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Baby 1 Kids @ Worthing Nursery – Newsletter April 2012

Baby 1 in April 2012

We would like to welcome Callum and Hayden to baby 1; we will be spending some time settling them in to nursery. Staffing Welcome to Cara who is the new apprentice who will be floating between baby 1 and baby 2. Last month Sophie loved scooping cereal from a pot and transferring it as well as eating some herself! William and Samir have enjoyed the sensory bar experimenting with it inside and out. The sensory bar has scarfs, material, cloths, tinsel, metal and plastic objects attached so the babies can explore. This Month We will be celebrating Easter by exploring creative materials such as collage and mark making materials such as mud, sand, crayons and paint. We will also be enjoying some time in the garden enjoying the lovely weather. We will also be getting used to our new surroundings as we have swapped rooms with baby 2. Ideas for home 

Hiding egg cartons Put cut up egg cartons in sand or pasta. The children can explore the sand or pasta to discover the egg cartons and use the individual cups to practice scooping and pouring. If the sand is slightly damp you can make sandcastles using individual egg cartons.

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