-868-8485 • 3438 Lawton Road, Orlando 32803 www.baldwinparkobgyn.com • www.womenscarefl.com




New Obstetrical Patients Welcome

jeffclarkorlando@gmail.com 407.733.0773 www.BaldwinParkLiving.com jeffclarkorlando@gmail.com www.BaldwinParkLiving.com www.BaldwinParkLiving.com www.BaldwinParkLiving.com

Welcoming More Families Welcoming More Families To Our Neighborhood ToAny OurOther Neighborhood Than REALTOR . Than Any Other REALTOR . ® ®


Sold SoldininBaldwin BaldwinPark Park

Jeff Clark Jeff407.733.0773 Clark


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TINY DANCERS Baldwin Park children took the stage for the Magical Musical Dance Camp. LET THE LEARNING BEGIN Meet the families of three kindergartners who became Baldwin Park Bobcats.





DEPARTMENTS 8 BALDWIN PARK NOTEBOOK Read about recent decisions made by community leaders.


12 WHAT A GREAT NEIGHBORHOOD WE LIVE IN Denny O’Neil shares insight about traffic, animals.


18 COMMUNITY CALENDAR Looking for something fun in Baldwin Park? Find it here.


20 ARTS CALENDAR Find local performances to enjoy this month. 21 SPOTLIGHT Baldwin’s Kristen Hentschel runs I Make Videos.

EDITORIAL Executive Editor — Michael Eng Design Editor — Jessica Eng Associate Editor — Tim Freed Associate Editor — Troy Herring Black Tie Reporter — Harry Sayer Contributors Stacey Fryrear Denny O’Neil Peter Pappas Christina Rordam Brad Wasil

28 HEALTH Resident launches Positive Birth Movement chapter. 30 KEEPING IT REAL ESTATE What’s the point of a four-point inspection?


31 TAX TALK Do you qualify for innocent spouse relief?

Multimedia Sales Executive — Laura Rubio


34 WHAT’S SELLING See two homes that sold recently in Baldwin Park. 38 BALDWIN PARK SCENE Did our camera catch you?

Publisher — Jackie Fanara

Creative Services — Marjorie Holloway


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To submit story ideas, calendar listings or have your event considered for coverage, contact Tim Freed at tfreed@orangeobserver.com. For advertising inquiries, call (407) 401-9929. Baldwin Park Living is a monthly publication of the Observer Media Group published in partnership with the Baldwin Park Joint Committee Inc.





The following information is a glimpse of the business that the Townhome Service Area Committee addressed in the July 19, meeting. A complete copy of the official minutes can be obtained at BaldwinParkNetwork.com. n The TSAC approved a proposal to have the Live/Work Duro-Last roofs inspected by Duro-Last, prior to the expiration of the warranties. This inspection proposal will also include repairing minor issues. n A proposal was approved to inspect the Live/Work buildings for squirrel damages one additional time per year. This is already completed once a year during the preventative maintenance. n Greg Siemsen’s resignation was accepted by the TSAC, which leaves an opening on the TSAC for a City Home No. 2 representative. If you are interested in filling this position and own a townhome in the City Home No. 2 service area, please contact Brad Wasil at bwasil@baldwinparkpoa.com.

UPDATES n The preventative maintenance contract work for 2018 has been completed in the City Home No. 1, City Home No. 2, Mattamy and City Home No. 4 service areas. Preventative maintenance work is underway in the Live/Work service area currently. n The A/C pad drainage project was postponed for various reasons but was scheduled to begin Aug. 13. This work will be completed in the City Home No. 2, Mattamy and City Home No. 4 service



areas. The work was approved on a case-by-case basis for each specific address by the ARC, so each location may have a slightly different approved solution. n DRS Inc. has finished re-painting 10 of the 19 townhome buildings to be re-painted this year. Painting is based on the date the building was painted originally or re-painted last. n The roof for the townhome building located at 976-986 Fern Ave. has been replaced by Crown Roofing. n The City of Orlando has hired a crew to make repairs to the sidewalks. The week after the sidewalk has been repaired, a second crew

should come through to make repairs to sod, plant material and irrigation. If you have any questions or issues with the sidewalk repairs, please contact Lisa Rain with the city of Orlando at lisa. rain@cityoforlando.net. n There are two open positions currently on the TSAC — one to represent the interests of the City Home No. 2 service area owns and one to represent the owners in the City Home No. 4 service area. If you would like any additional information on volunteering please contact Brad Wasil at bwasil@ baldwinparkpoa.com.

HELPFUL INFORMATION FOR TOWNHOME OWNERS My mortgage company has asked me to provide proof of insurance for my townhomes, who do I contact? You can always find the latest contact information for the insurance carrier by going to BaldwinParkNetwork.com. After you log in, go to Association Information, then Residential Owners Association, then Townhome Service Area Committee, then Property Insurance. Currently you can email CAD@ sihle.com or fax your request to (407) 3898416. Make sure to include the following: n Association name (Baldwin Park Residential Owner’s Association) n The address of the property n The name of the borrower/unit owner n Your lender’s name, address and loan number n The mortgagee clause required n Contact information for distribution of proof of coverage for lender and owner. Sometimes the lender will send a form to be filled out, which will contain some of the information listed above. If you have any other questions related to the TSAC, feel free to contact Brad Wasil at either (407) 740-5838 or bwasil@baldwinparkpoa.com.

CA R M I N A B UR AN A OCT 12-14 844.513.2014





Dancers: Arcadian Broad (USA), Albjon Gjorllaku (UK), Nick Patterson (USA) Photography by Michael Cairns 2018

Arts & Cultural Affairs



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946 Lake Baldwin Lane Orlando, Florida 32814

Why is

Pet DentalSOHealth IMPORTANT? At Animal Hospital at Baldwin Park, our veterinary care expands the boundaries of traditional medicine—we don’t just think out of the box, we remove the box. Because pet owners often overlook the importance of dental care, we’re offering a September special: when you bring your best friend in for a cleaning in September, we’ll send you and your pet home with a free dental gift package that will help you keep their teeth shining all year long!


Periodontal disease is the most common disorder among pets nationwide, affecting more than 80 percent of dogs and 70 percent of cats by age three. When it’s left untreated, an infection can spread to the heart, kidneys and liver, causing significant organ issues.



RUTH HILL HILL YEILDING, YEILDING, MD RUTH Board Certified by: Board Certified by: The American Board of Facial Cosmetic Surgery The American Board of Facial Cosmetic Surgery The American Board of Ophthalmology The American Board of Ophthalmology Fellowship Trained in Oculoplastic and Facial Plastic Surgery Fellowship Trained in Oculoplastic and Facial Plastic Surgery

Super Specialized Specialized Super Boutique Practice Practice Boutique

Eyelid and and Facelift Facelift Specialist Specialist Eyelid O U R PAT I E N T S S AY O U R PAT I E N T S S AY

“I have have my my confidence confidence back” “I back” + REJUVENATION LASER ++ SURGERY SURGERY + LASER REJUVENATION

Laser Eyelid Lift Laser Eyelid Lift Laser Skin Resurfacing Laser Skin Resurfacing Vascular Laser Treatment Vascular Laser Treatment

Blepharoplasty Blepharoplasty Brow Lift Brow Lift Facelift + Necklift Facelift + Necklift

BOTOX® + Voluma® + Vollure® BOTOX® + Voluma® + Vollure® Medical Grade Skin Care + Treatments Medical Grade Skin Care + Treatments Kybella® for Double Chin Kybella® for Double Chin

Download Dr. Yeilding’s Bleph Guide at YeildingMD.com Download Dr. Yeilding’s Bleph Guide at YeildingMD.com BALDWIN PARK LIVING


328 W. Morse Blvd. 328 W.Park, Morse Winter FL Blvd. 32789 Winter Park, FL 32789 407.960.1000 407.960.1000



A couple of odds and ends TRAFFIC COMMITTEE ITEMS Right Turn onto Bennett Road. The Traffic Committee asked for help from the city of Orlando’s Transportation Engineering Department concerning a problem at the intersection of Corrine Drive and Bennett Road. What I had observed was that some drivers traveling east (toward Baldwin Park) on Corrine Drive in the right turn (onto Bennett Road) lane were going straight instead of turning right. That creates a potentially dangerous situation, because now both the driver in the going-straight lane and the driver incorrectly not turning right but going straight are trying to occupy the same one-lane space going east into Baldwin Park. The transportation engineering folks came up with a great solution that helps drivers to recognize that they need to turn right if they are in the right-turn lane. That solution was to paint an island on Corrine Drive, which clearly indicates that drivers in the right-turn lane need to turn right onto Bennett Road. The city quickly painted the island onto the street, and voila, most drivers heading east on Corrine Drive started turning right onto Bennett Road instead of going straight. Most drivers. Some still go straight. Why are some drivers in the right-turn lane still going straight instead? Ask the drivers. My observation is that when a lot of vehicles are queued in the straight-ahead lane, a driver sees that he or she can avoid the wait by using the right-turn lane to get to



DENNY O’NEIL BALDWIN PARK RESIDENTIAL OWNERS ASSOCIATION PRESIDENT the intersection quicker, then dart in front of the drivers in the straight-head lane. It’s fairly obvious that it’s not a good idea. The driver attempting this maneuver may or may not be successful. He or she should hope that the driver in the straight-ahead lane is not texting or otherwise being distracted while driving. No Stop “Stop Signs.” Apparently, some resident and non-resident drivers think stopping at stop signs is optional. A bit of history here might be indicated. I started the Traffic Committee because of two complaints by residents — drivers were not stopping at stop signs, and drivers were speeding. In the last 10 years (first meeting was April 9, 2008), the Traffic Committee has accomplished a lot of good things, but the two original problems remain issues. We have all seen drivers ignore stop signs. I walk my dogs from my home to the Village Center and back frequently, and I still see drivers run stop signs. Years ago, I asked for a breakout of tickets issued by the Orlando Police Department officers employed in off-duty hours

by the Urban Orlando Community Development District so I could see how many tickets were issued to residents versus the number issued to non-residents. The data showed that initially residents committed most (about 80%) of the violations, but after a number of tickets, articles, e-blast messages, etc., the non-residents took the lead (about 90%) because residents had gotten the word (and some tickets). So, the violators were the visitors to our neighborhood. I don’t know which of the two groups has the lead now. We’ll see though, because I have asked for the breakout from the officers again.


Dog Park. Here is the straight skinny on dog parks in Baldwin Park (a dog park is a place where you can have your dog off-leash other than in your yard). So, how many dog parks are there in Baldwin Park? None. There are none. No matter what you might have been told by anyone, there are no dog parks in Baldwin Park. Neither the Residential Owners Association (19 parks), nor the CDD (nine parks) nor the city of Orlando (three parks) has a dog park in Baldwin Park. In Baldwin Park, there have been instances where dogs offleash have attacked a dog being walked on-leash by their owner. Don’t have your dog off-leash except in your yard. And if your dog is violent, you need to make sure that the dog doesn’t leave your yard to chase another dog outside of your yard. The ROA Board of Directors will be addressing this issue in future meetings. Already eliminated is the idea of setting up a

dog park in Baldwin Park. Our documents prohibit us from setting one up. Also eliminated is getting much help from Orange County Animal Services, to whom the city of Orlando defers enforcement. Animal Services is limited by the number of officers that they have to work the complaints and reports. Their officers are pretty much tied up with running down dogs that have been reported. Oops! Poor choice of words on my part. I meant notifying dog owners that their dog has been reported, picking up bite dogs, etc. There is a city of Winter Park dog park just outside of Baldwin Park on Lakemont Avenue. Use it if you want to let your dog run loose. That dog park is fenced. One thing: If you want Animal Control to issue a warning, pick up a bite dog, etc., you will need to provide them an owner’s name and address. One last thing: If the dog that bites a person cannot be located within 10 days, the person bitten will have to undergo getting rabies shots. So be responsible. Keep your dogs on a leash to protect other dogs and your fellow residents. One more last thing: feral cats. I learned from Orange County Animal Services that they have a TNR (Trap, Neuter and Release) program. If you are currently feeding a feral cat (a lot of residents do), animal control will trap it, neuter it, and then bring it back and release it in Baldwin Park. If you love those cats, help them by using the TNR program.








A R R I V E D !

Vibrant. Active. Open. Westminster Baldwin Park is now open!

Like so many others who have fallen in love

Baldwin Park is a neighborhood well known

with living in Baldwin Park, many seniors want

and loved by so many area seniors. For them, this

to continue to enjoy that lifestyle—but with the

move is not a change of heart, but merely a

benefits and assurance of a senior living

change of address!

community. Now that’s possible, with Westminster Baldwin Park, now open on the shore of Lake Baldwin! This neighborhood of Westminster Winter Park is the best of all world ds, with ha maintenance-free, active senior lifestyle that includes a casual café, swimming pool and fitness center right at homee. Resiidents walk or bike to their favorrite restaurants an nd shops, and remaiin close to everything th hey love about Baldwin Parkk. They also enjooy access to the well-established amenities of nearrby Westminster Winter Park k,

Call 407-907-6915 today to learn more about our new active senior living community.

including the assu uran nce of a full contiinuum m of healthcare services, if needed d. Tennis and golf injuries won’t slow them down either, with a cen nter, also located on the lakefront campus, and d specially created d for th hose aged 62 and older.

A Neighborhood of Westminster Winter Park Two distinctive campuses. One exceptional way of life. Visit us at westminsterbaldwinpark.com 260809

new, top p-notch Rapid Recovery rehabilitation



‘A source of love’ The sixth annual Canine Memorial at Lake Baldwin is set for Sunday, Sept. 9. TIM FREED ASSOCIATE EDITOR


faithful companion. A furry friend who is always happy to see you. Baldwin Park resident Jannette Matos knows how important a dog is in someone’s life — she’s felt it firsthand. Matos is organizing the sixth annual Canine Memorial at Lake Baldwin, scheduled for Sunday, Sept. 9. There, families can take a moment to reflect on a beloved dog in their lives who has died. Participants can decorate a paper lantern with photos of dogs they wish to memorialize, along with written messages saying goodbye and how much they are missed. The lantern, materials and candle are provided for attendees at the event. The lanterns then are dispersed across the lake in a floating display of lights. It’s an emotional event that gives families a sense of closure, Matos says. “Losing a dog is such a traumatic event and is so painful that a lot of people don’t ever want to have a dog again — they don’t want to go through that again,” she says. “Part of the reason why I do this is to give people an outlet for their pain, in hopes that they want to adopt again.” Matos still is recovering from the loss of her own canine: a golden retriever named Brandon. She and her family were working on building a Little Free Library at Lake Bald-

“ 14

Tim Freed

Jannette Matos started the Canine Memorial at Lake Baldwin in memory of her dog, Brandon.

win Dog Park in 2012 when Brandon fell ill. Matos had to say goodbye to her canine companion shortly after. The finished Little Free Library at the park bears both Brandon’s photo and a piece of art capturing his likeness to this very day. “(Dogs) are always a source of love,” Matos says. “They don’t give you a hard time about anything; they’re always happy to see you. (Brandon) was my cousin/companion. He was extremely smart, and he was just the sweetest thing. He’s

The people who understand it and the people (who) love their dogs understand why I’m doing this and why it’s so important to continue doing it.”



the son I never had, because I have two girls.” It was that lovable dog that inspired Matos to create the memorial in July 2013; nearly 500 people participated. She wanted to do more to keep Brandon’s memory alive while also helping other dog owners deal with the same feelings of loss. “I do this out of a need that I saw in the community, in many communities, actually,” Matos says. “I would love to see events like this popping up everywhere. I actually helped this lady from Washington three years ago to actually do an event. … I told her what she needed to do, and she’s been doing it for the last three years.” People have come to the Baldwin Park event from as far away as Miami to reflect on the memory of their dogs. Matos says she hopes to evolve the event even further by turning

IF YOU GO SIXTH ANNUAL CANINE MEMORIAL WHEN: 6:30 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 9 WHERE: Harbor Park 4990 New Broad St., Orlando DETAILS: Participants are asked to bring photocopied pictures of their pets on computer paper for the lanterns. REGISTRATION: bit.ly/2w0XorG

Courtesy photos

The Canine Memorial at Lake Baldwin gives dog owners a chance to say goodbye to their furry family members who died.

it into a nonprofit to garner more financial support. Matos also one day wants to start a monthly support group or gathering of people who can comfort those who have lost a pet. “When somebody in your family dies, people get together and they meet and they get that support, but pet parents don’t get that support

when they need it right there and then,” Matos says. “People can get to (a monthly event) right when they need it — not a year later when an event takes place or whenever it is. People need that support.” Looking back on the participants and dogs memorialized reminds Matos how special the event is – and why she will continue to host it.

“It’s been an amazing experience,” Matos says. “Every year, I keep thinking this is so much work, but on the day of the event, I’m so glad I do it every year, because people really, really appreciate it. The people who understand it and the people (who) love their dogs understand why I’m doing this, and why it’s so important to continue doing it.”


Exceptional READY for SCHOOL program with STEM introduction beginning in Preschool

State-of the-art facility with technology lab, gymnasium, and on-site swimming pool VPK and after-school programs offered

Rentals • Tours • Repairs

Bright Horizons® at Baldwin Park

Lic# C09OR0671

© 2017 Bright Horizons Family Solutions LLC


1308 Lake Baldwin Ln.

1700 Fire House Lane, Orlando, FL 32814 407-895-8339 baldwinpark@brighthorizons.com brighthorizons.com/baldwinpark





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calendar September 2018 SEPT. 7 FIRST FRIDAY FESTIVAL 5:30 to 9:30 p.m. Friday, Sept. 7, along New Broad Street in the Village Center. First Friday Festival, presented by BOOM Marketing & Events, will feature more than 70 local artisans of all genres, as well as many Central Florida-based small businesses and nonprofit organizations with products and offerings ranging from health and fitness to beauty and fashion, as well as community-service opportunities. This free sidewalk festival is held the First Friday of every month and is both family- and pet-friendly. Sponsored by Westminster Communities of Central Florida. For more information, visit baldwinparkevents.com. YOGA FOR WOMEN 8 to 8:50 a.m. Fridays in in the gathering room at Grace Hopper Hall. All levels are welcome to this class featuring deep stretches, balancing poses and beginner meditation techniques. The class is taught by Becca Schmidt, E-RYT200/RYT500. Schmidt is a Baldwin Park resident and has been teaching classes in Baldwin Park for more than 12 years. Take a yoga mat and water to class. The first class is $5, and drop-ins are welcome. Email becca@bluemoon.yoga for more details. POWER YOGA EXPRESS 9:15 to 10 a.m. Fridays in in the gathering room at Grace Hopper Hall. Bring your three-pound hand weights to this uptempo class that features sculpting movements combined with power yoga. The class is taught by Becca Schmidt, E-RYT200/RYT500. Schmidt is a Baldwin Park resident and has been teaching classes in Baldwin Park for more than 12 years. Take a yoga mat and water to class. The first class is $5, and drop-ins are welcome. Email becca@bluemoon.yoga for more details.



SEPT. 8 MOMS RUNNING GROUP/ MORNING PRAYER 7:30 a.m. Saturdays. This event is through the Baldwin Park Kids Club. For more information, visit meetup.com/Baldwin-Park-KidsClub. SEPT. 11 AMERICAN LUNG ASSOCIATION LUNG CANCER SUPPORT GROUP 5:30 to 6:45 p.m. the second Tuesday of the month at the American Lung Association’s Baldwin Park office, 851 Outer Road, Orlando. Those who are affected by lung cancer can come together; support topics range from educational to inspiriting. Dinner is available. For more, call (407) 425-5864 or email central@lungfla.org. PILATES MAT CLASS 10 a.m. Tuesday, Sept. 11, in the Enders Park Gathering Room. Subsequent classes will be held from 10 to 11 a.m. Tuesdays. Cost is $10 per class. Students will need to take a mat. Reserve by emailing Dede Ramos, PilatesTherapyCollective@ gmail.com. SEPT. 12 THE ROTARY CLUB OF THE PARKS Meets from 6:15 to 7:15 p.m. the second and fourth Wednesday of each month at Vintages, 4841 New Broad St., Orlando. Although still meeting in Baldwin Park, the Rotary Club has changed its name to include more members from Audubon Park and Winter Park. The Rotary Club of the Parks is a diverse group of working professionals and neighbors that like to have fun will doing good in our

SEPT. 20 CHOCOLATE NIGHT AT FARRIS & FOSTERS Meets at 7 p.m. Sept. 20, at Farris & Foster’s Chocolate Factory, 4875 New Broad St., Orlando. This event is through the Baldwin Park Kids Club. For more information, visit meetup. com/Baldwin-ParkKids-Club.

community and the world. Visitors and guests are welcome. For more information, email RotaryClubOfTheParks@gmail. com or visit our Facebook page for the latest events at facebook.com/RotaryClubOfTheParksOrlando. WINEDOWN WEDNESDAYS 5 to 7 p.m. Wednesdays at WineStyles Baldwin Park, located at 4841 New Broad St., Orlando. Wine is $20 for all you can drink. SEPT. 13 ARCHITECTURAL REVIEW COMMITTEE Meets at 6:30 p.m. the second and fourth Thursdays of the month at Grace Hopper Hall, Gathering Room 1913. SEPT. 15 SEMIANNUAL PORCH SALE AND FLEA MARKETS 8 a.m. to noon community-wide. Save the date. For more information, visit BaldwinParkNetwork. com.

KIDS’ CLUB Contact: Julie, bpkidsclub1@gmail.com NIFTY 50S … PLUS Contact: Diane, nifty fiftiesplus@gmail.com CRUISE AND TRAVEL CLUB Contact: Kathleen, kmptravel@icloud.com MEETUP GROUP Contact: Lianna D’Angelo, Lianna@soteraliving.com ROTARY CLUB Contact: Kelly Kamper, KellyLKamper77@gmail.com


SEPT. 21 DANCE IN THE PARK 7 to 10 p.m. Friday, Sept. 21, at High Park on the corner of High Park Lane and Dorell Lane. Hosted by Baldwin Park Residential Owner Association, this event is for adult Baldwin Park residents to enjoy their neighbors, food trucks, a cash bar and a live band (Triple Play) to get you in the dancing mood. This event is pet-friendly.

BASKETBALL Contact: Rick Schreiber, rickschreiber2@gmail.com

THE PAGE TURNERS Contact: Genie Lim, bsrocky@hotmail.com


SEPT. 20 TOWNHOME SERVICE AREA COMMITTEE Meets at 6:30 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 20. Meetings are subject to change. Look for updated scheduling information in the weekly Wednesday resident updates.



SEPT. 19 MUSIC WITH MAR 9:30 a.m. at a location to be determined. This event is through the Baldwin Park Kids Club. For more information, visit meetup. com/Baldwin-Park-Kids-Club.



Arts Calendar

SATURDAY, SEPT. 8 SPINNING TIME WITH ART 10 a.m. to noon Saturday, Sept. 8, at Phelps Park, 1200 N. Phelps Ave., Winter Park. Art is a creative way to express yourself and expand your imagination. During this event, you will choose different colored paints and squeeze drops of the chosen paints on the spinning wheel to create crazy patterns. When you are finished, the wheel will stop spinning, and your true art will be displayed. THURSDAY, SEPT. 13 POPCORN FLICKS IN THE PARK 8 to 10 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 13, at Winter Park’s Central Park along Park Avenue. Presented by Winter Park CRA and produced by Enzian Theater, this film series features classic films for the whole family. Take a blanket, a picnic or snacks, and some family and friends to this free screening of “Iron Man.” Free popcorn for everyone. For more information, call (407) 629-0054.

THURSDAY, SEPT. 20 NEIGHBORHOOD MUSIC JAM 6 to 9 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 20, at Winter Park Community Center, 721 W. New England Ave., Winter Park. Join local musicians on the stage in back of the Winter Park Community Center for a fun evening of making music. Musicians of all ages, instruments and abilities are invited to make new friends and play a variety of songs — from pop to rock to blues to country. If the weather is nice, it will be set up on the stage near the splash pad. If it rains, the jam will move indoors. For more information, call (407) 599-3275. A NIGHT WITH WRIGHT: FEATURING RENOWNED STORYTELLER TIM TOTTEN 5:30 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 20, at Winter Park City Hall, 401 S. Park Ave., Winter Park. Tim Totten, who specializes in the life and work of Frank Loyd Wright, will include a look at his relationship with architect Nils Schweitzer. A reception



will take place at 5:30 p.m. on the front porch, with a presentation to follow at 6:30 p.m. in the commission chambers. Admission is free, and all are welcome; reservations are encouraged. Reserve your seat by emailing RSVP@CasaFeliz.us or calling Heather Michael at (407) 628-8200. ‘I LOVE A PIANO’ Thursday, Sept. 20, through Sunday, Oct. 14, at the Winter Park Playhouse, 711 N. Orange Ave., Suite C, Winter Park. This glorious musical looks at America through the perceptive and hopeful eyes of the legendary Irving Berlin. It follows the journey of a piano from its first days in Tin Pan Alley to the 1950s. The story comes to life with more than 60 of Berlin’s most beloved songs, including “Blue Skies,” “There’s No Business Like Show Business,” “Cheek To Cheek” and “God Bless America.” Music and lyrics by Berlin, conceived by Ray Roderick and Michael Berkeley, with previews at 7:30 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 20, and 2 p.m. Friday, Sept. 21. For more information and to buy tickets, visit winterparkplayhouse.org.

INSIGHTS & SOUNDS: HARP AND STRINGS 7:30 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 20, at the Tiedtke Concert Hall at Rollins College, 1000 Holt Ave., Winter Park. Experience the ethereal harp surrounded by a halo of strings that promises to create an evening of heavenly music with conductor John V. Sinclair and members of the Bach Festival Orchestra. This concert is part of Insights & Sounds, a new series that will take sharp focus on a theme, combining great music is discussion. For more information, call (407) 646-2559. MAGGIE DOYNE PRESENTS ‘START NOW, USE WHAT YOU HAVE’ 7:30 to 9 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 26, at the Tiedtke Concert Hall at Rollins College, 1000 Holt Ave., Winter Park. Young American philanthropist Maggie Doyne will present “Start Now, Use What You Have.” Doyne founded BlinkNow, which provides quality education and a safe environment for women and children in Nepal. For more information and to buy tickets, call the box office at (407) 646-2145.

TUESDAY, SEPT. 18 TUESDAY NIGHT SESSIONS: CHRIS CORTEZ AND ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: JOY HAYES 8 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 18, at Blue Bamboo Center for the Arts, 1905 Kentucky Ave., Winter Park. Enjoy an evening of music and visual art blended together with guitarist Chris Cortez and pastel artist Joy Hayes at this free event. Cortez’s solo show features selections from his many CDs and all-time favorites from the Great American Songbook to The Beatles, Simon & Garfunkel, Chuck Berry, Steely Dan and more. Cortez ranks among the top jazz guitarists in the world. From the visual arts world, Hayes is a talented and versatile artist. She has explored many different media and styles, but she is best known for producing large-scale pastel illustrations of well known people. For more, visit bluebambooartcenter.com.

Video on demand

Troy Herring

Rusi Komakhidze, left, and Kristen Hentschel are helping local Baldwin Parkers and others with their video needs.

Baldwin Park resident and entrepreneur Kristen Hentschel offers her video services to locals and businesses around the area and beyond. TROY HERRING ASSOCIATE EDITOR


or most folks, work is just that — work. In other cases, work is not defined in such harsh overtones but instead by a passion for what they do. In the case of Kristen Hentschel, her passion is the need to tell a story. That’s why the Baldwin Parker currently works as a field producer for “Good Morning America” while simultaneously running her own

business, I Make Videos. “It’s not just a video; it’s telling someone’s story, whether its of their event, their company or in some cases, their career,” Hentschel says. “So it’s very important to me to be able to illustrate that, and we really do like to focus on creativity.” And the services that Hentschel has offered in the last two years with I Make Videos has run the gamut of content. Hentschel and her crew of mostly freelancers have done videos for companies such as Ron Jon Surf

Shop in Cocoa Beach and Baldwin Park’s own Kacey Kares, and have helped put together videos for local municipalities in Orange County. I Make Videos also helps with social media and web design for interested customers. And their work doesn’t just stop in Central Florida; it expands up and down the East Coast. “We’re trying to focus more on traveling as well — actually we have done a lot of work in D.C., New continued on page 22 BALDWIN PARK LIVING


Continued on page 21 York and Miami,” Henschel says. “I saw it as helping the businesses in Baldwin get more exposure outside of Baldwin.” Offering a hand to help boost local business — while also getting to expand on her love of videography — always has played a part in the development of I Make Videos. But there was also a noticeable need for the service, Hentschel says. “People actually didn’t have access to making good quality videos, and I feel like a lot of people don’t really know the market or what they’re looking for,” Hentschel says. “So people just started randomly coming up to me and saying, ‘Hey, do you think you could help me make a video on the side?’ So it kind of turned into a business from people asking me for help and me trying to help them with their companies or events.” I Make Videos grew to the point where Hentschel registered it as an LLC in 2016, and a large part of the success came from folks







GMA as a field producer. She travels around the country covering breaking news by collecting video content and conducting interviews. It’s a busy and often hectic job, but also it has helped serve her well in her own company. Thanks to her role at GMA, Hentschel has contacts all over the country. Furthermore, Hentschel has experience with digital media and the crazy schedule it requires. “I think what has also helped our videos standout more than others is because I’m used to telling a story,” Hentschel says. “When I go on these news scenes, I have to find things that other people don’t have and look for creative ways to tell a story.”

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learning of her deep background in video and journalism. Although Hentschel says she’s always had a video camera in her hands — recalling that in her childhood she would turn every little school project into video projects — she really dug into videography and journalism during her time at Palm Beach Atlantic University. Her first gig out of college was as an intern at NBC in New York. From there, Hentschel has worked in TV in California, Las Vegas, Washington, D.C., and beyond. Despite the perks of being able to act as a videographer and on-camera reporter, those early days for Hentschel were full of hardships and obstacles. “It’s honestly all been a huge sacrifice, and I think that a lot of people think that the television business … looks Hollywood-esque or what not,” Hentschel says. “I made $8 an hour my first job, laid on couches and had to move around literally every one to two years.” Those early dues eventually paid off, leading up to her job with

Kimberley R. Gernert Real Estate Specialist

c: (321) 348-8825 d: (423) 381-5701  Received the Orlando 5 Star Professional Realtor by Orlando Style Magazine 2017  One of Baldwin Park’s Top Realtors Since 2015  Ranked in Top Producer Magazine 2015, 2016 & 2017  KW Winter Park Individual Realtor of the Year 2016  KW Winter Park Rookie of the Year 2015  Resident of Baldwin Park since 2004

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3042 Carmello Avenue

3 Bedrooms • 2.5 Bathrooms Hardwood Throughout Upstairs, Custom Tile Downstairs, Private Side Porch


1845 Common Way Road

3 Bedroom • 2 Bath Corner Unit , Wrap Around Porch Attached Garage Open Floor Plan

1447 Nolan Court

3 Bedrooms • 2 Bath Office / Playroom / Den Open Floor Plan Gorgeous Outdoor Living, One Way Street

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321-348-8825 • Kimberleyrg@kw.com 260138



Frank and Cindy Townsend saw their daughter, Lily, 5, start kindergarten this year.

Photos by Tim Freed

Baldwin’s new Bobcats The Townsend, Sea and Oppenheim families all are sending a child to Baldwin Park Elementary School this year for the first time. TIM FREED | ASSOCIATE EDITOR


new school year is underway, and that means a new chapter for many Baldwin Park families bringing their children to Baldwin Park Elemen-

tary for the first time. It’s a time of transition for children going from pre-K to kindergarten, and these three Baldwin Park families are on that journey together.

THE TOWNSEND FAMILY Lily Townsend, 5, is the oldest sibling and a new Baldwin Park Bobcat. She is excited to see her friends in Karen Condon’s kindergarten class and plans to take some art classes, too. Lily’s parents, Frank and Cindy Townsend, are glad their daughter is so excited for the new chapter. “We’re both excited, but also … she’s 5, how did that happen?” Cindy says. “This is the beginning of her real school career, so we have to take things a little more seriouscontinued on page 26



BaldwinParkEvents.com BALDWIN PARK LIVING


Free Event!


Baldwin Park for about 10 years, and Lily met many of her friends in the Baldwin Park Kids Club. “They’ve all known each other since they were babies, and now they’re all in kindergarten together in the same class,” Cindy says. “It always makes it more comfortable for them to have at least one familiar face. She’s going to have quite a few of her neighborhood friends in her class.” Lily learned how to do a cartwheel over the summer and read some books in a UCF reading program. She also has two wiggly teeth, does ballet dancing and loves seeing the dolphins at SeaWorld.

THE OPPENHEIM FAMILY Zoey, 5; Rob; Lacey; and James, 2, Oppenheim got together for a photo outside of Zoey’s new school.

Continued from page 24 ly but also make it a fun learning environment for her. It helps that she’s excited. As a mom, I’m more

nervous for her than she is.” “She seems much more comfortable with it than I ever remember being,” Frank says. The Townsends have lived in

It’s still sinking in for Rob and Lacey Oppenheim — their little 5-yearold daughter, Zoey, is headed off to Baldwin Park Elementary School. “It’s scary how quickly they’ve grown up,” Rob says. “She’s already 5 and going to kindergarten.” “Five-and-a-half,” Zoey chimes in.

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Photos by Tim Freed

“You go through all the different phases of the child, and all the sudden, you realize how quickly they’ve grown up,” Rob says. The Oppenheim family is close friends with both the Townsends and the Seas, and those friendships make the transition much easier, Lacey says. “One of the most comforting things is that our elementary school’s in our neighborhood — it’s a community that we’ve lived in for almost 10 years,” Lacey says. “We know a lot of people; we know a lot of families here. Zoey knows so many kids already going into the school, so it’s already more familiar – it’s not as overwhelming, for her and for us.” Zoey enjoys arts and crafts, cooking and playing sports such as soccer, tennis and golf. She also can’t wait to make some new friends.

THE SEA FAMILY Janelle Sea knows her son going to kindergarten will be a major change, but she’s ready for it. The Sea Family has lived in Baldwin Park for the last four-and-a-half years, living in Canada before that. They have called Baldwin Park home ever since they came to the United States. It’s a great community for Grayson, 5, to live in and go

to school, Janelle says. “I’m excited about it,” she says. “It’s nice that there’s a local elementary school that, for us, is walking distance. … That will be helpful for him. I feel like he’s growing up, but when I look back at myself in kindergarten, it’s not that big of a deal. I feel nervous, but I shouldn’t feel nervous.” Janelle says it’s not only a transition for Grayson, but also a change for the whole family. “It’s a different routine and different schedule,” Janelle says. “It’s a big school — pre-school just has a few rooms in it, and it’s like a daycare. You pick them up and drop them off at your leisure. You’ve got to be there on time with kindergarten.” Grayson says he’s excited for school and enjoys reading. His favorite thing to do at home is play with his building blocks, and he’s on the Lake Highland Prep swim team. The Baldwin Park Bobcat says he wants to be a doctor someday, because he’s been watching Doc McStuffins on TV, but he also said at the end of preschool he wanted to be Spider-Man. “I would say he likes to take care of people,” Janelle says. “Daddy’s a doctor — I don’t know if that has any influence on him.”


Janelle Sea is excited for her son, Grayson, 5, to begin kindergarten.



Harry Sayer

Katherin Rinaldi Fanian, center, uses her experience as a mother to help pregnant women prepare for motherhood.

Partner for life Katherin Rinaldi Fanaian has started a Positive Birth Movement group in Baldwin Park. HARRY SAYER BLACK TIE REPORTER


t’s always been Katherin Rinaldi Fanaian’s dream to help other women on their path to parenthood — it was one of her first memories growing up in Colombia. “I remember telling my mom, ‘I really want a little brother or a little sister;’ it was such a dream to have a little brother,” she says. “Seeing my mom in the process of pregnancy at that young age was



really impressive to me. When she was about to give birth, before then I had my dad make a countdown calendar so I could count the days until I had a baby brother. My mom had an encyclopedia about childbirth that fascinated me. I would have my teenage sisters and their friends look at the book with me.” Now, Fanaian is helping expecting mothers prepare for their own adventures. She started an Orlando chapter of the Positive Birth Movement — a national network of pregnant woman encouraging

optimism and positivity about the childbirth process. “We’re challenging the taboo or negativity around the idea of giving (modern) birth,” Fanaian says. “Whether it’s hospital birth, hope birth, Cesarean sections or however the mom decides. It’s giving mothers more of that confidence during the process.”

GETTING STARTED Fanaian is a mother of three daughters and describes the experience as life-changing — so much so she felt a need to make sure other women had as powerful an experience as she did. While exploring the process of becoming a doula, an emotionally

POSITIVE BIRTH MOVEMENT BALDWIN PARK CHAPTER For more information, contact Katherin Rinaldi Fanaian by phone, (321) 3322409, or email, krfanaian@gmail.com.

mouth, was held in Fanaian’s home in Baldwin Park. The first meeting was had a modest turnout, with only two other women attending. But Fanaian says she enjoyed discussing the first lesson — the importance of the birth partner, be it a doula or a husband, with the members. Her husband Na’im was there to talk about his experience as a partner as well. Documentaries detailing childbirth, comfort measures at the onset of contractions and other preparatory topics will be the focus of the group’s future meetings. Although the meetings take place in Baldwin, Fanaian stresses women from across Orlando are more than welcome to register with the group.

“We’re challenging the taboo or negativity around the idea of giving (modern) birth. Whether it’s hospital birth, hope birth, Cesarean sections or however the mom decides. It’s giving mothers more of that confidence during the process.”


supportive right-hand companion for expectant mothers, she learned of the Positive Birth Movement network on Facebook. More than 400 Positive Birth Movement groups across the world are connected through social media. The value she believes women can take away from the group is obvious — the feeling they aren’t alone in the pregnancy process. “People are looking for a way to connect,” Fanaian says. “To know they aren’t alone in the process. Having an open space like this, with no judgment where people can really share, is very important for parents in the process of childbirth. They might not know other families going through the same thing.” Fanaian started an Orlando

chapter after reaching out to the creator of the network and receiving her blessing. She says although she was worried about leading despite not being pregnant or a doula, she decided to push forward and use her experience as a mother to help others. “A lot of times, we get in the way of our own ambitions,” Fanaian says. “Saying ‘Oh, am I adequate enough for this? I’m not pregnant, I’m not a doula yet, I’m not in the medical field.’ But I feel that experience with medicated birth, natural birth and hospital birth … having that choice and feeling empowered in the process just made me think I had to get started somehow.” The Positive Birth Movement’s first meeting, advertised through flyers, social media and word of

B e n M . C o l e I V, R e a lt o R ® BaldwIn PaRk 9 YeaR ResIdent




Ben M. Cole III Inc., 910 Versailles Cir., Maitland, FL 32751 ben@bencole.org • 407-264-8037 fax BALDWIN PARK LIVING



What is the point of a four-point inspection? O

CHRISTINA RORDAM FLORIDA REALTY INVESTMENTS Christina Rordam is a local Realtor with 12 years experience and a member of ORRAs Top Producer Club. For more, visit christinasells orlando.com.



ne of the most important steps taken when buying a home is getting it inspected. Having a licensed inspector take a look at the property you plan to purchase can save you headaches in the future and help you prioritize your first renovations in your future home. I always advise my customers to have any property they buy inspected professionally — be it a new home or vacant land. But what type of inspections do you need to have done? There’s the basic whole-house inspection, the wind mitigation, the fourpoint, the WDO — which ones are most important? And what the heck is a four-point inspection anyway? Let’s take a look. The four-point inspection is meant to cover four main areas or “points” of a home. The four points are: roof, electrical, plumbing and HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning). Buying a historical home or just one older than 25 years? Your insurance company likely will request this report to assess the condition of these systems in your home. Let’s face it: As the years roll on, new ways of doing things are introduced. What product may have been installed frequently in one time period may be considered a liability now. A great example of this is polybutelyne piping. Most carriers will not provide coverage for water damage caused by leaks from this type of pipe and would prefer you just re-pipe your home. It’s a valuable tool for insurance companies in other ways, too. It can help verify there aren’t

active roof leaks present at the time of purchase and determine if the wiring is up to code. A seller may not have conducted these reports themselves when they purchased their home, so it’s a good idea to go ahead and spring for that four-point report on any home that was built 25 years ago or more. Living in Florida, it’s definitely a must that you have air conditioning that functions properly. With our heat and humidity, no AC can create real problems. It’s best to least familiarize yourself with any problems you need to tackle as soon as possible. By getting the four-point inspection, you can give yourself and your insurance company (hopefully) some piece of mind. If you’re getting a four-point inspection, you are probably also getting a basic whole-house inspection as well. If you’re not, go back and get one! This main report will offer you the most detail and information on things that may not matter at all to an insurance carrier but are important to you. While you’re at it, get a WDO report completed, too. WDO stands for wood destroying organism, and the report can help buyers figure out if they have termites, termite damage or just a problem with wood rot in their new home. Nobody likes a termite or rotting wood, so

this is an important part of the due diligence any homebuyer undertakes. Last but not least, we have the wind mitigation report. This is another report your insurance company may want. A good wind mitigation report can save a homeowner money on their insurance premiums. The Florida Division of Emergency Management attributes a high percentage of insurance premiums to risk associated with wind damage according to People’s Trust Insurance Company. Anyone who lived in Central Florida during Hurricane Irma can certainly understand that. The People’s Trust website also notes some things that can be considered wind mitigation techniques: water barriers, window and door coverings and roof to foundation anchoring. If your future home has any of these features, or you just think they may have them because of its newer age, a wind mitigation report may lower your premiums. Consult your Realtor and any insurance companies you are considering prior to scheduling your inspections if at all possible. Getting the skinny on your home’s health and potentially saving money on your insurance? Now that’s winning.

The four-point inspection is meant to cover four main areas or “points” of a home. The four points are: roof, electrical, plumbing and HVAC.

Do you qualify for innocent spouse relief, and how to apply for it? When you sign a joint tax return with your spouse, you are jointly and severally liable for the tax, penalty and interest shown due on the return and for any assessments arising from a later audit of that return. In certain clearly defined cases, a spouse can get relief from this joint and several liability. There are two types of relief available to so-called “innocent” spouses: 1. Innocent spouse relief; and 2. Equitable relief Warning: There are time limits within which a request for relief must be filed. Therefore, it is critical you seek the advice of competent tax counsel immediately upon your first receipt of an IRS notice or letter. INNOCENT SPOUSE RELIEF If the joint liability is attributable to an incorrect tax return item (a wrongful deduction or unreported income) of one spouse, the other spouse might qualify for innocent spouse relief. There are two basic requirements of innocent spouse relief: 1. The underpayment is attributable to an erroneous item of your spouse; and 2. You did not know or should not have been held to reasonably know that there was an underpayment. If there was a tax liability shown due on the return when you signed it, you do not qualify for innocent spouse relief, because that means you knew or should have known about the underpayment. Also, in cases where your spouse failed to report all of his or her income, you will be charged with having known about the under-reporting if your standard of living greatly exceeded the amount of income actually reported on the return. In other words, if your spouse is saying he only made $50,000 and he bought you a five-karat, flawless diamond brooch and a Porsche, you aren’t going to qualify for this form of relief.

EQUITABLE RELIEF If you don’t qualify for innocent spouse relief, you may be eligible for equitable relief. Equitable relief will be granted when “taking into account all the facts and circumstances, it is inequitable to hold [the taxpayer] liable for the deficiency in tax.” IRS Rev. Proc. 2000-15, Section 4.02, states that equitable relief will be granted when the following facts exist: 1. At the time relief is requested, the requesting spouse is no longer married to or is legally separated from the non-requesting spouse; or has not been a member of the same household as the non-requesting spouse at any time during the 12-month period ending on the date relief was requested; 2. At the time the return was signed, the requesting spouse had no knowledge or reason to know that the tax would not be paid. The requesting spouse must establish that it was reasonable for the requesting spouse to believe that the non-requesting spouse would pay the reported liability; and 3. The requesting spouse will suffer economic hardship if relief is not granted. APPLYING FOR INNOCENT SPOUSE RELIEF OR EQUITABLE RELIEF To obtain innocent spouse relief or equitable relief you must affirmatively apply for it. You do so by filing Form 8857, Request for Innocent Spouse Relief, with the appropriate IRS office. Supporting documentation and an analysis of case law should always be included with the Form 8857. Peter Pappas is both a tax attorney and certified public accountant. His Baldwin Park firm, The Pappas Group, has been assisting both federal and state taxpayers with their tax problems for more than 30 years. To set up a free consultation to discuss your tax problem or to learn more about our services, call (407) 648-2555 or visit pappastax.com.

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$420,900 1816 PROSPECT AVENUE


John Penne

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3 BR / 3.5 BA

Unit #3. Private balcony off of bay kitchen area makes for a lovely dining and secluded retreat. Walking distance to the downtown restaurants and shops.





4 BR / 3.5 BA

Lovely David Weekly home on a corner lot. Located near beautiful High Park and pool/recreation area.

3 BR / 3.5 BA

Unit #2. Every bedroom has a custom walk-in closet system! Top of the line upgraded hardwood stairs & flooring & custom tile floors. Gourmet Kitchen.





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Photographer: Gil Levy

DETAILS: This is an absolutely stunning home with charm, beauty and breathtaking front-porch views. This Colonial-style Baldwin Park home features four bedrooms and three-and-one-half baths, with the master suite downstairs and a private office. The gorgeous kitchen features light granite countertops, newer stainless-steel appliances, a breakfast bar, a spacious nook, an island and a butler’s pantry with plenty of storage space.

LISTING AGENT: Kimberley Gernert, Keller Williams Winter Park SELLING AGENT: Kimberley Gernert, Keller Williams Winter Park

1355 BENNETT ROAD, ORLANDO SALE PRICE: $530,000 SQUARE FOOTAGE: 3,081 BEDROOMS: Four BATHS: Three-and-one-half

Photographer: Betsey West

LISTING AGENTS: John Penne and Betsey West, Penny Brokers Inc. SELLING AGENT: Gale Milgrim, Keller Williams Winter Park



DETAILS This Charleston Single has more than $75,000 in updates. It includes a master bedroom on the first floor. The outside features new paint, side yard with room for outdoor space, small pool or spa, and an attached two-car garage with large driveway. The large kitchen is neutral with big dine-in space. The master bedroom in the back of house is a quiet retreat, including recently added cam lighting and crown molding. The master bath is a show-stopper — from the patterned marble counter tops and floors and the soaking tub to the huge shower with overhead sprayer and wand. This home offers a great layout for a family with two additional large bedrooms each with ensuite bathrooms upstairs.

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With a big smile, McKynzie Matheny danced about the floor in the Enders Park Gathering Room. Ell Herbert flew into the air as she helped lead the group of young ballerinas.

Left: Glenridge Middle student and instructor Kalina Tringas led children in warmups before the start of the morning’s performance.


DANCE CAMP Reese Kolindinsky stood off to the side as she and other children waited to take the dance floor during the finale of the Magical Musical Dance Camp.

A Alina Mullaly concentrated as she performed during the final show of the Magical Musical Dance Camp.


fter three days of learning the fundamentals of ballet and tumbling, children participating in the Magical Musical Dance Camp performed in the camp’s finale Thursday, Aug. 9. The camp, led by a trio of students from Glenridge Middle School, was held at the Enders Park Gathering Room and used to help raise money — $450 to be exact — for the Movement Arts Studio. Kids performed ballet routines for three different songs, while also showing off their newly learned tumbling techniques.


Kid hos




BALDWIN PARK FIRST FRIDAY — AUGUST Josie and Gavin Smith cooled off after running around. Below: Genevieve Marante, 2, enjoyed playing games.

Ella Telis and Ivy Teliszczack ran around the lawn.


aldwin Park neighbors kicked off August right with the monthly First Friday festival. Families played games, got their faces painted, and picked up a gift or two from local vendors.





WHAT’S SELLING Stunning and immaculate David Weekley City Home in Baldwin Park has tons of upgrades and feels brand new! Desirable end unit townhouse is beautifully appointed & perfectly situated on a tranquil greenspace. This 3 bedroom plus study also has 2 full baths and 2 half baths with a wonderful open floor plan. Gorgeous porcelain tile throughout all living areas and upgraded carpet in all bedrooms. Solid oak hardwood stairs and wrought iron balusters give this townhome a classy and modern feel. Silestone countertops and upgraded tile in the kitchen and baths, Spacious living area with stunning whitewashed brick wall.

Sold for $479,000



S AY D 3

Baldwin Park beauty with inviting brick front porch overlooking Blue Jacket Park! Completely customized with features like gorgeous built-ins, coffered ceilings, double crown molding, Brazilian cherry wood floors & extensive architectural millwork details. The renovated kitchen features a large breakfast bar counter, 6 burner Viking gas range, GE Monogram appliances, closet pantry & more. Spectacular backyard landscape designed by Keller Outdoors complete with landscape lighting, a full summer kitchen and a salt water pool with water features surrounded by an expansive Chicago brick deck!

Sold for $975,000


• One of Baldwin Park’s Top Realtors in 2017 • Highest Sales Volume in Townhomes in 2015 • Highest Sales Volume of New Construction Homes in Baldwin Park in 2013 • Ranked Top Producer since 2002 • Resident of Baldwin Park since 2004

Stunning RAVELLO David Weekley townhome sits on a beautiful courtyard area and is close to everything Baldwin Park has to offer. This END unit has 3 bedrooms plus a study with 2 full baths and 2 half baths. Gorgeous hardwood floors throughout most of the home. Spacious living area with window seat and courtyard view. Large beautiful kitchen with granite countertops, upgraded cabinets and an amazing island. Beautiful plantation shutters throughout. Just steps away from the pool, fitness center, Corrine Commons Park, as well as, Baldwin Park’s downtown shopping and restaurants.

S AY D 3

Sold for $460,000

Beautiful Baldwin Park beauty located within walking distance to Enders Park playground and community pool and fitness center. With over 5000 sq ft and 5 bedrooms, which includes a full bedroom and bath garage apartment, there is plenty of room for everyone. Gorgeous pool and landscape completed in 2013.

Sold for $870,000 260123


2017 Ovations Award Winner for “Best Real Estate Agency” by the Winter Park/Maitland Observer Readers

Lisa Fleming

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TIME TO EXPAND YOUR WORLD? “I was tired of living alone. But, at The Mayflower I have a busy, social lifestyle.”

Numerous studies cite the mental and physical health benefits of having a robust “social network.” Staying connected helps improve brain health, reduce depression and may even increase life expectancy. At The Mayflower, our residents and staff are friendly, welcoming and caring – and you’ll find lots of opportunities to get involved and engaged, just like resident Henry Morrell. Plus, with 24-hour security, a maintenance-free lifestyle – and the guarantee of long-term care for life, if needed – you can leave your worries behind! So if you’re ready to exchange a solitary lifestyle for a lot more fun, give us a call. We have a community full of wonderful neighbors waiting just for you!

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