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Additional Support really helps with ideas and getting our work completed on time.


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Worthing College, Bolsover Road, Worthing, West Sussex, BN13 1NS Telephone: 01903 243389 Fax: 01903 243390 Email: Web:

Additional Support at Worthing College As a student at Worthing College you will be supported by your teachers and tutor. If you need extra assistance this is what our Additional Support service can do to help. When you apply to Worthing College: We ask you to tell us on your application form if you have had extra help before, or if you think you might need additional help when you are at College. By doing this we can make sure we give you the best advice. Some people think this will count against them in trying to secure a place at Worthing College. This is definitely not the case. The more we know about your needs the better the advice we can give you and the better our planning will be to help you. People often tell us they would like help with: • Dyslexia • Dyspraxia • Asperger’s Syndrome • Hearing or visual difficulties • Emotional difficulties • Mental health issues • Self-harming • Long-term illness • Difficulties in accessing parts of the building ….and you can ask for any help you feel you need. Here are some of the ways we help: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Educational psychologists’ assessments In-class support assistants 1:1 out-of-class support Dedicated IT work room Help with note taking and proof reading Help with personal organisation Extra time in exams Prompting in exams Readers and scribes in exams Enlarged printing and audio recording Hearing loops and radio microphones Signers or interpreters Deaf-alerter for alarms Referral for Counselling Sexual-health clinics on-site Advice on coping with difficulties Help with accessing financial support Confidential advice Buildings-access risk assessments Moving classes to improve access Personal emergency-evacuation plans Advocacy on equality and diversity issues

I need a lot of Additional Support in and out of class. My support worker is really helpful.

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….and we always work with you and what suits you best.

If your needs change after you have joined Worthing College: The Additional Support and Advice room is located centrally in the College Library. You can drop in to ask for help or you may be referred to us by one of your teachers, your tutor or somebody else who is already supporting you. We will remind you of this during your induction and throughout the year through your tutor. We are used to dealing with unexpected emergencies from providing an exam scribe because you have broken your wrist, to advice on accessing emergency financial assistance. The sooner you let us know the sooner we can help! Working with you: Our prime aim is to help you to make the most of your studies at Worthing College. We will always work with you: we will ask you if you agree to be assessed; we will share all assessment reports with you; we will ask your permission to share information with your teachers and tutors, parents and carers; we will encourage you to take the lead in making sure special arrangements meet your needs. We will talk regularly with your teachers to ensure they feel the help we are giving is right for you – but we will always consult you about anything you want us to keep confidential and respect your wishes.

Who helps us to help you? Sometimes you may need the advice and help from experts outside College. We can make the best contacts for you, but first we will seek your agreement through confidential discussions with you. Here are some of the external agencies who can help: • • • •

Information Shop for Young People Social housing providers Addaction for alcohol and drug-related advice Sexual Health Clinic

How we help in other ways: • We promote the College’s annual Health Awareness Day • Information leaflets are always available outside the Additional Support and Advice Room in the Library • Further information appears on the Student Intranet under Additional Support • We run poster campaigns in the College throughout the year • Additional Support users tell us how well we have done and how we can improve by completing a questionnaire • We liaise with your Student Union Welfare Officer • You can feed your views to us through your tutor-representatives, or by e-mailing

What guides us in the work we do in Additional Support? Worthing College’s beliefs and values are at the heart of what we do: • • • • •

Put people first Make teaching and learning our top priority Work together with others Embrace diversity Strive for excellence

Disability anti-discrimination legislation means that making reasonable adjustments, to enable you to make the most of what Worthing College has to offer, is a top-priority for us. We also have a critical duty to safeguard all our students and staff as outlined in the Every Citizen Matters agenda. Equality and Diversity audits measure the impact of Additional Support. How to contact Additional Support • The Additional Support and Advice Room in the Library (you cannot miss it!). Simply drop in throughout the day. • Our phone number is 01903 243389 Extension 244 • You can e-mail Additional Support on • You can ask your teacher or tutor to make contact for you. We will always treat contacts with respect and confidentiality.

This leaflet is also available on request in the following formats: audio tape, CD, enlarged print, and without pictures on white or coloured paper. Please contact the Information Centre at the entrance to the College (Tel:01903 243389; Fax 01903 243390; if you would like this leaflet in an alternative format. It is also available as a PDF on the college website at

Worthing College, Bolsover Road, Worthing, West Sussex ,BN13 1NS

Worthing College

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Telephone: 01903 243389 Fax: 01903 243390 Email: Web:

Additional Support Leaflet  

Additional Support Leaflet

Additional Support Leaflet  

Additional Support Leaflet