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Pre-School Kids @ Worthing Nursery – Newsletter February 2012

Pre-school in February 2012 Danni has moved to Baby 2 and will be sadly missed by all the Pre-School children and staff. Becky will now be doing some hours in Pre-School and so will Jade. Well done to Denise who has completed a course on Neglect. Last month We took part in many Chinese New Year activities including making stir fry which all the children ate at snack time. This was enjoyed by the children. The children made a giant dragon using paint and other craft materials. This can be seen at the top of the wall in Pre-School. We also made many creative items such as lanterns, masks and fans. We have had lots of fun in the rain including putting powder paint in the puddles and splashing in them. We cooked bread and had discussions about the method of cooking as well as watching it rise in the oven. We have been looking at matching and have done this using an animal pair game. Some children also experienced the Forest School trip which was a great success and we had lots of fun splashing in the puddles! This Month We will have a visit from the fire engine, police and road safety officer who will tell us about their jobs. We will also be celebrating Pancake Day and Valentine’s Day by taking part in races, tasting and cooking. The children will look at good hygiene practice which will involve brushing teeth activities. We will be going into the garden and looking around the field for insects and other animals and taking pictures. We will also be experimenting with water by washing Amy’s Car!!! Please remember book bags, hats scarves and gloves. We also need boy’s trousers age 2-5 years

Ideas for home Making fortune cookies Strips of paper 125g plain flour 40g sugar 50ml corn oil 1 tablespoon golden syrup 4 table spoons water         

Write message on strips of paper with your child. Mix the flour and sugar together Add the corn oil, golden syrup and beat into a batter drop tablespoons of batter on to a baking tray, making circular shapes Bake for 20 minutes Shape the biscuits one at a time Remove one cookie with a fish slice, dropping face down on a tea towel. place a message strip over half the cookie and gently pull the tea towel over the biscuit with the message inside Allow to cool slightly, and then gently tweak the biscuit to bend in the middle. Enjoy!!!

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