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Hyundai i800 Camper


Most of the team at Wellhouse Leisure are enthusiastic campers and we hope to be able to use our experience and knowledge to explain which options are available to personalise your Hyundai i800 camper to suit your individual needs. Our aim is to guide you through the different accessories with our helpful pros and cons list for each item; in order that you can decide what will be really useful to you and which items you can do without.

If you would like any of the options explaining further or would like information about something we haven’t listed please contact us on 01484 600416.

Remote Start

This is a remote control device to activate the Webasto heating from up to 1km away. When you return from a walk on a cold winter’s day the temperature of the vehicle will be raised and the water heater will be ready for use. You can also use it from inside your home to ensure your vehicle is warm and toasty prior to a journey, especially useful if you forget to set the timer beforehand! Webasto Webasto remote start

if ordered with vehicle




Gaslow System Gaslow - instead of having to exchange your gas cylinder which can be inconvenient if you run out whilst cooking, you simply keep the cylinder topped up using Autogas from petrol filling stations. What’s more the gas is approximately half the price of Calor. Gaslow system if ordered with vehicle retrofit

£245 £285


Easy to top up!






Top up anytime, don’t need Need to find a filling station to wait until you’ve run that sells Autogas, there out of gas, cheaper than are plenty around though replacing gas cylinders

Active Rails These are flush aluminium tracks fitted to the GRP roof onto which you can add a roof rack or kayak rack system etc. Reimo Active Rails (roof rack tracks) if ordered with vehicle £160 retrofit £240





Bike Racks




Towbar The towbar type of bike rack is attached Place on ball joint in minutes by clamping on to the & pullout arms towbar. Very easy to fit and then can easily be removed. They are portable and ideal for the step occasional cyclist. When bikes are fitted onto the towbar bike rack it can be difficult to Push down on centre access the rear door unless you buy bracket the more expensive models which tilt to allow access to the door.


Bike Rack - Towbar



We have a couple of different towbars. Flange type which is permanently fixed and swan neck detachable which can be removed. We also offer 2 types of electrics, single electrics for towing trailers, horse boxes etc where you don’t need to charge a leisure battery whilst towing and double electrics which you would choose if you wanted to tow a caravan for example.


Ready For


Towbars if ordered with vehicle Flange towbar £190 Detachable Swan Neck Towbar £295 Single 7pin Electrics £120 Double 7pin Electrics £190 13pin Electrics £190

Pros Simple and quick to use, portable, ideal for the occasional cyclist



Cons Difficult to access the rear door unless you choose the more expensive models, need to fit a towbar to use

Tailgate The Fiamma bike rack is made from aluminium and can hold between 2 and 4 bikes. The bike rack is attached to the tailgate by being bolted to 4 brackets so this is a permanent option. The bike rack can be removed by undoing the 4 bolts and this takes around 10 minutes. You can still open the tailgate with the bike rack on but when bikes are fitted you have to hold up the door as the tailgate struts are only weighted for the door. You can also use the bike rack to fit extra storage via a “back box”. Pros Very secure, ideal for regular cyclists, doesn’t restrict access to the rear of the camper, option to fit a rear storage box. Cons Can reduce rear visibility when in use, permanently fixed


Bike Racks For 2 bikes if ordered with vehicle retrofit For 3 bikes if ordered with vehicle retrofit For 4 bikes if ordered with vehicle retrofit


£240 £345 £160 £230 £230

Secure Storage £275 £325 £305 £355 £335 £385

Quick and Easy

We can offer a secure, hidden safe which is large enough to hold passports wallets, mobile phone etc Safe if ordered with vehicle retrofit

Safe and Secure

£75 £95

Diamondbrite Treatment

Proven to protect against

Road Grits

Acid Rain

Bird Droppings

Tree Saps

Insect Fluid

UV Light

The hard, high gloss protective skin that Diamondbrite creates prevents road salts, traffic film, acid rain, tree sap, bird droppings and insects etc from contacting directly with your campers paintwork. Once treated with Diamondbrite, you’ll never have to polish your camper again and it will look as good as it did when it left the showroom. It also makes washing dirt and grime off the paintwork much easier. The interior fabric is also protected against everyday spills and stains such as tea, coffee, alcohol, drinks, grease from food, chocolate etc. This is an excellent product and really does make light work of washing the car! Diamondbrite Diamondbrite paint protection

if ordered with vehicle





Tailgate Awning (not drive away)

(wind out) A Fiamma “roll out” awning is securely attached to your camper with brackets and is usually 3m in size. You open the awning with a winding handle and the awning legs are stored within the awning, these are secured to the ground using pegs. People typically choose a wind out awning for sun shade but it is also invaluable for keeping the rain at bay! You can comfortably place a table and 4 chairs underneath along with barbecue etc so you can sit and relax or cook outside whatever the weather. The awnings are usually supplied in white or silver but can be colour coded to match the colour of your camper. Awning if ordered with vehicle 2.5m Fiamma awning (white) £475 2.5m Fiamma awning (silver) £500 2.5m Fiamma awning (colour coded) £630


£575 £600 £740

Set up and put away in minutes, sun and rain protection, ideal for quick stopovers, ready to use and don’t take up internal storage space Cons Takes the height of a Hyundai i800 above 2m, needs to be put away when you want to drive away, can’t use in really high winds, doesn’t offer enclosed extra living or storage space

Free standing (drive away)

Awning Fjord 25 awning Awning channel (R rail)

if ordered with vehicle

£325 £60

Tailgate awning if ordered with vehicle retrofit


£140 £140

Colour Coding


Free standing awnings are basically a tent with an extra piece of material “gutter” which connects to the camper. There are various ways of attaching the awning; by an awning or “R”rail and figure of eight attachment and gusset strip, suction cups, magnetic strips and some people just place the awning right against the camper without it being physically attached. This type of awning is useful for people who need more living, sleeping or storage space, maybe for longer trips or when taking extra guests! You can drive away quickly and easily and leave everything in place

We have a rear tailgate awning which fits like a hood over the rear tailgate. This makes a private enclosed space and is ideal for use as a shower room and only takes 2-3 minutes to erect.

Shower room, use as a toilet tent, extra storage space, quick to erect, great for short stopovers Cons You need to pack the awning away before you can drive off

The elevating roof is a silver/grey colour which matches the colour of the lower body trim of the Hyundai i800. Some customers choose to have the roof colour coded to match the base colour of the vehicle. This is most popular on the black and blue models. The white i800s are not usually colour coded and with the silver and grey vehicles it really is down to personal choice. We are now able to offer the colour coding of the lower body trim so that the whole vehicle is matched to the main body colour, this looks especially stunning on the black i800s Colour coding Roof colour coding to vehicle body if ordered with vehicle £350 retrofit £475 Lower part of body colour coded if ordered with vehicle £350 retrofit £375

Pros Looks stunning. Cons Nothing really just added cost.

Roof Bed


N/A £75

Great Value!

Pros Uses include sleeping and storage space, use as a loo tent, store wet and dirty dogs/bikes etc, can quickly drive away from the awning and leave on pitch, great shelter when weather is poor Cons Stored in a bag, usually weigh about 15kg and takes up internal storage in camper, approx 40-60 minutes to erect so not ideal for short stopovers, if used in wet weather they need to be dried out at home

If you want or need to increase the sleeping capacity to 4 berth you will need to add a Reimo roof bed. This has a built in mattress and is raised and lowered via gas struts in seconds. Roof bed systems if ordered with vehicle Roof bed £395 Roof bed (in lieu of roof lockers) £300


£425 N/A

Pros Extra sleeping area. Cons If you only plan to use as a 2 berth then don’t spend the extra money, also you have to push the bed up every time you put the roof up.

Leather Upholstery We now offer full leather upholstery for the Hyundai, both the front seats and the rear seats can be trimmed in leather. For comfort the rear seat is trimmed on the seat part only and not the part underneath which you sleep on. Leather is practical, easy to clean and adds a touch of luxury.

Pros Easy to clean, great for people with allergies, luxurious. Cons

Leather Upholstery if ordered with vehicle retrofit

£1200 N/A

Not everyone likes leather.


(for front seats)


Very popular and makes travelling (especially on longer journeys) much more comfortable. This is an original Hyundai accessory. Armrests Armrest Drivers Seat Only if ordered with vehicle retrofit Armrest Passenger Seat if ordered with vehicle retrofit

Pros Increased comfort when driving

£150 £170


£150 £170

Not an essential item until you’ve used them!

Solar Panels

Save Energy

For many people camping is about getting away from it all and that means having the freedom to go wherever and whenever. Solar power gives you that freedom and choice. Always on our list of essential extras, solar power helps to keep your leisure battery topped up which also extends the overall life of the leisure battery. Solar power is ideal for people who want to wild camp or don’t want to be tied to hook up whenever they want to get away especially at short notice in the height of summer. This will also save you money as you can pay as little as £7.00 per night for very small sites and up to £30 plus per night for sites with electric hook up, so if you don’t need electric hook up you’re saving money! The solar panels fit between the ridges on an elevating roof and don’t increase the overall height. For hi-top’s we have different options, please contact us for more details. Solar Panel 70w solar panel 95w solar panel

if ordered with vehicle

£550 £695


£750 £895 01484 600416 / SCAN ME

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Wellhouse i800 Camper Accessories Brochure  

Wellhouse i800 Camper Accessories Brochure

Wellhouse i800 Camper Accessories Brochure  

Wellhouse i800 Camper Accessories Brochure