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Kids@Worthing Nursery – Newsletter June 2013

NURSERY NEWSLETTER – JUNE 2013 New Nursery Things are really beginning to move, we all visited at the end of May with our hard hats and high viz vests!! We have been ordering new equipment, checking measurements and generally getting excited! Our plan is that when we move we will move many children up to a new room (baby 1 to baby 2, baby 2 to toddlers and toddlers to pre-school ) to prevent them moving to a new nursery and then a new room a few months later. We are also moving staff so that all children will be with familiar adults. If your child is moving with us I will send you details of this soon. We will keep disruption to a minimum for all the children wherever possible. Reunion July 13th 11:00 to 14:00; This will be a picnic event so please bring your own, we hope to have a tea and coffee van, ice cream van, bouncy castle, garden games, face painting and a raffle. This is a chance to celebrate Kids at Worthing nursery before we move, it will be an opportunity for all ex and current parents, children and staff to get together. If anyone has any ideas or resources they think would be good please let us know. I would like some large garden games, like Jenga, Connect 4 etc. Midnight Walk Some staff and parents are taking part in this on 22nd June. Please see Raina if you would like to sponsor anyone, alternatively you can donate quickly and easily via the group’s just giving page Visit if you would like to volunteer. Leaving Dates Thank you to everyone who has given us their child’s leaving date if not please can we have this information as soon as possible, to allow us to plan the coming months.

Baby 1 in June 2013 Last Month: We have been reading lots and lots, Lillibeth, Finley, Sofia and Teddy have loved reading the That’s Not My ……. books. Connor, Oscar, Christie and Sofia love the books by Julia Donaldson and Axel Sheffler such as The Gruffalo, Gruffalo’s Child, Room on the Broom, Monkey Puzzle etc. Samir, Connor, Harry and Finley have found great pleasure in climbing, climbing, climbing, they are getting more and more self-confident and daring! We are hearing lots and lots of babble and chatter from all the babies who have all found their voices, we are having lots of fun decoding and copying all their sounds. We have all been in the garden lots and the babies are loving the freedom. The mud/digging area was the most fun for Finley, Teddy and George who have been sitting in it with their cars. This Month: We will continue to get out in the garden as much as we can! We will be supporting the babies developing language by copying sounds they make, repeating attempted words back clearly, emphasising key words in sentences and just generally talking about lots of things as we are doing them. We are going to provide the babies with lots of different levels for them to explore and continue their current interest in climbing. Anything Else: The Midnight Walk is coming up on 22nd June and we are still looking for volunteers for the night, there are various things to do. Please see Raina for details. Ideas for Home for Baby 1: Try using their cot/bed mattresses, duvets and pillows out in the lounge etc. as a fun place for babies to climb, bounce and explore! Baby 2 in June 2013 New Children: Welcome Harry and Ava to Baby 2. Staffing: Amy, Ann, Charlotte and Becky Last Month: We played fishing games with the paddling pool and new net, Callum liked catching everyone’s head in his net! We went on a lovely train trip to Lancing swapping trains at Worthing. Hayden was responsible for holding the tickets in his pocket. Callum liked stopping for a Mini Milk, we bought cooking ingredients for the next day’s cooking, a vegetable stir fry. This Month: We will be making some lovely Father’s Day cards and looking forward to our Father’s Day tea. Every day we are hoping to have our garden paddling pool out as Hayden loves getting wet. We now have a kitchen in our digging area as Callum likes to make a muddy mess, Sophie has been using her new standing frame to carry out activities like water play. We have had a lot of access to the bigger garden seeing the older children and using the bouncy castle. Acknowledgements: Potty training – a big well done to all those babies trying the potty at nappy changing time. Well done Amira, Ailsa, Saraya and Hayden

for doing wees on the potty. A big well done to Amira who has gained full control over her toileting needs and is fully in knickers now! Lots of other children are sitting on the potty at nappy time. Anything Else: Please can all parents pay for their child’s sun cream, there is a list on the door. Ideas for Home: Cereal play is really popular in Baby 2, crunching the dinos over cornflakes, digging and pouring cookie crisps/golden nuggets with the yellow diggers, serving breakfast meals with the tea set and utensils! Lots of fun with food! Or custard play! Toddlers in June 2013 Last Month: Toddlers have loved all our animal related topics and it remains a firm interest amongst them, they especially enjoyed the animal visits and chopping up vegetables for the guinea pigs. We have been doing a variety of paint related acitvities and Georgia, Alex D, William H, Ellie, Toby and Olivia all really enjoy this. This Month: We are continuing with the theme of animals and will hopefully have some more animal visitors. Several of the children are interested in transport so we will be decorating lorry pictures, building car ramps, looking at trains and making boats. In the nice weather we will be planning lots of outdoors activities and circle times. Acknowledgements: Thank you to Adam’s mum for bringing in Bubbles the bunny. Ideas for Home: Visit a pet shop or garden centre to see the animals, look at what they eat and how they sleep. “It’s free”! Pre School in June 2013 New Children: Jake has recently started Pre-School and we are all really enjoying playing with him. Last Month: We have spent a lot of time focusing on our maths skills. We have been painting patterns and Ryan, Samuel, Lucy, Jonathan and Mackenzie had a really good understanding of how to follow them. Patrick, Alice, Boe, Anthony and William S had a great time with the magnetic fish, catching them and matching them to the correct colour and number. We visited the college pond to look through binoculars and magnifying glasses at tadpoles and frogs. Aaron, Ava Skye, William D, Luke, Jack, Henry, Marli, Jonathan and Brooke loved this experience. This Month: We will be going to Drusillas! We are all looking forward to it and in the week before we will be looking at maps of the park, looking on the computer for information and learning about the animlas that we will see. We

are also spending time talking about holidays as lots of the children are either going soon or are sharing stories with us about previous ones. Anything Else: We need all Drusillas medical forms and payments by 15th June – Thank you. Ideas for Home: If you are going on holiday we would love to receive a postcard so we can share these with the group and make a display of all the lovely places we have been to. Forest School in June 2013 This Month: The Forest School is being used weekly for free sessions rather than planned activities and the children are loving the freedom to explore and experiment.

Save the Dates This is for all rooms

Save the dates! Parents below are the dates for all upcoming stay and play sessions and drop in days. You should have received information on what our stay and play sessions and drop in days are. If you would like to be reminded of what they are or like some more information about them, ask one of the girls in your Childs room or come and see me (Raina) in the baby one room. Month June July August September October

Stay and Play (9:3011:00am) 30th 15th 29th

Drop in day (9am until 4pm) 11th 23rd 6th 15th

November 5th December 17th January 3rd 14th (Please note the stay and play session only run in the school holidays)

Tel: 01903 707608 email: Bolsover Road, Worthing, West Sussex, BN13 1NS

Nursery newsletter june 2013