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Kids@Worthing Nursery – Newsletter March 2013

NURSERY NEWSLETTER – MARCH 2013 Polite Reminder – Please can we remember to come right into the room when dropping off and collecting. This is for the safety of all the children. Thank you. Mother’s Day is the 10th March so all the rooms will be making small gifts or cards to share with their wonderful mummies. We would also like to invite you to a cream tea on Wednesday 13th March at 3.30pm. A separate email has been sent out and we would appreciate a response so we can plan for these numbers. Congratulations to Heather who is leaving on 22nd March to pursue a career working with young adults. We would like to wish her the best of luck and will all miss her! Honor has got a new job at Ashington Day Nursery and will be leaving this month. We would also like to wish her the best of luck and will all miss her! Red Nose Day is on Friday 15th March. Raina, Cara and Tegan are all doing a skydive and would really appreciate sponsors. The forms are on the doors to all the rooms. Within the nursery we will be having a cake sale, playing with red playdough, red messy play and red nose painting. For a £1 donation we would like the children to wear Onesies/pyjamas and have crazy, funky hair! Baby 1 in March 2013 Last Month Ellie and Ava have really been enjoying playing with the dolls, they have loved pretending to feed them, wash them and care for them, both Ellie and Ava have also become very vocal during their play and really expressing their excitement. Oscar has been becoming more and more chatty, he chatters away to us all day long and is learning more and more new words every day. Taylor and Harry have become very interested in heights, climbing high and building high. A great bonus to building things high is being able to knock them down again!

Samir has been very affectionate recently and his favourite thing to do at the moment is have lots of long cuddles. Connor, Harry and Finley's favourite thing they did this month was nice warm bubbly water play, they were soaked and so were we, we had to refill the builders tray three times over to keep the water warm and because they were having so much fun! I'm sure if we let them keep going we would have ended up with a very wet ceiling too. Sofia and Christie, have become more and more physical setting themselves new challenges every day, having the slide in the room has fuelled this and they are often proudly sitting at the top having a good look around the room, next month’s challenge getting down...? George has really been getting into how he can make different sounds. He has been learning how to use lots of musical instruments in a variety of ways, his favourite was the xylophone he loved the sound and loved being able to do it by himself too! Eva has begun to be able to get stuck into messy play activities and is loving it! She is particularly intrigued by putting it in her mouth, sand and paint! This Month We will be taking part in lots of fundraising for Red Nose Day! Including Raina, Tegan and Cara who have been dared to do a skydive!! They have set up a just giving page and have sponsor forms on every door; all donations will be greatly received! For World Book Day on Thursday baby one has a three bears theme for dressing up, feel free to dress your little ones as bears and or bring in their favourite teddies! As that sunshine has been trying its hardest to peek through the clouds we will be trying to get the babies outside to play, so please make sure they have lots of layers ready for us to put on if we do. Anything Else Sometimes it can be quite cold on the floor first thing in the morning so if your child is in early it might be worth making sure they have nice thick socks on, slippers or some indoor shoes. Ideas for Home Collect old cardboard boxes all shapes and sizes, they will love building them up high to make towers, you can make a den by draping fabric over it, play hide and seek, draw all over the boxes and so much more. The babies have had hours of fun at nursery exploring the many different ways a box is brill! Baby 2 in March 2013 New Children Alex has started and settled in well. Staffing Heather, Honor, Charlotte and Ann. Last Month We built lots of obstacle courses and dens as Callum, Jake, Alex, Hayden, William, Naeem and Rupert have all been very keen to climb and hide in dens. Hayden and Callum have enjoyed some messy play with shaving foam and glitter which was great fun. Libby, Amira and Ailsa have continued to enjoy using pens and crayons to make marks. Eve loves reading stories to the dollies and Saraya has enjoyed listening to stories. Lex has been using the walker and push along car to explore the tennis courts and find his way around. Sophie has been saying lots of words and is able to access toys herself independently.

This Month For World Book Day our theme will be Room on the Broom. Staff are dressing up as a witch, cat, dog and bird. There is also a dragon and frog in the story if you would like to dress your child up as one of the characters. We will also be celebrating St Patrick’s Day by making clover leaf pictures. We would also like to visit our local parks and shops with the weather improving. Ideas for Home Making a den using blankets and cushions/pillows and take your favourite stories in to share, you could even take dressing up clothes in your den too! Toddlers in March 2013 New Children Welcome to Neveah. Last Month We walked to Goring Library and read lots of new books. For Pancake Day we cooked pancakes for breakfast and also cooked them in the garden. We have had lots of messy play in the new builders tray including whipped cream, sand, mousse, noodles, rice and custard. William, Toby, Adam, Alex, Henry and Jonathan all still spend hours putting out ‘fires’ to be like Fireman Sam. This Month Exciting News! We have a fire engine coming to the nursery for a visit on Wednesday 13th March am, we will then be doing lots of fireman based activities. We will also be doing things for Mother’s Day but we can’t tell you what as it will ruin the surprise! Ellie and Olivia love painting and dolls so we will be printing dolls feet in paint. We will also be making a bug house. Acknowledgements Well done Dexter and Olivia who are in pants/knickers. Ideas for Home Bubble painting! Georgia, Jonathan and Olivia really enjoyed this, all you need to do is mix powder paint (or use normal paint/food colouring), add some water and washing up liquid, mix it together then get a straw and blow into the mixture until you get bubbles then press paper down onto the bubbles you have just blown.

Pre School in March 2013 New Children Kareem has just started with us and is settling in well. Staffing Rebekah is volunteering in Pre School on a Wednesday and Friday. Last Month We had the opportunity to go to Goring Library and change our books. We got a book all about dressing up and making costumes and this month we hope to make some. Jack and Jonathan really liked using the computer there. We also still have regular visits from the book bus on Tuesday afternoons and got some books about our mummies as it is Mother’s Day. Kareem chose one all about tractors and really liked his first visit on the bus. We had so much fun on Pancake Day, Boe, Mackenzie, Luke, Brooke and AvaSkye thought it was great flipping pancakes whilst running and climbing through tunnels.

This Month We will be spending time learning about people that help us. We have turned our role-play area into a fire engine and station as Henry, Samuel, Ade and Asa have shown a keen interest in this. To support this we have also booked a visit from a fire engine on Wednesday 13th March and they all seem very excited about this. We are also visiting the Toy Library at Maybridge this week. Lucy, Patrick, Ryan and Jessica went and loved having a play with the dolls house and collecting a construction set for us to borrow. We will rotate the groups of children going and on the 11th we collect the fire safety set and on the 25th the oral health kit. Forest School in March 2013 Last Month For Chinese New Year we made vegetable stir-fry and prawn crackers on the fire. We made cakes cooked inside oranges for pudding, these were our best attempt yet with no burnt bits! We made some suet bird feeders in half term on the fire and looked for good places to hide them for birds. This Month We are going out to Forest School to do some bear and bug hunts. We will be making elder beads, sawing discs, weaving willow dream catchers and cooking in our new pots that we got for the fire and having a first attempt at cooking bread – wish us luck! Anything Else We are always in need of wood and any fire apparatus, eg. grids, pokers, tongs, pots and pans. Ideas for Home Suet Bird Feeders – children can cut up lard and then an adult can melt it, leave to cool slightly and then children add seed and mix. Children can spoon/pour into plastic cups and dunk in a string loop, once this has gone hard cut off cup and hang in a tree.

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