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Laughter Issue

The people have wanted more and you paid close to $60,000 for it. Awkward Black Girl will return for a second season. What’s in this issue?

43 Editor’s Obsessions

24 Meet Issa Rae

of The Awkward Black Girl. Her Fan-base donated $60,000 just to see another season of her web-series! Meet The Incomparable Powerhouse, Issa Rae.

WARNING: YOU WILL WANT ONE TOO! Read all about the singular creation occupying the mind of our fashion forward Editor and Chief.


57 A Worthy Life Remembering the life of Erica Baker 6. Editors Share WHAT MAKES OUR EDITORS LAUGH?

56 Engagement Announcements

28 Fashion Must-haves

When Someone Finds Love, Its A Story Worth If Fashion is an Addiction, then We Have Celebrating.. Its Always a Tale Worthy Telling. Got Your Fix. We Have Everything That Is Read This Months Beautiful Love Story. Fit For Your Wardrobe. In Style & Within Your Budget.

November News At A Glance 9 ALL OF THE NEWS YOU NEED TO KNOW The News At A Very Quick Glance!

Meet Aydrea 46 The Creator And The Beautiful Face Of The Oreo Experience.


Online sensation Dormtainment, is a force to be reckoned with. They have had us laughing for quite some time. Meet them here.

38. Everyday Style

Republicans to the rescue 58 What Are They Missing? 52 Got Jokes? Meet Barry 48

44 Style with our celebrity stylist

BGKI with Neil Alvin 36 Meet Kristina E. Taylor 30 Who Is The Next Great Designer? We Have Someone You Should Meet! Check Out The Forward Fashions of Kristina Taylor!

Calendar of Events and must see TV 11

A Worthy Recipe 54 A Worthy Read 23 Album Review - Cole world 20

Editor’s Diary

“The most wasted of all days is one without laughter.” ~E.E. Cummings

It’s so easy, as we get older, to over-look the importance of laughter. This issue is intended to not only remind you of how important it is to be able laugh at yourself and life, but to inspire you as well. I am a fan of honest humor. I define that as humor that most resembles real life and is grounded in a level of truth. I think the best humor not only makes us laugh, but it also provokes thoughts and discussions. I think that the featured interviews do an amazing job of doing that for people. Their stories will inspire you and should serve as proof to you that you are capable of making your own dreams come true. How inspiring is that Issa Rae was able to reach and stir and audience that has been described unreachable and not easily engaged? She raised almost $60,000 in 30 days from a predominately online audience, which consisted largely of minorities. Her story is amazing. All of the comedians featured in this issue take bold risks by putting themselves and their humor out there, while also making their own way to gain an audience following. Dormtainment, Barry and Aydrea are people to admire. I hope you enjoy reading their story as much as we enjoyed telling it. Thanks for reading. Much Love, Ju’lia Samuels

I find lots of different things funny, but nothing can compare to the joy I find in the use of funny metaphors. I might sound nerdy, but if an artist, friend or acquaintance uses a funny or refreshing metaphor, I always smile. William J. Kennedy - Music Editor

Laughter and children to me, go hand in hand. They are simple but hilarious. They always manage to say and do the craziest things and they are sincere. It's pure and perfect. Whitney JohnsonExecutive Editor

"I always have moments where I'll remember a crazy conversation or something really funny that happened years ago and laugh to myself. While everyone watching probably thinks I'm a crazy, I can't help it if random memories make me laugh." Toni-Ann MartinManaging Editor

A good old fashion comedy. Richard Pryor is classic. Ju’lia Samuels- Editor-inChief

It has to be making others laugh! I'm a natural goofball!" David Michael Fashion Director

What or who makes them laugh the most. Editors Share

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News At A Glance


HOPE FOR AMERICA According to new data, reported by The Washington Post, The U.S. economy is growing at a faster rate then it has, in over a year. The nation’s economy achieved a 2.5% growth rate, in GDP, allaying fears of a double dip recession. The number of people filing for unemployment insurance is also down. Exports grew at a 4% annual rate and the stock market is poised for unprecedented growth. The S&P 500, is on pace for it’s best month since 1974. These new signs of life are welcome news for millions of Americans still looking for work, in what was the worst economic decline since the Great Depression. Perhaps HOPE IS ON THE HORIZON! XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


This month the Editor of Worthy Magazine is obsessed with the new Kindle Fire. The 7 inch tablet from Amazon gives users unlimited access to Amazon's inexhaustible supply of movies, music, e-books and magazines. However, it's not Amazon's huge content library that has consumers so excited, it's the $199 price tag that has made the Kindle Fire, this HEAT UP Christmas season's must have device. But consumers (like our fearless editor) might want to hold their cash because Barnes and Noble has decided to enter the tablet fray, with a refresh of it's popular Nook Color. The original Nook Color, which sells for $249 wasn't intended as a tablet but to the surprise of B&N, consumers soon hacked the device, creating a compelling and cheap tablet alternative. The Nook Color has become the only, successful Android based tablet/e-reader and it's paid off for publishers of magazines and books. 75% of Nook buyers are women and the Nook has become their preferred method of purchasing magazines and books. B&N aims to build on this success, with a true tablet- no hacking required-and much to the chagrin of Amazon, the new Nook will be debuting Nov. 7 whereas the Kindle Fire, won't begin delivering until Nov.15. It's getting pretty exciting in the tech world!


CANCER STRIKES AT HEART OF BRAZIL Former President of Brazil, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva has been diagnosed with cancer. The former President is one of Brazil's most popular leaders. De Silva was the nation's first leftist leader. He lifted millions out of poverty and set the nation on it's current path towards prosperity. The heart of the entire nation of Brazil has been pierced. Worthy prayers go out, to one of the world's truly great leaders.


ABC News is reporting that YAZ,-one of the nation’s most popular forms of Birth Control is potentially hazardous to the health of women. YAZ was once marketed as the “super-pill” and “the pill for PMS”. The FDA however, objected to this marketing as dishonest and misleading because YAZ (as it turns out) displayed no ability to curb the effects of PMS, as it’s marketers claimed. Bayer Pharmaceuticals was forced to change it’s misleading marketing, but by that time, YAZ was already earning $2 billion dollars a year. The inability of YAZ to calm the symptoms of PMS, were the least of the problems with the drug, which causes significantly more blood clots than most contraceptives. Women who took the drug in the hopes of curing their acne, found themselves suffering from clots that caused paralysis, coma’s and death. ABC covered the story of Carrisa Ubersox, a 24 year old, pediatric nurse. She took the drug to cure her acne, ahead of her wedding. She wound up, with severe leg pains that eventually lead to a two week coma, and now, life-long blindness. Ladies, if your taking YAZ, be sure that you are informed of the risks.

YAZ, A Danger To Women's Health


The always controversial Sarah Silverman is about to launch a new comedic special. She has titled the endeavor, “LIVE FROM N*****HEAD: Stripping The Paint off of good ol’ fashioned racism”. The provocative title references the term, “NIGGER-HEAD” which was the name given to a hunting club owned by Presidential contender Rick Perry. The term was painted on a large boulder at the entrance of the club and the hunting ground was widely known by the name. Silverman tells Entertainment Weekly that “The positive thing about N-head and other outwardly racist actions — like trying to put the Confederate f— ing flag on Texas license plates — is that it’s no longer just a gas in the air. It’s something you can point to. It’s something you can fight against and expose. So I see this as an opportunity that should be taken”. The event will be held in Rick Perry’s home state, Texas and all proceeds will be going to the NAACP.

HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS President Obama has announced the end of the Iraq War. He will be bringing ALL of our active duty troops home, in time for the holidays. It has been a very long nine years and our troops have fought valiantly. They are Certainly WORTHY of our appreciation.

NEW TV LINE UP Vampires and werewolves have been done and overdone, but the mysterious world of witches is fertile ground for excitement and drama. The Secret Circle from the CW Network, follows the life of 16 year old Cassie as she discovers the incredible powers awakening in her. Friends accompany her as she bonds with her "circle" of fellow high school witches and love ensues as she falls in love with Adam, a fellow off limits witch, Cassie's circle leader. Drama. Drama. Witchcraft and more Drama!

Revenge is a dish served cold and if you ask the lead character in ABC's new drama, Revenge is best served without warning. Madeline Stowe plays Victoria Greyson, a woman that reacquaints herself with the community that destroyed her family. Let's just say she isn't there to let bygones be bygones.

BUFFY IS BACK! Rather it's Sarah Michele Gellar in a new role and a new television series. "Buffy" (oops) Gellar stars in this television drama as Bridget Kelley a recently sober woman that has the misfortune of witnessing a professional mob hit. In fear for her life she flees to New York, where she reunites with an estranged identical twin sister. The pair rekindle the family flame but soon after Buffy's sister.....we mean Bridget Kelly's sister is lost at sea on a cruise, creating an opportunity for Bridget to assume the life of her presumably dead sister. If you ever want to find yourself and find greater meaning in life, move to a small town in the south. That is how it seems to work in The Hart of Dixie. In this CW Drama, a high society, recent med school graduate is given the opportunity to join a small medical practice in Bluebell, Alabama. When the partner that invited her suddenly dies, she finds that he inexplicably left half of his practice to her. Despite being out of her element, utter disgust for her mother and opulent background, convinces her to give Bluebell a shot. She finds that small towns have their charms and some set backs are actually steps forward.

NEW TV LINEUP There has always been an unfortunate paucity of positive roles and depictions of the African American family on television. Rushing in to fill that vacuum is the simply delightful, REED BETWEEN THE LINES. The B.E.T, romantic comedy stars perennial television favorites of the African American community. Malcolm Jamaal Warner and Tracey Ellis Ross play a husband and wife duo, with a penchant for public displays of affection. Ms. Ross brings her quirky comedic timing, and impeccable fashion to this well written series. It is worth stating twice, that Ellis Ross has a wardrobe that could make Sarah Jessica Parker jealous. Malcolm Jamaal Warner brings the lives of most television viewers full circle as the former child star of the Cosby Show, now plays the modern equivalent of Cliff Huckstable-as the loving father of two adorable children and PhD, English Professor. This is a can’t miss television show for most viewers, but especially for those that have been longing for wholesome, and honest depictions of African Americans (Check Local Times and Listings) WELCOME TO SWEETIE PIESWelcome to Sweetie Pies is quite possibly going to be the first hit for OWN-Oprah Winfrey’s Television network. The show follows the owners of an incredibly successful soul food restaurant. The head of the Montgomery family is the infectiously lovable Robbie; a former Ike and Tina Turner background singer. She started the Sweetie Pies Restaurant by selling the sandwiches her mother made for her as a child living in the projects. True to Oprah and OWN’S feel good mantra, Welcome to Sweetie Pies is a show that highlights the familiar values of the American Dream. The entrepreneurial spirit is exemplified by Robbie the Matriarch and Redemption is present in her son, who has rehabilitated himself after a brief stint in prison, but has become the invaluable manager of Sweetie Pies two-soon to be-three, locations. The family is at times blunt-but always lovable and the show is almost as addictive as the food they serve at Sweetie Pies (Check Local Times and Listings) If Welcome To Sweetie Pies will be the OWN Network’s first hit, the new Rosie Show will almost certainly be the second. If anyone wondered if Rosie’s hiatus from television diminished her acumen for comedy, this show will answer those questions with an emphatic NO! The Rosie show is part variety show, game show, interview style show, with a brief period of stand up comedy. Rosie begins each show standing before her audience with a tall standing mike, reminiscent of her days on the comedy club scene. The veteran comic riffs with her audience, including them in as much of her prepared routine as possible. She is sarcastic, quick and brilliant. It’s great to see Rosie O'donnell back where she belongs; in front of an audience making her laugh. We are sure that she will also be right back at the top of the ratings leader board!

Calendar of events and memorable dates

Edited By: Ju’lia Samuels


Talk that Talk will be in stores. We just can’t get enough of Rihanna.

Give Thanks There is a lot to be grateful for in the month of November, and we are not just talking about Thanksgiving.



National Candy Day

This Month


King Tut’s tomb was discovered in 1922 on this day.


That you need to about

14 Macy’s Annual Holiday Parade will be taking place

We bet you didn’t know that is National Cake Day. If you did know, good job. Either way eat up, for us!!!

Drakes album take care is scheduled to OFFICIALLY be released on the 15th. The album was pushed from its original release date which was October 24th.

Worthy Events in November


National Cake Day

Kanye West and Jay-Z concert come to South Florida

The Throne Concert MUST SEE event

By: Kaira Traver



I sat down for a Skype interview with the guys from Dormtainment and could not stop laughing. I’ve known Michael Anthony, 24, and Cameron Miller, 23, since our days at Walter C. Young Middle School and Charles W. Flanagan High School in Pembroke Pines, Fla. The best-friend duo along with Cameron’s brother Chaz Miller, 29, met Amanuel Richards, 24, of Washington, D.C., Rome Green, 23, of North Carolina, and Tay Dier, 23, of Detroit, and started the college entertainment website The site gets 200,000 hits per month, and Dormtainment has more than 29,000 followers on Twitter, two Facebook fan pages with 20,000 members each, and a YouTube channel with 40,000 subscribers. Thanks to their latest parody video, “Straight Outta Dunwoody,” Dormtainment has received attention from local media outlets and landed on mainstream comedy sites. They’ve been on television several times in the past few weeks, including an exclusive at-home interview on Atlanta’s Fox 5 News. I spoke with four of the six members of the comedy group—Cameron was at work, Rome was missing in action, and Chaz woke up from a nap to join us halfway through—to discuss how they got started, their newfound fans and --Toni-Ann Martin haters, !and what’s next for Dormtainment.

After high school Cameron moved to Atlanta, and as a student at the Art Institute of Atlanta, he met Amanuel, Rome and Tay. They all became good friends when Michael and Chaz moved to Atlanta in September 2008, escaping tiresome feelings of Florida. The urge to try something new and creative led to the launch of in March 2009. “We looked toward the Internet being a cost-effective way of starting a business. As we started to grow, we noticed people loved the video aspect of it, so we decided to focus on that,” Tay said. Inspiration for their videos comes from every-day conversations. “A lot of them start off with a “what if,” and “would it be funny?” Michael said. These ideas led to the creation of videos such as “Basketball Husbands,” a parody of Vh1’s hit reality show “Basketball Wives,” “F**cking Wit Chaz,” a series of videos in which the group plays pranks on Chaz, and “Chat’n with Leon,” another series with Leaning Leon, a character inspired by Michael’s Jamaican culture. Every Sunday at 7 p.m., Dormtainment releases a new video. The latest was a mix of horror and comedy with the Halloweenthemed, three-part series “Dormtainment’s October.” They’ve lived in Atlanta for five years—three years for Chaz and Michael—and before moving to Dunwoody, Ga., lived downtown. “No one is home. Everyone is young and out and about,” said Michael, of their old neighborhood. Four of the members moved to Dunwoody in April. While settling in, Michael needed help to hang his television on the wall but didn’t have the drill bits needed, so he asked the neighbor for help. His neighbor came over with the proper tools, offered to help hang up the television and asked if they wanted anything to eat. The guys have seen this generosity and friendliness from other neighbors as well and appreciate their new neighborhood so much that they decided to make a video about it. “We thought, what if we made a hardcore song about how nice something is?” “You are now about to witness the values of suburb life,” says Michael in the opening scene. The beat drops from NWA’s 1980s hit “Straight Outta Compton,” and the six young, black men appear, clad in collared shirts, cardigans and khakis, walking the streets of Dunwoody rapping about their clean, quiet neighborhood that has WIFI everywhere. Since the video was posted in early October, Dormtainment was interviewed on Fox News and the video aired on The Today Show on NBC. “Straight Outta Dunwoody,” was also their first video to be featured on the popular comedy website College Humor and the Huffington Post’s comedy section. In the past few weeks, the media attention has caused an increase in their Twitter and Youtube following, and a few top agencies from Los Angeles have shown interest in representing the comedy group. The responses garnered from the rap parody, and the majority of work they’ve produced thus far has been overwhelmingly positive. Most comments about the Dunwoody video were congratulatory and encouraging,







Cameron !

but one man’s racist remark caught the group off guard. “There was a picture of us on Good Day Atlanta dressed in cardigans,” Tay emphasized, pointing to his navy blue cardigan, “and someone said it looked like a prison photo.” More than 20 people left comments defending the group and blasting the man for his ill-mannered comment. Similarly, when a group of members on YouTube began excessively flagging Dormtainment videos claiming the content was inappropriate, their YouTube channel was terminated. More than 30 fans made videos entitled, “Bring Dormtainment Back,” protesting the termination, and since then, their account has been restored. “For every 2,000 fans, there’s one hater. I don’t read the comments anymore or search our name. I don’t need to see the negativity,” Michael said. In September they posted “Penny Pong,” a skit with Michael and Chaz in an intense battle “slapping” a penny back and forth using paper cups. The two would not stop for anything, no matter where they were—the train, a restaurant, a cafeteria or a courtyard—as onlookers gawked at them. Since then, more than 50 videos have been uploaded to YouTube of fans playing penny pong. In addition to viral videos, Dormtainment has visited Georgia college campuses for live shows. They start with a 90s-music inspired grand entrance and deliver a show filled with improv games they play with the crowd, including a sound effects game, dating game, and “Club Vlog” where they act out situations that happen in the club. In their last show at the University of Georgia on Oct. 18, Michael asked the audience, “You know when you’re in the club and the DJ plays a song that makes the guys dance a little feminine?” Then Cameron hopped on stage to do “the Dougie.” UGA students tweeted, “Dormtainment got everybody hype up in here! I haven't laughed like that in a while! You guys were hilarious tonight!” Their next live show is at Penn State University in November, but the group hopes to focus primarily on their Internet skits, and preparing for performances takes time away from video production and other projects they are working on. The group has decided to produce an album after a successful mixtape release last year. Fans can expect to hear the satirical lyrics exhibited in “Straight Outta Dunwoody,” but the group will focus more on creating original content. “To create something that’s original and have people like it is very hard, and that is what we aim to do,” Michael said. They’ve amassed a following nationwide and internationally. People know their names; from getting stopped by 50 people at a music festival in Atlanta to being recognized as “Tay from Dormtainment” in London. “Even had homeless people tell us they like us,” Michael said. “And how do you know they’re homeless? I asked. He said, “Because they ask for change right after.”

A Cole World By William J. Kennedy

J. Cole The Sideline Story J. Cole’s debut album, “Cole World: The Sideline Story,” dropped on Sept. 27 and is nothing short of classic. Debuting at #1 on the US Billboard 200 chart, over 217,000 copies of the album were purchased during its first week in stores. Despite blog comments and Internet speculation over Cole’s potential success—or failure—his debut album holds its own among some of the greatest debut albums in hip-hop history.

To quote Cole, “A little birdie told me on the low you got a ‘Illmatic,’” a reference to Nas’ debut album, which is considered by some hiphop fans and experts as the standard of debut albums in the rap world. Luckily for Cole, that comparison is unfair. I would contend that Cole’s album is better than “Illmatic” in a few ways. First and foremost, Cole’s album is already recognized by fans and experts as a great debut album, and it’s been out less than a month. It took “Illmatic” a while to garner such recognition.

Secondly, there was more at stake for Cole in dropping this album. With blogs being the make-or-break factor in today’s hip-hop culture, J. Cole, Roc Nation’s first signee, has managed to garner mostly positive attention for his mix tapes, and this led many to chalk Cole up to being just another blog rapper, destined to be shelved by his label.

J. Cole’s debut album,“Cole World The Sideline Story,” dropped on Sept. 27 and is nothing short of classic.

Worthy Classic

A Cole World Edited by William J Kennedy

Who can blame the bloggers, though? Just because Jay-Z signed you doesn’t mean you’ll be great. See Beanie Sigel, Freeway and other former Roc-A-Fella artists.

The album is light on guest appearances—only Trey Songz, Drake, Missy Elliott and Jay-Z are featured—and allows Cole to do what he does best: make great music.

Plus, Cole failed to produce a #1 single on the album, and his initial single “Who Dat,” which dropped in 2010, failed to gain the momentum necessary for Cole to parlay its success into a debut album release.

While the entire album is good, certain songs stand out from the rest. The afore-mentioned “Nobody’s Perfect,” “Mr. Nice Watch,” which features a magma-hot verse from Jay-Z on the song’s dub stepinspired beat, and “Breakdown” are particularly good because of a combination of content, production and emotion.

The pressure to succeed after such a major co-sign would be enough to break any artist. But any doubt that Cole was ready to be a major force in hip-hop was silenced when he spit “Cole under pressure/ What that make? Diamonds,” on Lion Kingsampling “Return of Simba,” released by Cole back in May. Perhaps by coincidence—or it might’ve been planned—Cole’s first album dropped when he was 26—the same age Jay-Z was when he dropped “Reasonable Doubt.” While its difficult and silly to compare new albums with classics like “Reasonable Doubt” and “Illmatic,” it’s not hard to see why Cole’s debut may be considered a classic by the masses in due time. Like other successful debut albums in hip-hop, such as “Reasonable Doubt,” “Illmatic,” Biggie’s “Ready to Die” and Big Pun’s “Capital Punishment,” “Cole World” captures the essence of the period it was recorded in. Throughout the album, which was produced almost entirely by J. Cole, he weaves relatable stories of pain and heartbreak with braggadocio and cocksure swagger to create an intricate picture of not only his life but also the lives of many Americans. From “Lost Ones,” which tells a story of unplanned pregnancy from the perspective of both a man and a woman, to the Curtis Mayfield-sampling “Nobody’s Perfect,” which features a hypnotically catchy hook from Missy Elliott, Cole proved that he can hold it down in the songwriting and beatmaking departments.

The 16-track album also features—to the chagrin of some bloggers—a few “old” J. Cole songs, including “Lights Please,” the song that coaxed Jigga to sign him. Without these older tracks, which include “Lights Please,” the Drake-assisted “In the Morning,” and the leaked “Lost Ones,” the album may not have felt complete. The album’s arrangement is immaculate and allows keen listeners to understand the concepts of the songs and put themselves in the speakers’ shoes. “Cole World” proves that J. Cole is sticking to his word of telling more than his own story. College students and grads can relate to his struggles to pay back Sallie Mae, and many fans can relate to the struggles he depicts in his songs, which include stories of drug addiction, lack of financial resources and fighting against the odds. With many lives being destroyed by economic hardships and normal life struggles, “Cole World: The Sideline Story” provides the soundtrack of perseverance in 2011. In years to come, I have no doubt that this album will be considered a classic by fans and experts alike because of its stunning combination of content, focus and Cole’s ability to tell every man’s story. Cole World. No Blanket.

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We imagine our world to be consumed by violence and conflict but a new book challenges our self deprecating myths. Steven Pinker, a Harvard Psychologist, says that our world is not more violent. In fact, he argues that violence is in sharp decline. In his new book “The Better Angels of Our Nature: Why Violence Has Declined,” Pinker explains that while the ethnic cleansing in Darfur and the perpetual infighting in the Middle East might seem to indicate that the world is embroiled in more war then ever, Pinker argues that statistics prove just the opposite.

The increasingly destructive capacity of war and the fact that terrorists can buy powerful weaponry as easily as teenagers buy alcohol has created the popular impression that an increasing number of people are dying as a result of war but Pinker points out, that this is not true either. We actually have fewer wars then humanity has ever had and when we do have wars, those wars are actually less deadly than ever. Of-course these numbers depend on an understanding of statistics in which the hard number of deaths can increase but in terms of our growing population, the percentage of human lives we loose to war and violence can decline. The books premise is compelling but it isn’t unchallenged by critics, who suggest that Pinker is grading on a very large curve. They argue that his assessment of violence, relative to our growing population is a terrible standard to utilize. According to Robert Epstein, of the Scientific American, “By this logic, when we reach a world population of nine billion in 2050, Pinker will conceivably be satisfied if a mere two million people are killed in war that year”. While it may be a bit premature to congratulate ourselves, It is tempting to accept Pinker’s thesis. For those of us that are optimists, Pinker’s book is long awaited good news. We are more than willing to accept, even a hair’s worth, of proof that humanity is evolving. No matter what conclusion we come to, Mr. Pinker’s book is interesting. And thats why its this month’s WORTHY READ!

A Worthy Inspiration

Issa Rae is becoming a growing force in the entertainment industry. Her list of achievements are still growing: Signed to UTA and 3 Arts Entertainment, College Tour, raised close to $60,000 in 30 days, and oh yes the return of The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl for a second season. It’s clear that Awkward is not just a trend.

How did she do it? Close to $60,000 in 30 days Stanford graduate and comedic visionary By Ju’lia Samuels

Issa Rae’s story should literally breathe inspiration into the lungs of every recent college graduate battling the tumultuous tidal waves known as the job market. There are not many people left who have not heard of the Awkward Black Girl phenomenon. As more people become acclimated to the online series, fans are wanting to know more about the woman behind the show that has us checking Youtube regularly. I was lucky enough to pick Issa’a brain and discuss the success of her online series and the recent support that she has received to bring “The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl” back for a second season.

When did you realize that you wanted to act? I realized that I wanted to act when I got cast as Demetrius in my elementary school rendition of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” Yes, Demetrius -- the guy. But I got so many compliments about my performance that I started to think that maybe I was good at it.

Congrats on the show. How did it make you feel seeing people come out and support the show? You raised well over the budget. Thank you! It makes me feel great that people are supporting the work. The amount of support was very overwhelming in a positive way and seeing people take the time to create the account, put their information in and ACTUALLY donate is what makes it worth it. It makes me happy that people are longing for this type of art and comedy and they are willing to do what they can to support it. What do you think about people taking on a more active role about what they want to see? We saw it happen with “The Game” and your show. What do you think that says about what viewers want to see? I think it’s great that people are taking on an active role in what they want to see. It means people want more than just the trashy reality TV shows out there. And that’s not to say that I don’t absolutely ENJOY trashy reality TV, but when it’s the ONLY depiction of us, then it gets frustrating. I think the internet allows viewers to have more control of what they want to see and to spread the word about what they enjoy watching. Back in the day, there were 4 or 5 television stations and you had to watch what was on them. Now viewers have WAY more choices in terms of making clear what they want to see. What made you start the show? I was tired of not seeing an AfricanAmerican female in a major role on television that I could relate to. When I was forwarded an article from CLUTCH MAGAZINE asking “Where is the Black Liz Lemon?” I knew I had to jump on my idea. The writer of the article, Leslie Pitterson, described her awkward adolescence as a black girl and talked about how these characters were not represented in the media for people of color; moreso Black women. PLUS, I just felt like the time was now for an AfricanAmerican female character like this to exist on screen.

I love the show. How did you create the character J? Does she remind of you of anyone? Thank you! The character “J” definitely reminds me of me. And she is an extended, exaggerated version of me … and Liz Lemon with a splash of Jerry Seinfeld. Why do you think people relate to her? I think people relate to her because she goes through situations that we’ve ALL been in at some point. She thinks a lot of the thoughts that we’ve ALL thought. She’s your everyday person who happens to be an Awkward Black Girl. When will the new season start? Will it still be five episodes and a grand finale? Yes, we’re currently still in season one. There are four more episodes left, including a season finale. The season finale (episode 12) airs January 12th, 2012. Then we’re going on hiatus and finishing out our college tour until season 2. Is it true that the web series will be moving to cable TV in the future? As of now, that is the goal. But nothing has been confirmed yet. We’re still trying to build our audience on the web until we can leverage our right to creative control. Congrats on signing with UTA - how do

you feel about that? Thank you! It super exciting to be represented by the same agency that reps some of my biggest influences.

Who inspires you ? So if you could invite 3 actress and or comedians over for dinner who would you invite? Definitely Donald Glover! I LOVE him. Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Larry David, Hannibal Burress, Aziz Ansari, Will Ferrell. Wait, that’s more than three … When you hear about women like Sanaa Hamari, who directed Sisterhood of the traveling pants 2 and Just Wright to name a few, and Shonda Rimes who created Grey’s Anatomy, Are you inspired by their successes as a woman of color? Why or why not? Absolutely! I have so much respect for both of them and I’ve always had a mentality that if they can do it, so can I. And it’s not even in a competitive sense. I just want to be able to do what they’re doing alongside them. Do you think that women in entertainment have a harder time becoming successful in the entertainment industry? Absolutely. There are just so many Hollywood cliques and very few of these cliques include women. It’s a man’s industry, even though SO many women go to the movies. There are so many barriers, but I just refuse to acknowledge them. Again, if these men can do it, so can I. You went to Stanford, what was your most awkward college moment? My college experience was full of awkward moments, with awkward people. I can’t even think of one off the top of my head, but I’m positive it involved a party, dancing and too much alcohol.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? I’d love to have a couple of feature films under my belt and I just want to be in a position to produce my own content and the content of other filmmakers/writers that I believe in. I’d also like to be acting more. Call to action: What advice would you give to someone is trying to be a successful business person? Or just go after their dreams? To do it! Stop making excuses about why you can’t do something right now because you’re waiting on such and such to happen. My biggest issue was making excuses because I thought I didn’t have the resources. But, ultimately, I had to find a way to acquire those resources, no matter how bootleg my acquisition was. I just think that successful business people don’t take “no” or “that’s impossible” for an answer.

Did you ever suffer from post grad blues? What advice would you give to someone dealing with that now? Most definitely! Missing my friends, seeing a lot of their successes while still holding on to my dreams of being in the industry. Broke and struggling. I definitely missed the ease and opportunity of college. I would just advise others to stay focused on what you want and find creative ways to make it happen for yourself.

“I thought I didn’t have the resources. But, ultimately, I had to find a way to acquire those resources, no matter how bootleg my acquisition was.”


style, Kristina Taylor and more Edited by Ju’lia Samuels and Marcus Williams

Worthy Fashion

Jewel By Lisa



We LOVE bloggers edition

more ! more must-have items, places to know and more... Edited by: Ju’lia samuels

Worthy Fashion Items

Elle’s latest style book is an absolute must-have.

Alexander Wang Monique Boots

Smythson Embossed iPad Case, $375, available at

Patricia High Heel Leopard Boot, $425,

Proenza Schouler necklace, $675

Original Satchel bag, $140

Tory Burch.

Minimal Baroque, Prada

Brian Atwood Maniac Pumps

Pirate Romance Earrings

Fashion Ettiket Worthy magazine got a chance to ask the woman behind Ettiket a few questions about her amazing collection of work.

Kristina Taylor Interview by Ju’lia samuels


I got the opportunity to ask the designer a few questions and I was honored that she even agreed. I can not tell you how much insight I got form this interview. But I believe that her story should inspire you. Kristina worked behind the Just based off of her resume alone, scenes for designer powerhouses you should know who Kristina that we know and love and decided Taylor is. However, if you don’t to take the bold step into the know her, the designer’s latest limelight and pursue her own collection will certainly ensure that dreams. Ettiket is creating a name you not only know her but become for itself. an avid fan of the talented designer’s work.

“Nothing can compare to the excitement that I felt when I saw my own line, Ettiket, featured in a three page spread of Teen Vogue June 2011.”

You have an AMAZING track record in design, which experience did you enjoy the most? Thanks so much! All of my experiences, good and bad, have shaped me to become the designer that I am today. While it was gratifying to see my work in Ralph Lauren stores around the world and online, nothing can compare to the excitement that I felt when I saw my own line, Ettiket, featured in a 3 page spread of Teen Vogue June 2011. It was the most incredible feeling seeing my work on the same pages of Kate Spade, Fendi, Marc Jacobs, etc.! How would you describe your line? What do you think makes it stand out? Ettiket by Kristina E. Taylor defines ready-to-wear with eclectic sophistication. The line evokes glamour and confidence by mixing patterns and prints – offering an unparalleled fashion experience and encapsulates a new sense of modernity. My mission is to “create beautiful pieces that make women feel beautiful…inside out”. Can you elaborate on the use of Turbans in your line? I incorporated the turbans into my line November 2010 and now I’m seeing turbans everywhere from the Luca Luca Spring 2012 collection to Jennifer Lopez music videos. I wanted something fun to finish off the look and I thought “what better than turbans?”!

What kind of woman would you say you are designing for? Everyone has experienced an occurrence when an interesting woman enters a room and you’re taken aback by their savoir-faire; you want to know her name, instantly becoming inquisitive about her life and being. “Who is this fair lady?” you ask? She’s my customer… whether she’s on London’s underground party scene, that aspiring model in NY, or the city girl about town. Where do you draw inspiration from? I draw inspiration from several people, places, and things. It could be a new song to people watching to a piece of art. There’s beauty in everything. Favorite piece of clothing you have ever designed? Great question! I designed a spring coat for an editor at Teen Vogue made of linen with raffia intertwined in the fabric to create a twill design. I used 9 different tribal inspired trims to adorn the neckline using gross grain, kari shells, and hemp cord. I was so impressed with my design, that I wanted to keep the jacket for myself!

Kristina Taylor

Who is your style icon? Some of my favorites include Zoe Saldana, Chloe Sevigny, Blake Lively, and Carrie Bradshaw...does she count? I read in Fashion Bomb Daily that you always wanted to have your own clothing line. How does it feel to have one? What exactly does this mean to you? It feels surreal at times when I sit and think about what I’ve accomplished so far with Ettiket, especially with the positive response from major magazine editors and bloggers. I still have a very long way to go. I believe the journey is everything, not the destination and I am truly enjoying the ride. What prompted you to take the leap and start your own line? As you’ve read, I’ve always wanted my own line, but I would have to say that my experience as a Fashion Publicist has served as a catapult for this dream to manifest. I worked behind the scenes for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week; surrounding myself with such great talent and creativity really inspired me to embark on my career as a designer. With hard work, dedication, and God by my side, I will one day have my own show at Fashion Week and hopefully inspire others to pursue their dreams. 10. What words of encouragement would you give to someone pursuing their dreams?


What is next for you? The changes to the site and your collection? I’m very excited about what the future holds for Ettiket! I’m currently working on a deal with selling my jewelry on the company’s site. I’m also launching in November 2011. I will be sure to let Worthy Magazine know when we officially launch!

“I’m very excited about what the future holds for Ettiket! I’m currently working on a deal with selling my jewelry on the company’s site”

Note Worthy Style

A Worthy Blogger Spotlight

Blogger Spotlight

Blogger Spotlight: ! Style is my thing with ! Soraya Carvalho She stands out to us for her unique style. Her use of colors The continuos hits of Christian Louboutins and Hermes handbags are just a plus. Our Worthy Blogger Spotlight presents a woman you should get to know. Inspiration? I get my inspiration from fashion shows, stylist, blogs and not forgetting my mum (I remember when I use to see her dressing up and wondering would I be like her some day?) lol Favorite Style Icon? I don’t really have a style icon. I just think there are some people out here who have style. No matter if they are famous (celebrities someone wearing designer brands) or a random person wearing high street clothes, they are still inspiring to me and I like that. One item in your closet you cannot do with? A good pair of high heels because; I think a woman cannot step out the door without wearing a good pair of heels. This adds confidence instantly. But also, it adds sophistication, glamour and elegance. Not forgetting that your legs look MARVELOUS. Â

Blogger to Know

Blogger to Know:

Like Au Mousse Chocolat My name is: Abigael Ngoma My style is: I love this new vintage style. I have fun mixing different colors or different pieces together. Who inspires me: Janelle Monáe, Solange Knowls, Dita Van Teese, Amy Winehouse and Nicole Richie.

My clothes are from: Paris, little boutique´s, o course H&M, Zara, Monki, Nelly, flea markets everywhere I have a personal fashion blog called http:// . I blog about fashion, new trends and also about celebrities styles.

“There's just something about an all black outfit that's just bad butt! Add in faux leather pants, a studded collar and animal print and you have instant rock star. This is one of my power outfits when I'm feeling uber confident and just want to strut down the street and have all eyes on me!� -Amy McDonald

Worthy Blogger Sweater - H&M, Faux Leather Pants - Gap, Shoes - Seychelles, Clutch - Love, Cortnie (

Baby Budget Blog

My 3 Must Haves: Dark Denim Levi's Custom Accessories Fitted Button Up

My Style... I wear what I want to wear, when I want to wear it, and I wear it with confidence.


Martinaez Johnson

An Editor’s Obsessions I want! I want! I want! Essie’s Turquoise & Caicos

The new large leather American Apparel carry-all pouch has to be one of my latest obsessions. The bold colors and the simplistic design is what I live for. The size is everything to me. I am pretty certain that I can get all my things in there and look good while carrying it all around.

Fashion blogger and editor-inchief of Worthy magazine, Ju’lia Samuels, lets you in on her latest purchases and obsessions that she is dying to have.

My nails never looked better It’s all in the bag........

I just recently gave into pampering myself on the weekends and this color from Essie’s brings me happiness and my nails look amazing in it.

Watch it....... This Michael Kors watch is perfection. I honestly think that the gold watch is the perfect accessory right now. It goes with everything. You can really dress is it up or down.

I am in love with my Crossbody bag from Target. I got it on sale. Wonderful purchase. I smiled all the way home

My perfect vintage ring



The BIG obsession in the perfect package!!! What can I say that hasn’t been said about this nice little number? I have been searching for the perfect pad. I am an Apple baby, however I need Flash. It is the reason my magazine can be seen. This is the answer to my prayers and my budget. Kindle Fire is my BIG obsession.

In my hometown there are quite a few thrift stores.When I stumbled into Deerfield Thrift with my younger brother, I spotted this beautiful ring that stood out in a sea of rings. This ring, for me, makes a wonderful statement and it has been very difficult for me to take it off.

David Michael

Stylist Talk with David Michael Atlanta based celebrity stylist David Michael, is a walking fashion dictionary, and he is constantly pushing the style envelope and adding new definitions to the style dictionary. In his latest essay for Worthy Magazine, our style director clues you in on the ever-growing battle between style and

Style Vs. Fashion: A Battle of Icons and Trendies By: D.Michael When you hear the name Victoria Beckham, what is the first thing that crosses your mind? Is it the skin tight peplum sheath dresses? Is it the vertigo inducing Christian Louboutins she normally adorns on her size seven feet? Or, honestly, is it the jaw dropping oneof-a-kinda Birkin Bags Jean-Paul Gaultier makes just for her? Whichever it is, Victoria's STYLE stands out amongst it all. It's that pulled together very ladylike look that she exudes no matter where she is. What about Mary-Kate Olsen? She always looks as if she just rolled out of a dumpster. But that's her, that is her style; she owns it! I have a saying that I have said on numerous occasions; "Style is definitive of the one but, felt by the masses". So you might ask is the difference between someone that has style and someone that is fashionable? There are many differences, some not so obvious, others blatantly so.


Let's first start by distinguishing what a fashionable person is. "Fashionistas" as I like to call them, are trendy; no more no less. They are up on the latest colors, fashion must haves and such. You see them every day. Generally, they look like a display in a "Forever 21" window or tragically like an ensemble that didn't make it on the catwalk. "Trendies," another name I call them, tend to generally and will always have more clothes then most people because they shop for trends and trends only. This unfortunately will result in frequent Goodwill trips for them and smart ways to store new clothes. We all have trendy friends. Half the time we go to the club, our lovely Trendies are there...along with the rest of the Trendies of your respected city. As I write this article, someone has dyed a patch in their hair blonde a lĂ Wiz Khalifa or even more dreadful "Rihanna Red". (RiRi you my girl but really)?

Victoria Beckham looking fabulous

David Michael Somewhere, Reigning Style Queen, Lady Gaga has inspired someone to recreate here Cyborg Funeral get-up from her "You and I" video. Trendies do have the capacity to be stylish; note the use of the word. As a professional, though that means little, I harbor a little resentment to the them (the Trendies). Fashion is an expression of artistic differences. There are no limitations to what you can do. Trendies bother me because often more times than not, the 'Bores' (term for people who know nothing of fashion) tend to mistake and sing the praises of Trendies. But who rivals them? Who trumps the Trendies? The "Icons" of course. Coco Chanel; The Chanel Suit. Marilyn Monroe; Red Lipstick. Anne Hathaway; Pretty and Polished. Katharine Hepburn; Trousers....Icons. All people full of style are "Icons," to me. The aforementioned people are just that. Iconic in there own way for all the right reasons. Even in today's society, we have some blooming Icons; Kanye West has SINGLE HANDEDLY changed the look and feel of men's fashion. The Olsen twins have gone from cute to fashion dictators as their line "The Row" grows ever larger. Gwen Stefani, has made a name for herself as a singer but even more so with her label, L.A.M.B. So what makes an Icon? Is it signature pieces that they wear or something more? Icons have style and lots of it! But what comes next is going to shock you; Style is an attitude, not just fashion. All of my "Icons" are standouts in their field. They pushed the envelop and wound up with pleasing results. Icons never care what anyone has to say about their garments. For them, clothes helped them to form an identity amongst a sea of Carbon Copy Cardboard Cutouts. I have been called an Icon myself, but I try not to get into the fray.

What I will say on my behalf is, style is something one must possess. How do you possess style? You must know yourself. I don't own one pair of sneakers; Nikes, Adidas', Jordans, etc. Not to say I can't wear them, they just never match anything I wear. I like ethnic pieces of clothing, jewelry, and outerwear. And that's all I own. But that also falls into the Rastafarian lifestyle I live. Now I will say this too, no style is original BUT your talent for naturally having it is! What that means is, you can easily make it your own by adding that touch of "you". Marilyn Monroe didn't invent red lipstick and beauty marks but you identify them with her because she made it hers by never leaving the house with out either of the two. She even went so far as kissing photographs for her autographs and drawing a beauty mark above said kiss. She also popularized the pencil skirt and the plunging neck line dress. So, what are you? Trendy or Icon? Only one way to find out, look in the mirror.

Coco Chanel

Anne Hathaway

Meet Aydrea the mastermind behind a new brand of humor that is sure spark conversation.

November 2011

A NEW KIND OF COMEDY Aydrea Walden is a growing online force. The name of her online sensation, The Oreo Experience, brings an uncomfortable issue back to the forefront of discussion. She is undoubtedly a name to know.

“I would describe my writing as similar to Tina Fey’s but whiter.” Aydrea Walden is ushering in her own brand of uncomfortable humor. It is a fresh and blunt form of satire. The Oreo Experience is all about a brutally honest white woman trapped in Black girl’s body. It sheds light on a section of black culture that is often misunderstood and hidden with-in the black community. Aydrea’s brilliantly constructed character is hilarious and brutally honest about her lack of inclusion in the black community. Video segments entitled, “Why I don’t date black men,” can cause those who are unfamiliar with The Oreo Experience to misconstrue the off brand of humor with actual social commentary.

“In the beginning, I got a fair amount of threats and even hate mail,” Aydrea said. Even now, when supporters visit The Oreo Experience’s Youtube channel, there are still messages posted on the site by fellow Youtube viewers who think Aydrea’s videos are not satire.

of discussion. Bringing back the issue of racial interaction in this social climate is a daring move. The ability to make people laugh about an issue many shy away from takes a tremendous amount of talent.

“Honestly, I feel sorry for you. Clearly, you have issues. Seriously, I think you should seek counseling. I do not know who hurt you or why but they messed you up. I will pray for you.” This statement is just one of many that are posted on The Oreo Experience’s channel.

Aydrea says, “I hope that it encourages people to think. It is really difficult to discuss the issues of race, gender, privilege and economic hardships. Typically someone is going to be defensive. I hope with the blog, it will help people discuss these things without there being a block and being called insensitive.”

However for every negative comment, multiple positive comments follow that encourage Aydrea to continue with her comedy and praise for her comedic performances.

Aydrea on starting The Oreo Experience:

It is all about the laughs for Aydrea. “At the end of the day, I am a comedy writer,” Aydrea said.

“Your videos are hilarious. It's a pity some of your viewers take them seriously, and don't get the humour behind it,” one Youtube user said commented, acknowledging the few negative comments left by others. “I really want you to have a show,” another Youtube user said. Those who are easily offended by Aydrea’s humor have probably never visited the official Oreo Experience Web site. The site is filled with commentaries on current events that shed light on the uncomfortable reality of racial interactions. Aydrea’s hope for her comedy is to open the floor

For more information on The Oreo Experience visit the Web site. CLICK HERE


Barry Naylor Does

No matter how much you despised grade-school days you will always remember the students who made them more bearable through the art of humor. Those infamous class clowns mastered the skill of frustrating their teachers while entertaining their classmates. By the time the teacher told them to stop being disruptive, the students had already lost focus and were doubled over in laughter. That was Barry Naylor; except teachers loved him. He proudly held the title as class clown throughout elementary, middle and high school. Making his classmates laugh became effortless, and he realized the strength of his humor when teachers were in tears from his jokes. His class-clown days might be over, but Naylor is still the guy who makes everyone laugh. Taking drama classes, joining improv groups and performing standup, he has evolved from class clown to amateur comedian and is working hard to take his talent to the professional level. By Toni-Ann Martin

Naylor hails from Edgefield, S.C., a town with only two traffic lights. In a close-knit community, he was the butt of all jokes for his friends and family, but he wasn’t an easy target. Naylor said he learned to fire back to defend himself. He has those same relatives to thank for his taste in comedy—the old greats like George Carlin, Redd Foxx and Richard Pryor. Although He appreciates today’s popular comedians, such as Martin Lawrence, Jim Carrey, Eddie Murphy and Kevin Hart, he doesn’t want to be influenced by their styles. His sole intention is to make people laugh, and at a young age, drama class gave him the opportunity to do so on stage. Naylor said his early performances are now hazy memories, but he recalls stealing scenes in the few small parts he played. Although his teachers encouraged him to try out for the gifted drama class offered at St. Thurmond High School, his audition did not secure him a spot in the class. “They didn’t think I was good enough. He said, ‘I think Barry would be better at a behind-the-scenes role, like a stagehand,” Naylor said. Disappointed with the teacher’s decision, “I just used that and said, ‘I’m going to prove him wrong.’” He enrolled in the regular drama class instead. The gifted class put on a major play each year and allowed the students from the regular drama class to perform one scene in the play. Their scene was well received by the audience and led the same teacher who rejected Naylor to ask him to be in the gifted class. He played the lead role in the annual play during his junior and senior year and was voted most likely to be on TV for senior superlatives. After high school, Naylor went to the University of Florida. He took an elective course in improv comedy, and in conjunction with the course,!

joined a group called Theater Strike Force where he learned the fundamentals of improvisation and performed in several shows on campus. He graduated from the University of Florida with a bachelor’s degree in telecommunication and moved to Tampa, Fla.! Seeking entertainment in his new town, he attended a Got Jokes Improv show at the Hip Hop Soda Shop. As a time-filler for the show, they asked audience members to get on stage and join in. The performance doubled as a live audition as Naylor and two other people performed with the improv group. Detroit native Daniel Jefferson,

himself. Jefferson applauds Naylor for his impeccable comedic timing, physical comedy, and strong work ethic. “He’s the type of person that if you put him on stage, if he had nothing but four things to say, he can make you laugh before he says the four things, while he’s saying the four things and after,” Jefferson said. He is confident that Naylor has what it takes to become a successful standup comedian. Naylor is constantly practicing and preparing new material for his shows. Entertaining is his passion, and if doing so brings people to tears (of laughter) then he has


Naylor and his castmates performed the introduction to the HBO Special at the Big Bang Talent Show in St Petersburg, Fla. founder and creator of Got Jokes, said Naylor was the clear favorite in the show. They skipped the formal audition process and immediately offered him a spot in the group. “There’s always been a swagger to Barry that existed but also a sense of humility. He truly did walk in with an x-factor,” Jefferson said. Naylor brought his improv experience into a cast made up of mostly standup comedians. He has performed with Got Jokes for the past three years to crowds of 150 to 300 people. They adopted his signature double-entendre game, the HBO Special, into the show’s grand finale. Naylor made his first attempt at standup comedy when he was invited to perform at Sacred Grounds Coffeehouse in Tampa, Fla. The audience enjoyed his set, but he is still getting used to being on stage by

done his job. The occasional heckler in the crowd might get picked on for giving the crew a hard time, but if it makes everyone else laugh then it’s fair game. “Nobody’s life is perfect, so to be able to control the attention of an audience, make them forget about all the negativity in their life and have them laughing is really a blessing,” Naylor said. Check out Got Jokes Improv presents: “Real Jokes Real Laughs,” at The Tampa Improv, 1600 E. Eighth Ave., on Nov. 9, and Naylor’s standup performance on Nov. 17 at Nova 535, 535 Dr. M.L. King Jr. St., in St. Petersburg, Fla. Don’t forget to visit Worthy Magazine online to watch some of Barry Naylor’s YouTube videos.

Blaze splurge-vs-steal/budget-friendly-tuxedo-looks

H&M Blazer Guess Blazer

If there is a must-have item for the fall, it is perfect tuxedo blazer. They can do wonders for an outfit. We can’t get enough.

Heart Ronson

Comfort Zone Studio & Spa is a unique alliance between Relaxation, Beauty, and Art. Our Art Gallery features paintings of Earth, Tranquility, Peace and Beauty as seen through the eyes of many talented artists.

Your comfort is our highest priority, because

Every Guest is a Guest of Honor

at Comfort Zone Studio & Spa.


What Are They Missing? By: Dominique Phillips I, like much of the country, recently took some time out to watch the GOP Debate, sponsored by Bloomberg News and the Washington Post. The debate included all of the Republican Presidential hopefuls; Rick Perry, Mitt Romney, Michelle Bachmann, Herman Cain, Rick Santorum, Ron Paul, Newt Gingrich, and Jon Huntsman. All of them took center stage again to tell the American people why they should be the next President of the United States. The first question went to "The Candidate of the Moment", Herman Cain. The honor of receiving the first question is a testament to his new role as front-runner. When all of these men, (and Michelle), announced their candidacy everyone was focused on Rick Perry and Mitt Romney but recently much of Rick's support has fled and jumped onto "the Cain Train". Cain was also positioned in the center of the stage, right next to the presumptive nominee, Mitt Romney. Could we be looking at the republican ticket? Herman Cain has come from out of no-where, riding a wave of genuine enthusiasm generated by his 9-9-9 plan. The incredible quandary is that when he first mentioned 9-9-9, no one, not even me, took this plan seriously. Even his competition in past debates, seemingly giggled when he mentioned it. But Cain, as it turns out is a master of overly simplistic, slightly misleading, but irresistibly compelling marketing. He has managed to propel himself into the top tier of candidates with no money, no real campaign organization, and no political experience. Whatever you ultimately conclude about 9-9-9, we have to admit Herman Cain has a pretty nice seat. He's held on to a lead that no one expected him to have in the first place. Sarah Palin labelled him, the "flavor of the month" but unlike Bachman and unlike Perry, Cain has lasted and he shows no signs of going anywhere. You've got to respect his gangsta(which I mean literally, he is the former C.E.O of Godfather's Pizza).

The “9-9-9” plan proposed by Herman Cain has good qualities but it also has some very bad qualities. The most damning fact of Cain's proposal is that his plan would injure an already severely wounded middle class. Michele Bachman, literally attempted to demonize the plan among the religious zealots that make up her base, by pointing out that turning the 9-9-9 plan upside down shows that the “devil” is in the details. While I would love to dismiss her statement as a somewhat morbid joke, the reality is that Bachman, Beck and the rest of songbirds of wing-nuttery have consistently attempted to connect President Obama with the gruesome biblical personage of evil incarnate. It's hard to ignore the fact that Bachman's opening salvo was to insinuate that, perhaps the other black guy running for the highest office in the land, serves the prince of darkness too! But then again, maybe it was just a joke? However despicable Bachman's intent, she is correct, "the devil is in the details". Herman Cain’s plan displays a shocking indifference towards the plight of working class of Americans. The middle class already pays a little under a seven percent sales tax. Under Herman Cain’s plan that tax would increase to nine percent which means more money out of the pockets of those who are struggling to make it in this economy. Once again the rich stay rich while the middle class becomes poor and the poor, literally becomes destitute as a result of his proposal. Throwing out 9-9-9 was brilliant. It's succinct and easy to digest. The familiar figures of 9-9-9 make Cain's proposal the political equivalent of an impulse buy. It gives the American people the idea that this proposed plan wouldn’t require a great deal of money. In contrast to President Obama's obnoxiously sober and nuanced plans, 9-9-9 fits perfectly into a thirty second sound bite. 9-9-9 is literally commercial-ready. But buyers beware. When was the last time you saw a worth while product pitched, infomercial- style? Voters need to get over the glitz, glamour and slick marketing of modern politics and ask themselves one simple question; Will 9-9-9 really work? Will any of the GOP proposals work?

The hopefuls, who sat on stage that Tuesday night, suggested that their respective plans would pass tomorrow if they were President. Governor Romney has a 59 point plan! 59 points! Rick Perry has released a Herman Cain inspired, plan, centered on a flat tax. I’m not really sure what Rick Santorum is doing because he didn’t get a lot of time on stage. The same is true of Ron Paul, Newt Gingrich and any of the other hopefuls who’s names weren’t Perry, Romney, and Cain. However, I digress. Why would these proposed tax and jobs plans work? No one really seemed to fully answer that question during the debate. Everyone says that they know what the American people want. They all claim that their plans would pass congress because they would be a better leader than President Obama. They ignore the fact that President Obama’s plans were well researched and generally popular and yet many politicians still found major faults with them. As I watched the debate I could not help wondering if this is really what the American people want? The GOP candidates were astonishingly addicted to avoiding reality. None of them dealt honestly with the most difficult questions our nation has to answer. None of them dealt honestly with the gridlock in Washington. Aside from the fact that we have a Republican controlled House their plans would still have to make it passed the democrat's Senate. We have a divided government that fails to find common ground on the most basic and trivial issues. I wondered as the candidates hurled one verbal firebomb after another at the democratic party, if any of them had bothered to ask themselves how they will possibly govern after this campaign. Even on issues where politicians have agreed in the past, it seems that the politicians are content to remain at war with one another and this has left the American people in the unenviable position of wanting to take matters into their own hands. Occupy Wall Street has now spread from New York City to places all over the country, including college towns and campuses. What is it that the government is missing? Do any of these Presidential hopefuls really have the answer?

don't know if any of these characters have the answers the American people are longing for. I don't know if any of them are prepared to step into the oval office. We have over a year to answer these questions but these candidates are going to need to actually be candid with this country.

A Worthy Recipe

Simply Glorious !








Bistro Style Pizza


With Glorious Walker

Budget Friendly Recipe

This recipe is budget friendly and Worthy magazine approved Glorious Walker is a friend to the magazine and will have a recurring column in the magazine.

Glorious Walker was kind enough to sift through the pages of her extensive recipe book to find a simple recipe that you are sure to love. Bistro Style Pizza By: Glorious Walker

It’s a tough world out there, and the search for the perfect bistro style pizza can be never-ending. Once you find the perfect bistro pizza, it can become pretty hard on the wallet. So this recipe is not only simple but gentle on your wallet, as well. A few fresh toppings are all that you need to create that perfect bistro pizza.

Ingredients What you will need: Frozen Pizza of your choice Fresh Tomatoes Spinach lettuce of your choice Basil (Fresh or tubed pureed) Mozzerella Cheese or Goat Cheese or any other shredded cheese of your choice,

Prepare your toppings first by making sure they are washed properly. Slice your tomatoes and wash your spinach and basil. You can either rip the the basil and spinach up or keep it whole if you are going for a real bistro feel. The toppings to go on first will be your spinach and basil followed by your tomatoes and any cheese of your choice. The cooking directions are pretty simple. Place all the fresh ingredients on top of the pizza and follow the cooking directions of your frozen pizza. The general cooking time for any frozen pizza is 15 mins.

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She Said Yes He c"ldn’t have chosen a be#er s"lmate

Wed!ng colors are : Red and


! Amy and Chris will be getting married in the most romantic moth of the year in 2012. On February 10, 2012 the two will make love official before their families and friends at The Carolina Club in Tamarac Florida Amy and Chris expect their big day to be full of fun, family and friends, enjoying the celebration of unity. Their colors are red and white. Chris and Amy first met thru Chris's uncle Daniel and aunt Farah. Chris would go to parties with Daniel and Farah and Amy and her family would be there. They soon became friends. Knowing how good of a woman and friend Amy was, Farah would try to get Amy and Chris together. It just never seemed to work out. As time went on and Chris and Amy continued to become close friends, Amy asked Chris for his number and gave him hers. The two began texting, and they soon figured out how much they had in common and decided to take it further and go out on a date.  Soon after they became a couple and their love for each other grew stronger. Chris realized that he couldn't have chosen a better soul mate than Amy. So he decided to pop the question and Amy happily agreed.

A Worthy Life Friends and family gathered for a fight against diabetes, in remembrance of Erica Baker The people who gathered and collected money for that bright Saturday morning, walked together and carried Erica’s spirit with them. Angie, Erica’s mom, carried Scooby Doo balloons, which was Erica’s favorite cartoon character. Friends and co-workers joked about the length of the walk. “Now you know Erica wouldn’t have walked this whole thing,” a co-worker who became friends with Erica said. “No of course not. She would come out and support but this whole thing-no,” another joked.” Another person would interrupt. The impact of life is not measured in years, it’s measured in deeds. At the youthful age of 29, Erica Baker, a passionate community worker, passed away. Yet even in death, she continued to inspire the community around her. “Who’s the best?” was chanted on a loud speaker as multiple people who knew Erica filled into the courtyard of the Bank Atlantic concert Center in Fort Lauderdale Florida on a bright Saturday morning. A sea of blue shirts with Erica’s picture on them had overtaken most of the court yard area. On that day, the men and women who were touched by Erica’s personality and candor for life walked in remembrance of her and the 18.8 million people who have been diagnosed with diabetes. Erica’s mother and father Angie Baker and Carl Baker, reached out to Erica’s friends, co-workers and family to come out and support Step Out For Diabetes in an effort to raise funds and find a cure for diabetes.

“Who’s number one?” The sea of blue responded “ERICA”. Team Erica was the top earner for the friends and family category raising $3,697.00, which will go towards research, advocacy and public awareness activities. Those who came to know Erica described her the same way. Beautiful, kind-hearted, giving and social. Erica passed away on March 7, 2011. Erica worked as a recreation coordinator for the city of Hollywood. She was known for her passion for community service and development. Her impact on the world will never be forgotten.

Editor’s note November is Diabetes Month

Republicans To The Rescue

Republican’s Plan to Save America


By: Andre Samuels The nation’s economy is in the tank and the Republican Party has sent a full cast of characters to rescue the nation. The would-be Supermen, and one Wonderwoman, have offered several plans that are aimed at wrenching our economy from the depths of our depression. We will report, and you can decide as Worthy Magazine profiles each candidate and their perspective plans for America.

Mitt Romney is the Former Governor of the State of Massachusetts and he says he has a plan to restore American greatness. Romney says that his plan “is at once a deeply conservative return to policies that have served our nation well and a highly ambitious departure from the policies of our current leadership. In short, it is a plan to get America back to work.” Mitt Romney doesn’t seem to subscribe to the notion that less is more. Romney’s plan contains 59 separate points and is 87 pages long. On day one, Mitt Romney says that he will sign five bills and five separate executive orders. The First will be “The American Competitiveness Act”. It will reduce the corporate income tax to 25%. The current U.S. Corporate Tax Rate, is approximately 34.6%, which according to Romney and his supporters, is among the highest tax rate in the world. Romney’s cut would theoretically make the U.S. more competitive with other countries. Ideally, Romney’s reform would endeavor to make America the most attractive destination for businesses all over the world. A flood of capital would return to the U.S. if Romney is correct. Critics of Romney’s highest priority would argue that very few companies actually pay the statutorily mandated tax rate. Corporations employ armies of accountants to avoid taxes but many of these companies could save themselves a lot of money. It doesn’t take an army of accountants to find the massive loop holes in our tax system for mega corporations. General Electric, famously paid absolutely no taxes in 2010. Critics would argue that almost no one actually pays the tax rate mandated in law and instead point to the “effective tax rate”, that corporations pay. The effective tax rate for America is among the lowest in the world. Ronald Reagan’s economic advisor, Bruce Bartlett, recently wrote that;

“The many adjustments to income permitted by the tax code, plus alternative tax rates on the largest sources of income of the wealthy, explain why the average federal income tax rate on the 400 richest people in America was 18.11 percent in 2008, according to the Internal Revenue Service, down from 26.38 percent when these data were first calculated in 1992. Among the top 400, 7.5 percent had an average tax rate of less than 10 percent, 25 percent paid between 10 and 15 percent, and 28 percent paid between 15 and 20 percent.” Romney was beaten to the punch on his second priority, “Signing The Open Markets Act” which would have implemented Free Trade Agreements, with Columbia, South Korea, and Panama. President Obama recently signed FTS’s with all three nations. Romney would sign the “Domestic Energy Act which would essentially facilitate oil drilling by facilitating exploration and approving leases for drilling in currently approved areas. Romney would consolidate federal job training programs, cut federal spending by 5%, repeal the Presidents Healthcare reform, which republicans argue is destroying job growth by adding to employer costs. He would also sanction china for unfair trade practices and potentially levy tariffs against chinese products. According to Romney, he would reform taxes by eliminating the taxes on interest, dividends, and capital gains taxes. Walmart shoppers might want to beware of this idea and critics suggest that a trade war would not be in our best interests, right now Of course, the criticism of Romney’s plan is that most, if not all of his reforms benefit the wealthy. His tax reforms would be massive tax cuts for the wealthy (readers will find that this will be a theme in virtually all of the GOP proposals). His war on regulations will certainly make it easier to drill for oil, but critics would point to the explosion of BP oil rigs in Louisiana and the economic havoc wrought on the livelihood of the fishing and tourism industry in that region.

They would argue that oil is a diminishing resource and that we need to move away from oil as an energy resource. They would also note that increasing oil production in the U.S. is unlikely to decrease the cost of fuel for the average consumer because oil is a global commodity, sold on the world market. Oil is not typically sold in the country that produces it and it certainly isn’t sold at below market prices. President Obama recently charged that; “the Republican plan says that what’s been standing in the way between us and full employment are laws that keep companies from polluting as much as they want”. He continued saying “On the other hand, our plan [Obama’s plan] puts teachers, construction workers, firefighters and police officers back on the job.”My plan says we’re going to put teachers back in the classroom, construction workers back to work rebuilding America, rebuilding our schools, tax cuts for small businesses, tax cuts for hiring veterans, tax cuts if you give your worker a raise,” said Obama. “That’s my plan. Then you’ve got their plan, which is, let’s have dirtier air, dirtier water, less people with health insurance. So far at least, I feel better about my plan. HERMAN CAIN- “AKA: The Godfather” Herman Cain is the former chairman of Godfather’s Pizza. Herman Cain was raised in the very impoverished setting of Memphis, Tennessee. His mother was a cleaning lady and his father worked three jobs. He went on to become the chairman of the Omaha Branch Board, and the Chair and Deputy Chair of the Kansas City, Federal Reserve Board. He began his career as a mathematician in ballistics for the U.S. Navy. He is a former Talk Radio Show host, Motivational Speaker, and proud novice of elected office. He is a cancer survivor. Mr. Cain is also the author of the infamous 9-9-9 Plan. 9-9-9 is a major overhaul of the current tax code.

His competitor Michelle Bachman recently remarked that if you turn 9-9-9 upside down, you can see that “the devil is in the details”. RICK PERRY Rick Perry is the longest serving Herman Cain was once an obscure governor of the state of Texas. He candidate but he is now the current pack leader. 9-9-9, as Cain likes to say, “isn’t the has proposed a simple Flat Tax. price of a pizza” it has become the most well Perry’s plan was introduced after Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 and has drawn known GOP proposal. According to Cain, the unfortunate distinction of being 9-9-9 is “fair, simple, transparent and seen as a response to the wildly hot efficient. It taxes everything once and Cain proposal. Perry offers voters a nothing twice”. Cain is suggesting a 9% Flat Business Tax; A 9% Individual Flat Tax stark choice. He says that voters can and a 9% National Sales Tax. Cain suggests continue living under the old, that his own internal evaluation of 9-9-9, cumbersome tax system and conducted by Fiscal Associates and Garry continue paying for clever Robbins (former Reagan Treasury Official), accountants and lawyers, or they can 9-9-9 will expand GDP by 2 Trillion dollars, opt for a simple 20% flat tax. Perry create 6 million jobs and increase wages by often brandishes a small post card 10%. Cain’s analysis aside, not all evaluations of 9-9-9 are as rosy as Cain’s. upon which he says, future taxpayers will file their taxes (as opposed to the Much like Romney’s plan, Cain’s plan is complicated filing forms thousands of considered to be a massive give away for the wealthy and a massive tax increase on pages of the current tax code). Perry most working families. Critics have would also enable private social suggested that Cain’s plan is actually a security accounts and slash federal covert program to abolish Social Security spending. Critics on the left have and Medicare, as 9-9-9-eliminates the called Perry’s proposed cuts, payroll tax that funds both Social Security draconian. Perry, who has called and Medicare. The 9% sales tax and 9% Social Security a ponzee scheme income tax would raise taxes significantly on the poor and while Cain assures voters that has also proposed raising the age of the price of products would not rise, very few eligibility for the program. Kevin Hassat, of the Right Wing, American independent analysts agree. Critics have labelled 9-9-9 as an attempt to dramatically Enterprise Institute says that Perry’s plan will, by necessity, reduce shift the burden of taxes from the rich and onto the backs of the working poor. If Cain government revenues. This means successfully passes his plan, it is possible that the cuts Perry already intends to that his 9% sales tax will be insufficient to make, would have to be even deeper sustain the government. Some have to make up for the revenue estimated that Cain’s 9% will quickly become reductions. According to Hassat, “the a 23% sales tax. The poor have no real government would have to slash choice in their spending patterns and will spending in ways not seen since the have no real choice in paying the significantly higher tax. The rise in taxes and steep military drawdown after World War II”. However onerous that may cost of living on the poor and middle class sound, the idea of reducing the size has earned 9-9-9 the distinction of being and intrusiveness of the federal labeled Regressive by it’s opponents. Mr. Cain would argue that critics simply don’t government is music to the ears of understand his plan. Prices he claims, will the GOP base. The President, ofnot rise-they will fall. The cost of living and course has a different opinion of taxes he argues will fall. He argues that by Perry’s plan. The President charges eliminating the payroll taxes, poor and that Perry’s plan "would shift a middle class consumers will have more greater share of taxes away from money in their pockets and will cope with any changes. The plan, he argues does not large corporations and the wealthiest shift the tax burden onto the poor because onto the backs of the middle class." the poor can determine their own burdenthrough their purchasing decisions. 9-9-9 is bold and brash, as Herman Cain describes it. But will it work?

MICHELE BACHMAN Michele Bachman has been the congressional representative of Minnesota’s 6th district, since 2006. She was the first republican woman elected to represent Minnesota. She is a former tax attorney. She is an entrepreneur and wife; She is the natural born mother of 5 and foster mother of 28 children. Michele Bachman is also one of the most vocal critics of Rick Perry’s plan. Her biggest complaint against Perry is that he stole his plan from her. Michele charges that Perry stole everything from his desire to repatriate foreign profits, to the signature post card Rick Perry says voters will file taxes on (under his presidency). Michele Bachman released her plan, long before Perry and this may simply be the downside of Perry’s choice to go last. Bachman’s eleven point plan includes Repatriationwhich she defines as setting taxes on overseas corporate profits at 0%. She claims that by setting a 0% tax rate overseas capital would rush into America and create jobs for Americans. She would cut government spending-by phasing out government institutions like Fannie and Freddie, slash government salaries and the federal workforce. Michele would cut taxes, repeal the president’s healthcare bill and she would free up the nation’s oil reserves. She would repeal environmental protections from the EPA,and repeal recent financial regulations (designed to prevent wall street fraud), and crack down on illegal immigration (Bachman has promised to build a double layer fence on our border with Mexico). One of the primary criticisms of Michele Bachman’s plans is centered around her plan to dismantle Fannie Mae and Freddie Mack. Fannie and Freddie and other government

back efforts are the source for the mortgages of 97% of Americans. Most Americans would not be able to receive a private loan for homeownership without Fannie or Freddie. Without the quasi-governmental entities Bachman has declared war on, millions of Americans would never have attained the American dream! Bachman and her supporters would argue that some americans should be renters and not homeowners. They would argue that if Fannie and Freddie were more selective with mortgages, we could have prevented the entire economic downturn. The 97% of American homeowners that received their mortgage from Fannie, Freddie or some other government agency, includes Michele Bachman. Most critics charge that if a congresswoman from Minnesota and her physician-husband couldn’t purchase a home without the help of Fannie and Freddie; what chance do average americans have of owning a home without some assistance from the government? Although the government backs approximately 97% of all mortgages currently granted, in previous years the government percentage of mortgages has fallen to 70% and 50% in past decades, however this is still a substantial number of homeowners. Imagine an America, in which half of- or- over 90% of the Americans that currently own homes, suddenly didn’t. Critics charge that eliminating Freddie and Fannie would destroy the U.S. housing market and crush the recovery of our economy. Bachman has created a bit of a trend by criticizing and attacking programs that she directly benefits from. While she has affirmed the idea that Social Security is a ponzee scheme, and she advocates cuts to medicare and getting the government out of the lives of the American people in general, most of the businesses her family owns, have benefited significantly from the programs she is attacking. Her husband’s medical practice, which is named Bachman and Associates has received state and federal dollars for functions as mundane as training employees to actual medical care. The practice also receives Medicaid dollars as well (which is a program that is often attacked in republican circles). The central issue that Bachman faces, concerns that applicability of her ideas

Can her ideas function well in the real world? Is the small government that she promises voters even possible and if it is, why does she (and her family) seem to need the government in every aspect of their personal life? If she has climbed the ladder of success and found the American dream of owning a home, only through Fannie and Freddie; why would she deny millions of Americans the same opportunity, by eliminating the program. Critics have reserved the most damaging political epithet at Bachman; Hypocrite. Like all of the GOP proposals, critics charge that Bachman’s reforms are designed to benefit the wealthy and not all Americans. Each proposal from the GOP candidates can be criticized, but it cannot be denied that each offers a different and compelling vision for America. Voters are struggling to contend with a prolonged recession and each voter seems to interpret the current state of the economy differently. For some voters the economy is turning around and signs of life can be seen in the data on the economy; For other voters, President Obama’s policies simply haven’t produced results. The GOP candidates offer these voters the option of yet more Change. One thing is certain; the decision that voters make will determine the direction of our country.

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