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WorXshop Bowling is a crowd-sourced, limited-edition bowling ball company with a lot of knowhow and a little bit of sass. We are revolutionizing the way bowling balls are created and sold to the public. We are focused on giving bowlers a voice before production begins. WorXshop Bowling is owned and operated by Paul and Amy Ridenour. Paul is a former Senior Research Engineer at the United States Bowling Congress. Until recently, he was also a staffer with Radical Bowling Technologies and learned at the right hand of Mo Pinel, master ball designer. Amy is an experienced graphic artist, designer, creator, artist, and marketer — basically, she’s got everything Paul can’t do with his engineering, tactical brain covered.

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Why WorXshop? Giving bowlers a voice before production begins is what inspired us to start WorXshop Bowling. Pro shops can manipulate ball motion with drilling changes and make surface adjustments after drilling, but this doesn’t give bowlers a choice before a ball is mass produced. We want to provide bowlers with choices and the opportunity to tell us which ball motion they’re looking to use on the lanes right now. We want to give you the balls you want in the colors you’ve always wanted to see. We sell directly to our WorXshop Ballers – our customers.

How it WorX At the launch of each production cycle, we will unveil that cycle’s unique ball options with videos so you can see the exact motion each ball offers and how it will handle on the lanes. After we debut the ball options, our WorXshop Ballers will have the opportunity to vote on which ball will be produced by placing pre-orders on our website. The ball with the most pre-orders will go into full production. Anyone who pre-orders one of the other selections will have the option of purchasing the produced ball, receiving a credit toward another purchase or a full refund. Once it has been manufactured, that’s it! The ball won’t be made again.

Ball motion options are the heart of each of WorXshop’s production cycles, and will fall into three general categories — classic, angular and torque. The classic ball choice will provide the early and arc type motion. This used to be the only ball motion option, however it is still sought after on sport shots and super wet/dry house shots. The angular ball choice will provide the skid/snap motion. It will be clean through the front end of the lanes, and angular in the backend to create increased entry angle and carry. This is the type of reaction that makes the ladies swoon and men give props when you leave your fourth stone nine pin in a row. The torque ball choice will provide asymmetrical ball motion. More often than not, asymmetrical balls read the late mid-lane and give bowlers a stronger reaction than classic balls that carry better due to less deflection through the pocket. WorXshop Bowling | 3

FAILSAFE $129.99 The Classic Choice Failsafe is a low RG, low differential bowling ball that provides a smooth, continuous motion off of the breakpoint while simultaneously offering the overall total hook profile that bowlers have been asking for. The royal purple and aqua colored bowling ball has great visual appeal and a predictable ball motion that is good for the start of any regular league or during a tougher flat pattern shot during a tournament. Older players, high rev players, and players who crave predictability out of a bowling ball choice will gravitate towards Failsafe. During our testing of this ball, we found this choice was the one we kept coming back to due to its predictable motion on most wet/dry house conditions. The out of the box surface at 2000 grit allows bowlers to still play the track during house conditions without being too early overall. A great overall ball choice out of the classic line.

ORDER FAILSAFE AT WORXSHOPBOWLING.COM Undrilled Numbers • Low RG: 2.501” • Total Differential: 0.035” • Coverstock Surface Prep: 500/2000 grit Abralon • Coverstock Strength*: 6/10 • Core Strength**: 8.1/25 • Versatility Index+: 62% 121.1% • Drilling layout for our test ball: 40° x 4 ¼” x 40°

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HARDENED $129.99 The Torque Choice Hardened features an asymmetrical core. We wanted to create a torque option that would read the late mid-lane while featuring more angle and overall hook on the backend (compared to the classic choice, Failsafe). This ball will have a very familiar motion for those players who love asymmetrical ball motion. Hardened reads in the late-midlane while providing a continuous, strong motion through the pins. Due to the lower intermediate differential, Hardened does not roll as forward off of the breakpoint as most asymmetrical balls on the market. The continuation off of the breakpoint is important to create carry for this choice. Hardened stars a royal purple and lime green color scheme which announces that this ball is ready to take on the majority of lane conditions.

ORDER HARDENED AT WORXSHOPBOWLING.COM Undrilled Numbers: • Low RG: 2.516” • Total Differential: 0.052” • Intermediate Differential: 0.012” • Coverstock Surface Prep: 500/2000 grit Abralon • Coverstock Strength*: 7/10 • Core Strength**: 12.7/25 • Versatility Index+: 71.3% - 125.2% • Drilling layout for our test ball: 50° x 4 ¼” x 40°

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POP! $129.99 The Angular Choice Pop! features a unique core to WorXshop Bowling specifically designed for our ballers. It will be the strongest symmetrical pearl on the market! The 0.048” total differential of Pop! means the ball can be drilled to influence the overall strength of the ball based on your chosen layout. This is our longest choice out of the box. For more overall hook, hit the cover with a grey pad lightly or a 2000 grit abralon pad and the ball goes into maximum potential mode! Pop! is the most angular off of the breakpoint, of our Cycle #1 offerings. It allows you to create maximum entry angle into the pocket later to increase carry and continuation through the pocket. The royal purple and silver colors of Pop! provides shelf appeal.

ORDER POP AT WORXSHOPBOWLING.COM Undrilled Numbers • Low RG: 2.510” • Total Differential: 0.048” • Coverstock Surface Prep: 500/1000/Polished • Coverstock Strength*: 8/10 • Core Strength**: 13.7/25 • Versatility Index+: 51.3% 135.2% • Drilling layout for our test ball: 40° x 4 ¼” x 40°

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* Coverstock Strength

+ Versatility Index

The coverstock strength number is an incorporation of our internal testing and some external testing done by the USBC and others. Most coverstocks will be between five and nine, however WorXshop may try using a super aggressive coverstocks or urethane covers in the future.

The versatility index is a measure of how much you change the total differentials in a bowling ball with the weakest drilling we would recommend in the ball and the strongest layout. This is a range of how tunable that particular choice will be out of the box.

** Core Strength The core strength is a number developed from our own internal core ratings system that has developed since Paul’s days at the United States Bowling Congress. It takes into account a multitude of things into the number. Most symmetrical cores will not go above a 20 out of 25, while most will be around eight to 14, while asymmetrical cores will be between 14 and 25. We may even try and reach a score of 28. What does a high core strength number mean? A high core strength number, paired with the right coverstock will improve carry through the pocket, have a sharper breakpoint, and will maintain its path more through the pocket.


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Worxshop Bowling Cycle 1 Catalog  

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Worxshop Bowling Cycle 1 Catalog  

Check out the Cycle 1 ball choices from WorXshop Bowling!