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Making the grade

Best ever A Level and BTEC results for the second year running


New Principal Paul Riley celebrates a great year

Issue One Autumn 2016

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Prospectus 2017 Open Events for students applying for September 2017

Saturday 5 November: 10.30am - 2.00pm Monday 7 November: 4.30pm - 7.30pm 2

Welcome to the first edition of our new college magazine,W1. We have created it to demonstrate all the fantastic things that go on in our college community based in Sanditon Way, just off Hill Barn Lane in Worthing. Our next edition will be published in February 2017. To contribute or to advertise in future editions please email:


Contents: NEW FOR 2016/17. Pages 4-5


ALUMNI, where are they now?

Good for business and a good option for further education. Pages 27 & 43

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Sowing the seeds of a great education, by Professor Ewan St.John Smith. Pages 6-8, plus a Focus on STEM subjects, Page 9

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great facilities to hire around the campus. Pages 28-29

FIVE FREE facilities hire sessions for 5 local charities. Page 29

Raising hope and money for

College trips: Exchange Trip

local charities. Page 39

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to America, Ski Trip to Canada and more.

FLYING DOWN TO RIO, Exclusive interview Alumni and Olympian Amy Wilson-Hardy. Pages 14-16

Pitch Perfect

New gifted and taented athletes programme. Pages 18-19

Making The Grade Best results ever for the second year in a row. Pages 20-21

MEET THE GOVERNORS, Subject specific Learn more about individual courses. Pages 12-13, 17, 24-26, 34, 36-38, 41-42, 44-45

Forest School

A real success

story. Page 46

Worthing College Community Partners, Pages 47-51

MY VISION, by new Principal Paul Riley. Page 22 3

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I was a student at what was then Worthing Sixth Form College (1997-99), having previously been a student at St. Andrew’s in Worthing and prior to that having been at St. Nicholas and St. Mary’s in Shoreham-by-Sea. During my time at Worthing College I studied Biology, Chemistry and Psychology, as well as captaining the College hockey team. My love for science started at St. Andrew’s where a combination of Mr Floodgate (Physics), Mr James (Biology) and Dr Suffolk (Chemistry) got me excited about finding out how things in the living world function as they do. At A Level Mrs Gilbert provided a touch of eccentricity to our Chemistry lessons that kept them entertaining and Julia Hoare worked wonderfully in our class to push each individual to do their best (I will never forget her inflating some sheep lungs only to find out that they had been cut to check for disease and after initial inflation, mucous just splattered out!) Kate Hall taught me Psychology, at that time in one of the huts on the old site, which was never quite warm enough in winter! After my A Levels, I knew that I wanted to go to university and I chose to study pharmacology because I have always found the human body 6

so interesting: how does it keep ticking along, what goes wrong in different disease states and how do drugs interact with the

body to cause their effects? Part of what helped me make this decision was going to lots of university open days, some organised by college. I opted to study Pharmacology at the University of Bath because they offered lots of hands on practical work and guaranteed a year in industry. This is a decision that I have never regretted as I spent a year working for Novartis in Switzerland, wonderful work experience and weekend trips to other parts of Europe every other weekend! Having enjoyed the practical element of my undergraduate degree, I opted to pursue a PhD and received an offer from the University of Cambridge. My years as a PhD student were spent trying to understand how acid causes pain. This may seem like an odd thing to study,

but consider if you spill lemon juice or vinegar into cut skin, what processes are involved in detecting the acid as painful? From a clinical perspective, all sorts of inflammatory diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis, are associated with tissue acidosis, and thus understanding how acid activates sensory nerve fibres that detect pain could lead to the development of novel drugs to relieve pain in inflammatory diseases. After my PhD I continued as a postdoctoral researcher spending 5.5 years at the Max Delbrück Centre for Molecular Medicine in Berlin, followed by a year at New York University School of Medicine in New York City. In Berlin I began working with a very bizarre animal, the naked mole-rat.


#101ReasonsToApply 7

Leading one’s own research group is a lot of fun, although admittedly the scientific training that I had had until this point provided novel challenges, managing budgets and coordinating a research group.

These are rodents that live eusocially (i.e. they live in social groups with a single breeding female), are cold-blooded, live for over 30 years and are highly resistant to cancer. What for me, was, most interesting was that unlike most animals naked molerats fail to respond to acid as a painful stimulus. My research demonstrated that naked mole-rat nerves can detect acid just like human nerves, but genetic variation in a particular protein means that acid anaesthetises, rather than activates, naked mole-rat sensory nerve, i.e. it works just like a local 8

anaesthetic at the dentist and signals fail to travel along nerves. Moving to New York University, I carried on researching how carbon dioxide and acid activate nerve fibres, but this time on a much smaller scale as I worked with the nematode work Caenorhabditis elegans, which is approximately 1 millimetre long, but just like humans has sensory nerve fibres that detect painful stimuli. In 2013 I moved back to England and set up my own research group as a Lecturer at the University of Cambridge and was also elected as a Fellow of Corpus Christi College.

The great thing about research is that you are often doing what no one has done before, you have a hypothesis, design experiments to test that hypothesis and go where the data drives you! The other part of my job is lecturing undergraduate students, largely natural science students and medical/veterinary science students, although challenging at first to lecture in front of 350+ people, this is part of my job that I really enjoy! Within Corpus Christie College, I am

Director of Studies in Biology, supervise medical students and am actively involved in the admissions process, which involves giving lots of outreach talks and the interview process itself. When I talk to 6th form students thinking of applying to Cambridge, many think that they do not stand a chance of getting in, my answer to that is if you do not apply then you certainly will not get in: if your grades are good enough and you are excited about your subject then you should simply apply! Looking back, my time at Worthing College really helped to set me on my way as a scientist and I am always excited to see what the College is up to and glad that the latest A Level results show students continue to excel!

STEM subject focus designed to support national agenda SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, ENGINEERING AND MATHS Britain needs more engineers and graduates with science backgrounds - so Worthing College has responded by focusing on its ‘STEM’ curriculum.

A LEVEL FURTHER MATHS AND STATISTICS RESULTS IN THE TOP 25% OF THE COUNTRY. Enrolments in STEM subjects - science, technology, engineering and maths - stand at 1,247, one of the highest on the south coast. The college is a centre for staff training, highlighting its expertise in the field, and teaching stretches far beyond the classroom with a range of enrichment opportunities on offer. “This is the national agenda in terms of employment” said curriculum manager Julia Hoare. “The agenda is to get more engineers and people with a science background.”

annually. Maths is a strong department at Worthing College, attracting the area’s top mathematicians to its academy. The department is a centre of excellence, helping prepare high achievers for the top universities. Curriculum manager Louisa Wilson said “We have got a huge further maths class and busy maths academy which offers extra challenge and enrichment. Because of that we attract a high standard of student.


The college has a vibrant science community, with students learning in large, 100m sq laboratories. A range of activities were arranged for the Royal Society of Chemistry’s annual Chemistry Week and students have visited the Large Hadron Collider at CERN in Switzerland among other trips offered 9




ANNUAL USA EXCHANGE TRIP 2018 To Shaker heights High School in Cleveland Ohio plus sightseeing trip to New York. Trip takes place October 2018 including part of half term. Students who take part in the exchange must be willing to host an American student for about 10 days in the second half of June 2018. Estimated costs for the exchange trip is ÂŁ1,500.

Initial deposit required by October 2017 and balance payable by June 2018. Open to all worthing College students. For further information visit our website at

#101ReasonsToApply 11






T 12



U A A Level: Film Studies Fine Art Graphic Communication Media Studies Photography Textile Design BTEC: Art and Design L2 Creative Media Production L3 13


Amy Wilson-Hardy: playing for Team GB

#101ReasonsToApply 14

flying down to Rio with Amy Wilson Hardy Q: How did it feel to fly into Rio as part of team GB? A: Firstly we got to fly business class which was very exciting and made us feel very important! We flew out with other athletes who were performing early on in the games like the shooters, sailors and weight lifters. It was the first realisation that all our hard work had paid off and that this was going to be an amazing adventure! Q: How would you describe the

opening ceremony? A: As we were competing on the first day we didn’t get to go to the ceremony itself but it was amazing to watch all the countries gather together with their national flags and there was a real sense of excitement in the athlete’s village that night. We trained for this moment so ultimately it was about performance and that’s where my focus was.

Q: Who was the most famous person you met? A: Usain Bolt, twice!

Q: And who was the most

inspirational person you met and why? A: Shortly after we arrived we were lucky enough to meet Andy Murray who was leading out Team GB. He

spoke with real passion about the Olympics, and opened up wearing his heart on his sleeve which was not what I’d have expected of him. He showed such interest in our sport, asking lots of questions and I realised at that moment that we were all there as equals, that we shared the same motivation; to win gold!

Q: What was it like living in the

athlete’s village? A: It was a totally unique experience, team GB had its own apartments so it engendered a real team spirit especially once people started winning medals. The best bit though was the dining hall in the village which could seat 6,000 and was open 24/7!

Q: Did you get to see much of

Rio and meet Brazilian people? A: Yes, I did once we finished competing. I was lucky enough to spend five days with my family and friends and we got to visit various venues to support other teams including the hockey and the men’s rugby. I loved Rio and its people. I got to see all the main attractions like Copacabana beach and as a member of Team GB, I was able to make use of ‘The British House’ which was located underneath Christ the Redeemer, with a view I will never forget. 15

Q: What do you

think Brazilians made of the games? A: They loved it and really embraced it. I think they felt honoured to be part of it. They wanted to have photos taken with us and loved a hug!

Q: The rugby

sevens were very popular with audiences at home. What is it about the sport that makes it so compelling? Firstly, it was a new sport at this Olympics and the format of the game is short and intense; as a viewer it’s just 14 minutes of your time! With fewer players on the pitch it’s easy to see what’s happening and it’s fast and exciting with the potential for lots of tries. It had a kind of festival atmosphere playing in front of very vocal supporters!


Q: On a personal

level we know you must have been disappointed not getting to the final of the rugby sevens but what have you learned from this experience and what advice would you give to aspiring athletes about dealing with disappointment at any level of competition? A: I learned how much it meant to me! To go with the aim of wining gold and to come so far in the competition but to leave without a medal was devastating. I cried like a baby and as my mum said on TV, I never cry! Now that I’m over the initial disappointment I know that when you put your all into everything you do both on and off the field people will always support you and that’s an amazing

feeling and it spurs you on to improve.

Q: Has your life

changed now that you are an Olympian? A: Not really but I do still have to pinch myself sometimes as it was the most amazing experience and the two years working towards it was definitely worth every second of the hard work I put in.

Q: What’s next for you? A: I’m back training again working towards the 15 a side World Cup in Ireland this time next year.

Q: Will you be

going to Tokyo in four years’ time? A: That’s the aim as I feel I still have many more games in me and my Olympic experience has left me wanting more success on the big stage!

Q: You’ve been

very generous with your time in the past doing coaching sessions here at the college, will you have time to come back to help inspire a new generation of women on the rugby pitch? A: I really hope so, both Worthing Rugby Club and Worthing College were a huge part of my journey towards elite sport, developing my professional attitude and the discipline required to play my sport at this level. When I was at college I never imagined that one day I would represent my country at the Olympics but I have and I want every young athlete to know it is possible with the right attitude, lots of hard work, guts and determination!


Pass Rate



Pass Rate


This course aims to develop understanding This course aims to develop awareness and awareness of psychological theories and critical understanding of the society and research over a variety of different you live in and how social factors such as areas concerned with humans and families, the education system and mass animals. It is a recognised academic media shape thinking and behaviour. It subject which counts as both an Arts and is a recognised academic subject and Science subject for university entrance excellent preparation for all social science purposes. courses at university and college.



• • 18

Half-termly scheduled individual meetings with their assigned mentor. Instant access to their mentor for urgent issues.

• • • • •

Individualised fitness programme to be devised and monitored, if required. Sports nutrition advice. The production of an individual action plan. Access to potential funding. Advice on sponsorship. Advice on higher education in the UK or scholarships in the USA.

WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS? • Clear identification of performers’ needs. • Individual support to minimise academic, personal and sporting conflict. • Students given lifestyle management skills. • Give the students the ability to perform to a high level both academically and in their sport. • A chance to help raise the sporting standards within the UK. Students can join the programme at the start of the academic year.

Aca ing C dem olle y of ge Spo rt

WHAT DOES IT INVOLVE? GTAP works with a range of professionals, external bodies, parents and coaches to reduce potential conflicts and stresses on the student. Places on the programme are strictly limited and students will be interviewed and have to demonstrate a national or high level of performance in their sport. Once selected for the programme they will enjoy the following benefits:

Wor th

WHAT IS IT? The GTAP is a talent support programme aimed at supporting gifted sporting students. It incorporates all sports and the aim is to help the talented student manage and balance sporting, personal and academic demands. The programme covers a wide range of areas influencing the sports performer, in an attempt to maximise their performance and chance of future success, as well as developing understanding between academics and competition.

ERFECT New Foundation Degree in Sport, Health and Exercise Science

100% Pass Rate on all Sports Courses 19

Making the grade. Best results ever for second year in a row! This summer students and staff celebrated a second consecutive year of best ever results.

A third of A Level maths students achieved A* or A

Paul Riley, Principal said: “In reflecting on the experience of students who Headline results progress on to include A Level university or 98.8% pass rate apprenticeships and BTEC Level 3 or directly to the 97.6% pass rate. workplace after their time with us For more detailed it is clear we offer information on so much more than specific subject qualifications and see results leaflet exams; we are an 2016 available on ‘experience’ that the website. nurtures talent and fosters aspiration and self-worth in our students.” 100% pass rate

in 22 A Level subjects 20

Class of 2016 Moving on


Cambridge Bristol

A Level Law results in top 25% nationally



Durham See our Results Day video on the website 21

MY VISION Paul Riley, Principal

I am delighted to contribute to the first edition of W1 Magazine, as the College’s new Principal for the 2016/17 academic year. Since taking up the post on the 1st September I have been overwhelmed and humbled by the good wishes I have received from members of the college and wider Worthing community. Having spent eight years as the Vice Principal, I cherish the opportunity provided to follow on the great work of the previous Principal, Peter Corrigan, who led the college’s move to our amazing campus and left a legacy for the college, of which we are both immensely proud. In my first address to our community of staff at the start of the Autumn Term, I set out my vision for the college, which centres on becoming an outstanding college in everything we do, where staff and students 22

feel part of a happy and successful community, a dynamic staff culture exists and our core values are ever visible. Furthermore, a college where we all trust each other and are solutions focused to overcoming any barriers to the success of our staff and students, and recognition of achievements and open communication are celebrated features.

successful Ofsted in April 2016 and two consecutive years of best ever results that we now refresh our community’s vision. We started to do this at the start of the academic year and following an extensive consultation process we will publish our vision for the next three years early in December 2016. If reading this you would like to share your views about the future of the

Last but not least, for the college to have an outstanding reputation and be highly recognised as a local community asset.

college please email no later than the 17th November 2016.

However, here at Worthing College, we are a community and it is the right time given our

I am often asked by prospective students and staff why they should come to study or work here at our college. My response is always the

same in that you only have to come in to the college to see for yourself that it is not one reason but more like a hundred and one reasons. We are a rich community that has a clear mission to provide ‘opportunity, achievement,

success and progression’. I am unbelievably proud of the strength of conviction of our staff and governors to deliver this mission, as I am of our students’ achievements in the classroom, sports field and in the workplace and wider community.

Please do follow me on Twitter @PrincipalW_Coll and remember there are #101ReasonsToApply


James Willis

IT’S NEVER TOO LATE Supporting students to reach for the stars It had never occurred to me that somebody in their early thirties could join a college and be in a classroom full of people who only left school a few months earlier, hence the adult education policy at Worthing College came as a bit of a surprise to me. Nevertheless, with my desire to atone for my wasted school years, marred by mental health problems and poor results, pushing me onward, I enrolled to study Maths and Physics. Inevitably, as an adult student, the same issues of stress and anxiety arose when the dreaded exams season loomed closer and it was suggested to me that I speak with the team of people in the Student Support and Advice department (SAS) at the college as they offer a wide range of services aimed at assisting those students with extra needs, whether mental or physical, either in the general college environment, in lessons or, in my case, in exams.

Due to my mental health condition, my attention span is very short and I am easily distracted by movement and even quiet background noises. Invariably I am unable to maintain the intense concentration that is required in exams and this is so frustrating especially given that the path that a person’s life may take rests upon how they perform in a relatively short amount of time. The SAS staff worked with the staff in the Exams Office to provide me with a separate, quiet room and one to one invigilation for my exams, in addition to this they are very good at listening with in impartial and understanding ear and offering reassurance and advice in a private and confidential environment.

and that I needed to go to my first choice university. I don’t believe that this could have happened without Worthing College having such dedicated, and helpful staff, and being so committed to its policy of equal opportunity. Nor could this have happened without the enthusiastic and interested teachers who always find ways of helping people to help themselves and the exam coordinators who took care to make special arrangements for me during the busy and frenetic time of exams. I am extremely grateful for

all the help that I have been given by everyone at the College for enabling me to change my life for the better. All minorities should have their needs taken seriously and to anybody that is experiencing difficulties with their studies due to a disability of any kind, I cannot recommend having the help and encouragement of with the SAS team highly enough. It is testament to the progressive ethos within the college that adult education is available and that the SAS Department performs its role so well.

Although the experience of sitting an exam is still an intimidating one (I doubt that this will ever change) the arrangements that were made enabled me to get the A level results that I was capable of achieving 23

setTING THE STAGE The wonderful Sealight Theatre is the home of our Performing Arts department providing a multi-purpose space for both teaching and performing. Students benefit from a wealth of opportunities to perform to live audiences including local schools, the Brighton Open Air Theatre and various venues whilst participating in National Theatre Connections and Rock Challenge. To keep up to date visit the Worthing College website and search Academy of Performing Arts to follow their blog.





E for your future





BUSINESS Taking on an apprentice can

be a real advantage. As well as providing a motivated young person with a great start there are great benefits to be had for you and your business. •

92% of companies who employ an apprentice believe Apprenticeships lead to a more motivated and satisfied workforce.

80% of companies employing apprentices agree they


make the workplace more productive. •

Improved customer satisfaction as 81% of consumers favour a company that employs apprentices.

83% of companies who employ apprentices rely on their Apprenticeship programme to provide the

Find out more about taking part in an Apprenticeship programme

skilled workers they need for

with Worthing College by calling 01903 275723 or visiting the

the future.

website at


Space to talk Space to listen

Space to meet Space to do business

Space to learn

Space to entertain

Space to work Space to get fit

Space to breathe Space to hire 28

Conference spaces

Meeting spaces

Sanditon Conference Centre

Meeting Rooms

Offers a range of facilities to suit your every need. An ideal venue for exhibitions, conferences, networking, meetings or interviews and training sessions. Seats 80 - 100 cabaret style.

We have a variety of meeting rooms, classrooms and Learning Zones for hire.

Entertaining spaces East and West Cafés Two large and well equipped cafés are available for hire. These are ideal for parties and other social occasions. Catering facilities are available with tables, chairs and outside patio areas.

Exhibition Hall Our large Exhibition Hall measures approximately 15 x 23 metres and has seating capacity for up to 250 people.

Dramatic spaces

Sealight Theatre The Sealight Theatre is a lovely concert venue with raked seating and a Yamaha 5’5” grand piano. We also have a sprung dance studio and music room.

5 FREE HIRE SESSIONS 4 hour sessions available to local charities for meetings and events. Dates subject to availability. Available on a first come first serve basis, first 5 to register their interest by 16th Dec 2016. Contact Anne Pithie at 29

alumni Then, fortunately she found Worthing College and, as far as she is concerned, it changed her life. Martina is an unashamed lover of learning. She thoroughly enjoyed every minute of her time at Worthing College and even though she is now


Moravcikova Martina should know a bit about Worthing College. She was an ESOL and Public Services Level 2 student at Bolsover Road and experienced the move to the new site at the Warren in 2013 where she finished her studies with a Triple Grade Distinction at Level 3 in the same subject and was awarded the title of Public Services Student of the Year 2014. This was a far cry from require skills in either her early experiences of of these two areas. She education in her home found it impossible to country of Slovakia. learn properly at school There Martina really as she could not cope struggled as she suffers with studying lots of from Dyslexia and different subjects at once. Dyscalculia which makes She moved to the both english and maths UK in 2008 with her subjects extremely mother and sister and difficult to grasp and inevitably struggled at makes learning much school because of the harder as most courses language difficulties. 30


new classrooms and the Learning Zones. Martina says her secret is just “hard work!” She listened to the teachers, developed a work ethic and did everything as best as she possibly could. It certainly worked; and now Martina is looking forward to the possibility of becoming a pre-


WITH LOVE doing an apprenticeship in Level 2 Childcare at neighbouring Northbrook, she confesses that sometimes she wishes she was still here; in fact she says she would be happy to carry on learning forever. The best thing about Worthing College?

“The teachers, the atmosphere and the student group” she says. She had a “brilliant time” at both sites but was very impressed with the new campus, loving the bigger building, the

school teacher. She volunteered to work in the nursery at Worthing College and is now working at St Matthews Pre-school in Worthing as part of her apprenticeship.

University in the future? “I would love to go to university if that were possible so I could go on to be a teacher and help change other childrens’ lives.” So who knows, Martina’s educational adventure may not be drawing to a close just yet. Watch this space.




My last 2 years at Worthing College have been really wonderful. I must say I will certainly be sad to leave it all behind! I’m studying Biochemistry (BSc) with an industrial placement year at Sussex University this coming term. When I initially came to look around the building, the first thing that became apparent was the well planned space and fantastic facilities. For me, the gym was a real bonus as I’m active and it was

a great way to get fit at a heavily discounted rate! The light, airy and spacious classrooms are a feature which I felt the other colleges I looked around could not boast and the learning zones create a friendly and social vibe; as a result of this I have gained some of my closest and dearest friends during my time at Worthing College My A Level subjects were Chemistry, Biology and Geography. From all 3 departments I always found unlimited help

IT’S DONE Robert A Heinlein

and support where I needed it most. I won’t say it was easy, and there were some major stresses along the way, but my teachers and tutors were always approachable, encouraging and selfless doing everything from answering late night emails to taking on extra revision marking (for which I am incredibly grateful). I enjoyed all of my subjects and did consider choosing a Human Geography degree at one point; but

the science won over! All in all I feel privileged to have had access to such high standard education in such a nice environment and would encourage any prospective student to enrol!







JOANNE SPEER Worthing College student 2010 -2012 Jo was among the last students to complete their entire A Level course at the Bolsover Road site. Whilst at Worthing she studied A levels in Chemistry, Geology and Geography as well as AS Biology. Recently Jo graduated from Plymouth University with a First Class Master’s Degree in Geology (MGeol). She is currently working as a High Ropes Instructor at “Go Ape” but ultimately aims to go into Science Communication. 32

Jo also won the Geological Society South West Regional Group Prize for the Best Overall Performance on the Earth Science Degree Scheme. Jo loved her time at Plymouth and recently came back to Worthing College to talk to Geography A level students about Earth Science degrees and University life.


Worthing College student 1996 to1998. Christine arrived intending to become an Archaeologist. That was before she met Laurie Doyle, who converted her to Geology. Both he and Gill Partington were brilliant and inspirational teachers. After a Gap Year, Christine went to Cardiff University and came out with a 1st class BA degree in Earth Sciences. This was followed by an MSc in Quaternary Science at Royal Holloway. In 2004

she went to Oxford as a Research Assistant, then embarked on a Doctorate, and gained a D Phil in 2008 in Tephrachronology. She stayed in Oxford as a Post-Doctorate Research Assistant in the Research Laboratory for Archaeology until 2014, when she took up a Lecturer’s post at the University of Manchester. Next month she moves to Cambridge to take up a Chair in Geography and become Professor Christine Lane.

Show off your maths skills “The Maths Academy gave me the opportunity to show off my mathematical skills in competitions such as the senior UK Mathematics Trust individual and team challenges. This, along with enrichment activities in the Academy of Mathematics sessions, helped me produce a great personal statement for my university applications.” Andrew Jeffery Now studying at Cambridge University

AS Applied Travel and Tourism results in top 25% in the country

BTEC Level 3 Travel & Tourism Diploma With additional IATA qualification. An introduction to the travel industry with a focus on the airline sector.

A Level Law results in top 25% in the country

BTEC Law 98.5% pass “I like presenting my ideas in assignments instead of doing lots of exams; I think this suits my learning style much better.” 33


A Level English Language, English Literature & English Lang/Lit




100% PASS RATE 34


A range of great overseas trips provide experience, education and much more. HOLLAND RUGBY TRAINING CAMP October 2016/17 SALOU SPAIN WARM WEATHER FOOTBALL TRAINING CAMP Includes trip to Nou Camp Stadium, Barcelona February 2017 FRANCE or SPAIN (tbc) TRAVEL & TOURISM 5 day residential trip March 2017 USA EXCHANGE to Cleveland, Ohio, including trip to New York

NEW for 2018 SKI TRIP TO CANADA 6 NIGHTS STAYING AT SKI RESORT OF TREMBLANT WITH RETURN STOPOVER IN TORONTO AND NIAGARA FALLS. Cost to be confirmed but will be in the region of £1600 to include air fares, accommodation, ski passes and instruction, breakfast and evening meals. Trip will be available to students in Year 12 and 13 who attend college from September 2017.





Geography A Level 97.4% pass rate How do people change their environment? How does the environment affect people? By focusing on current global issues linked to physical and human geography, we will explore the relationship between people and their environment.

Students will be encouraged to think critically about the world, to make decisions about the future and to develop a wide range of geographical skills. A key part of Geography A Level involves an exciting residential fieldwork trip in Devon.

Environmental Sustainability BTEC Level 3 100% high pass rate This course will give students a vocational understanding of important issues such as climate change, the need for conservation, the development of a low carbon economy and develop practical

and field skills in environmental monitoring. The course has an emphasis on understanding the natural world, how to responsibly exploit natural resources and how to limit damage to the natural environment.

Duke of Edinburgh award

Gain your silver or gold award by completing a community

service project, a skills and sports activity, and a challenging expedition to place like Snowdonia or the Lake District



This course aims to prepare students both physically and mentally for the public services industry. Students will learn about the public services including uniformed services and the careers they offer, develop skills such as self-discipline and fitness, learn transferable skills like teamwork, navigation and communication, and take part in outdoor pursuits and physical challenges. It can be studied alongside Academy of Sport provision.

PUBLIC SERVICES BTEC LEVEL 3 EXTENDED DIPLOMA, EQUIVALENT TO THREE A LEVELS, 100% PASS RATE Public Services develops skills and qualities required for employment. A great course giving a range of opportunities whilst developing essential skills.

PUBLIC SERVICES (SOCIAL SCIENCE) BTEC LEVEL 3 SUBSIDIARY DIPLOMA 100% PASS RATE Students will learn transferable skills such as teamwork, leadership and communication that will help prepare for higher education or employment in this sector.



Raising hope and money for local charities Regular cake sales to sup

port the Queen

Alexander Hospital Home

in Worthing

Annual Pier to Pier walk to raise funds for

Chestnut Tree House Childrens Hospice

The annual Sleep Out raises money for


Worthing Churches Homeless Project 39


GOVERNORS The Governing Body is currently chaired by Mr Paul Amoo. The Corporation, the technical name for our board of Governors, is made up of individuals who contribute their collective skills and valuable experience on a voluntary basis. They are responsible for determining the overall strategy of the college and its educational character.

Key to delivering this aim the governing body includes representation from key stakeholders including staff, parents and most importantly from the student body to ensure that their views are at the heart of the decision making process. This important role is the responsibility of the President and the Vice President of the Student Union who are elected by their peers. This year this responsibility falls to Charlie Suraci Neve 40

and Emily Coles. Providing students with opportunities to develop their skills and experience outside of the classroom is a key focus in the college. Have you ever considered becoming a Governor? We’re looking for new Governors so if you want to influence the education of young people why not talk to us about the skills and experience that you feel you could bring to the governing body? Full details are available on the website.

• Potted history of Worthing College • Founded in 1920 Worthing High School for Boys was located on the site that is now Northbrook College, Broadwater. • Relocated to Bolsover Road in Durrington in 1964 • In 1974 the college became Worthing College Sixth Form and girls were first admitted for the first time. • In 2004 the college became known as Worthing College • In 2013 the college relocated to its present campus at Sanditon Way, just off Hill Barn Lane.

Back row: Charlie Suraci Neve, Emily Coles, Kate Hall, Linda Randall, Val Ellis, Jane Thorns, Elizabeth Sparkes, Rajinder Singh. Front row: John Lewis, Sue Jenkins, Roy Bowden, Paul Amoo, Hazel Thorpe, Paul Riley.

History A Level 100% Pass Rate History is extremely important in contemporary society, not just to learn from the past but to shape the future by learning from it. It teaches you to apply an analytical mind set to all kind of situations and challenges and as a result, is a much respected A Level to have by both by employers and universities.





BTEC LEVEL 3 EXTENDED CERTIFICATE (Equivalent to 1 A Level) BTEC LEVEL 3 EXTENDED DIPLOMA (Equivalent to 3 A Levels) These courses look at a number of topics that are related to working in health and/or social care. The course is vocational, which means it is most suitable for people who are seriously considering a career in a related field. The Diploma is split into two pathways; one for Nursing and Midwifery and one for Social Care and Education.

E 1 0 0 % PA S S R AeTs in b o th c o u rs

#101ReasonsToApply 42


WANTED We currently have vacancies in the following departments at the college:

1. Student Services An interesting and varied opportunity to learn a wide range of administrative and data entry/analysis skills in a team which plays a key role in supporting students

2. Curriculum and Guidance This role provides the opportunity to learn a broad range of administration skills, organising events, promotional work and record keeping for the Guidance and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) team.

3. Library An apprentice is required to work and train within the library. Assisting staff and students with tasks such as recording the borrowing and returning resources and maintaining library data bases.




Building on our fantastic summer 2016 pass rates, the Business Studies, Economics and Finance department are pleased to whet your appetite about exciting 44

enrichment opportunities. We will be announcing lots more visits, events and outside speakers throughout the year, and from past experience we are confident that

many students who embrace these extra sessions go on to achieve better results. There will be a visit to the ifs University College, a guided walking tour of the City of London and

Bank of England museum including a talk. This is aimed at Certificate and Diploma in Financial Studies and Economics students (date to be advised). We are offering a superb and valuable

its monetary policy and financial stability roles.

opportunity for students to learn about and experience the Financial District in the City of London. This is to enhance their understanding of the importance of London as a

successful global financial centre.

Students will be able to apply and deepen their understanding of elements from both the Certificate in Financial Studies and Economics courses. Our first stop will be the ifs University College, who are the course providers of the Certificate and Diploma in Financial Studies, based in the heart of the City of London, where students will experience a talk about ifs University. This may be of interest to those who are considering their progression into Higher Education with a view to working in Banking and Finance. http://www. degrees/full-timeundergraduatedegrees.

We will also visit the Bank of England and learn how it maintains economic stability through an understanding of

There will also be a talk about the financial crisis for A Level Business Studies students held at the Strong Foundations

Workshop based in the Vue Cinema, Gunwharf Quays, Portsmouth on 22nd November 2016. Aimed at second year students, this is an event not to be missed as it will reinforce the core A Level Business teaching content that has been taught so far, including key foundation topics from Year 1. It will also provide an opportunity for students t0: •

Catch-up with, and re-cap key topics from Year 1 (AS) that will may be examined.


Build student understanding of crucial exam skills, and confidence in the core assessment skills that they need to master in order to perform strongly in the three end of year papers.


Help students prepare effectively, and provide a focus for mock exams. 45



Children First Forest School Holiday Club. A real success story. With over 200 children signed up and a waiting list in operation the Forest School Holiday Club run by the Children First Nursery is a real success story. Based on providing children with outside learning in a safe, environment it certainly seems to have gone down well with children and parents alike.

Because the children are under expert and caring supervision they are able to take risks with their play, get close to nature, and take part in such things as craft activities, sawing wood, helping to make fires, preparing and cooking food, and eating ‘al fresco’ in their own forest play area.


The best learning environment isn’t always in the classroom




Sanditon Centre, Worthing College Sundays at 10am


...come and join us ! Hi, we're Kingdom Faith Church! We’re Christians from loads of different cultures and backgrounds with one thing in common...we love Jesus Christ! Pastor Jonathon Dyke, Congregation Leader


Small Groups

Open Houses

Christian Union

Our opportunity to come together and celebrate all that God is, all that He’s done and to kick start the week. You can always expect wholehearted praise and worship as well as inspirational messages.

Small Groups are the relational heart of the Church – it’s where people connect, share life and grow together. We meet throughout the week to hang out, encourage one other and doing good in our town.

If you’d like to get to know some people in the Church in a fun, friendly and relaxed atmosphere join us at one of our Open Houses. We meet twice a month, on a Saturday in and around Worthing.

We actively help to support the CU that meets in Worthing College. It’s the place to go during the week where you can meet up with fellow Christian students or come to find out more about Jesus!

...and more! There is so much going on in the life of Kingdom Faith Church and we’d love to get to know you. We believe we are to be an active part of the community here in Worthing so if you want to find out more about us and what we do, check out our website: or give us a call on: 01903 253105



At Worthing College See website for times and details



Dance Classes Tiny Tots to “Third Age”

& Private Functions

Adult Social Dance Classes with Rocsters All classes open at 7.45pm Mondays, West Coast Swing Tuesdays, 40s/50s Jive to Rock & Roll, RnB & Swing Wednesdays, Modern Jive - 07813213201

Nicola Miles Theatre Studio Children’s FREE trial class!

After School and Saturday mornings - Ballet, tap, modern, Contemporary Jazz & limbering. Beginners and Experienced. Adults - Monday Tap, Thursdays Ballet - evenings Tiny tots - Adults - 07789 860413/07769 934634

Private Bookings

Hall available for parties, dances, band nights, functions, etc Call Andy on 07813213201

The Warren at Worthing College

1 Sanditon Way Worthing BN14 9FD 07813213201

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19/09/2016 12:47



W1 Worthing College I Sanditon Way BN14 9FD


Where are they now

Apprenticeships Good for business


Great facilities to hire 5 FREE hire sessions for local charities

Raising hope,

and money for local charities


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W1 autumn 2016  
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