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7th February - 21st February 2014 | Ayrshire News 1

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7th Feb - 21st Feb 2014 | Issue 52 | Published by West of Scotland Media

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One ecstasy death and three hospitalised Police Scotland has issued a statement warning people of the dangers surrounding consuming fake ecstasy tablets

currently in circulation. This comes after a weekend in which a seventeen year old girl collapsed and died after attending an event at

Glasgow’s Arches; three Ayrshire men were also admitted to hospital after allegedly taking Mortal Kombat pills.

Named due to their distinctive dragon stamp on one side of the pill, Police Scotland have issued this urgent statement in regards to a need for vigilance to prevent more tragedies, Detective Inspector Sharon

MacGregor said I can’t stress enough

how dangerous drugs are, sadly a young woman had died and several other young people are in hospital.

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2 Ayrshire News | 7th February - 21st February 2014

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Illicit drugs are unstable, unpredictable and extremely dangerous as this outcome shows, often the content of the drugs are unknown but they could contain dangerous chemicals and people need to understand the devastating effect they can have. I would strongly advise people to avoid illicit drugs and report any information to the police.” The three men in Ayrshire aged 18, 26 and 27 were admitted to Crosshouse

highly distinctive dragon stamp.

sign on the other.

Mr James Stevenson, A & E consultant with Ayrshire and Arran added: “People who take drugs are essentially playing Russian roulette with their life. They have no way of knowing what they are taking, and as a result some of them will die. I would appeal to young people , don’t believe what you’re being told by someone giving you drugs-there is no such thing as a safe, illicit drug, you could be swallowing

The reason for the heightened danger level in regards to the new strain of fake ecstasy tablets is that they have contained the chemical compound, para-methoxyamphetamine (PMA), which is five times as potent as the average ecstasy tablet.

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anything, there is no way to know if it’s safe just by looking at it.”

An investigation is currently underway and although the investigation is at a very early stage, there are unconfirmed reports that the common elements in all of the latest recorded drug cases are a “Mortal Kombat” pill with their

Police recently issued an alert on social media sites recently, warning of the dangers surrounding another ecstasy type tablet, coloured pink with a superman logo on one side and a half score line and registered trademark

hospital in Kilmarnock complaining of feeling unwell.


There are preventative measures available however, as the Warehouse Project in Manchester have created an innovative approach to ensuring the safety of its revellers and preventing any future fatalities. As well as having, sniffer dogs, amnesty bins in which clubbers can safely deposit any illegal drugs before entering the nightclub. There is a warning placard explaining that you might know your dealer, but even he doesn’t know what’s in the drugs that he’s selling.

Advertising Editorial Production

The drug testing pilot takes place monthly during the Warehouse Projects three month season and aims to maintain clubbers safety. The club is leading the way in preventative measures. The system, part forensic science, part public information tests the drugs found in the Amnesty bin or confiscated during the course of the evening, with the use of huge LED screens within the nightclub itself. If tests conducted find a drug to be a danger to revellers in the club they are immediately informed via the aforementioned Screens as well as alerted through social media. The Office of National Statistics

reported that in the year 2012 there were 9 ecstasy related deaths in Scotland and 8 the previous year. Although shockingly in 2002 there were twenty ecstasy related deaths, so there has been a steady fall since the 2002 threshold. With PMA regularly been sold in nightclubs masquerading as ecstasy tablets, the risks are evident. Five times stronger than ecstasy and five times more deadly. It has known to kill at a far lower dose than ecstasy, it also increases the body’s temperature exponentially, this combined with the intense heat of a nightclub, the amount of alcohol consumed and the clubber not drinking water for the duration can often lead to complications and sometimes tragically death. The pills containing PMA, which cost as little as £3pounds, have been linked to a number of serious illnesses and several fatalities across Scotland. Last summer being especially horrific, as seven young Scots died within a short period of time after allegedly consuming “Green Rolex’” which contained the fatal chemical compound PMA. Police Scotland appealed for information on the distribution of the drugs but could not confirm if there was a link between the Superman tablets and the weekends’ hospital admissions or tragic death.

Contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 if you have any information.


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7th February - 21st February 2014 | Ayrshire News 3

Prelim Results!

The driving habits costing Ayr motorists dear A study into driving behaviour by Halfords has found that two thirds of Ayr motorists are unwittingly causing costly wear and tear to their cars - equivalent to 38,430 vehicles*. Research data from the leading independent garage chain found that 63% of drivers across Ayr are prone to behaviour including: revving the car’s engine when cold, shifting into first whilst the car is still reversing, braking unnecessarily and running fuel tanks to near-empty. Gregor Carrie, Manager at Halfords Autocentre in Ayr, Scotland, said: “It is all too easy for drivers to pick up bad habits and use techniques that cause undue wear to their car. “However, we hope that by highlighting them - and the fact that drivers are needlessly increasing both running costs and the risk of a mechanical failure - that drivers will be more aware next time they get behind the wheel and adopt a smoother driving style.” The study also found that 99% of drivers in Ayr believe that their car is safe to drive - despite 40% admitting to not carrying out proper regular tyre safety checks and a seventh (15%) not

knowing the meaning of dashboard warning lights. Gregor added: “We have found some evidence of motorists using the annual MOT as a replacement for regular checks and servicing but this is a false economy because it extends the period before a fault is rectified and increases the risk of potential damage to a vehicle as well as the likely repair costs. “The rising cost of fuel and insurance today means that motorists should seize every opportunity to reduce their bills.” Halfords Autocentres offer a range of services that provide peace of mind for drivers including free, noobligation car safety and tyre checks, plus a Winter Inspection from just £12.95 – so there really is no excuse for taking unnecessary chances.

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Many students will have sat their Prelims by now. These exams are an important safety net for many students as the student may be able to appeal in the event of illness, or some other reason that causes them to under-perform, in their final exams in May/June 2014. They are also a good indicator of areas that require additional support in the run up to these final exams. The results in S4 will determine the type of courses they will be able to do in S5/S6, which, in turn, will subsequently have an effect on a student’s career choice, or choice of college or university that they could attend. If you are concerned about your child’s performance then private tuition may be the answer (see our ad for contact details). All our tutors are fully qualified, work in local schools, and have been with us for a number of years. We have helped over 1000 students since we opened our centre in Kilmarnock and Ayr centres.

At Kip McGrath we can provide your child with the building blocks of learning - whatever their individual needs may be. “Many circumstances can arise - like illness or moving to a new area -which mean children could benefit from a little extra help to ensure they can perform to their full potential in their classes at school,” said centre owners, Frank Park and Liz McKay. Kip McGrath’s educational system is a high quality, after-school and holiday tutoring programme in the basic skills of maths, English, spelling and comprehension - the building blocks that give children the framework and structure to allow them to take advantage of the full educational curriculum.

General Teaching Council of Scotland.

Primary Students

The centre aims to help students of all ages who, for a variety of reasons, feel they are being left behind. This may be due to a change of school, absence through illness, or a specific learning difficulty. Other students come to our Centres to be challenged in order to achieve the top grades.

Lesson times, which are arranged to suit parents and students, are broken up into at least five activities to keep the child interested and keen. Students normally attend one session per week, although some older children attend more often according to need.

As parents, you will sense how your child is performing at school. If you are concerned about their progress, or feel that they need to be stretched then the Kip McGrath Education Centres in Kilmarnock and Ayr are there to help your child achieve their potential.

The centre provides a free, no obligation assessment (up to S2) and discusses the results in detail with parents so that they are aware of what their child requires in terms of tutoring. Every tutor is a fully qualified teacher and is registered with the

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The Kip McGrath programme is designed to enhance, rather than replace a child’s schoolwork.

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4 Ayrshire News | 7th February - 21st February 2014

Inspire the future - because our future needs inspiration It’s time to nominate those inspirational young people in East Ayrshire for the Young Scots Awards 2014. Other factions in the media would have society believe that young people are uncouth, aggressive louts who maraud across the streets, destroying property, each other and their body and minds.

However the Young Scot Awards likes to prove otherwise with an award ceremony praising young people who go out their way and enjoy making the world a healthier place, be it an act of bravery, kindness, thoughtfulness. Someone who has made a positive impact in the life of others. An

upstanding citizen. A person to be celebrated, a person that society can be proud of.

This young person in question could be the type who goes without adulation, the next door neighbour who, without a doubt, helps neighbours with their shopping, something as simple as checking in on an elderly neighbour or offering to do their shopping for them., it’s up to you the reader, to make sure this unsung hero gets the praise that they deserve.

Society needs heroes and award ceremonies like this to prove that despite what some might believe, there are superheroes out there however they don’t wear costumes, they have no powers and they walk amongst us completely oblivious to the good that they do in the world. With a total of eleven categories to choose from there will be three finalists from each category will receive an invite to the awards ceremony in Glasgow’s SECC Arena on 10th April

Some of the categories that are available for nomination are Sports, Arts and Health to Enterprise, Heritage and volunteering, with the winners being announced on the night in front of a packed SECC.

The competition is open to all young people aged 11-26 and people from Ayrshire have only two more weeks to nominate the unsung heroes. The Closing deadline being 18th February 2014.

Chief Executive Louise McDonald of Young Scot said in regards to the prestige surrounding the awards ceremony “In every town and city in Scotland, there are young people who deserve to be nominated for a Young Scot Award. The Awards highlight how hard young Scots work and are a great opportunity to celebrate the effort and dedication displayed by them. So if you know a young person in East Ayrshire, help recognise their dedication and determination by nominating them for

the Young Scot Awards 2014 today.”

The list of awards available at the ceremony which is run in partnership with the Sunday Mail is as follows

Community, Health, Cultural Diversity, Enterprise Heritage Hero, the Arts, Volunteering, Unsung Hero, Sport, Environment and Entertainment

Alan Rennie Editor of the Sunday Mail spoke of his pride at being a partner for this worthwhile cause “We are delighted to be part of the Young Scot Awards for the eighth year. It is a big year for our nation and more than ever young Scots will play a major part. We look forward to receiving hundreds of inspiring nominations from across the country.” For more information or if you know someone or a group of young people deserving of a young scot award and would like to nominate them contact before midnight on 18 February 2014.

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No need to coach the kids on Stagecoach

7th February - 21st February 2014 | Ayrshire News 5

With the Easter Holidays looming on the horizon and the stress of a weekend trying to entertain the children, Stagecoach is riding to the rescue.

It’s time to bring the kids and jump aboard and head off to Glasgow for a day of sightseeing. Why not head off and visit the cities vast selection of free activities and museums and make it a weekend to remember. Remember for every adult ticket purchased, you can bring your two kids for free.

Stagecoach North Ayrshire express buses to Glasgow are offering every adult travelling on the route who buys a single or return ticket the ability to ask for a ‘kids go free’ ticket and up to two children under 16 can travel along with them. Saving a whole lot of hassle during weekends and holidays. Due to high public demand the North Ayrshire Stagecoach express routes to Glasgow have had a complete transformation, adding a new fleet of low floor, environmentally friendly double decker buses, with increased seating capacity and free WIFI.

The spectacular (and shiny) looking new vehicles are clean, comfortable, smart and also have the added incentive of easy buggy access with wide doors and low floors, perfect for heavy shopping, wheelchairs or prams. The buses also have seatbelts and CCTV for added safety and peace of mind as well as the added bonus of WiFi so that you can keep up to date whilst on the bus. The successful campaign Kids Go Free is also available on the X77 from Ayr to Glasgow and on service 42 & 43 between Ayr and Cumnock. For further information or to check the up to date timetable visit

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6 Ayrshire News | 7th February - 21st February 2014

Changes to North Ayrshire refuse collection Residents in North Ayrshire Council may have noticed a change to your Household Waste Collection Service and confusion surrounding what day your wheelie bins will be collected.

currently arranging the collection of the waste from those remaining households this week. We will arrange for the delivery of new letters and calendars as soon as possible to advise affected householders within these new housing developments of their revised collection days.

To clear up any confusion North Ayrshire Council released a statement

As part of the long-term improvements to the waste collection service, a significant change to the way we manage the collection of waste was required. This change included the need to alter our customer’s collection days. We recognise that this involves a major change for our customers and we thank you for your cooperation and patience during this time.

We are aware that a small number of new houses within the area have not been advised of their new collection day. Arrangements have been made for the service to continue on your existing collection days until you are advised of any change. We are

During the initial period of change we have in place additional resources to support the collection crews until they are familiar with their new collection rounds. We would therefore ask that during this bedding-in period, when the support vehicle is providing

support, householders should leave their containers out until at least 6pm.

North Ayrshire Council is making improvements to your kerbside waste collection service (on the mainland excluding Arran and Cumbrae) starting from week commencing Monday 27 January 2014. Your new 2014 calendar will be delivered to your home. As a result of these improvements, your new bin collection days and the colour of bin that will be uplifted may have changed, so please check your new calendar and your letter as soon as you receive it to ensure you put the correct coloured bin out for collection on the correct day, starting from Monday 27 January 2014. From this date, we may be in your area at an earlier time than usual so please have your bin out for collection for 7am at your designated collection point.

The dates for uplift of your bins are highlighted on your new calendar by a blue (recycle waste) or grey (residual waste) line according to which bin will be collected that week.

Those residents who are on a pull out service will get their bins uplifted on each scheduled uplift day.

Your organic food and garden waste collection service (brown bin) will continue to be collected weekly, all year round.

The new collection service will start from Monday 27 January 2014, please refer to your new calendar from this date.

Collection days for all your bins will be noted in your letter.

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7th February - 21st February 2014 | Ayrshire News 7

NEW FOR 2014! We now accept furniture and small electrical items at all of our shops.

Our shop in Kilmarnock is now closed - please visit our closest shops in Prestwick, Ayr & Irvine


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8 Ayrshire News | 7th February - 21st February 2014

No waiting around for South Ayrshire Council South Ayrshire Council is introducing no waiting restrictions in response to a gradual increase of complaints in regards to motorists parking too close to corners and mounting pavements to park. Councillors gave the traffic plan the green light and thumbs up at last Thursday’s council regulatory panel meeting but Councillor Nan McFarlane would even pay attention to them. If there is no-one there to enforce the rules of the road, it would end up being a waste of the taxpayers money. Nan McFarlane said “It is important to put the measure in place, and the lines are highly visible so people can’t claim they haven’t seen them but how do we police this and make sure the double yellows are enforced.”

Traffic Engineer Blair Wyllie employee of South Ayrshire Council said: “The vast majority of people are deterred by double yellow lines. The council employ parking attendants to police these areas but we can’t be there 24hours a day. We have a small team covering the whole of Ayrshire but we do enforce these restrictions in the relevant areas.” Bellevue Lane, Bellevue Crescent and Bellevue Lane into Park Circus have also been blighted with badly parked cars which

inevitably has led to motorists been hindered and the driving vision impaired. There was even an incident reported about vehicles parking on the footway of Mount Oliphant Crescent, which led to a woman in an electric wheelchair being unable to cross the pedestrian walkway. An area adjacent to Arnold Clark’s garage in Galloway Avenue has been the victim of rogue parking leading to Lochside Neighbourhood Group being forced to make a complaint. The full list of streets receiving double yellow lines are as follows Bellevue Crescent Park Circus

Galloway Avenue Glenford Place James Street

Mount Oliphant Crescent Savoy Park

and Wexford Way

West of Scotland Media Publishers of local newspapers and specialist publications.

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7th February - 21st February 2014 | Ayrshire News 9

Whisky lovers shed a river of tears after blunder Whisky lovers look away now, more than 7000 bottles of high quality whisky were washed into the River Ayr. The incident occurred when a tanker carrying the precious liquid was emptied into the wrong vat due to a factory driver not paying due care and attention. Luckily, the prized salmon and trout’s natural habitat of Ayr River were unaffected, due to the river being in full flow at the time and a downfall of rain as the whisky was released. It wouldn’t just have been the owners of the whisky factory who were left with a massive headache if the fish had managed to consume the whisky. The company in question Glen Catrine Bonded Warehouse had previously been warned twice of the danger surrounding the poor safety measures of their factory system.

The company escaped with a meagre fine of £12,000 pounds even after being warned twice of their conduct. £12,000 pounds, being a mere 300 bottles of high quality whisky is a drop in the ocean (or river) of the company’s profits.

The 38 year old company was set up in Catrine and currently employs 128 people and is part of the Loch Lomond Distillery empire owned by Sandy Bulloch. It has an annual production of 36.5 million bottles of spirits per year. Managing director Henry Jagielko, a member of the Bulloch family, was at Ayr Sheriff Court on 24th January as the firm admitted breaching water environment regulations on September 6, 2011. A whole two years after the incident in question. Procurator fiscal Tom Dysart spoke how 5000 litres of higly flammable 67% percent proof whisky managed to

pour into the river and nearly another 2000 narrowly avoided polluting the river as well.

The operator in control of the delivery of 27, 500 litres of spirit was supposed to be pumped through a hose into vat 1A. But, through the slip of a finger, and pressing the wrong button, led the whisky and the operator into major trouble. Vat 2A which was nearly full was the recipient of the vast amount of whisky. The poor safety system had no back up safety measures meaning the whisky overflowed pouring straight into the river with no one any the wiser. It was only thanks to a quick thinking forklift truck driver who noticed the danger and raised the alarm. The Scottish Environment Protection Agency’s (SEPA) reporting officer David Wallace released a statement

were routinely filled above that level. Gauges and alarms to warn when the tanks were 92% percent full had not been connected to the control system.

in regards to the incident. “While sending the spirit to the wrong tank appears to have been caused by human error, there were no contingency arrangements to prevent this kind of accident causing pollution. Although a system could have been installed to automatically open the correct valves to pick the correct tank it was not activated. In addition, although there were alarms to tell operators when the tanks were 80% percent full they

Mr Wallace went on to mention that staff were also unable to deal with the spiralling situation because of a lack of adequate training and a rain water drain had been left open. The gate being a safety gate which is intended to stop any unwanted materials from escaping into the river.

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Roundsquare Roastery based in Ayr is Ayrshire’s only coffee roastery and already this new business is catching the attention of some of the country’s biggest hospitality providers. Roundsquare Roastery is a member of Taste Ayrshire, Ayrshire and Arran Tourism and the Ayrshire Food Network.

As Ayrshire’s only coffee roastery we have a unique product Roundsquare Roastery was set up by Heather Stevenson and Partenie McGuigan along with help and guidance from Lucas Barraud from Su Casa Coffee House. Andrew O’Donnell was brought on later as Head of New Business Roundsquares Range. House Blend House Decaf Gentleman’s Blend Single Orgin Brazil Half Caf Single Origin El Salvador Single Origin Guatemalan

The business is situated above Su Casa Coffee House (Lorne Arcade, Ayr). Their award winning beans are direct trade, ethically sourced, organic and locally roasted. The main focus is on quality and, most importantly, freshness. The business was established to challenge the vast qualities of substandard coffee available in coffee houses and restaurants in Scotland. Head Roaster Heather Stevenson pointed out “Pre ground, vacuum packed, poor quality coffee is rife and the founding members felt people deserved better. Britain’s coffee culture is changing – people care about taste and freshness more than they did in the past”.

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10 Ayrshire News | 7th February - 21st February 2014

The show they tried to ban Reduced Shakespeare Company brings controversial play to Ayr Gaiety. The most controversial play of the last few years The Bible: The complete Word of God (abridged) rolls up to Ayr Gaiety February 12th.

The satirical play has previously been banned by councillors in the Northern Irish town of Newtonabbey on the northern outskirts of Belfast. Having played in America and having previously achieved notable success by being nominated for the Helen Hayes award for outstanding new play, this was unforeseen.

The decision was overturned however following a campaign by more liberal minded councillors, local artists, comedians, writers and other patrons of the art, finally after much wrangling, the play went ahead, in front of an 800 strong sell out audience at the Mosley Mill Theatre. The irony being that the councillor’s extreme reaction to having the play banned without any thought for the general public probably helped sell tickets for the event. The outrage was not over in Ulster as the Democratic Unionist Party claimed that the ban had been imposed by the

theatre’s own artistic board but Alliance Party members insisted that the DUP councillors firmly stood behind the original decision to halt the staging of the award winning comedy. The fury in the same satirical vein as Monty Python’s Life of Bryan which also caused similar outrage upon its initial release and was also banned in a wide variety of places. The theatrical production was first created 19 years ago during 1995 achieved notoriety after its American run and began its 60 venue national tour in Newtonabbey.

Protests against the show were led by Democratic Unionist councillor Billy Ball who claimed that “for Christians, the Bible is the infallible word of God and it’s not something to be made fun of. These people are treating something sacred with irreverence and disrespect.” The play which received substantially less trouble playing in Jerusalem has actually received the blessing from many guardians of faith and clergymen, touring internationally and playing in the west end for two consecutive runs. David Naylor welcoming the change

of decision said ““Whether you are Catholic or Protestant, Muslim or Jew, atheist or Jedi, you will be tickled by the RSC’s romp through old-time religion.” Ayr Gaiety’s Artistic Director Vince Hope added: “This is a family show which is quite inoffensive and great fun all round. As a comedy production it poses questions such as “Did Adam and Eve have navels?” and “Did Moses really look like Charlton Heston?” The play: The Bible: The Complete Word of God (Abridged) by the Reduced Shakespeare Company will be appearing at Ayr Gaiety Main Theatre for one night only.

Why not go see what all the fuss is about before it gets banned elsewhere.

Wednesday February 12 at 7:30 PM.

Tickets £16.50/£15.50 concessions and £13 for full time students.

Available from the box office on 01292 288 235.

Or online at (online transactions receive a small two pounds charge)


for Autism A leading autism charity is calling on people across Scotland to get up and get on their trampolines, pogo sticks, space hoppers and anything else that they can get their hands on. Wednesday 2nd April 2014 is World Autism Awareness Day and people are being urged to join a sponsored bounce or how it’s known formally “Bounce for Autism.” The National Autistic Society (NAS) Scotland charity is launching its Bounce for Autism fundraising pack, full of ideas for activities and events that will get the nation bouncing for autism. w w w. a u t i s m . o rg . o rg . u k / bounceforautism. Families, schools, clubs and offices across the nation can spring into action and sign up now for the worthy charity event.

Together the charity aims to increase awareness of people afflicted by autism, while raising much needed funds that can have a huge, positive impact on people with autism and their families. Bounce for Autism will host events in the weeks leading up to and including World Autism Awareness Day on the 2nd April 2014. NAS Scotland aim to provide information, support, and offer pioneering services and its goal is to campaign for a better world. A world where people with autism are treated fairly and equally.

7th February - 21st February 2014 | Ayrshire News 11 At the present moment there are more than 58,000 people in Scotland who have Autism or Asperger’s and combined with family members’ means that a total of 200,000 people whose lives are touched by autism daily. A recent autism report conducted by Count Us In ( countusin) discovered that people with autism believe leisure and sports facilities are not as welcoming as they possibly could be. John Imlach, branch officer for NAS North Ayrshire said “bouncing is fun for people of all ages and the possibilities are endless. Whether at school, the gym, sports club, youth club or in a back garden, a sponsored trampoline bounce is a great way to raise funds and awareness. You can help raise funds in a variety of ways. You could hold hopscotch, yoyo, or dance competitions. Or you could hold a Bouncy Castle party where children can dress as their favourite bouncy character, frogs, kangaroos and Tigger. Winnie the Pooh’s loveable, excitable friend.”

well as when times are at their most challenging, transforming the lives of everyone living with autism.

On a more serious note Karron Kent, fundraising officer for The National Autistic Society said

John Imlach continued “more than 1500 people living in North Ayrshire are thought to have autism. Local people are a big-hearted lot and their support for NAS Scotland has been fantastic. We’d love it if they can really get behind Bounce for Autism. At the moment the fastest time to travel a mile on a Space Hopper is thirteen minutes. How brilliant would it be if someone from North Ayrshire could break the record on World Autism Awareness Day?”

“Our supporters, who are people with autism and their families, tell us children with autism love to bounce, with many finding it a fun and therapeutic activity.” To find out more about Bounce for Autism and sign up for your fundraiser package, visit call 0141 285 7112 or email On Wednesday 2nd April lets bounce autism into touch. Good luck!

Autism is still relatively understood and misrepresented. This unfortunately means that people affected by autism will not get the level of support, help and understanding that they perhaps might need. This needs to change. NAS Scotland aims to be there with support when times are good as

Donate your unwanted furniture and household items to help Cancer Patients We are always looking for good quality donations and we will collect FREE from your home

We are also in need of Volunteer Collectors so anyone interested in joining our team please contact Joan. To arrange a free uplift or to enquire about Volunteering please contact us on

Tel: 01560 321875 Or Email:

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12 Ayrshire News | 7th February - 21st February 2014

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7th February - 21st February 2014 | Ayrshire News 13

And on the sixth day, He gave us the post service. The poll taken across cities including Edinburgh and Glasgow found that 81% percent of people agreed that no matter who was delivering their mail; it should indeed be delivered six days a week.

Royal Mail conducted the poll throughout Britain taking in seven major cities and asking the same question in regards to postal delivery and the company conclusively found that two thirds of the entire post receiving population in Britain was dependant on a Saturday service with a high percentage even being completely dependent on the six day service. The in depth questionnaire also found that an incredible 94% percent of householders believed that it was very

important that they could also collect undelivered items from a local mail collection facility at a time of their choosing.

In a recent research poll conducted by Royal Mail it found conclusively that people preferred having their mail delivered six days a week.

agreed that they would prefer to have mail delivered six days a week.

This comes after the Governments bungled privatisation of Royal Mail which allowed for other delivery companies the opportunity to offer every other day mail deliveries.

Stephen Agar Managing Director, Consumer and Network Access of Royal Mail had this to say about the need for a six day service “Customers are expressing a clear preference for ‘six-day-a-week’ delivery. Royal Mail’s service is highly valued in the communities we serve. In turn, Royal Mail provides quality employment in our biggest cities – and makes a positive economic contribution in areas where quality employment opportunities are scarce.”

TNT PostUK launched an every other day service in West London back in 2012 and quite recently unveiled the service in Manchester, but when asked the people of Manchester

Royal Mail which turns 500 years old in 2016 was floated on the London Stock Exchange on the 23rd December 2013 and valued at more than £3 billion pounds.

With working life and peoples lifestyles no longer simply nine until five it has become imperative to have a postal service that is as flexible as the recipients who receive or pick up post.

Never too late to learn with the SWAP factor

Stephen Agar spoke about the need for competition but also having the need for regulation and a fair playing field “Royal Mail welcomes competition, but it needs to be on a level playing field. Our competitors can cherry pick areas in which to deliver mail and determine the frequency of those deliveries. They are also not required to publish regular performance information about deliveries that is collected and verified independently”

between the dates of 16th and 21st of January by people representing Bristol, Glasgow and Liverpool. For more information regarding Royal Mail or the questionnaire contact Julie Pirone at the Royal Mail North Press Office on 0131 316 7444 or on the mobile number 07711 446359

The research which was conducted on behalf of Royal Mail by the independent marketing company Ipsos MORI between the dates of 11th and 18th December 2013 asked the people of Birmingham, London, Edinburgh and Manchester. Follow up online research was taken

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SWAP Students; Lorraine, Clare, Yvonne, Catriona, Steven, Robert, Tracy & Alison. THE Scottish Wider Access Programme has been developed by colleges and universities in partnership to provide opportunities for adults who have few or no qualifications to progress to higher education. How can the SWAP factor help you? Here are some FAQs which may help you: Why? “To get the education I didn’t get at school”, “I was yearning to do something different with my life”, “To get a good job.” Changes? “I think people are starting to get it now. My sister used to say ‘get a grip’ but now she’s telling people that her sister is going to university!”, “I was a painter and decorator before, now I am going to make a great nurse!”

Glad you returned to education? “Absolutely!”, “Definitely”, “Without a doubt!” How? “Determination really”, “The support by everyone at college was immense. They really pushed me.” Best bits? “Self-discovery”, “Confidence”, “Making friends.” The course? SWAP West access programmes at your local college. Who? Lorraine, Clare, Yvonne, Catriona, Steven, Robert, Tracy and Alison have all now completed their University degrees.

• Medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, biomedical sciences and medical physics • Social sciences, psychology, social work and may other fields. Successful completion of a SWAP access programme leads to a guaranteed place in HN or degree course at college or university.

For more independent advice contact: Tel: 0141 553 2471 Email: The Scottish Wider Access Programme (West and Central Scotland Consortium) is a registered Scottish Charity, No. SCO25833

14 Ayrshire News | 7th February - 21st February 2014

Here at the Ayrshire News we’ve come up with 10 suggestions for the clueless Casanovas out there which are sure to set the fires of passion alight! 10. A Gourmet Home Cooked Meal and Candle-lit Dinner.

This one is a sure fire winner as you put in the time over a hot stove, in a literal labour of love. Wow your significant other with your prowess in the kitchen and woo them with a candle lit evening. Novelty apron optional. 9. Write your Partner a Love Letter Ah, the love letter. A relic of a time gone by, but still one of the most personal and special ways of showing your love and affection for that special person in your life. For an extra special touch write the letter on some scented paper. 8. A Saucy Evening of Cabaret and Burlesque Stir up the saucy side of your relationship with an evening of cabaret and burlesque. With events

becoming more and more common across the city it won’t be hard to find one on Valentines night in a venue near you.

7. Take your Partner Ice Skating Plenty of hand holding is guaranteed for you and your other half, as you both try to keep your balance on the ice. Careful though as you could end up with a few bruises neither of you planned to get on Valentine’s day. 6. Become Your Partners Servant For The Day. Start the day by bringing your beloved breakfast in bed with a bouquet of flowers on the side. Starting the day as you mean to go on, bow to your partners every whim, fulfilling every one of their needs and desires for the entire day. Optional Extra: A serving bell which may “Accidentally” find

itself in the bin the next day.

5. Have Your Partner Serenaded. Take your other half out for a quiet night on the town and surprise them with a pre-arranged live rendition of their favourite song from a local musician. Try and pick your partners favourite song if possible or at least be original, the world doesn’t need another rendition of “Your Song”. 4. First Date Round Two. Visit the place where you and your partner had your first date. Rekindle that intense passion, that has perhaps lay dormant recently and see each other through new eyes once more. 3. Weather Permitting a Romantic Picnic in the Park If the notorious Scottish weather

allows it, put on your heavy coat, pack some sandwiches and a waterproofed blanket and wax romantic in one of the cities beautiful parks 2. Highland Getaway As Valentine’s day falls on a Friday this year, why not take the opportunity to book a weekend break to the Highlands of this beautiful country. With the breath taking scenery and romantic isolation of the Highlands, you might just have to keep each other warm. 1. For the More Extravagant amongst Us For those who want to really push the boat out a trip to Paris fits the bill perfectly. Whisking the love of your life of to the city of “Amour” is guaranteed to make for a Valentine’s Day to remember for years to come.

7th February - 21st February 2014 | Ayrshire News 15



Who is St Valentine?

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Every woman loves it and every man dreads it, woman pretend that it doesn’t matter, guys pretend that they are not bothered about it, for both single people and couples in a relationship it’s a day fraught with tension. But once a year on February 14th, people have to run the emotional gauntlet that is Valentine’s Day.

18 Ayr Street Troon KA10 6EB T. 01292 317 770 M. 07739 007 475

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But who was St Valentine? Why is there a day devoted to love, named after him?

There are many conflicting stories in regards to the man that ladies love more than Ryan Gosling, George Clooney and Brad Pitt combined.

Saint Valentine according to one of the theories was as third century Roman priest, who conducted the tradition of Courtly Love (Courtly Love being the pursuit of someone who wasn’t your spouse through deeds of nobility)

named after him and is widely recognised a Saint in various parts of Rome. The story goes that during the reign of Claudius, St Valentine was secretly aiding and marrying Christians, (which was forbidden at the time); Valentine was subsequently arrested and tried for said crime. Claudius took a liking to St Valentine offering him leniency if he would denounce Christianity. Instead, Valentine attempted to convert Claudius, ultimately sealing his fate. Emperor Claudius sentenced him to death, first with clubs and stones and when that failed, had him beheaded and allegedly, his heart cut out from his body.

Rumour has it, that on the day of St Valentine’s execution, he left a note to the jailer’s daughter whom he had healed, whilst incarcerated, signing it “Your Valentine.”

C CHair

There is not much more known of this mythological man except he died on February 14th, has a bridge

The very first valentine card!

Hair and Beauty

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No set agenda 16 Ayrshire News | 7th February - 21st February 2014

for East Ayrshire min By Michael McDaid

The bill for the clean-up and restoration of now defunct open cast mines in East Ayrshire, may need to be footed by the public purse. This is due to the collapse of the companies (ATH Resources and Scottish Coal) who owned the mines and insufficient financial resources on the part of the council. Originally the companies had set up a system of bonds in order to pay for the clean-up and environmental restoration of the mine sites, however with a lower than expected value of the bonds the East Ayrshire council now faces having to pay for the £161 million shortfall in expected funds, out of the public purse. A cadre of independent assessors, which includes former Scottish Government planner Jim Mackinnon, were appointed by East Ayrshire council in order to investigate the matter. The report issued by the assessors carries a damning attack on the way that the council has handled the matter. The report details how a financial investigation in 2006, relating to the bonds, warned that there would be insufficient funds in order to pay for the restoration of the sites and that the council officials ignored the

warnings obtained through the investigation into the possible value of the bonds. This latest report also found that the sites in East Ayrshire “where not visited or inspected on a regular basis” and the monitoring of progress on the sites in question was “wholly inadequate”, there are also suggestions that the teams who were responsible for the monitoring of the sites were not qualified to do so and that there were serious “issues in respect of training and lack of technical mining knowledge

Ms. Sandra Osborne among relevant council officers” and that the councils failure to “appoint independent assessors” was “completely inexplicable”. The report by Mr Mackinnon’s team also outlines that there were “significant management and communication failings, particularly within the planning service” and that thanks to these poor administrative and planning practices it is “almost impossible to establish what

Ms. Cathy Jamieson did or did not happen, with or without planning permission” Mr. Mackinnon has said this situation is “as bad as it gets” and how the poor planning on the council’s part has “left a legacy of environmental dereliction unrivalled anywhere in Scotland” In response to this the council has stated that it has “no absolute, statutory or other legal obligations” to meet the costs

associated with the restoration of the sites. The Ayrshire news has contacted the MP’s for the Ayrshire constituencies affected, Ms. Sandra Osborne (Labour) and Ms. Cathy Jamieson (Labour) for comment. Ms. Osborne said in a statement regarding the report: ”The report uncovers a catalogue of failure. Failure to report the facts to the Council; failure to oversee what was going;

7th February - 21st February 2014 | Ayrshire News 17

“Closing the stable door after the horse has bolted.”

ne clean up

failure to challenge, monitor or properly scrutinise the contracts and the performance of the coal mine operators. This report tells us a lot about what went wrong but we also need to know why it went wrong. Why did the council fail the people of East Ayrshire so spectacularly?” Ms Osborne also goes on to say, quoting a statement from Audit Scotland: “I recognise the work the council has being

doing since the disaster came to light and that Audit Scotland have said that they are ‘taking all appropriate steps to respond to the issues arising from the liquidation of the coal mining operators including the impact on the local communities.’” Ms Osborne has described the Council’s actions regarding the matter as “closing the stable door after the horse has bolted.” and calls for assistance from

Westminster and Holyrood for what she describes as “an environmental disaster”. Ms Jamieson has given a statement to the Ayrshire news and stated how this situation has “extremely serious financial and environmental consequences for the local area.” Ms Jamieson also goes on to say how “immediate safety considerations on the sites must be paramount, and a plan put in

place for proper restoration. The local communities who have supported, and been affected by, open cast mining over the years deserve no less.” Ms Jamieson also told us how herself and Ms Osborne have been “working to press the Government to find ways of assisting East Ayrshire Council with the financial shortfall” and goes on to detail that they have in their work had “a very

constructive meeting with UK ministers, the Council leader and his executives”. Ms Jamieson also details in her statement how the disaster may also be turned into a benefit for the local people of Ayrshire, “Much needed jobs could be created as part of the operation to clean up and restore the sites, using the skills of the workforce who have lost their employment.”

18 Ayrshire News | 7th February - 21st February 2014


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26th February The Book Thief(TBC)

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28th February Non-Stop (TBC)

An air marshal springs into action during a transatlantic flight after receiving a series of text messages that put his fellow passengers at risk unless the airline transfers $150 million into an off-shore account.

7th March The Grand Budapest Hotel(TBC)

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300- Rise of an Empire (TBC)

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28th March Captain America: The Winter Soldier (TBC)

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Muppets Most Wanted (PG)

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7th February - 21st February 2014 | Ayrshire News 19

John Amabile’s views on My Diet Loss “I had been a yo-you dieter from the age of fourteen and tried every diet out there. I couldn’t find anything that fitted my lifestyle. On My Diet Loss no matter where i was I had something with me that was a good support. The


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20 Ayrshire News | 7th February - 21st February 2014

Valentines Day Special

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7th February - 21st February 2014 | Ayrshire News 21


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22 Ayrshire News | 7th February - 21st February 2014

The British Safety Council has marked World Cancer Day by urging employers to implement sensible controls regarding carcinogen exposure. The British Safety Council has supported the aims of World Cancer Day (4th of February), which is part of a wider campaign to reduce premature deaths from cancer, improve the quality of life for cancer patients and help to improve cancer survival rates. Research has shown that cancer contracted due to exposure to occupational carcinogenic hazards remains a key health issue. The British Safety Council aims to help reduce exposure to carcinogens in the work place through effective risk management by employers and employees and informing people of the risks associated with carcinogens in the workplace. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) estimates that past occupational exposure to carcinogens currently accounts for 1 in 20 cancer deaths in Great Britain. HSE also

estimates that 8,000 of 13,000 deaths each year from work-related diseases are attributable to cancer. Research has further highlighted that the construction sector accounts for just under half of the estimated cases of occupational cancer in Great Britain. The British Safety Council urges all businesses, employers and employees to be alert to the hazards that carcinogens pose and put in place the necessary procedures and measures to prevent exposure to carcinogenic substances in the workplace. The British Safety Council is focussing particularly on the construction industry due to the

high incidence of work related cancer diagnosis’, but also aims to inform and educate everyone in the work

force on the dangers of carcinogen exposure. Leading occupational cancer expert Dr Lesley Rushton has said:

“Thinking about the new generation, it’s very hard to say to the workforce it’s too late because of course it isn’t. We know for example if you stop smoking your risk of smoking-related disease goes down, so it’s not too late to help prevent some of these other work related diseases”. Neal Stone, policy and communications director at the British Safety Council, said: “We are committed to continue our work with our construction sector members, who account for one-fifth of our membership, to build greater awareness of the risks posed by carcinogens and most importantly share our knowledge to prevent future exposure. We are working to ensure our members are kept up to date with

research in this area to assist them in devising effective intervention strategies.” Neal added: “More broadly, the British Safety Council promotes the principle of good leadership in health and safety to ensure that occupational health remains as much in the corporate mindset as much as safety. We will continue to play our part in disseminating information to businesses to help them develop their knowledge in general or specific to their sectors, through our sector interest groups and our regular publications as Safety Management. We will continue to make the case concerning the social and business benefits that proportionate and sensible health and safety interventions deliver.” The British Safety Council has also set out a five point manifesto detailing the actions which it believes to be essential in the creation of health and safety compliant workplaces and it is available from manifesto



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7th February - 21st February 2014 | Ayrshire News 23 Advertising Feature

Discover Brilliant Moments on your doorstep

Turnberry Holiday Park launches short -breaks from just £98 Scotland is a land of Brilliant moments, but have you explored the memorable sights, sounds, and experiences on your doorstep? From the ramparts of a Culzean Castle to the atmosphere of Burns National Heritage Park, there is so much along the Ayrshire Coast that is brilliantly memorable. You could experience the joy of conquering a fiendishly tricky hole on one of Turnberry’s superb golf courses, or soak up the glow of a warm day followed by an amazing sunset from a sandy beach.

Self-catering short breaks

For a short break and to discover the very best of the Ayrshire coast, why not try Turnberry Holiday Park near Girvan. Small and tranquil, the park overlooks the Firth of Clyde and is the perfect base for discovering Ayrshire’s many highlights, including the coastal route of Kennedy’s Pass, Loch Doon, Knockshinnoch Lagoons and Culzean Castle. A £350,000 investment by new owners has included the building of a covered pool; with the nearest sandy beach just 300 metres away and with an adventure playground, friendly bar and restaurant on park, there are facilities for all ages.

With the re-commission and return of Ch4’s beloved programme Coach Trip to brighten up the dreary winter months. The crazy adventures of presenter Brendan Sheerin and his coach load of holiday makers have captivated audiences for nine series’

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Why not take Brendan’s advice and who knows, you might realise that, cruising on a coach takes little coaxing or coercion from your co-habitats.





Being able to visit as many as six different countries along the way, also sounds like a lot of fun, throw in the added bonus of stressfree travelling, being able to travel alone, the excitement surrounding your trip, no fear of flying a whole host of things that you can benefit from by going on a coach trip. For example, coaches nowadays are state of the art, with on-board refreshments on many of them, WiFi, plug points to keep your electrical equipment fully charged, for the duration of the journey, the opportunity to see some of the landscapes that you might miss on a car journey.

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Although being stuck on a bus isn’t everybody’s idea of a great holiday. The less than great memories you might have experienced from going on coach trips as a youngster, and sitting bored on a bus for days, will prove unfounded.

Coach Holidays have changed dramatically over the past decade, it gives you the opportunity to socialise with people who have the same mind set as you, and with various stops while on your coach tour, options available on a British coach trip are for example, John o Groats to Landsend with a variety of stops along the way.

Energetic types will love the choice of trails, hikes and activities available close to the park, and golfers can pack their clubs and test their skills at one of the many local courses.


Crosshill B741



1 B74

*Offer closes 28th February 2014. Terms & conditions apply. Subject to availability.



With the show also being commissioned across a variety of European countries is it time for you to take your very own coach trip.

Spectacular Short Breaks Culzean Castle





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24 Ayrshire News | 7th February - 21st February 2014

Star Signs

Reiki Healing

Joan Charles

I am delighted to be delivering your stars although; I won’t be doing them in the traditional way, as I am not an astrologer. For many years I have provided the stars using Tarot cards and that is what I will be doing here, so I guess in a sense they should be called, Taroscopes. Anyway, I do hope you enjoy what the cards have to say.


Over the week ahead it feels like home is where the heart is and perhaps you won’t want to be too far from it or the family. You need to trust that perhaps this is just what’s called for and go with it until you feel like getting back into the “ Norm”


I sense that you will be weighing up your options where work or career is concerned and looking ultimately to improve on things in this area. The other point to keep an eye on is the work life balance, as things seem to have been top heavy in favour of work.


Emotionally you could be feeling that your wearing a mask to suit others and this is not allowing your true feelings to come to the surface. Normally you are in control of things in this area but at this present time it appears to be difficult.


Issues of the past could be challenging you and keeping you from getting a rested sleep – you could change this by facing it head on and off loading it once and for all. It is time you took hold of the reins and became the driver of your own destiny.


It could feel as if everyone wants a piece of you and that you only have enough energy to do so much but you don’t want to let anyone down. If you look after yourself first others will benefit and that way you have a win – win situation.


In today’s world where alternative therapies commonly work alongside traditional medicine Reiki is one of many. But, people often wonder - what is Reiki? Many have heard of it but are not sure quite what it is or more importantly what it is not? Reiki is a form of natural healing which works with energy, encouraging the body to heal itself at all levels, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. It is not a religion, massage, dangerous or difficult nor does it conflict with or replace traditional medicine, on the contrary, even the most sceptical of critics have found nothing that suggests it is unsafe. It is suitable for all ages, from very young babies to the elderly as it’s non -invasive and requires no specialist equipment. Originating in Japan, Reiki travelled to the West in the 1930s and its popularity has continued to grow with many people now choosing to learn Reiki to self heal as well as receiving regular treatments. During a Reiki treatment your comfort is top of the agenda. Staying fully clothed you can lie or sit, it is very common to fall asleep during a treatment so choose what will suit you best. With your eyes closed and music playing the therapist will work through a series

By Susan Hamilton

of hand positions; hands being placed very lightly on or inches above key points along the length of your body, for anything from up to a few seconds to several minutes, starting at the head and finishing at the feet. At no time will the touch be invasive nor at any time will there be pressure or manipulation. Experiences during a Reiki treatment vary from person to person. The most common experience is the feeling of heat coming from the therapist hands, whether physically touching or not. Sometimes there is coolness or tingling whilst others people experience nothing at all. Whether you feel anything, believe or don’t believe in Reiki, if needed or wanted, the healing energy will be received.

Once the energy starts to flow it will go where it is needed to bring healing and balance by releasing blocked energies, clearing toxins and working to create a state of balance. Reiki calms thoughts and emotions and the body will only accept the energy it needs. It is important to know that a Reiki practitioner should never promise that Reiki will do anything other benefit everyone that experiences it. Many choose to attend one of the many Reiki teaching groups available,

ensuring this wonderful therapy is on tap to use 24/7 – a Reiki Master through an attunement transfers it to the student, which is a way of connecting the student to the energy source so they will physically experience and attract energy themselves. The body’s energy channels are opened and cleared of obstructions by the attunement and flow with Reiki energy, it’s like flicking on a light switch.

Reiki is something everyone has the ability to use, it is within us all and all a Reiki Master is doing is turning on that switch. Reiki I is passed from Master to Student over several teaching levels and attunements; and is primarily for self healing, Reiki II takes you one step further and teaches the healing of others and distance healing, while Advanced Reiki is for those who wish to attain Masters level but do not wish to teach and Masters is for the serious healer who wants to teach. The term Master is simply a term for teacher, someone who has mastered a discipline. Susan offers Reiki classes from Reiki1 to Masters For more information Email: or call Mob: 07779 329762.

All work and no play is just no fun, you could do with a bit more time to let your hair down and relax. Being a Virgo your really practical minded so in order for you to allow yourself this luxury you might need a to do list to help you get through the other things.


Now, when you want to speak your mind others sit up and take notice and it is at this point things happen. You have an air of authority if needs be although; it’s not your preferred way of dealing with situations.


I feel a new phase where learning or expanding your horizons could be on the cards. Maybe this is something you have been thinking about for a while now but have just not got round to doing – watch for opportunities presenting themselves.


You could find yourself spoilt for choice when invitations come your way. It’s the same old story, nothing happens for ages then all of a sudden everything comes at once. I sense you will enjoy the chance to get out and do some socialising.

Joan Charles

Clairvoyant, Columnist & Author





You might be watching your hard earned cash and trying to make it work for you instead of it going out as fast as it came in. it seems like you are going to have your canny Scots head on for the time being until things turn the corner. Whoopi do, some nice new cash could be making its way to you but it comes after a period of sewing new seeds and watching them grow so, whatever you have put effort into may be about to pay off for you.


I’m sensing that you are in a place of stability and security and that is just the way you like it. You like to know that there are no surprises coming out of the woodwork that you had not anticipated and that’s why you plan ahead.

Introduction to the Tarot Course – a two-day course starting on 22nd of February. Oracle cards one-day workshop – 1st March Psychic development course in State of the Art Wigwams under a canopy of stars on 21st - 23rd March at Strathfillan.


Tarot, Angel, Spiritual, Chakra and Tarumenology [a combination of tarot and numerology]

For details of any of the above contact Joan on Mob: 07930-697-229 Email:

7th February - 21st February 2014 | Ayrshire News 25

Hypnosis & Weight Control Josephine Mackenzie BSC (Hons) Psychology, PG Cert Clinical Hypnosis, Clinical Practitioner. MBPS MBSCH Out of the old year and very much into the new and our thoughts turn to getting in shape and weight lose as our next target of the holidays is looming and we want to look our best. Clinical hypnosis is a useful personal tool for stress management, goal setting and relaxation. It can also be an excellent addition to the range of professional techniques available to anyone working within the caring professions. Hypnosis creates a state of relaxation, the therapeutic component allows the patient to access positive states, and it can also be used as a stress reduction mechanism, as well as enhancing the patient’s responsiveness to change. An ideal example of using hypnosis for change is in the area of weight control by re-programming the unconscious mind about choices or the hypno-band gastric band technique. Whilst few would be slimmer’s do achieve their goals, the majority invariably end up even more over weight, a result of the ‘vicious circle’ of loss-gain. An increasing number of these ‘failures’ are now turning to hypnotherapy, usually as a last resort.

So, how does Clinical hypnosis work as a tool in enabling us to lose weight painlessly? The reason so many people fail to lose weight or maintain weight loss is simple - they have not addressed the issues, which cause them to overeat in the first place. What happens then is, they go back to their old habits and pile the pounds back on and some more. There is a saying, ‘it’s not what we eat, but what’s eating us’ and it is true, self- loathing, feelings of hopelessness, helpless, worthless and lack of love. Many people are emotional eaters, they push down their feeling with biscuits, cakes, chocolates and any old thing that tastes good (and full of sugar) because food security and love are so intertwined that we cannot think of one without the other. I had a patient who had gone through a ‘Gastric Band’ surgery only to find that she was still dealing with ‘emotional eating’ when she came to see me, she had taken this drastic step to lose weight but emotions had not been dealt with. Clinical hypnosis can help locate and redress those issues that make

Shabby Cheap Cheapness

us overeat, by re-programming the unconscious mind and changing our relationship with food forever; the result of which is, losing weight and maintaining that loss over time because it is now an unconscious action to eat less and exercise a little or a lot whatever is relevant to the lifestyle of the patient. A huge issue I find with overweight and obese people is early programming whereby it was considered ‘a sin’ to waste food, as children we were forced to finish every scrap of food on the plate. Clinical hypnosis will remedy issues with reprogramming, teaching how to eat less, and that it is ok to actually leave food on the plate when we are full. You will begin to trust yourself and your responses to food will become healthy, unemotional, and the right choices will be made when eating and shopping for food. You begin to listen to your body and eat mindfully, paying attention to every mouthful and eating slowly, deliberately and enjoy savouring every mouthful of good nutritious food. You will also have no desire for unhealthy sugary fattening foods because your unconscious mind will make those choices for you. In essence, most

people know what they have to do to lose weight the therapist simply takes that knowledge from the conscious (aware) part of the mind where it is currently, and moves it to the back of their mind the (unconscious) part where it can become a habit. So all that we know we ‘should’ do to lose weight becomes a habit.

For more details / bookings contact Josephine on Mob: 07976-124-488

By Dani

I just love revamping pieces of furniture and am excited to see the end result and the client’s faces when they see the outcome. When working on furniture, I use chalkbased paint so that it’s child friendly as well as for the big kids hands too. The exciting bit is finding easy and affordable ways of getting furniture to work my magic on; it’s all part of the fun.

I’m always revamping my own much loved pieces in the home and look for new techniques, sometimes a simple lick of paint, new handles or a spray of silver paint just gives it that glamorous look and makes the old seem new again. The best places to find these treasures and cheap items are in charity or second hand shops, house clearances, Gum Tree and EBay. Finding little bargains then using your imagination, it what its all about. With money being tight, especially at the start of the year, worrying about the home and high street cost is the last

thing you need.

I use chalk paint, but not everyone has a budget for that - you could use eggshell paint as an alternative. Emulsions are a good alternative as well - then use a sponge to put it on, the kind you would use for your dishes, it’s a wee tip that I found very handy when starting off. Another great idea is, a dusting rag, it’s especially good for white washing a piece of furniture. Folk love the shabby chic style, it’s so elegant and fresh next to any colour scheme once its finished. The first item I am going to talk you through is a 1970 telephone table I had the pleasure of working on. I started by painting it all over in a light Dove Grey, not to dark to begin with - I let it dry over night to allow the paint to breath.


Get yourself a tester pot of any paint to work with - that saves money instead

Before of buying a full pot of coloured paint, Shabby especially if its a colour you’re not likely to use again, £1 max is better that £10 - £15 out of your purse or wallet. I bought glitter paint and brushed over the dove Grey, this gave the chair a shine and a glam feel to really make it stand out. I left it to dry overnight to make sure that when I added the final glitter coat to it - it was a more intense finish.


If you don’t have £8 to buy small 125ml glitter paint, you could buy bags of glitter and mix in with a PVA glue, this gives a similar effect depending on the amount of glitter you mix in with the PVA.

After I purchased a silver craft pen to go over the beads that where already on the chair and still in amazing condition, which cost me £5 - quite expensive.


Always check EBay or Amazon for cheaper products to save money. Also, adding Swarovski jeweled buttons to the chair, which I sewed on, gave it that extra bling look.


Check your local craft or haberdashery shops for buttons, they can be quite expensive in places on the high street from £1 upwards for 1 button but shop about for cheap ones and you can get them in wee shops from 35p - 55p each but try the internet as well.

Keep your eyes peeled in the next issue as I will be sharing more tips on how to make use of what you already have and what you could be doing with the items you find. Reasonable prices, Shabby Cheap Cheapness because, it’s better to make the best of what you have than, spend a fortune.

For more details please contact Dani on mob: 07445-211957 Shabby Cheapness.

26 Ayrshire News | 7th February - 21st February 2014

Bastille, ready armed and storming their way to success.

MUSIC REVIEWS place in London’s Porchester Hall, reimagined thirteen of the group’s most popular songs fans were also lucky enough to hear the first play of new track “making plans”.

Above and Beyond set another benchmark in spectacular acoustic set.

EDM trio Above and Beyond have set another benchmark in the world of dance music. The group, who met at university, successfully played an entire acoustic set accompanied by vocal singers and instruments. There is no stopping the Bastille revolution after winning the Sunday Times Culture’s prestigious band of the year award, the recent announcement of four Brit Award nominations, their hit song Pompeii selling more than 1million copies in the US alone and smashing into the US ITunes top ten, 2014 is shaping up to be even more successful than last year. After a successful fan backed social media campaign fan favourite Flaws is being primed for re-release as a thank you to the fans for cementing the band as the biggest band to make the breakthrough in 2013

The accolades that Bastille are challenging for during Brit Awards Ceremony on Wed February 19th are Best British Breakthrough Act, British Group, British single for their smash Pompeii as well as the highly coveted Mastercard Album of the Year for their no1 debut album Bad Blood. The band are set to perform live at the world famous award ceremony which is taking place at London’s 02 Arena. Win lose or draw, it’s sure to be a memorable night. Flaws is set for re-release 3rd March

The group who have played sets in a hot air balloon, played live to a million people on Barra Beach in Rio de Janeiro, and also played at the unveiling of Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic SpaceShip2 in the Mojave Desert are keen believers in pushing the boundaries of dance music culture forward. Once again Above and Beyond do this by re-imagining, how we perceive EDM as fans and how an EDM concert can be created. The acoustic concert, played live on You Tube channel Thump. Did so in front of an intimate crowd of very lucky fans. The event which took

Better alternative to Painting Lasts 5-7 times longer

The new album simply called “Acoustic” which was recorded live at the event. Was released for sale the day after the live streamed event, this momentous occasion sets another important moment in an already illustrious career in both dance and acoustic music.

There Anybody Out There?” being released eight days later, the group are set for their long awaited assault on the charts. Fans of the American show So You Think You Can Dance will already be familiar with the song and after being played on the show rocketed up ITunes Singles Charts. A Great Big World which is made up of duo Ian Axel and Chad Vaccrino met whilst at university and thanks to funding from a very popular Kickstarter campaign. They were able to release an independent EP and from then on caught the zeitgeist of American music listeners. The single “Say Something” has been viewed 19 million times online and is topping the charts right across the European charts. It’s no wonder critics and fans both agree on the potential of this new group.

Great Big World ready for debut success. A Great Big World are beginning to make headways in the music industry. With the release of their debut single “Say Something” featuring Pop Megastar Christina Aguilera, and highly anticipated debut album “Is

Now its Britain’s turn. After selling 1.5 million copies of debut single “Say Something” in America, its Britain’s turn to cosy into the warm embrace of the talented duo. “Say Something” Ft Christina Aguilera will be released Feb 16th with the debut album “Is There Anybody Out There”, being released eight days later on Feb 24.

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7th February - 21st February 2014 | Ayrshire News 27


No Sale Fees at Scottish Property Centre! Scottish Property Centre is excited to announce a “NO SALE FEE” promotion to the first forty (40) clients who market their property for sale. This is an incredible deal…No marketing or sale fee costs of any kind*! The average saving anticipated is approximately £2,000. Mark Higgins, Managing Director and one of the founding partners of Scottish Property Centre, said: “We are delighted to welcome the Kilmarnock office to our network, and excited to offer this “No Fees” promotion to the Kilmarnock public as a sign of our intent and commitment to being market leaders in this great Ayrshire town”. “The office is in a fantastic prime position on John Finnie Street and will significantly enhance the estate agency offering to the local community” Gregor Cope, Finance Director added: “ It is another indication of how we have grabbed the attention of well positioned, experienced operators who want to be part of an incredible story, and more importantly share in its success. The experience of Shona & Alan will ensure that people in the local community have the very best property knowledge available to them”. Since its launch on 3rd September 2012 the Scottish Property Centre network has grown to thirteen (13) offices and expects to achieve its initial target of fifteen (15) offices ahead of plan.

62 John Finnie Street, Kilmarnock KA1 1BS

Tel: 01563 536 536

The network recently reported property sales in excess of £50m for the period January to December 2013 and has seen significant recruitment across its network of offices. The Kilmarnock office is under the ownership of Shona Barr and Alan Tulloch who join the network with significant experience in the

financial services marketplace. Shona & Alan are well recognised local business people and offer significant hands on expertise of the local and surrounding property market place. Mark Higgins and Gregor Cope and their four other board members have over 60 years

combined experience in estate agency, rentals and financial services, and have confidently dealt in property and finance through the best and worst market conditions. *T&Cs apply

28 Ayrshire News | 7th February - 21st February 2014

Banning smoking in cars to protect children’s health – good for motorists’ finances too

A Labour plan to ban smoking in cars carrying children is due to be put to a vote in the House of Lords later. But smoking at the wheel can also lead to serious financial implications on top of any health issues as evidence from leading vehicle remarketing company, British Car Auctions (BCA) underlines. “The British Medical Association has previously released research showing the levels of toxins in a car can be up to 11 times higher than in a smoky bar”, said Tim Naylor of BCA. “But if drivers aren’t motivated by the health of their passengers, perhaps they will be by the diminishing health of their finances. Lighting up inside a car seriously devalues the vehicle for resale. “Presentation is one of the top factors influencing the price of used cars. So if a car is more like an ashtray on wheels,

chances are buyers will move on to find one that looks and smells fresh as a daisy.” Professional valeting can alleviate most of the effects of smoking, but is expensive and time consuming and might mean replacing some interior trim, such as nicotine-stained headlinings and repairing any cigarette burns in the cabin. In the worst cases, this can represent an investment of several hundred pounds. Naylor concluded “Motorists should avoid having a cigarette in their car, especially if they intend to sell it in the near future. This will avoid the lingering smell of cigarettes in the interior, as well as eliminate the risk of scorch marks on the upholstery or dash. All of these things will put buyers off, even if they smoke themselves.” Source - BCA Press Release

Professional Mobile Valeting

T: 07970 188 585 @Vivid_Valeting

throughout Ayrshire. We come to your home or workplace 7 days! end 10% OFF! ofuntil February

Michael Schumacher is being brought out of medical induced coma and is responding to instructions Formula One Super Star Michael Schumacher is “responding to instructions” as doctors begin to ease the driver out of his medically induced coma according to reports from French newspaper L’Equipe. It has also been alleged that the world champion has blinked during brain tests.

Citing “Sources close to Schumacher”, L’Equipe has reported that Schumacher has undergone a battery of neurological tests and has responded “positively”.

Schumacher was put into a deep medically induced coma after suffering extreme head trauma and brain injury

in a near fatal skiing incident on December 29th in the French resort of Meribel. Doctors put Schumacher into the coma as shutting down brain function after such a damaging incident can give the brain time to heal.

F1 legend Eddie Irvine fights of shark attack F1 legend Eddie Irvine has fought off a shark attack with a spear. The story broke with a Facebook post by Eddie simply stating “First shark attack today, not fun” The star who now lives in the Bahamas was swimming off the coast of the islands when he was attacked. “I turned to face it and hit it with my spear. He turned away but came back as I reversed out of his territory.” The star followed this with “It was dusk so I think I deserved it” The driver moved to the Caribbean four years ago and spends his days sailing and diving from his luxury yacht.

7th February - 21st February 2014 | Ayrshire News 29

Motor Tax Discs abolished after 93 years The tax disc is to be abolished this year after 93 years of service, unfortunately the tax itself will remain. After the first of October this year, motorists will no longer have to carefully tear a small paper disc from a sheet of perforated paper and will instead simply be able to pay their tax online or at the post office and forget about it. The DVLA and Police will now rely completely on automated number plate readers and an online database to check the tax status of a vehicle.

By Michael McDaid

Many motorists will be glad to no longer have to display their tax on their windscreen but this change is also raising some doubts, particularly in the used car market. Initially the main fear for second hand buyers was due to the fact that it will no longer be possible as a buyer, to check the disc displayed in the windscreen and know if you will be driving your new purchase home legally.

The Government, in an attempt to waylay these fears have instead of making the process clearer for the transfer of unused tax after a sale, have instead made it impossible to

Petrol goes below 130p a litre for first time since February 2011

The price of petrol has fallen below the 130p mark for the first time since the end of February 2011, while diesel has also come down to its lowest price since mid-July 2012. On Sunday 19 January 2014 the average petrol price was recorded at 129.82p and diesel was at 137.27p, giving motorists some early New Year cheer. And, with wholesale prices of both fuels maintaining a low price around 101p a litre for unleaded and 105p for diesel, the RAC is hopeful forecourt prices will continue to move downwards for several weeks, perhaps taking average prices down as low as 128p a litre for unleaded and 136p a litre for diesel as the two-week pricing forecast is for a reduction of over 2p in petrol and nearly 3p in diesel. The reduction in pump prices has been led by the supermarkets which last week made a 2p a litre cut on both petrol and diesel. This has been swiftly followed by other fuel retailers across the country, leading to some of the lowest petrol prices for nearly three years.

do so. Meaning that when buying a second hand car, the new owner will be forced to buy tax regardless of the previous length of tax remaining.

Got a story? T: 0141 764 1808

RAC head of external affairs Pete Williams said: “The supermarkets are demonstrating great transparency by passing on wholesale savings to motorists and, in doing so, really helping to making motoring that little bit more affordable. We are confident fuel retailers will continue to pass on reductions in the wholesale price of petrol and diesel to further ease pressure at the pumps. “Motorists often complain that prices seem to go up far faster than they come down, but this is proof that this is not necessarily the case. “We just need the price of oil to remain stable and for the pound to continue performing well against the dollar.” The price of fuel is one of the hottest topics with drivers nearly half (46%) of 1,500 motorists surveyed for the RAC Report on Motoring 2013 saying the cost of driving is still their number one motoring concern. The report also found that 78% of drivers see their car as an integral part of their lives, admitting they would find it difficult to adjust life without a vehicle. More than half (54%) said they would have a fuller social life, visiting family and friends more often, if fuel was more affordable. A supporter of the FairFuelUK campaign, the RAC strives to be the motorist’s champion by calling on the Government to drive down costs at the pumps by capping, or reducing fuel duty from nearly 58p per litre. Source RAC Press Release



% 0 1 F OF this h t i w vert ad


30 Ayrshire News | 7th February - 21st February 2014

Young entrepreneurs put their business skills to test Scottish schools in contest for national enterprise title 5th February, 2014 Students from Auchinleck Academy are this week celebrating being crowned the Scottish regional winners of this year’s Coca-Cola Enterprises Real Business Challenge. With more than 750 schools entered, the national competition will see over 70,000 students compete in a series of challenges across regional heats designed to test and develop their business acumen and creative thinking. School teams from across the region travelled to Murrayfield, Edinburgh to compete in the challenge, with Auchinleck Academy emerging victorious following their campaign to raise awareness and support for sports charity StreetGames and its Multi-Sport Festivals taking place all over the country this summer. The students will now progress to this year’s national final in London on Tuesday 25th March, where they will compete against ten other regional finalists from across the UK. An annual initiative, the Real Business Challenge is designed to offer students aged 13 to 15 a valuable taste of the skills needed in a business environment. Students will be competing to win a work experience placement at one of the StreetGames festivals as well as enrolment in an Events Management course to further build on the skills learnt throughout the competition. At the regional final event, students were mentored by CCE professionals

to help develop their business ideas before presenting them back to the Real Business Challenge judging panel led by head judge Sean Collins, Senior Manager, Fields sales at CCE. Teams’ scores were based on their enterprise skills, including teamwork, leadership, creativity and presentation abilities. Sean Collins, Senior Manager of Field Sales at Coca-Cola Enterprises GB, and Head Judge of the Scottish regional final said: “I was impressed with the teamwork, creativity, energy and business sense that came through in the students’ presentations, posters and videos. They also displayed a great deal of empathy and understanding of StreetGames.” Jane Ashworth, CEO of StreetGames said: “The multi-sport festivals we deliver in partnership with Coca-Cola are invaluable in giving young people from the most disadvantaged areas of the UK the opportunity to take part in fun, free activities with their friends. The work that our own young volunteers do to inspire their local communities has shown us the power that this peer-to-peer approach can have so it’ll be great to see what great ideas these budding entrepreneurs come up with. The opportunity for young people to develop valuable new skills for the world of work that comes from the Real Business Challenge is also something that we’re excited to be a part of.” Amanda Hammersley, Principal Teacher of Business Education and Computer Science at Auchinleck Academy said: “The Coca-Cola Enterprises’ Real Business Challenge has been a great experience for our pupils and winning is the icing on the cake!”

South Ayrshire Sport Grant

South Ayrshire Sports Council is offering a grant to the total of £200 pounds to encourage more interest and participation in sport in the local area.

With the Sochi Winter Games in Russia looming on the horizon, the World Cup in Brazil and Glasgow hosting the Commonwealth Games there has never been a better time for people in South Ayrshire to start taking part in sports, be the inspiration for the future. 2014, only you can make it happen. South Ayrshire Council is willing to financially assist affiliated local sports clubs and even individuals to help

improve personal performance but also to help coaches of all sports to pursue their dreams and qualify in coaching roles within their chosen sport with the aid of up to £200 pounds. The completely voluntary body is recognising brilliance and promoting sporting achievement by hosting the Annual Sports Awards to promote sport in the area. South Ayrshire Council are also producing a Sports Directory which lists all local clubs in the area and also is highlighting the clubs that have adequate access for people with disabilities, so everyone can join in the fun. South Ayrshire Sports Council is providing a forum to help enable all local clubs an opportunity to meet and discuss some of the pressing matters surrounding sport and young people in the area. The aim of this being that together the clubs will be able to overcome any adversary, be able to compare strategies, tips, coaching expertise and anything else that increases South Ayrshire’s sporting integrity. Sponsorship is available for competitions, championships, coaching initiatives and other events that are willing participants to sport in the area. For more information on the initiative and how to apply for the charitable grant. You can contact Dawn McGeachie by phone 01292 617 654. Or by dropping her an email at Dawn. mcgeachie@south –

Thanks to for photographs

East Ayrshire’s Commenwealth Games legacy East Ayrshire’s Council aims to have lasting legacy that will benefit every single person in the local area. All thanks to Glasgow’s Commonwealth Games, the Ryder Cup, Homecoming Scotland 2014 will be celebrated the length and breadth of the country, and of course there is the matter of a referendum on our country’s future. East Ayrshire Council is determined to work with a wide range of partners to ensure that local residents gain a lasting legacy from Scotland’s year to remember in 2014. There is a legacy of work that is being delivered across East Ayrshire; there are many more excellent projects, initiatives and events being led by Community Planning Partners, local schools, the Ayrshire College, and universities; third sector organisations and community groups currently in the

process of completion.

East Ayrshire Council have released a document outlining how they aim to achieve the goals and help improve the health of East Ayrshire patrons young and old. It can be found online at http://www.east-ayrshire. Your-Legacy.aspx Some of the aspects they hope to achieve are improving investment in sport across the area, upgrading sporting facilities, making sure that everyone has access to sporting activities and equipment and to promote the benefits of health and well-being in the area.

Schools are being upgraded at the

present moment, community centres, sports centres, football pitches, communities are coming together to join in with this momentous occasion, the future looks good for East Ayrshire For more information or to download the free PDF visit CommunityLifeAndLeisure/YourLegacy.aspx East Ayrshire is preparing for the future, why don’t you?

7th February - 21st February 2014 | Ayrshire News 31


Top line up at Cheltenham preview night Grand National winning jockey Ryan Mania, racing legend Peter Scudamore and Scotland’s leading National Hunt trainer Lucinda Russell head the line up for a special Cheltenham Preview Dinner at Western House, Ayr Racecourse on Friday March 7. The stellar line up will discuss the leading races at Cheltenham and with all three participating at the Festival in one form or another a fascinating night is in prospect.

the Grand National at Aintree. He is currently enjoying his best ever season having ridden 36 winners to date. He will have several fancied mounts at Cheltenham.

Lucinda Russell trained Brindisi Breeze to win the Albert Bartlett Hurdle at Cheltenham in 2011 and is firmly established as Scotland’s leading jumps trainer and is on course to beat Lenny Lungo’s allBorders born Ryan Mania leapt time record of 63 winners trained in to prominence last April when he a season. Lucinda will have several SAC_Fitness_Membership_press Ad_265x170_V03.pdf 1 06/02/2014 14:30 Cheltenham runners. rode Auroras Encore to victory in The charity event is being organised as a fund for Debra Scotland, the charity which works on behalf of people with the genetic skin blistering condition Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB).

Lucinda’s assistant trainer and partner Peter Scudamore is an eight time Champion Jockey and rode two Champion Hurdle winners at Cheltenham and also a Queen Mothers Chase winner. Announcing the event, Jaye Hamilton, Fund Raising Manager Scotland for DEBRA said: “DEBRA is delighted to be given this opportunity to host a fundraising dinner in such eminent company from the world of racing. We are delighted that Lucinda, Peter and Ryan have given up their time to

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Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB) is a group of genetic disorders that result in fragility of the skin and, in some cases, other internal membranes and organs. Blisters, open wounds and sores form as a result of the slightest touch, rub or trauma. EB is likely to affect 1 in 17,000 live births and it is estimated that there are currently 5,000 people with the condition in the UK.


Tables for the event are available at £750 for a table of 10 or £1000 per table including full drinks package.

For information or to book a table call Jaye Hamilton on 01698 424210 or email

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share their expertise with our guests. “

32 Ayrshire News | 7th February - 21st February 2014

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Tel: 01369 702 907 7th Feb - 21st Feb 2014 | Issue 52 | Published by West of Scotland Media

Scotland face stiff competition this weekend as they face off against the “Auld Enemy” Scotland has begun its RBS 6 Nations campaign with a sour taste in their mouth, after a 28 - 6 defeat against Ireland in their opening match of the tournament. Saturday the 8th of February is one of the biggest fixtures in the Scottish rugby calendar facing off against a strong England who are also hurting from a defeat in their opening match against France. Both teams will be determined to prove the detractors wrong this Saturday, in order to take home the Calcutta Cup, some points and make a better start of their 6 Nations campaign for 2014. This is the most contentious game of the year for many Scottish rugby fans who will once again relish the chance to face off against the “Auld Enemy”, and in the process, Scotland can try and wrestle the Calcutta Cup from England’s grasp.

The Calcutta Cup, competed between great rival Scotland and England yearly, at the 6 Nations and has remained in England’s hands since 2009. Scotland out with everything to prove after a horrendous performance the previous week, the England game is being seen by many as a way to redeem the side.


Hamilton is wary after the team’s performance in Ireland saying: “England lost their opening game to France but the circumstances were different. England were extremely unlucky not to triumph in Paris, whereas, sadly, we were well beaten.”

Gregor Townsend, Glasgow Warriors head coach, who had nine players in the Scottish squad against Ireland, has said: “All the guys will want to bounce back quickly. You don’t get any bigger motivation than playing England at home and the fact that both teams are coming in off a defeat means the focus will only be higher”

However he is altogether optimistic, thanks to Scotland’s traditional ability to recover from adversity and the countries never say die attitude “It’s a cruel sport and with Scotland over the last few years it has been tough. We’re used to having disappointments but then bouncing back. We’re well capable of running out a huge performance on Saturday.”

After Scotland’s poor performance in the Aviva Stadium against Ireland, and only converting two penalties from Gregg Laidlaw, the team is ready to try and put an impressive amount of points on the board and avenge five years of six nations defeats against the English. Scotland lock Jim

In keeping with this positive outlook, Max Evans the Scotland centre has also challenged his team mates to push memories of their defeat at the hands of the Irish to the back of their minds and look to this important match at Murrayfield as a way of redeeming themselves.

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Evans told the media: “We now have to look forward to England. This wasn’t the result we were after and not the performance we were after either.” He continued with a reference to what it would mean to defeat England: “What a buzz it would be to do that at Murrayfield, I’ve played there against England before, where I’ve felt throughout the whole game that we were going to beat them and we didn’t. I know that feeling, and I’m going to pass that on to the other guys who maybe haven’t had that experience yet, because I really want to beat them.” Scotland face off against England. 17:00 Saturday 8th of February in a sold out Murrayfield stadium. With Scotland’s dignity, their six nations campaign and the world famous Calcutta Cup at stake. Its sure to be an intense, unmissable 80 minutes of sport.

By Michaeal McDaid


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