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Courses offered…. • AS & A2 Drama & Theatre Studies • AS & A2 Dance • AS & A2 Music • BTEC Subsidiary Diploma & Diploma in Performing Arts (Musical Theatre) = 2 subjects

Our Commitment to providing enrichment to enhance each student’s college experience‌

Teachers in visual and performing arts make good use of probing and searching questions to check learning and develop students’ analytical skills, which results in high levels of achievement and high expectations from both teachers and students. Ofsted 2013 The standard of students’ work is good. Students make good progress in their studies and develop a wide range of employability skills. They integrate technology into their work confidently and imaginatively. Ofsted 2013

Informative talks from professional organisations paint a realistic picture for students of the opportunities, strengths and pitfalls of careers in the arts and media. Students participate in visits to performances, exhibitions and higher education which broaden their horizons and help inform their future career choices.

Well-motivated and enthusiastic teachers encourage students to achieve to high levels. They plan their lessons well to ensure that students enjoy their learning and participate in a range of stimulating activities. In a revision lesson, students extended their knowledge of musical eras productively by using a ‘speed dating’ activity where they rapidly

Ofsted 2013

Ofsted 2013

interrogated each other.

In performing arts, teachers monitor progress well through the use of interactive blogs and provide frequent, detailed feedback which students appreciate and respond to promptly. Ofsted 2013

Example of Units

Performances still to see… Friday 29th November - Shakespearean Evening (BTEC Yr 13/14) Wednesday 4th December - Winter Dance 11th – Friday 13th December - BTEC Yr 12 Seussical the Musical Tuesday 17th December - Carols at St Botolph's Friday 17th January - A2 Group Performances Wednesday 12th March - Twilight Dance Friday 28th March - AS Drama Group Performances 31stMarch - AS Dance & Music Exams Wed 30th – Friday 2nd May - (BTEC Yr 13/14) Bad Girls the Musical Wednesday 14th May - AS Monos/Duos Thursday 15th May - New Views Twilight Readings Thursday 22nd May - Academy of Performing Arts Variety Show


Results 2013 100% Pass Rate in all subjects

Grade 1 – Outstanding Department

Rachel Maddix-Teacher @racheymomo Rachel Worthing College Rachel Maddix