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APRIL 2014

The Men’s Spring Meeting will be held on 17th April 2014 at 7.30pm Inside this Edition Playing Matters: Match Reports Ladies Section: Match Reports Bye-Laws: Damaging cars in car park Question of law: Trial Ends Touring Club: Report on March Tour Brief on Bembridge Tours November 2014 and March 2015. Planetbowls: Updates Bar & Catering: Questionnaire Social Scene Regular Activities Forthcoming Functions Theatre Trips Notices: Welfare

County Singles Finalist th

On Saturday 15 March 2014 Pavilion’s Bill Murphy played in the County singles semi-final against Peter Morgan of Preston IBC. Bill won the match after a slow start, being 5-0 down and came through to win 21-14. The final will be played at th Eastbourne IBC on Sunday 13 April 2014. Congratulations Bill and good luck for the final.

irreparable damage to the greens that will affect the playing surfaces. The last thing that anybody wants to see is a player being excluded from the green. With this in mind skips should be alert at all times and if they witness home players bouncing their bowls they should bring this to the player’s attention and tactfully ask them stop. In the case of visiting players seen bouncing their bowls; in either friendly or competitive matches; the Pavilion skip should bring this to the opposing skip’s attention, asking that their team member should stop playing in such a manner.

A Word from the Bridge


New Members A warm welcome is extended to new playing members Edward Taylor, Michael Mulcahy, Ted Jessep and John McCormick. Here’s hoping you’ll all have many years of enjoyable bowling at Pavilion and make new friends along the way.

Volunteers Needed There are still lots of spaces for members to volunteer their time to help out at the forthcoming open weekend on th th Saturday 12 and Sunday 13 April 2014. If you are able to help out please let me know as soon as possible. I have spent a great deal of time organising this event; that provides a significant platform to attract new members to the club; and rely upon the good auspice of yourselves to make it work.

Malcolm Gilbey 30/03/2014

In order to assist our hardworking Competition Secretary Gerry Shallis I would like to clarify the filling in of a score card.  The top line on the card is for the competition title.  The second line is for details of the competitors.  The match venue, date and rink must be shown.  Your team is always shown on the left side of the card.  A tied end is shown as a completed end.  Dead ends are not shown, whilst the re-played end shall be recorded.  The Two’s should compare scorecards after each end and the cards should be signed by the skips at the end of the match.

‘Bouncers’ With the outdoor season fast approaching the issue of ‘bouncing bowls’ at the point of delivery raises its ugly head once again. Bowls should be delivered smoothly; close and parallel to the ground, as lobbing woods is likely to cause serious

Newsletter of Worthing Pavilion BC

No Laughing Matter

If any difficulties arise, then the matter should be immediately referred to me and I will take up the issue with the visiting captain. It is understood that some members may have difficulty when delivering their bowls, however the Pavilion coaching staff should be able to help members overcome these issues. There are also various mechanical aids available on the market that would assist those who experience such problems.

Edward Cripps Captain

PAVILION POST Playing Matters April Fixture Card excerpt NB: Check website for any changes Mens’s Friendlies (and Mixed Matches) 02 05 06 12 13 16 18 19 21

British Wheelchair BA/ Visually Impaired Club Finals # Club Finals # Open Weekend Open Weekend Captain v President Easter Tournament # Easter Tournament # Easter Tournament #

After a very hard fought contest the home side were victorious by 129-100, winning on four rinks, drawing one and losing one. At half time the Club Captain, Edward Cripps, had visions of the clubs eleventh defeat out of the seasons thirty-seven games, but the Pavilion players 'dug in' and produced a winning second half performance. Top Pavilion rink comprised:-

Pavilion v Lancing BC Lancing were the visitors to WPBC on Wednesday 19th march 2014 and suffered defeat by losing on all six rinks and by a total score of 124-80 points. An enjoyable afternoon was had by all who took part. Pavilion top rink comprised:Bennie Bennett Jim Miles Brian Quinn Barry Ledger (Skip)

Bennie Bennett Jim Braiden Graham Farley – the senior Chris Scott (Skip)

Edward Cripps Pavilion v Egerton Park IBC (Away)


County League

Ladies’ Friendlies 01

Adur *

* Indicates Away Matches # Indicates Mixed Matches

MATCH REPORTS Pavilion v Worthing IBC Saturday 8th March 2014 Worthing Indoor Bowls Club travelled the short distance to Pavilion Road and reversed their home defeat in November last into a win over Pavilion by winning on four rinks to two and by 95-121. Pavilion top rink comprised:Alan Page Jim Miles Tom Bates Roger Burgess (Skip)

Pavilion v Wealden IBC The return match between Pavilion and Wealden took place at Worthing on Sunday 9th March 2014. The result was a repeat of the away match at Wealden who won on both occasions by fifteen and sixteen points respectively. This week-ends result was 110-126. Pavilion top rink comprised:Bennie Bennett Stephen Clarke-Campbell Tom Bates Chris Scott (Skip)

Pavilion v Tarring Priory On Wednesday 12th March 2014 local bowling club, Tarring Priory, visited Pavilion for the annual friendly match.

Pavilion travelled to Bexhill on Saturday 15th March 2014 to play a friendly match at Egerton Park IBC. At the same time a further twenty-four Pavilion players were playing Arundel at home. The team that played away put on a terrific display of bowling and were victorious winning by 132-106 always being in front; but by half time the home side had closed the gap to within three points. The WPBC visitors dug deep and rallied for a really positive result. Pavilion top rink comprised:Keith Bowden John Toop Roy Anscombe Keith Wadhams (Skip

Pavilion v Arundel BC On Saturday 15th March 2014 a mixed Pavilion team of six rinks entertained Arundel and won on all of the six rinks by scoring 160-108. Top Pavilion rink comprised:Pat Edmonds Jim Braiden June Braiden Bryan Bodicoat (Skip)

Pavilion v Insurance BA On Sunday 15th March 2014 Pavilion hosted a mixed match versus Insurance Bowling Association and were victorious on five rinks and losing one rink with an overall score of 139-97. Top Pavilion rink comprised:Alan Cheeseman Elizabeth Haynes David Elliiott Rick Baumann (Skip) Newsletter of Worthing Pavilion BC

Pavilion v Arun IBC st

Saturday 1 March 2014 Pavilion hosted Arun IBC in the county league, with the following result:Rebera Clarke Burgess Frew Strong Batchelor

22-14 16-22 15-20 14-22 23-17 26-15

Bonnar Hannam Corne Sayres Butler Leggett

Pavilion 116-110 Arun Pavilion 8pts 3pts Arun This was the return leg of our local derby which is always a close encounter and today was no exception, We were out of the blocks quickly and after ten ends were twenty-four shots in front. This margin was slowly whittled away to sixteen shots after fifteen ends, twelve shots after eighteen, but we held our nerve going on to win by six shots. Arun turned up with a virtual ‘A’ squad, we were without six of our regular players which made the result that much sweeter. Thanks and congratulations go to all who came in to support the cause, not least Colin Johnson playing his first county league game and on a winning rink. We are now six points ahead of Arun but they have a game in hand. Our final league fixture was on 22 March against King Alfred when we were all out for revenge - big time!

Pavilion v King Alfred IBC nd

On Saturday 22 March 2014 Pavilion played King Alfred at Pavilion in the county indoor league that resulted in a convincing win taking all six rinks:2

PAVILION POST Vidler Strong Murphy Rebera Batchelor Clarke

46-10 30-06 20-10 23-09 16-15 38-11

Ross English Vine Moses Pickett Jeffries

Pavilion 173-61 King Alfred Pavilion 11pts 0pts King Alfred Once again we benefited from an excellent start, finding ourselves fifty shots up after ten ends and then steadily increasing the leading margin to one hundred and twelve shots at the conclusion of the game. This was a first class performance; yet again; across all rinks especially from Tony Batchelor’s rink that came back from being seven down after ten ends to win by one shot, thanks to picking up three on the last end. The bottom line is that this win sees us safely through to division one next year. The win puts Pavilion at the head of the Division 2 table six points ahead of Arun who have yet to play their final game against King Alfred at home. King Alfred have two away games in hand but are now 31 points behind Pavilion. I would like to take this opportunity, on behalf of myself and the club, to thank and commend all the players who supported the cause so well throughout the season – their enthusiasm, commitment and all round team spirit was second to none. Well done!

Brian Lee Team Manager

Ladies’ News Match Reports Pavilion v Preston IBC (Away) th

Sylvia Faithfull Margaret Marriott Carol Tillett Marina Crayston

Pavilion v SWIBA th

On Tuesday 11 March we hosted a match against SCWIBA. We lost this match 88 – 123 shots. Top rink comprised:Sylvia Faithfull Zoe Wright Julie Woods June Lewis

Pavilion v Aldingbourne th

On Tuesday 18 March we hosted a match against Aldingbourne which we won 144–91 shots. Top rink comprised:Linda Farley Julie Woods Maureen Holliman Marlene Hancock

County Matches County Patrons fours Pavilion had a home quarter final match against a team from Arun. After a very close and exciting match they just lost 16–18. Pavilion team comprised:Julie Woods Joan Barrass Marina Crayston Esme Clough This was an extremely good the team from Arun has won the county fours competition three times in the last four years.

Ann Button Ladies’ Captain

On Monday 24 February the ladies went away to Preston bowling club. We lost the match 82 – 123. Top rink comprised:-

Club Byelaw There have been instances of vehicles being carelessly damaged in the club car park where the person responsible has just driven off without reporting the incident. Quite apart from such behaviour being despicable it is also contrary to Club Bye-law law 13 that states:All Pavilion Bowling Club Members have a duty of care when driving in the car park(s) of the Club and if they cause damage to another vehicle the incident must be reported to the Secretary’s office who will then inform the person whose car has been damaged. Failure to observe this Bye-Law would be considered `Gross Misconduct`. Incidentally if such an incident occurred in a public place there is a requirement to stop and exchange details or report same to police within 24 hours. Failure to do so would amount to a criminal offence carrying a maximum penalty up to six months imprisonment, a £5,000 fine and discretionary disqualification. It is also a criminal offence to drive with uncorrected, defective eyesight carrying a maximum penalty of £1000!!

A Question of Law Law 18.1 (Crystal Mark) covers the situation surrounding trial ends. You frequently see players preventing a jack from being moved by a bowl during the trial ends. The law says that if the jack is moved during the trial ends it should be placed to its former position. As a marker in singles, if you prevented the jack from being moved by a bowl, you would be red faced should a player ask how far his wood move the jack?

New Equipment

Sylvia Faithfull Ann Button Sue Gubbins Esme Clough

Members will notice that come the outdoor season, we have new pushers and mats for both greens. These have been purchased with the proceeds of the Christmas raffle and a donation from the social section. Thank you to all who donated prizes, or bought raffle tickets.

Pavilion v Horsham IBC th

On Tuesday 4 March we had a home match against Horsham which we won 103–100 avenging our loss away at the beginning of the season. Top rink comprised:-

Dennis Dixon The Commentator

Newsletter of Worthing Pavilion BC

Social Director 3


Good Morning Bembridge !!

Touring Club

Warners Bembridge Seven teams of four players from Pavilion; plus their touring companions, travelled to the Isle of Wight on Monday 3rd March 2014 to take part in the Bembridge Bowling Bonanza. The weather looked a bit ominous as we arrived in Portsmouth on the Monday morning; with very heavy hail falling around the time we were due to sail on the ferry. However the weather cleared up quite quickly and we had a smooth crossing and brilliant sunshine for the remainder of our stay on the IOW. There were thirty-four teams from various parts of the UK contesting the competition. Each team took part in playing three games; each of ninety minutes duration, in the preliminary rounds.

Don Elliot’s rink centre stage at Bembridge

Some of the Pavilion teams were unsuccessful in these rounds, others won one or two games and one team, skipped by Warwick Davis; ably supported by Gordon Kibbles, Keith Cooper and Ricky Baumann, achieved a place in the semi-final, but sadly lost to the team that eventually became the competition winners. Warwick’s team was well supported by members of the Pavilion contingent;

certainly outnumbering the opposing spectators. Although unsuccessful, the Worthing tourists enjoyed the four days break; what with good company, good food, comfortable accommodation, great entertainment, lots of laughter and brilliant spring sunshine throughout. However, two of the Pavilion coaching staff really excelled themselves by bowling the full complement of shots, including a wrong bias. Clyde Fordyce and Graham Farley duly paid their £1 fines in support of the Sussex Air Ambulance. All the tourists would like to give Warwick, Don Elliot and the tour committee a big vote of thanks for their contribution to a successful tour.

Ted Cripps Future Bembridge Tours Having had an excellent time at Warners Bembridge last month, all thirty-five members that went have rend booked for next year Monday 2 March 2015 and I have requested the same rooms for everybody. There is also a Bowls Bonanza week th starting on Monday 24 November 2014 and so far twenty-four have booked this, so again I have re-booked the same rooms. The cost of the four nights including the ferry amounts to £199.00 per person plus £25.00 for the bowling. As in previous trips Cancellation Insurance will be included at an additional £7.00. If you wish to be added to either trip would you please include your name to the list that Don Elliot will be displaying at the Club. Don will be requiring a deposit of £30.00 per person per trip and will contact you if your name is on the list. Once I am aware of the booking references any new person should contact Warners Bembridge direct, to Newsletter of Worthing Pavilion BC

be included; along with your room requirements, in order that you can be accommodated and so that Don is aware of the balance required. As an additional person, you may be charged extra for Signature Rooms and/or Sea Views so please be aware of this when you contact Bembridge. If any queries please see me, Don or Tim for clarification.

Warwick Davis Planet Bowls At the time of writing this article I now have sixty-six entries for the Spring Bank Holiday Tournament and there is still six weeks to go, although the nd closing date is officially the 2 April. I have entries from bowlers in Bristol, Norfolk and Sittingbourne and two of the entries have recently appeared at Potters. I am also pleased to say that the Mayor of Worthing has agreed to open the Tournament, as the Local Authority see this event along with the Worthing Open in August, as a stepping stone to replacing the Nationals which Worthing lost last year. The kitchen and the bar will be open all weekend so if you are not playing you will be most welcome to be a spectator or indeed help with marking or in the car park. The following have agreed to help with marking and/or car parking so if you are not on the list please let me know if you are prepared to assist in anyway:Pat and Ted Cripps, Alan Page, Keith Wadhams, Anthony Powell, Richard Calvert, Dennis Dixon, Gerry Shallis, Ian Phillips, Peter Pullen, Gordon Kibbles, Geoff Pratt, Terry Urben and Bennie Bennett.

Warwick Davis 4

PAVILION POST Catering & Bar For non-match meals people are very welcome to request the vegetables they would like to have. They can also stipulate whether the veggies should be on the plate or served separately. All members have to do is confirm with the kitchen when the booking is made. A notice to this effect is on the wall next to the serving hatch.

Social Scene

NB – please note that only fresh meat is used for meals at WPBC – frozen meat is not brought in. A questionnaire is attached seeking people’s views on the bar and kitchen operation – these are your facilities so please let me have your thoughts about making the service even better.

Terry Urben Catering Director

Miscellaneous Ann Lawder, an exhibitor at the recent Rotary Hobbies and Leisure Exhibition at The Assembly Rooms is organising a wellbeing and gift fair; as well as raising funds for Arthritis Care; at Durrington Community Centre on Sunday 6 April 11-3pm, should this sort of thing be up your street?

Connaught Theatre Worthing Musical Comedy Society

Bridge We play Rubber Bridge (cut in) every Tuesday night 6.30pm. Contact John Combleer 01903 230833

Cribbage th

Wednesday 16 April 2014 7pm for 7-30pm. Entrance £2.00 includes coffee and prizes. Further Info from John Murray by email:

Jesus Christ Superstar

Friday 2nd May 2014 7-30pm Performance Zoe Wright has reserved twenty premier balcony seats @ £18 or £16.50 if a block of ten or twenty seats are sold. 2

Shuffleboard & Fish ‘n’ Chips

01903 521908

Wednesday 14 May 2014

Dinner & Dance

Quiz Night & Buffet th


Friday 25 April 2014


Friday 6 June 2014

July 2014

Whist Drive Last Friday of each month starting at 2pm. Contact Ron Colbourne. 01903 204503



Please remember that if you know of a club member who has been hospitalised, or otherwise unwell, or even not seen at Pavilion for a while, to notify the Club Welfare Officer: Peter Woods on the above Telephone Number or alternatively inform Hon Sec Bryan Bodicoat

Acknowledgement and thanks to Malcolm Gilbey, Ted and Pat Cripps, Brian Lee, Ann Button, Warwick Davis, Dennis Dixon and Terry Urben for their contributions, not forgetting Ron Atkinson AKO Cartoons for his kind permission to publish his cartoons. Contributions for the next newsletter should reach the editor by 20th April 2014 preferably by email


Newsletter of Worthing Pavilion BC



NOTICE The Wheelchair & Visually Impaired match and the Easter Tournament have both been cancelled. Ted is going to put up a replacement ‘Fun Drive’ game notice for the 19th April which will depend on the number of people willing to play over the holiday week-end.

NOTICE The Men’s Spring Meeting will take place in the lounge at Pavilion on Thursday 17th April 2014 at 7.30pm. Please make an effort to attend.

NOTICE Further to the Extra General Meeting on Thursday 27th March 2014 called by the board of directors to consider the issue of replacing the lighting of the rinks. The board’s proposals were passed by the meeting, including the finance to be borrowed from full members of the club in £500 lots, with no member having more than four lots. Members interested in participating need to submit a form; a copy of which is attached.

Newsletter of Worthing Pavilion BC


PAVILION POST WORTHING PAVILION BOWLING CLUB LIMITED BAR & CATERING QUESTIONNAIRE – PLEASE SHARE YOUR VIEWS / IDEAS! What changes would encourage you to eat more frequently at the club – please think about price, variety, options for changing match meals and opening hours.

Are there any things that particularly discourage you from using the kitchen?

What do you think works well about the catering arrangements?

What do you think works well about the bar?

Are there any changes to the bar service that you would like to see? Please think about variety of product or whether price promotions would encourage greater use.

___________________________________________________________________ __ Please put completed questionnaires into my pigeon hole. Alternatively, please email your concerns / suggestions to

Newsletter of Worthing Pavilion BC



Newsletter of Worthing Pavilion BC



Newsletter of Worthing Pavilion BC


April 2 2nd Edition Newsletter  

Revised newsletter for April