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Kids @ Worthing Nursery –December 2012

Newsletter December 2012 Celebrations This month the nursery is celebrating Christmas, with many activities, games, fun and general festivities. We will also be celebrating Hanukkah 8th to 16th December. Hanukkah Cookies

The Jewish festival of Hanukkah commemorates the victory of the Maccabees over the Syrian Greeks sometime around 165 BCE. The Maccabees were a group of Jews and gained their victory after a war lasting three years. The Holy Temple in Jerusalem had been used for non-Jewish religious rituals during the war. Following the end of the war, the Maccabees re-dedicated the temple and found a single vial of sanctified oil. This was enough to burn in the menorah, or candle stick, for just one day. However, the rituals demanded that this burn for eight days. Miraculously, the flames in the menorah stayed alight for eight days. This is known as the miracle of the oil and is celebrated at Chanukah. Symbols of Chanukah include: Candle sticks with space for the nine candles or oil lamps that are lit during the eight days of Chanukah known as hanukiah. Square spinning tops known as dreidels. There is a letter on each of the faces. These letters have symbolic meanings and are used in seasonal games. Donuts, potato cakes and other foods cooked in oil. Chocolate money. Children in some families receive small gifts on each of the eight days of Chanukah or a single larger gift. Children in the nursery will be enjoying various activities around the theme of Hanukkah. Children in need Thank you we raised £152 by dressing up and selling cakes all contributions and efforts were really appreciated. Book/DVD’S Collection If you have any books or dvd’s you do not want we would love to collect them and have a stall, where for a small donation you can buy a new book. This is one of our parents wonderful idea and we thought we would try it at the Christmas fair so please bring in any old unwanted books or dvd’s you have at home. Thanks

Diary dates and time Christmas fair 8th December 11am to 1pm FATHER CHRISTMAS WILL BE AT THE FAIR IF YOU WOULD LIKE YOUR CHILD TO RECEIVE A GIFT PLEASE PUT £2 IN AN ENVELOPE WITH YOUR CHILDS NAME AND SANTA MONEY ON IT IN THE BLACK BOX. We would also like to collect raffle prizes or vouchers if you have anything at home or vouchers from your business all would be gratefully received. Christmas dinner 11th December End of term 19th December Nursery closed 25th, 26th, 27th, 28th, 31st December and 1st January Reminders Please return all photos and/or money as soon as possible the final date is 7th December. Please let a member of staff know if you will be coming to the Christmas fair and whether you would like to help or bake cakes. Thanks Baby 1 in December2012 Last month William and Mia had great fun out on the tennis courts and on the field playing with balls and as William says “botballs” Sofia also enjoyed being on the tennis courts in her walker, she even got to see her Daddy which was very exciting. We had the sit and ride toys inside which was a big favourite of Samir’s. Cereal play and making cakes was the highlight of Hayden’s week, he loved bashing the chocolate and rice krispies. Taylor, Mia and Sofia have been getting braver and braver jumping on the trampoline inside. Harry and Oscar have been very excited looking out the window for trains. Eve and Mia have been experimenting with language and lots of chatting and babbling both have been saying lots of new words, clever girls. Eva has become absorbed watching her friends playing with various activities and even joining in holding on to tissue paper. Ava’s favourite part of any day has been snuggling up with the bears. She has brought in her own to show us. Ellie and Rupert have been building bigger bonds with the other children, playing alongside friends and babbling away to them. Connor just loves to climb and explore this month he has been getting around faster and faster and getting into more places than ever. This Month We will be exploring Hanukkah and Christmas activities based on the children’s interests for example Ava, Eve and Harry love playing with paper, rustling it and crinkling it so will have lots of tinsel, cards and wrapping out to ply with. The children also enjoy the shaky toys so we will be using jingle bells and singing Christmas songs. Plus many more exciting activities. Goodbye Goodbye to Mia who left us this month, it has been a pleasure to look after her and we will miss her lots. Ideas for home

We are sending out our sensory/den bags as mentioned via email ask in the room about when you will have a turn. We also have photos for inspiration on how to use the bags. We have tried them in the nursery and the children love having special places to sit or play.

Baby 2 in December2012 Last month We had great fun playing with play dough which smelt of lemon, Saraya added some blue glitter, Amira and Libby loved this and spent ages cutting out shapes and rolling the play dough with rolling pins. Olivia had fun making dinner for the babies with the play dough and even pretended to feed Ailsa the two of them sat with plates and play dough dinner having a wonderful time. Callum really enjoyed lots of water play both inside and out he loves to scoop and pour. Lola and Ellie thoroughly enjoyed washing the dollies using real soap. Henry and Amira have been enjoying interesting conversations over breakfast chatting away to each other. Lex has started to walk all by himself well done Lex this is a really achievement and such a milestone. Ethan, Henry, Lola, Olivia and William, have all really loved their visits to toddlers, Eleanor and Matthew will be starting visits this week. This Month We will be celebrating Christmas and Hanukkah this will involve lots of colourful messy play such as glitter in water, more smelly play dough perhaps cinnamon as lots of the children enjoyed this particularly Amira, Libby Saraya and Olivia. We will be looking at Christmas stories and singing Christmas songs. We will also be making Christmas decorations. Reminders Please remember to come into the room and remove your shoes when collecting or dropping off this is for the children’s safety and wellbeing. Thank you Ideas for home

Add glitter or various essences to play dough the children love this at the moment you could use Christmas cutters to make shapes or even leave to air dry to make decorations for your tree. Toddlers in December 2012 Children Welcome to Lexi who joined us this month. Last month The children have loved singing with instruments so we made our own. Finlay, Rosie, Henry and Beau all have enjoyed our owl baby story sack so we made our own. Ava Sky loves playing shops so she took a handbag and some money and went to the college canteen with Ann and Lisa to buy some crisps to share with her friends. Toby has been spending lots of time climbing and jumping on the crash mats outside. Adam has been experimenting by building lots of towers and seeing how high they can be sometimes even taller than himself. Ade, Jonathan, Maria and William have all loved exploring different messy play including shaving foam, corn flour, custard and jelly messy but fun! This Month We will be celebrating Hanukkah and Christmas by making lots of cards and candle pictures. We are planning a trip to Haskins garden Centre to see all the Christmas decorations. We will also be taking part in lots of Christmas activities including, making decorations, making cards, posting letters, dressing up, learning Christmas songs, making calendars and cooking biscuits. We will also be doing our own bear hunt on the field as Ade loves the story. All children will take part in some activities on the smart board to gain some basic ICT skills. Acknowledgements Well done Ava who is now in big girl knickers! Reminders Please remember hats, gloves and scarfs as the weather is getting colder. Our Toddlers Christmas party will be on 11th and 13th December. There is letters in all children’s drawers about this. Ideas for home Potato printing Cut the potato into anything you like such as shapes, leaves or even body parts so the children can sequence the prints together to make a full body. E.g. eye, ear, mouth and nose. A handle can be cut into the potato to make it easier for children to hold. Cover your chair and or table with cheap bin liners, this makes it really easy to clean up afterwards.

Pre-school in December 2012 Children Welcome to Mia who has just started with us and William who has just moved up from the Toddler room. Last month We went on a trip to Hove on the train. Charlie and Libby loved looking out the window as we went over the bridge. Mackenzie has been busy making jet packs and airports. Brooke and Samuel have really like the sand mousse, stirring and spooning the mixture. Aaron, Asa. Patrick and William have been making furniture with the soft play such as arm chairs and beds and been taking part in some great role play. Harry, Jessica, Ryan, Samuel, Jack, Lucy and Natalya had fun exploring large scale with chalks on the tennis courts. They created firework pictures all over the floor. Lucy, Otis, Amber, Alice, Asa, Like, Eva, Henry and Jack had fun making cakes and fundraising for Children in need by selling their lovely cakes at the college. Anthony, Henry and Lara have been singing their Christmas nativity songs really well and nice and loud! This Month We will be celebrating Hanukkah and Christmas by making cards and cooking lots of lovely treats. We will look at the story of Hanukkah and make some pictures. We will be having lots of Christmas fun with parties, dinners, Nativity, Panto, Snow queen production and lots of lovely crafts and cooking activities. Please see attached for all dates coming up. Ideas for home Please continue to practice singing the Nativity songs with your child at home. Thank you Make some Christmas cakes or biscuits to sell at our Christmas fair. We would be grateful of the donation. 4oz self-raising flour 4oz butter 4oz sugar 2 eggs Cream the butter and sugar together Add the eggs Fold in the flour Spoon into paper cases and bake at about 180 degrees for around 15 minutes. When cool they can be decorated with butter cream, icing, chocolate and Christmas sweets, balls or any Christmas things you can find!

Forest School in December 2012 Staffing Staff within the Forest school are Rea the Forest school manager and Kirsty, Kim and Amy who are all trained Forest school leaders they are also joined by other staff from within the nursery. Lesson plans and forest school groups are on the pre-school and toddlers door. Last Month We had lots of fun cooking toffee apples and soup on the fire. We have been building lots of shelters to keep us dry. Alex, Georgia and Toby especially liked running through the long shelter. We have been doing lots of problem solving on how to get fires to burn in the wet weather with some excellent suggestions from the children. Kim has been taking a small group of children from baby2 out to Forest School. The children have taken part in collecting and mud exploration. Libby, Olivia, Ailsa, Amira and Saraya really enjoyed walking and splashing through the river in the wet weather. Sophie enjoyed using the paint brush to paint mud on the trees and Lex explored being outside. Another Baby2 group will begin in January. This month We will be making table decorations for Christmas. Some children have already made theirs and the rest will be making them this month. This involves sawing big discs of wood then making a clay candle holder in the middle. The children then glue and stick Christmas bits on such as holly, pine cones and glitter. They will be available to buy at the Christmas fair and all proceeds will go towards future Forest School trips. Anything Else Please provide hats, scarves and gloves for the children taking part we provide the splash suits. We have put lots of new photos on display outside toddlers so please take a look. The next trip will be on the 5th December for the Wednesday morning children only. Please fill in contact forms if you haven’t already. Many thanks If you are ever cutting down bushes or trees we are always in need of natural materials so please let us know as it may be useful for us. Ideas for home Rather than buy your Christmas reef you could make one! You would need a thin length of bendy wood such as Hazel or Willow. Form a circle and hold together with twine. Cover in any natural materials such as holly, leafs or pine cones that you and your child can collect together you could use glue or ribbon to attach the items.

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